Is “words as human” reliable? There are 4 common fonts in the homework book. Which is your child?

Is “words as human” reliable? There are 4 common fonts in the homework book. Which is your child? 

Everyone has different writing habits, and the fonts are also very different. Just like there are no two identical leaves in the world, even if two people have similar handwriting, they will have their own characteristics. 

They all say “words are like people.” From the writing habits to the handwriting on paper, one can analyze a child’s personality characteristics. Different handwriting also reflects the vastly different personality of each child. . 

So, the handwriting is also a person’s facade, Whether the writing is good or not, the impression left by people will be different. 

His son was named by the teacher for “dog-shaping”.

The neighbor’s Xiaohui has a son who is in elementary school. The boy was a little slow in learning, so Xiaohui did not expect his son to get the first place. One second, always in line with the purpose of not falling behind, just go well. 

So, from the children’s homework to the children’s hobbies, Xiaohui has never asked too much. 

Unexpectedly, Xiaohui, who was originally plain, was often named in the parent group and asked her to supervise the child’s calligraphy. Because the child’s writing was really unsatisfactory, many people complained about it.” “Dog planing” is the same. 

Later the teacher explained: “From the child’s The handwriting can reflect the character of the child. Some children are too impatient. They may be anxious when writing, ignoring the fundamentals of horizontal and vertical. Parents can let the child calm down and practice the handwriting. If the calligraphy is good, it is also a bonus. Item.”

After listening to the teacher’s advice, Xiaohui finally decided to pay attention to the children’s homework, so that the children would start from writing, gradually increase their interest in learning, and cultivate their good learning habits. 

Is the saying “the word is like the person” reliable? 

Psychologists have concluded through experiments on the projection principle that the behaviors of children are mainly controlled by the brain, and their own thoughts and personality characteristics will also be expressed through behaviors. . 

People’s subjective thoughts will affect a child’s personality Direction, and writing is dominated by one’s own thoughts. In daily writing, children will strengthen the specific direction of their character. 

It can be seen that the handwriting can indeed reflect the character of the child to some extent, so the children who write the square font and the children who write the oval font do have a slight difference in personality. 

Which of the four fonts commonly used in children’s workbooks is your child? 

▼Dragon and phoenix dance like crazy grass

Character characteristics: free and easy, hate to be bound

The handwriting of Long Feifeng Wu usually uses even pen. Most of these children are more free and easy in character, not stiff, and more free of thought. Usually their ideas and practices are not in accordance with common sense. brand. 

Although it seems to be very creative, it also needs proper restraint from parents, and don’t let yourself go too far. 

▼Regular square characters in lower case

Character characteristics: rigorous, but easy to frame oneself

There are some children who write well and like to write Fangzheng Positive lower-case fonts. Most children in this category are more rigorous in thinking and have a well-organized personality. They seldom take the initiative to look for changes, and like to follow their own routines. 

This kind of children are relatively relatively Integrity is the favorite type of parents and teachers, but parents should also pay attention to avoiding such children’s thinking from being too “axial”, thus getting horny in certain things. 

▼Small characters that occupy only half of the grid

Character characteristics: careful and sensitive

Some children are used to writing “small” characters, although the grid is large, but I always like to write very small words, and the space between words is relatively large. 

Children in this category are more timid and cautious , But also very attentive and sensitive, accustomed to others, caring about other people’s views of themselves. 

▼A tiger-head and snake-tail font, the more you go back, the more you will be released

Character characteristics: three minutes of popularity, full of curiosity

There is also a writing style. Not as expected, I wrote very seriously at the beginning, and the more scribbled the writing becomes at the end. 

This kind of child is a typical three-minute heat , I don’t have much patience for things, but I am very curious. Parents should cultivate their children’s concentration and patience. 

Expanded reading: If children always write very hard, it also means that their character is more stubborn.

In addition, there are also strong writing skills, which are more difficult to write, and often write on this page. After that, a noticeable mark can appear on the second page. 

There are generally two situations for such children One is that they have just learned to write and have insufficient control over the pen and strength; on the other hand, it means that children of this type are more stubborn and like to walk in the dark one by one. Therefore, parents should also give proper guidance so that their children can learn to think in many ways. Resilience is a “high-level skill”. Parents should nurture their children from an early age. 0~3 years old is the critical period.

There should be many mothers who have never thought about it, and they don’t even know what resilience is. , Or know a little about it, but will not teach children in the early education of children. 

What is resilience? Its interpretation refers to the reaction of a natural person or legal person to some changes in external creatures or things. It may be a subconscious instinct, or it may be a choice or decision made after brainstorming. 

And this ability is a “high-level” technique However, only certain families or certain parenting education will teach their children, and the adaptability is not easy to learn, and ordinary families do not know how to teach. Over time, the adaptability will be missing from the parenting education. 

When should I teach my children how to respond? The research results of the American Academy of Pediatrics show that: 0~3 years old is the golden stage and critical period for cultivating children’s adaptability. 

If you have missed this opportunity due to negligence, it will have a great impact on your child’s future growth and development. 

What is precision training? Parents must know that 0~3 years old is the critical period

If you want to cultivate your baby’s resilience, then you can’t choose “waste” during the critical period of 0 to 3 years old. Moms must use some programs to help their babies. “Build the foundation” to prepare for the smooth mastery of adaptability in the future. 

①Independent thinking skills

Independent thinking is the ability to respond. The first requirement for any age group is also the most basic. If you have the ability to think independently, then you In the face of certain things, you will not be so weak, and can even perform supernormally. 

Families are always used to The child’s grandparents take care of the child in every possible way. The child’s grandparents are even more so. They are afraid of melting in their mouths, holding them in their hands for fear of falling, and a jewel in the palm of their hands, but this is also a place that restrains the child, so that the child does not have it. The ability to think independently, there is no room for development, and you can’t even exercise yourself. 

Children between 0 and 1 years old do not have the ability to live independently and have no common sense of life, so mothers must provide appropriate assistance to the children. When the children are a little older, they can walk on their own. When you eat yourself and you can take care of yourself, parents and moms will choose to let their children go a little bit. This is also an education. 

Children who have gradually become self-conscious, about 2 to 3 years old, can generally take charge of their lives simply and gradually reduce their dependence on parents. This will exercise the children to think for themselves when they encounter problems Ability. 

②Behavioral movement

It can reflect the daily behavior of children, of course, it is also possible to train children in daily life, and the training process should be more inclined to instinctive response. Parents can deliberately add some small games that are beneficial to the child’s response ability when they do daily entertainment with their children. 

For example, children between the ages of 0 and 1, You can train your child and follow your instructions; children from 1 to 2 years old can train their speed; and for children from 2 to 3 years old, you should train their sports reflexes, balance bikes and the like. 


The basis of this training is the reserve of knowledge, and this skill is also very important. The richness of knowledge is not so powerless for children to face some things. Retract freely and adapt smoothly. Although this process is very long, you can start exercising before the age of 2 to 3. 

Speaking of knowledge reserves, in fact, it does not have to be very rich. Parents should also slowly teach their children knowledge, and on the basis that children can accept certain knowledge, they should instill certain knowledge into their children. In the brain, don’t fill the duckling style. 

Why is resilience called high-level ability? Listen to what the professionals say

For children aged 0 to 3, this term may have a lot more meaning, such as whether you can respond reasonably when you suddenly change the environment, and whether you can be alone when you encounter problems Solve, whether the reaction speed is half a beat slow. 

Imagination ability, creative ability, social ability, practical ability, calculation ability, expression ability, collaborative ability, adaptability, observation ability, etc., these are called adaptability. 

Children with strong adaptability are often labeled with quick response, tact, and not chaos in the face of danger, so they can adapt to this. Then you should ask, why is the adaptability advanced? 

Because they need to show their movements and thinking reasonably, they need to be synchronized, eye problems, quick hands, agile legs and feet, etc. 

But this kind of education is not so obvious before the age of three, which makes many parents suspect that they are not working hard at all, or suspect that resilience is useless, but in fact, resilience is also a trickle and needs to be moistened. The things are silent, and slowly make changes to the child, accumulate thin hair, the quantity changes to the qualitative change, do not worry. 

What are the benefits of adaptability for children? 

When the child gradually masters this ability, it will be beneficial to the child’s external performance. For example, when the child is faced with certain things, he will not be at a loss and become hot-headed, and he will be relatively calm. 

Resilience will drive children to changes in the outside world, which will produce instinctive acceptance and thinking, and their own reaction speed will also increase. 

And the inner gain is more for the child The enhancement of thoughts and hearts makes children less mindful, and they will complain if they encounter problems, call their parents, learn to solve problems by themselves, accumulate experience gradually, and they will gradually have a sense of accomplishment, and children will gradually become confident and calm. Self-sustainability, you can think about and solve problems calmly and rationally when you encounter problems. 

Do you look like someone else’s child? But in fact, it’s just the ability of the child to gradually change after mastering the adaptability, don’t envy it. You can also moisturize things silently, and play some games for your children to train their resilience, and your children will become like this. 

What games can be used to train resilience? Practice and learn the truth

Let your baby fold the quilt after getting up. If he stands in front of the bed and is at a loss and does not know what to do, you need to fold the quilt carefully for the child a few times, then take the quilt apart, and then the child Go and tidy up the quilt. The purpose is to let the child learn this process. Over time, children will think about problems independently, instead of thinking about their parents whenever something happens. 

You can also let children do some simple instructions , Have a certain ability to recognize things, such as taking that over and putting that back in, similar to this kind of game. You can clap your hands with your children to grab toys, and grab them faster than anyone else. You can also let your children participate in some exercise programs such as children’s roller skating balance bikes, and develop their own reaction capabilities while ensuring the children’s safety. The 8-year-old girl had a high fever in the middle of the night and did not forget to call it “the washing machine is broken.” Netizens: parents are really abomination

There are many problematic incidents of destroying a child, one of which seems to be an abominable phenomenon. It must be domestic violence. The harm of domestic violence to children is reflected in both physical and psychological aspects, and its impact on children cannot be ignored. 

Men and women have different physiological structures. In this case, men will have an innate advantage over women. In some families with domestic violence problems, it is often men who violently treat women or young children. We often feel disgusted with the abuser, but this kind of problem often occurs. 

After reorganizing the family, Xiaoqing has discovered Tiantian, the daughter born to her and her ex-husband, slowly became a taciturn child. Xiaoqing is also very depressed. She thinks that since she got married, her new husband has a very good attitude towards Tiantian. She usually takes care of Tiantian. Even better than the previous one, she only shouts and even bullies. The ex-husbands of their two mothers and daughters are much better. 

In this new family, Tiantian can feel the father’s love that she could not feel before. Why does the child become like this now? 

One night, Xiaoqing’s husband was going on a business trip, and she was the only one to accompany Tiantian at home. Unexpectedly, in the middle of the night, Xiaoqing temporarily discovered that Tiantian had a high fever, and the hot temperature made Tiantian Sweet has always been fine words. 

Under sweet and vague words, the little Qing still heard the words “The washing machine is broken”, and heard that Tiantian has been stubbornly mentioning this matter. The anxious Xiao Qing also suspended the action of sending the child to the hospital, and went to see her daughter first. Worry. 

As soon as I turned on the washing machine, Xiaoqing found a crumpled note. The words on the note were clearly visible, written by her daughter Tiantian. After reading it, Xiao Qing cried. The message her daughter wanted to convey to her mother was actually to tell her that every time her stepfather took advantage of her mother’s absence, she would violently treat Tiantian to vent her anger. 

The bitter life of Tiantian suffered domestic violence from two fathers. Xiaoqing couldn’t help it anymore. The day she waited for her stepfather to return, she chose to divorce her husband and let her children stay away from violence. Grow in an environment. 

The children are still young. If they are subjected to domestic violence, the children who lack the ability to protect themselves will suffer unimaginable harm. 

What harm can domestic violence bring to children? 

1. Stimulate the children’s heart and make them feel insecure.

Children are sensitive by nature. When heavy domestic violence falls on themselves, they will only feel the gloom of the world. Involved in a strong sense of pain, children will have a sense of fear of domestic violence. What’s more, they will often have a psychological shadow because of these problem events, making them dominated by such fear for a lifetime. 

2. Fear that the family will fall apart and have no correct concept of the family

A complete family is a key element for the healthy growth of children. When parents show domestic violence in front of their children, even with the children watching the battle, their inner world is frightened. They are afraid that their parents will be separated because of such emotional discord, and at the same time they do not want domestic violence to hurt one of their parents. 

Helpless children struggle with chaotic thoughts for a long time, which affects their thoughts and concepts on building a family and affects their future happiness. 

3. It is easy for children to lose control of their emotions. Causes children’s character defects

Faced with more parents’ violent behavior, children will become impulsive and violent under subtle influence. They will slowly produce solutions to violence with violence, and even become anti-social and offensive personalities as they grow up. When children are extremely angry, they are likely to choose self-injury or suicide to get the attention of their parents because of their emotional out-of-control. 

How should parents who arouse their sense of responsibility help their children recover from trauma? 

1. Leading children away from violence

Apologizing and forgiving cannot completely solve the problem. As the current social topic says: domestic violence is often only zero or countless times. If you want to really solve the problem, the parent who is in a disadvantaged position can take the child away resolutely, so that the child can get a chance to grow up again. 

2. Spend more time with your children

This kind of children are particularly insecure. They will feel lonely and bored in a stressful family environment. As parents, we are concerned about the heart of the child, and at the same time we must communicate with the child more, so as to comfort the child’s heart. 

3. Protect children through legal means

The crime of domestic violence is unpardonable, and at the same time, such bad behavior also violates the child’s legal rights: it violates the child’s personal rights. When the problem of domestic violence cannot be effectively solved, in order to ensure the health and safety of the children, mandatory and effective means can often help these parents to make the abuser pay the corresponding price. 

Today’s topic is here, everyone What do you think of domestic violence?

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