It is normal for children to have weak spleen and stomach, and constipation is inevitable after food accumulates. One method of dietary conditioning can solve the problem immediately.

Weak spleen and stomach are normal for children, and constipation is inevitable to avoid food accumulation. One method of dietary conditioning can immediately solve the troubles.

Some children are really worried and eat a lot of food every day, but they just can’t pull it off. Some parents like to compare this kind of children. It’s like a brave, only going in but not going out. But Pai Yao can only go in but not out, but children can’t! Parents are more anxious than their children every time they look at the uncomfortable appearance of their children with constipation. 

Yueyue’s daughter is 2 years old. From when she was young, Yueyue discovered that her daughter’s bowel movements were not particularly regular. Children of the same age sometimes pull it 2-3 times a day, while the daughter has it once every 2-3 days. And every time it takes half an hour to solve the problem. 

Yueyue didn’t think about a way to deal with the situation of her daughter. After some methods were used, her constipation would indeed be better, but as long as she stopped, her daughter would still be the same as before. 

As the girl gets older, the child eats a lot, but the constipation situation has not improved. Yue Yueyue once heard from a friend that there is a place to watch children with constipation that is particularly useful, so Yueyue Hurry up to take the girl to see. When the doctor sees the child, he will say that your child is definitely not a fan of vegetables, and it is easy to accumulate food from time to time. In fact, the child’s constipation has a lot to do with her own weakness of the spleen and stomach. The food that is eaten cannot be digested and absorbed, so the child will naturally not be able to get it out. If you want to completely improve your child’s constipation, parents should start with regulating the child’s spleen and stomach. 

After listening to the doctor’s words, Yueyue went home to treat her daughter according to the doctor’s order after returning home. As a result, her constipation situation has improved. 

the child’s constipation It is related to the weakness of the spleen and stomach. What are the reasons for the weakness of the spleen and stomach of the child? 

1. Congenital factors

Nine of ten children have spleen deficiency. The reason why children suffer from spleen deficiency has a lot to do with the children themselves, because the children are young and the body organs are not fully developed , Especially the child’s digestive system, the food that the child eats cannot be quickly broken down and digested, and it accumulates in the child’s intestines and stomach for a long time, causing the child’s spleen and stomach discomfort. 

2. Bad lifestyle habits

Some parents do not take care of their children so meticulously, and they never pay attention to food for their children. They also feed their children what they eat. For example, some parents like to eat cold food, so they also give their children some cold food, some parents like spicy food, and let them eat spicy food regardless of whether the child can accept it. How can you think that a child’s stomach and intestines can be as strong as an adult? , The cold and spicy food eaten will cause the child to weaken the spleen and stomach. 

3. Lack of exercise

Nowadays children basically grow up in the greenhouse, and usually lack of exercise, but the child’s mouth is not idle all day long, the food eaten cannot be digested, and the stomach Failure to squirm can also cause weakness in the child’s spleen and stomach. 

4. Compulsory feeding

Some parents are always afraid that their children are hungry, and their children feel that their children eat less when they are full, and some parents even force their children to feed their children. rice. Even if the child eats it, it will not get a good digestion. On the contrary, if the child eats too much, it will cause spleen and stomach discomfort. 

So sometimes the weakness of the spleen and stomach of a child is mostly caused by the parents alone. It is the parents’ duty to improve the weakness of the spleen and stomach of the child. 

for children Become a good eating habit

1. Give children less random food

Parents must always pay attention to their children’s diet, try not to give children cold or spicy food, and give them less Eat some junk food and eat more vegetables and fruits to ensure that the food you eat is balanced and nutritious. 

2. It is forbidden to feed children

If parents want to protect their children’s spleen and stomach, they must also control their own hands, so that they do not feed their children and their children eat more and less. That is the child’s own business. Parents return the initiative to the child and let the child decide for himself. 

3. Don’t let the child eat when the child is emotional

Parents should not give the child food when the child is emotional, no matter whether the child’s mood is up or down, it will cause physical changes. Parents give the child food at this time Things are undoubtedly a kind of harm to children. 

Of course, if parents pay a little attention in life, maybe the child’s weak spleen and stomach can be improved, because there are too many foods in life to regulate the child’s spleen deficiency

Yam porridge


Parents can peel and wash the yam, slice the yam before and after it, and make porridge with millet. The yam has the effect of invigorating the spleen, and the millet porridge can nourish the stomach. It is a good food for regulating spleen deficiency. 

Barley porridge

Barley porridge is also very convenient. Parents can usually make barley porridge for their children to eat, but remember not to eat too much at one time. 


Jujube is a food for invigorating the spleen and blood. Parents can also put some jujube in the porridge, or they can be cooked for children to eat. 

To treat children with weak spleen and stomach, not only can they use diet therapy, parents can also pay attention to taking their children to get more sun exposure, but also to keep children in a happy mood and do not let children eat with emotions. If parents can notice this, believe that the child has constipation due to spleen deficiency The situation will improve a lot. These foods are indeed attractive to women, but they should be avoided as much as possible when preparing for pregnancy. They can be called “natural contraceptives”.

It is said that women during pregnancy are difficult, but recently some women have objected to this statement. They think that during pregnancy It is also difficult, especially for those “pregnancy-stricken households”, which is what we often call “infertile physique”. 

These women want to get pregnant, and they pay attention to many problems. From the time of the same room, to the physical condition, to the diet, all aspects will have a certain impact. 

Maybe the time spent in the same room and the physical condition of both men and women are clear to many people, but regarding diet, many women are puzzled, why even diet is related to pregnancy ? 


Beauty Xiao Liu and her husband have been married for three years and have not prepared for pregnancy. The main reason is that they have been working hard in the early stage and feel that they are still young, so they are very hard at work. 

Last year, after the two had almost stabilized their jobs and had some savings, Xiao Liu and her husband decided to prepare for pregnancy, and they were almost ready to have a baby. They were also at the right age, and they were at their best gestation at 28. The stage of the period. 

However, the pregnancy preparation lasted for more than a year. No, the effect was delayed. This problem kept Xiao Liu puzzled. Obviously he is in such a good health and at the right age. How could he keep pregnant? Can’t it? 

I persuaded her to go to the hospital for a checkup. She was reluctant to go there at first, and felt it was a waste of money. Because when she and her husband first got married, they were very frugal in all aspects in order to save money, so they were used to it. 

It is precisely because of this that it has been another two months after such a delay. Later, Xiao Liu couldn’t help himself, and asked me to accompany her to the hospital. 

This time, she was willing to spend money, and she did a lot of inspections, for several days. Finally, after the examination results came out, the doctor diagnosed that her eggs were of poor quality, but according to other indicators of the body, there was generally no problem. In addition, after understanding her daily routine and eating habits, she finally attributed the problem to diet. . 

I heard Xiao Liu say that in the past two or three years, in order to save money and time, many times the family only cooked white porridge and did not have time to stir-fry. The meals were basically taken from her hometown. Pickled pickles. 

The doctor shook his head and sighed, believing that this kind of preserved food is harmful to women’s eggs and men’s sperm. This may be one of the reasons why pregnancy has been unsuccessful. 

It can be seen that there are some foods that can be called “natural contraceptives”. I thought that eating daily food would have no effect. Who knows, some foods may also reduce the pregnancy rate. 

These foods are indeed Women like it, but they should be avoided as much as possible when preparing for pregnancy. They can be called “natural contraceptives”.

1. Pickled foods

Some women like to eat pickled foods, especially kimchi. , This kind of food is convenient and delicious, so it is very popular among female friends. 

But in fact, women who are preparing for pregnancy should not eat more, because in the process of pickling food, a lot of seasoning and salt will be added, especially the latter. 

In the process of pickling, a large amount of nitrite is generated, and this ingredient is extremely harmful to the human body. For women, it will affect the quality and viability of eggs, as for men, the quality of sperm will also be reduced. 

If you want to combine to form a fertilized egg, you must have the conditions of excellent egg and sperm quality. This is why it is not recommended for women during pregnancy to consume a large amount of pickled food. 

2. Coffee

Nowadays, most women who enter the workplace prefer to drink coffee, because it can refresh their minds, it can be said to be a must-have for office workers, and drinking coffee is addictive. Wait until After getting used to it, if you don’t eat one day suddenly, you will feel particularly unaccustomed. 

As everyone knows, coffee is also harmful to women’s bodies, especially in this aspect of pregnancy. Because coffee contains more caffeine, caffeine will affect the function of women’s eggs and fallopian tubes when ingested for a long time. 

So, not only should you drink less coffee during pregnancy, you should also drink less during pregnancy. You can replace coffee with homemade juice and add a little mint leaf to it, which can also help refresh your mind. 

3. Celery

There are also some women who will put celery in cooking, and the nutritional value of celery is also very high. It can be said that it is a kind of food suitable for all ages. 

But it should also be noted that women who are preparing for pregnancy should eat less, because celery may reduce the activity of the eggs, or change the way of egg activity, secretion time, etc., which will affect the situation of pregnancy. 

Of course, it is best for men not to eat too much, because it will also affect the quality of male “tadpoles”, and the success rate of pregnancy will naturally decrease. 

Therefore, if you want to successfully prepare for pregnancy, you need to pay attention to not only the living habits, but also the work and rest habits, as well as the diet. For some foods that may affect the success rate of pregnancy, you should try to “control your mouth”. If you can’t control it, eat as little as possible, otherwise it will be difficult to get pregnant.

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