It doesn’t work for the child to cry after waking up from hungry, so he ran to the kitchen alone.

It doesn’t work for the child to cry after waking up from hungry, and he ran to the kitchen alone. The next thing to do is to make netizens laugh.

Now children are the treasures of the family. , Open your mouth when you are hungry or thirsty, and you don’t need to do it yourself when you are hungry or thirsty. What you eat and drink will be brought to you immediately. 

What’s more, the competition and pressure of learning are increasing. Parents also value their children’s academic performance. As long as the children focus on learning, they don’t have to worry about other things. This also causes Many “giant babies” with high scores and low energy have very poor autonomy. 

I once saw a treasure mother share an interesting story about her 3-year-old son on the Internet, which amused many netizens and also thought-provoking. 

The mother took her 3-year-old son to the playground during the day. Both the children and adults had a great time. They were very tired after returning home in the evening, so she hurried away for dinner. go to bed. 

But the child woke up hungry in the middle of the night, and first called his mother, but the mother slept too fast and didn’t hear him, and then the child started crying anxiously. 

After crying for a while and found that it was useless, the child got up and went to the kitchen to find something to eat. At this time, the mother woke up in a daze, so she followed the child to see what the child would do next. 

The child first searched in the refrigerator and cabinet, but did not find anything to eat, then found a large trotters on a plate, and then picked up the trotters regardless of the third period and 21. When I got up, it looked like a wolf. My mother couldn’t stop laughing when she saw it. She hurried to take a picture and then went to get the child to eat. 

The netizens were also amused to see the child holding the big pig’s trotters and gnawing at the photo. They all praised the little guy. Many netizens also commented that the child has the ability to be autonomous and has “self Awareness of “hands-on, adequate food and clothing”. 

In fact, every child can learn to take care of himself. It’s just that he gradually loses his ability to take care of himself in the care and spoiling of his parents. Then, as a parent, you must reflect on your own way of education in peacetime, and don’t let excessive spoiling destroy it. Up the child. 

Why cultivate Children’s autonomy

1. Children with autonomy are more confident.

Children who are weak are able to learn to dress and eat by themselves, arrange their own studies, and find solutions to problems on their own. Very significantly increase the child’s self-confidence. 

Because every time a child does a small thing, he can have a sense of accomplishment. The more things he learns to do, the more sense of accomplishment he can accumulate. 

So independent children are more confident than those who don’t know anything, have a stronger heart, and can find more solutions when they encounter problems. 

2. Children with autonomy are more adaptable

If children have stronger autonomy since childhood and can take care of themselves, they can adapt faster whether they are going to kindergarten, elementary school or middle school New environment and better integration into collective life. 

But if the child’s ability to take care of himself is relatively poor, he will encounter many insurmountable problems when he leaves the house, the child will have a fear of difficulties, and even his self-confidence will be undermined. 

3. Children with autonomy will be more assertive in the future.

Children who have a strong sense of autonomy since childhood will understand the truth of their own affairs and know that they are responsible for their actions before doing things. 

Such children will be very assertive in life, and they can have their own thinking and opinions in everything. They are more experienced than ordinary children, and they will not agree with others, and they can stand out in the class. When I grow up in the future, I will also have a clear understanding of my own life direction, and it will be easy to make a career. 

Cultivating autonomy is of great significance to a child’s growth, and it can even determine a child’s future more than academic performance. 

So as parents, they should consciously give more guidance in the process of educating their children, so that children can form a sense of autonomy and learn to take care of themselves from an early age, so that they can form a sound personality and better adapt to the future society. So what should parents do? 

What parents can do to cultivate children with autonomy

1. Let go at the right time, don’t do it for the children

If you want your children to have autonomy, parents should stop doing it and do it for them. behavior. Don’t think that children are young and do what they should do instead. For example, if the child already knows how to take a spoon, then feel free to let the child eat by himself. If the child is in elementary school, let them carry the schoolbag by themselves. 

Don’t be afraid that your child won’t do it well. It’s normal if you don’t do it well the first time. If you do it a few more times, you may get messed up at first. , Eat a few more times, naturally you can learn. 

Many parents think that it is enough for their children to study hard and not let the children do other things. This idea is very wrong. Only when children learn to take care of themselves and know that they have to do their own things will they be more conscious in their studies, because learning is inherently the children’s own business. If the children do not take the initiative to learn, it will be useless for the parents to worry about it. 

2. Let children learn to be responsible for themselves

Cultivating autonomy is to let children be responsible for themselves, and they must bear the consequences for themselves. For example, if a child makes a mistake, parents should not take the responsibility for the child, or let the child escape under the pretext of being young, and let the child feel the consequences of the wrong behavior. 

In this way, the child’s impression will be deeper, and will also be awe-inspiring, and will know what to do and not to do in the future, and become a responsible person. Breast milk is often “empty” during lactation. How to “make up” scientifically will give the baby a blessing.

There is an old saying that “death due to drought and death due to waterlogging”. I believe that many mothers are concerned about this. These words have a deeper experience, especially during the breastfeeding period. 

Some mothers have insufficient breast milk production, so that their babies cannot drink breast milk at the golden stage of growth and development, so they can only drink formula milk. 

A mother who understands formula milk and breast milk knows that the nutritional value of breast milk is much higher than that of formula milk. Although formula milk is made by simulating the ingredients of breast milk, there are still certain differences. And its nutrient content will be less than breast milk, which is why it is recommended for newborns to drink breast milk. 

But not all new mothers have a “high-yielding” physique. As for why some mothers do not produce high breast milk, it may be due to the following reasons. 


1. Personal physique reasons

Some mothers are affected by their physique, and their milk production is not high. This situation is also the most troublesome, and even if it is improved later, There may be a little effect, but the improvement will not be great. 

2. Insufficient nutrition during pregnancy

If pregnant mothers do not supplement enough nutrients during pregnancy, it will not only affect the development of the fetus, but also cause the breast The process of “secondary development” is hindered to some extent. And once the breast development is first, it will definitely have a certain impact on the delivery of breast milk after childbirth. 

3. Insufficient nutrition after childbirth

I believe that new mothers have heard a lot about the need to eat more foods that can help milk production after childbirth. As a result, breast milk secretion will also increase. On the contrary, if the supplementary nutrients are insufficient, then there are no “raw materials” for milk production, and it is even more impossible to secrete more breast milk. 

4. Lack of stimulation for the baby to “suck”

Not long after delivery, nurses will come to the ward to tell new mothers that the main reason for breastfeeding newborn babies is It is through the sucking stimulation of the newborn to achieve the effect of “passing the breast”. 

If the newborn is not able to suck in a short period of time, and during the subsequent lactation period, the baby does not often suck on the breast of Bao’s mother, then it will also be affected to a certain extent. 

Breast milk during lactation Often “short positions”, how to “make up positions” scientifically? 

1. Ensure nutrient intake during pregnancy

I want to remind pregnant mothers that although physical fitness may be affected, there will always be a certain difference in carefully regulating the physical fitness. This process must be adjusted from the beginning of pregnancy to ensure a balanced and appropriate intake of nutrients during pregnancy to provide the basic conditions for milk production. 

If the nutrition is not in place during pregnancy, the secondary development of the breast will be restricted, which will affect the storage capacity of the “granary” in the future. 

2. Ensure adequate nutrient intake after childbirth

The nutrient intake after childbirth is also a key factor. Families can give new mothers more soups or other foods that can help milk production. 

It should be noted that in some areas, it is not possible to eat fruits and vegetables for new mothers. This is a bad habit and it is not recommended for pregnant women. Fresh fruits and vegetables can provide new mothers with a lot of vitamins. If the nutrients such as cellulose and fiber are lacking, there may be problems. 

In addition, the confinement meals and breastfeeding meals prepared for new mothers should not be too single at the end. Many foods have the effect of helping milk production, including crucian carp soup, trotter soup, and loofah. , Milk, peanuts, tofu, etc. Otherwise, too single foods may also make the mothers feel nauseous. 

3. Frequently let the baby “suck” stimulation

Some new mothers breastfeeding are not regular, only when the baby is hungry do they suck on the baby. In fact, this mode is very effective for the baby. Growth and development and the health of one’s own milk are unfavorable. 

Especially after the confinement period, it is best to suck on the baby every few hours. This can stimulate the new mothers’ breasts to become more vigorous and increase their milk secretion. 

4. Massage the breasts

New mothers can call Dad Bao or massage the breasts by themselves. In this process, you must control the intensity, not too hard or massage Long time, usually 5~10 minutes is the best, once in the morning, noon, and evening. 

Massage is also to better stimulate the breasts of new mothers, because some new mothers have insufficient breast milk production because the breasts are “blocked”. Only by dredging the breasts can they secrete more milk. , And the best way to dredge is massage. 

5. “Hot compress”

In addition to massage, new mothers can also use hot compress to assist, but the temperature of the towel used for hot compress should not be too high, so that it is slightly higher than the body temperature, otherwise it may be burnt The fragile breasts of new mothers. 

The hot compress should not be too long. It should also be about 5 minutes. It should be done in the morning, noon, and evening. Personally, it is recommended to do it half an hour before breastfeeding the baby. 

Of course, if you want a higher breast milk production, it is best to grasp the above methods and make some efforts in all aspects. The milk production of new mothers will naturally be higher, and they will no longer be troubled. The baby has no “rations”.

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