“Is you ashamed to come to my house for a meal?” Grandpa teased his grandson, and the child’s childish language made the old man chill

“Isn’t you ashamed to come to my house for a meal?” Grandpa teased his grandson. The child’s childish language made the elderly feel chilling.

Nowadays, many only children born in the 80s and 90s have set up their own families, but because of modern times With the acceleration of people’s life, many children need their parents to take time to help them with their babies, and even more so, they need the elderly to provide them with financial support. 

Because young parents are mostly only children, after the child is born, a “4+2+1” family model appears. This little guy can be said to be a collection of thousands of favorites In one body, it is often taken care of by the four elderly people, grandparents and grandparents. 

But even so, a series of problems will occur between the elderly and the children. If the parents cannot correct and guide them in time, it will be detrimental to the children’s future. 

Grandpa teased his 4-year-old grandson: Are you always ashamed to come to my house? 

As the only child in the family, Lingling has always been held up by her parents as a “pearl”, and she is doted by her parents. Even when she grows up, her parents are not willing to go to university to marry their children, and finally she married I ended up with my junior high school classmates. 

At the time, Lingling’s parents were also very thoughtful. They were afraid that there would be no one to help take care of the children after their daughter married and had children. So when the son-in-law bought a house, the two elderly people proposed to buy it next to them, so that they can also take care of the children. Convenience. 

And then there is such a scene, The young couple brought their four-year-old child to the grandfather’s house to have a meal, and the family was happy and happy. 

This day, as usual, I was eating at the dinner table again. My grandfather was picking up dishes for his little grandson while teasing his 4-year-old grandson and said, “You always come to my house to eat a meal? Are you ashamed?” Originally it was just a joke, but The child’s answer made the old man’s face sink. 

The child said: “Mom and Dad This daughter does not have a son, and the house will be given to us in the future, so this is my own home. What is the shyness of me coming to eat at my own home?”

Actually, my grandfather also knows that my grandson said nothing. Wrong, but even though the child’s childish remarks are unintentional, they still make the old man feel depressed. 

Wrong concept of money is not conducive to the growth of children

Nowadays, children are exposed to more information, so their minds mature earlier, so it is more important for parents to establish their children’s concept of money early. 

Like the above mistake of Lingling’s child The notion of “concepts” makes it easy for children to form incorrect three views. In their hearts, the behavior of getting something for nothing is correct. After that, their attitude towards everything around them will become unbalanced. 

Nowadays, parents may often mention money, property, family property and other words in front of their children. In fact, there is no problem with them. The key point is whether they can guide the children correctly. 

To cultivate children’s correct “family awareness”, parents need to pay more attention to

  • let children realize that their parents are not equal to their own

    The most important thing for children to understand One reason is that the parents’ stuff is not the same as their own. If children have this kind of wrong concept in their hearts, they will get deeper and deeper. 

    Gradually develop a mindset of getting something for nothing, believing that all of your parents have the right to own them, instead of thinking about working hard on your own. 

  • Raise the child’s sense of independence

    For children, what kind of quality is the most important? That naturally belongs to independence. If the child cannot have the awareness of independence, let alone achieve true independence, then it will be difficult for the child to live well after he grows up. 

    They will habitually put all their hopes in life on others, parents, friends, relatives, etc., and at the same time, their own abilities will gradually be swallowed up, so it is very important to enhance their sense of independence. 

    Parents need to start with small daily things , Let children start from the details, do their own things by themselves, achieve independent thinking and independent behavior. 

  • Knowing that there will be rewards when you pay

    If you don’t pay, there will be no rewards. Parents also need to let their children understand that they must know how to give instead of looking for it all the time. People go to ask for it. 

    First let the child understand this truth, and then guide the child to do it correctly. It is also possible to start from bit by bit, and we must correct the wrong thoughts in the child’s heart. 

    Extended reading: every parent’s words and deeds are inadvertently Influencing children

    What kind of thoughts and behaviors a child has is actually very much influenced by parents. If we want our children to have a good presentation, then we must restrain our own behavior. 

    Don’t underestimate every little action you make in your daily life. These actions are seen by the children in their eyes, remembered in their hearts, and gradually penetrate their hearts. When children don’t go to kindergarten, they always say “one person”. Parents peeked and got angry. Netizens: they deserve it

    When the children first went to kindergarten, they would be somewhat resistant. After all, this was their first attempt. Leaving parents and entering group life, it is inevitable even if there is some discomfort. But gradually, children will fall in love with the kindergarten life, because there are many children playing together, which is much happier than being at home alone. 

    Ms. Gu’s son just started a small class. Recently, she discovered that his son was reluctant to go to kindergarten. The lady was a little unclear, so she could only decide to observe it secretly. 

    On this day, she will treat her child as usual Sent to the kindergarten. It’s just that this time he didn’t leave, but quietly hid aside and watched the child. She found that the children in the class didn’t seem to want to play with her son. From a distance, she could only see the little lonely figure of the child sitting in a chair. 

    During activity classes, many children While playing happily, the son hid alone, but the teacher just ignored him as if he hadn’t seen him. After a while, the life teacher in the class came over and led the child back to the classroom alone. 

    Ms. Gu said that the child spoke later, Therefore, compared with children of the same age, they are weaker in language ability. However, the doctor showed that there is no problem with the child’s development after examination, but it is recommended that the child go for sensory training every afternoon, so that the child’s language ability can be improved more quickly. 

    Ms. Gu believes that this is the reason why the child Will be excluded from the kindergarten and be treated differently. So she found a kindergarten, thinking that the kindergarten spreads children’s privacy at will, which has a great impact on children’s lives. He even angered the principal directly, saying that the principal was irresponsible to the children. 

    But many netizens say that Ms. Gu deserves it. Not only did she fail to consider the child’s feelings, she only knew forcing her to go to kindergarten. Moreover, all the responsibilities are shifted to the principal and teachers of the kindergarten. On the contrary, I have no fault at all, which is naturally unacceptable. 

    What should parents pay attention to when choosing kindergarten? 

    1. Teacher’s sense of responsibility

    A responsible teacher can naturally treat children with care, regardless of whether children are obedient or smart, they will treat them equally. Because in their hearts, they are obliged to protect and educate their children. This is their mission as teachers. 

    So if you can meet a teacher with a sense of responsibility, parents will naturally be very relieved. Of course, it is the children who benefit the most. I believe they will be able to live a happy three-year life in kindergarten. 

    2, the professionalism of the teacher

    Now we often emphasize professionalism when we do things. Although kindergarten teachers do not need to teach children too much cultural knowledge, they have a more difficult task, which is to carry out enlightenment education for children and cultivate children to establish the correct three views. . 

    So the professionalism of the teacher in this area is very important. If there is a lack of professional psychology, the teacher is naturally willing to give the child a good education. Parents must consider this, because it is directly related to the growth of their children. 

    How should parents get along with their teachers? 

    1. Understanding the hard work of teachers

    As teachers, especially kindergarten teachers are very hard, because they have to face 30 or 40 mischievous children in the class. The effort is very large. 

    After all, the safety of every child needs them to protect, so parents should understand the teacher as much as possible, and don’t have too high demands on the teacher, because the hard-working parents who take care of their children should feel deeply. 

    2, put yourself right


    Some parents think that when they have paid to the kindergarten, they have the capital to dictate to the teacher, or to make various demands of the teacher, including reasonable and unreasonable. 

    This kind of thinking is completely wrong. Although schools have the responsibility of educating children, they also need parents to cooperate. To some extent, family education is more important. Therefore, it is the duty that every parent should fulfill.

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