It is actually a good thing for a child to talk back and resist after being scolded. If this kind of reaction occurs, it is easy to become a flattering personality.

It is actually a good thing for a child to talk back and resist after being scolded. If this kind of reaction occurs, it is easy to become a pleasing personality

When children make mistakes, their different reactions after parents beat and scold may hide different psychological activities. 

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When the child is still young, because of his active nature and strong desire to explore, coupled with the unestablished concept of right and wrong, morality, etc., children often make some mistakes, or because they have not reached their parents Hopefully, parents may choose to beat and scold after many persuasion to no avail. 

But is this method really correct? Faced with the beating and scolding of their parents, different children have different coping styles. 

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When a child is beaten and scolded, the following reactions will appear:

1. Rebellious type

In the face of parental beating and scolding, the child will choose to resist when he thinks he has made no mistakes. Talk back. This is a normal phenomenon, and it is actually a good thing. This shows that they have their own ideas, want to fight for their rights, and hope their parents can understand. 

Although this kind of children seem to cause headaches for parents, but in this way, the interaction between parents and children is a kind of benign, and the resistance is only temporary. The relationship will not be affected. 

Moreover, children of this type have the courage to express their own thoughts and will not be shrouded in negative emotions, so they will be a lively and cheerful person with a more active way of thinking. 

2. Begging for mercy

This type of child will directly choose the way of begging for mercy and apologizing after being beaten and scolded by his parents. The parents may think that this is a baby A performance after knowing that you have made a mistake. 

Actually, this is not the case. This is probably because the parents beat and scold too hard. In order to avoid being beaten and scolded again, the children choose this way. Their hearts are very scared. The baby is likely to become a “pleasant personality”, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of the child. 

3, silent type

When faced with the beating and scolding of their parents, children with this kind of reaction are not because they do not have their own ideas and do not resist, but because they feel that it is useless to resist and justify. It will be more severely punished. 

Therefore, I chose to close my heart and are unwilling to express my true inner thoughts to my parents. When parents find out that their children behave like this, they should be vigilant. This is likely to be them. A distress signal sent out. 

If parents ignore the child’s situation, this impact is likely to accompany the baby’s life. 

This child’s This kind of performance is likely to be a “distress signal”

1. Influencing children to form a sound personality

The child is silent after being beaten and scolded by his parents, which shows that parents have hurt them a lot and are unwilling Go against it. 

Psychologists believe that when children face beatings and scolding from their parents, the way they do not cry or resist is actually turning off the signal to communicate with adults, which will cause the children to return to their own childhood. In the world, develop the habit of self-comfort, which will directly affect them to form a sound personality. 

Because everyone has emotions and needs to find an outlet for venting. If children do not have this outlet, they are likely to develop an autistic personality, and this influence is likely to accompany them throughout their lives. . 

2. Affect parent-child relationship

Many parents think that no matter how they beat or scold their children, their baby will kiss themselves, but this is not the case. They cry and resist, indicating that the baby still wants to draw closer to his dad. The relationship between mothers. 

But if you indulge in silence, it means that the parent’s behavior has deeply hurt the child’s heart and disappointed them. At this time, if the parent has not realized it, then the relationship between the parent and child will be Getting thinner and thinner. 

Parents are in front of you How to raise children correctly when making mistakes to children? 

1. Stabilize their emotions

Parents should learn to stabilize their emotions when facing their children’s mistakes, and not to get angry with their children, this way can easily cause harm to their young hearts. 

2. Listen to your children’s thoughts

After stabilizing your emotions, you must learn to listen to your children’s inner thoughts and understand their inner thoughts. Will become willing to trust their parents. 

In addition, this way of communication makes it easier for parents to slowly guide their children to correct their mistakes and become better and better. 

3. Encourage often

Parents often encourage their children to give them self-confidence. When making mistakes, after correct education, encourage them to avoid next time, so that they can also have Confidence makes yourself better and better.  After pregnancy, when the pregnant mother’s body appears three times In this case, the fetus is sending out a signal of excessive length, please don’t be careless

In order for the fetus to grow and develop healthily, pregnant mothers need to be able to supplement sufficient nutrients. If you are worried about gaining weight, you must pay attention to ensuring a balanced diet. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

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After the woman became pregnant, the whole family was enveloped. Well-being, I will pay great attention to the situation of the pregnant mother and the fetus in the abdomen, and hope that the baby can grow healthy. 

Some pregnant mothers love beauty, and they are no exception during pregnancy. They are even afraid of getting overweight, and some wrong nursing methods appear, which may cause adverse effects on themselves and the fetus. 

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Minmin went for a prenatal check-up a few days ago. It was already 34 weeks. After the fetal heart rate monitoring, everything was normal, but there was almost no growth when the uterus was measured. According to the doctor Arranged for a B-ultrasound, it turned out that the fetus was less than 32 weeks old, and it was more than 2 weeks younger. 

Mingmin had a small amount of food before pregnancy. After pregnancy, in order to prevent body loss and gestational diabetes, he restricted his diet and often did not sleep well at night, which eventually led to a small fetus. 

The advice given by the doctor is to allow pregnant mothers to eat more nutritious foods during pregnancy. During the third trimester, the fetus grows quickly, so you don’t need to worry too much. In the days that followed, Minmin didn’t dare to be picky and dieting anymore, and tried desperately to eat something, hoping that everything would be normal when the baby was born. 

In fact, if the fetus on the B-ultrasound is too small, it does not necessarily mean that the fetus is not growing well. After all, there will be some errors in this. As long as it is not too small, you don’t have to worry too much. . 

But if the fetus is experiencing a prolonged period, the pregnant mother should not think about keeping in shape or picky eaters. This can easily lead to malnutrition of the fetus and cause growth restriction. 

During pregnancy These three perceptions imply that the fetus is growing rapidly.

1. Appetite is significantly increased.

Many pregnant mothers will experience changes in the hormones in the body during the early stages of pregnancy, leading to some corresponding changes in the endocrine system. Causes poor appetite, morning sickness, etc., and sleep quality may also be affected. 

As the gestational age increases, the hormone level gradually stabilizes. After entering the second trimester, the pregnant mother can feel a significant increase in appetite. This stage is also the head, brain, and limbs of the fetus. Waiting for the critical period of growth and development of each part, expectant mothers need to pay attention to timely supplementation of nutrition, so that the baby can grow up healthily. 

2. Often feel tired and sleepy

Because the nutrients and oxygen needed for the growth and development of the fetus are derived from the mother, if the fetus is in the stage of rapid growth and development, it needs to consume a lot of capacity, so it will It is a normal phenomenon to make pregnant mothers feel tired and lack energy from time to time. 

But if the pregnant mother feels that she has such a phenomenon, she should replenish nutrients in time and take appropriate rest to ensure the normal growth and development of the fetus. 

3. Severe body swelling

In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the fetus grows rapidly, causing the uterus to be enlarged. When it reaches a certain level, it may be compressed to venous return. For those Pregnant women with poor venous return will have lower extremity edema. 

Therefore, if the pregnant mother has body swelling, it is very likely that the fetus is in a period of rapid swelling. At this time, the expectant mother can properly supplement nutrition to allow the fetus to grow and develop normally, so that after a certain period of time, the swelling disappears and the fetus will not Growth restriction. 

But if the body is swollen and the legs are cramped, you can massage the legs properly to keep the blood circulating, which can be properly relieved, and the body can be maintained in a good state. 

How to guarantee during pregnancy Is the fetus growing normally? 

1. A balanced diet

In order for the fetus to grow and develop healthily, it is necessary for the pregnant mother to supplement sufficient nutrients. If you are worried about gaining weight, you must pay attention to ensuring a balanced diet. 

Nutrition Society recommends:

The daily diet of pregnant mothers in the first trimester should be calcium 800mg, vitamin a800ug, folic acid 600ug, magnesium 400mg, iron 15ug, fruit 100~200g;

Pregnancy The daily diet of mid-term pregnant mothers should be 1000mg of calcium, 900ug of vitamins, 10ug of vitamins, 200ug of iodine, 20-30g of dietary fiber, 15ug of iron, and 200-350g of fruits;

The daily diet of the third trimester should be: Calcium 1200mg, vitamin a900ug, unsaturated fatty acid, vitamin b122.6ug, vitamin k90ug. 

2. Work and rest rules

Because the human body’s growth hormone can only secrete more in the deep sleep state at night, it will reach the vigorous period from 22 o’clock in the evening to 2 o’clock in the morning, which can effectively promote the growth of the fetus development. 

According to research, if pregnant women can go to bed around 21:30 every day, the baby will not only be taller, but also have a good IQ. 

Therefore, it is very important for expectant mothers to maintain the habit of going to bed and getting up early during pregnancy. It is recommended to get up from 7:30 to 8 in the morning and fall asleep after 9 in the evening. 

3, moderate exercise

Because exercise can promote the blood circulation of the human body, it can provide more nutrition and oxygen to the fetus in the womb through the umbilical cord, so as to promote the normal growth and development of the fetus. 

Therefore, pregnant mothers can do some soothing exercises during pregnancy, such as walking after meals, yoga during pregnancy, etc., which can not only prevent rapid weight gain, but also help reduce the birth process, but can also play a role in the development of the fetus. The role of promotion. 

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