Is your grandma ashamed of teasing grandson to come to my house for dinner? Child Tong Yan Wuji, but the old man was hurt very much

Is your grandma ashamed of teasing grandson to come to my house for dinner? The child’s unscrupulous words make the elderly very hurt

Parents are very important to their children’s family education. Only a child who knows how to respect his family can respect others and gain a foothold in society. The love and care given by parents is selfless, but children cannot always ask for it as they should. This kind of independent consciousness should be cultivated from childhood. Don’t wait for the tragedy of “the tree wants to be quiet but the wind keeps on, and the child wants to support but not to wait”. 


64-year-old Ms. Wang has a daughter. As her only flesh and blood, her daughter is naturally loved by her. Some time ago, Ms. Wang discovered that because her daughter’s company was in a hurry to make progress, she had to work overtime every day, which resulted in her daughter’s family not having enough food and clothing. Ms. Wang saw it in her eyes and felt pain in her heart. So I proposed with their family that the adults would come to grandma’s house for dinner after the children had finished work. The daughter’s family readily agreed. 

One day, my grandma couldn’t help but joked with her grandson, “You come to my house every day for dinner, do you have a thick skin?” It was a joke, but finally she heard her grandson’s answer, and Ms. Wang was cold. Face. The little grandson replied to her grandmother, “You only have my mother and a daughter, let alone a few meals, the future property will not be ours”

Hearing this sentence from a child, even a daughter and son-in-law I immediately came out to adjust, but it couldn’t make up for Ms. Wang’s traumatized heart. After all, I cared for them every day. In the end, I discovered that the younger generation was only thinking about their own property. Who could not feel chilly? 

After reading this case, we must bring up the responsibility of educating children. 

First of all, let the child understand that even if there is a direct blood relationship, the parents have property, it may not be allocated to you. 

In society, we often hear that children in the family compete for the property of the elders. Generally speaking, most of the property of the older generation is reserved for the younger generation, but this does not mean that if you have an absolute blood relationship with your parents, the property of the older generation will definitely be in your hands. If we know more about the law of wills, we will know that if the elders are unwilling to give the property to the younger generation, or if the younger generation abuses the elders, they cannot legally inherit family property. 

Secondly, let the children understand that parents and children must have a foundation of gratitude. 

If the parents give blindly, the children will only unconditionally ask if they don’t know how to feed back. Such unequal exchanges will make the children not know how to be grateful. For a long time, the selfless dedication of parents will numb their children, and finally find it difficult to gain a foothold in society. Faced with the giving of parents, children who do not know how to be grateful will feel that it is just and right for their parents to do so, so they do not know how to cherish this love and do not take the things their parents buy seriously. What’s more, once the child becomes more demanding and the parent is unable to give it, the child will not only not understand, but will also complain about the parent’s inability. On the contrary, a grateful child will be joyful and cherish when accepting giving. 

So, how should parents teach their children to be grateful? 

1. Don’t unconditionally agree to the children’s requirements

Unconditionally meeting the children’s requirements is not good for the child, but actually harms the child. When a child makes a request to a parent, the parent must think twice, distinguish the pros and cons, and then decide whether to meet the child’s needs. If you blindly satisfy the child, it will only make the child feel that their parents are 100% compliant with their requirements, and thus become dependent on their parents, regard their parents as their backers, and do whatever they want. 

2. Cultivate children’s sense of independence, and let them know that there is a reward if you pay.

Teaching people to fish is not as good as teaching people to fish. If children want to get something, they might as well let them learn. Self-exploration, parents guide children to find and go through a process, let the children understand that there is a reward for giving, and that everything is hard-won, so that the child understands what to cherish. In the process of children’s hard work, let them learn to be independent, increase some setbacks appropriately, let the children get what they want in the ups and downs, and feel the meaning of giving in this process. 

3. Don’t impose your own requirements on your children and suppress your child’s gratification

Although parents cannot satisfy all their children’s desires, this is not for us to suppress The desire of the child. Desire can motivate a child to keep moving forward. Parents should not only arrange the children’s needs from their own perspective, but should feel the children’s feelings, listen to the children’s inner needs, and then carry out further guidance. Excessive restraints on the children will be counterproductive, and they should reasonably meet the children’s needs. Desire can encourage children to be more motivated in life. 

Education children are very particular about skills, and let them know how to be grateful, so that their future can be full of hope. Children always leave the embrace of their parents and enter the society to experience; in childhood, parents should do a good job in education and cultivate children with affection and ability. Preparing for pregnancy, there are obvious feelings in these two parts of the body “after the fact”, indicating that there is a high probability that a smooth pregnancy is possible. Not only is the husband and wife able to provide healthy and high-quality sperm and egg cells, but also two The fertilized egg can be successfully combined into a healthy fertilized egg, and the fertilized egg can be successfully implanted in the inner wall of the female uterus. After it begins to develop, it is considered a successful conception. 

For female friends who have never given birth to a child, it seems that they can only be determined by going to the hospital for an examination or using a pregnancy test stick to determine whether they are pregnant. 

In fact, when the fertilized egg is successfully implanted, there will still be some different physical feelings! 

Operation during pregnancy , “Afterwards,” these two parts of the body have obvious feelings, indicating that there is a high probability that Xiaolin has been married to her husband for 5 years. Because they were already 29 years old at the time of marriage, they have been actively preparing for pregnancy after marriage. 

However, because Xiaolin has mild uterine adhesions, she has been conditioning her body. It was not until the age of 31 that the doctor confirmed that her body had no problems and she could get pregnant smoothly under normal circumstances. 

Since then, Xiaolin and her husband have entered a long state of pregnancy. In the first year, occasionally delayed menstruation occurred, which made Xiaolin mistakenly think that she was pregnant. 

After several visits to the hospital to check that she was not pregnant, Xiaolin and her husband were already looking away, and they were not so eager. 

Recently, Xiaolin began to feel that her breasts were full and painful, and her body temperature was higher than before. At the beginning, Xiaolin thought that she was busy at work, and her endocrine disorders were caused by poor rest, so she didn’t care. 

However, Xiaolin went on a business trip again. After moving around several cities, she suddenly felt pain in her lower abdomen. She had bleeding symptoms when she hadn’t had time for her menstrual period. 

When my husband heard about it, he immediately took Xiaolin to the hospital for an examination, for fear that she would become ill due to overwork. What they didn’t expect was that the result of the examination was that Xiaolin had been pregnant for 3 weeks, and it was estimated that it was when she felt breast tenderness. 

The doctor also said that fortunately they corrected it in time. Xiaolin was so tired some time ago that she almost had a miscarriage. 

From Xiaolin’s experience, it can be seen that after the successful implantation of the fertilized egg, there will be more or less physical abnormalities, such as breast tenderness, high body temperature, etc. There is a high probability of “have”. 

Next, in order to know whether you are pregnant as soon as possible, and not to go to the hospital too blindly for examination, female friends may wish to understand some of the “signals” after the successful implantation of the fertilized egg! 

Successfully fertilized egg What are the “signals” of implantation? 

1. High body temperature

Under normal circumstances, our normal body temperature is 36℃. When women enter the ovulation period, their body temperature will rise slightly, generally around 0.5℃ to 1℃. When the ovulation period is over, it will return to normal. 

But after the ovulation period is over, the husband and wife have intercourse, and the body temperature has remained high, so it is very likely that the fertilized egg has successfully implanted. 

When female friends find that their body temperature has been kept relatively high, but it has not reached the temperature of fever, they still have to take it seriously. 

2. Bleeding before menstruation

Some studies have shown that most women will not have bleeding symptoms when the fertilized egg is implanted. However, there are also a small number of women who may experience implantation bleeding due to physical reasons. And it usually appears about 7 days after the pregnancy has been successful. 

The amount of bleeding during implantation is not a lot, and there is still a big difference from the amount of bleeding during menstruation. Female friends should not mistake it for menstruation. 

3. Breast tenderness

When the fertilized egg is successfully implanted, the hormone secretion in the female body will be affected and change. These changes will affect women’s breasts, causing them to feel tender and softer than before. 

Of course, there are individual differences in breast changes, and not every woman will appear. Even if there is an abnormality, when the hormone secretion becomes stable, these abnormal breast sensations will gradually disappear. 

4. Feel tired

If a female friend who is usually energetic suddenly feels tired easily, even if it is the same amount of work, it will be harder than before, with obvious fatigue Sensation, it is probably caused by the successful implantation of the fertilized egg. 

After all, during pregnancy, progesterone is secreted in large quantities to maintain the stability of the endometrium. The massive secretion of progesterone will make pregnant mothers feel tired. 

If a female friend feels that she is prone to fatigue, she should go to the hospital for examination in time. Even if it is not pregnant, there may be other abnormalities in the body, and it must not be treated carelessly. 

Under normal circumstances, if the sperm and egg cells are successfully combined to form a fertilized egg, it takes about 6 days to complete the implantation process, and after another 3 to 4 days, you can check whether the pregnancy is successful. 

In these 10 days, if the female friends go well together, they will have some abnormal feelings more or less. 

For example, the body temperature, height, breast tenderness and so on mentioned above, if these conditions occur, then it is very likely that a successful pregnancy is possible. In order to be sure, you can arrange to go to the hospital for an examination. 

After the pregnancy is confirmed, pregnant mothers should start to pay attention to adjusting their schedules, eating habits, etc., do not take medicine casually, keep a happy mood, raise the baby with peace of mind, and work with their families to ensure that the baby comes here smoothly world! 

Do you feel any strange feelings when the fertilized egg is successfully implanted? Welcome to leave a message to share!

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