“Is there any quality? Respect the old!” The 50-year-old aunt rushed the child to give up his seat, praising the young man’s reaction

“Is there any quality? Respect the old!” The 50-year-old aunt rushed her child to give up her seat and praised the young man’s response.

“Respecting the old and loving the young” has always been a traditional virtue in our country. Education. But recently, some of the virtues have “changed flavor” in some people. 

I encountered such a thing when I was on the bus two days ago. At around 6pm, it was the evening rush hour. After the car stopped, an aunt came up, young, in her early 50s, carrying shopping The bag contains the ingredients for tonight. 

Auntie came in squeezed in because there are so many people. If I change to me, I would rather stay in front than squeeze through the crowd to get in the middle. Auntie squeezed and complained, “It’s really squeezed to death.” , Don’t give way.”

No one wants to take care of her, so the car is still moving. The aunt squeezed to the seat dedicated to Aixin and glanced at her. Except for a seven or eight-year-old child, all the other positions were people older than her. 

So she squeezed up to the child again and said, “Is there any quality? Respect the elderly, don’t understand! Get up quickly, how are children educated now!”

It was a little accident that the child was suddenly “smashed”, but he didn’t dare to say anything. After all, he was still young and faced with adults with very different strengths, it would be better to obey. 

But just when the child was about to get up, a young guy held his shoulders on his shoulders, “Little brother, sit down, don’t pay attention to this kind of old man.”

The auntie became angry when she heard this sentence. All of a sudden, he came up, “Look, the quality of people nowadays, the children are just following your group to learn bad things. They don’t know anything. Sooner or later they will have to be punished. They look like they are stubborn…”

In fact, it sounds strange, just because of one sentence, the aunt’s temper became stronger and worse, and the words she said became more and more ugly. 

In order to calm the incident, the child in the seat still wants to get up. The young guy motioned to him to relax, “What are you afraid of, she can still eat you? Your little arms and legs are in this carriage. Don’t be squeezed into a meat bun, sit honestly, or else your ankles will be swollen.”

“Don’t be ashamed anymore. The distance between a few stops will be too old. I died, my hands and feet were fractured in the carriage, and I got used to the smelly disease. If you look for something, the people in the entire carriage will treat you.” I have to say that the young guy said this paragraph very happily, and many people said it was good. 

At that time, I also saw that the child’s ankle was wrapped in gauze. Letting such a child occupy space with a group of adults in a crowded carriage would only aggravate the situation. 

After the young man finished speaking, the auntie couldn’t make it through, and she sweared a few words, and the car was just at the stop, so she got out of the car. Before getting off the car, she still pushed the people around to get out of the car. There were still people in the car. He laughed and said, “With the strength to push people, I can run a marathon and go home. What else to sit on? I can sit on top of my seat.”


In fact, in real life, you can often see similar In the current situation, some elderly people like to “rely on the old and sell the old” and “sell the old to respect the old” is more serious. This is exactly what young people today hate. 

Whenever you encounter a normal elderly person, it goes without saying that everyone will respect it out of inner moral restraint. However, if some elderly people change this kind of “respect for the elderly” and abuse this One characteristic is that it is naturally not appropriate. 

When parents are facing such a situation, how do they let their children deal with it? You must know that children are innocent. When playing games with this part of the elderly who “rely on the old and sell the old”, the children will undoubtedly choose to respect the elderly, because this is due to the education they have received since childhood. 

But parents should also educate their children, “kindness should be advanced.” Not everyone should be treated this way. Under normal circumstances, if you can be “comfortable” and “respect”, then in order to reduce unnecessary troubles, and considering the weakness of the child’s own strength, it is easy to suffer losses, it is best to learn to “obey” “. 

But if the price of “comfort” and “respect” may hurt yourself, such as the boy on the bus, the ankle was originally injured. If you choose to give up your seat in this case, then The possibility of danger is even greater. In case he turns to his ankle again while being pushed, causing irreversible damage, how big a blow is to him, who has just begun his life. 

At the same time, from another point of view, will the child have such a thought, “It was because I gave up my seat at that time and chose the so-called respect for the elderly, which led to my current situation”? Therefore, from then on, I no longer dare to agree with “respecting the elderly”, even for others, which is not conducive to the formation of a good society to respect the elderly. 

Therefore, let the children learn to “distinguish”, what situation and what kind of person can be “compliance” and “respect”, on the contrary, what kind of person you have to be stronger, don’t use “Sacrifice” yourself at the expense. 

In this way, it not only teaches children to “respect the elderly” correctly, but also makes them understand that the society should be viewed from a “dialectical” perspective. A strawberry demonstrates the “human flow process”. At the end, I realized that the uterus has suffered too many crimes.

In life, human flow advertisements can be seen everywhere, and there are even hospitals that slap painless human flow. It only takes a few minutes to solve pregnancy troubles. 

And this undoubtedly makes some young women take a posture of excessive trust when facing the flow of people, and selective ignorance of it may cause adverse effects. 

Especially in recent years, the low-age development of the flow of people is even more worrying. 

Netizens use a strawberry to demonstrate the flow of people. The two-minute video is shocking.

Previously, some netizens used a strawberry to demonstrate the flow of women. Although the entire video only lasts more than two minutes, However, netizens bluntly did not dare to look at it again. 

In an abortion operation, the doctor will use some instruments to scrape the endometrium from bottom to top, the purpose is to clean out the objects in the endometrium. 

Netizens use strawberries to simulate a female uterus, and then penetrate the spatula from the lower part of the strawberry to complete the entire curettage process. 

After a curettage operation, netizens cut up the strawberries. Although it is a state from the outside, there is no change. 

However, when the strawberry is cut, people can see that there is obvious “breakage” inside the strawberry. 

The internal organization of the strawberry has been mashed, which is very different from the complete organization of the fresh strawberry. 

Although women have no obvious pain because of the anesthetic during the painless abortion operation, they have to say that this kind of operation will cause obvious damage to the endometrium. 

In fact, women do have obvious discomfort after childbirth, but compared to discomfort, the damage to the uterus is far more serious than women think. 

Some netizens left a message at the bottom of the video, “The injury to the uterus caused by abortion surgery is really terrible. This is completely different from the description in the advertisement! Although the video is only two minutes, I really don’t want to watch it again. !”

“It is advisable to obediently take safe contraceptive measures, otherwise the harm caused by the flow of people to women is really too great!”

What harm does abortion surgery cause to women? 

1. Endometrial injury

During pregnancy, a woman’s endometrium becomes very soft and thin. At this time, if an abortion operation is performed, surgical instruments will inevitably cause some damage to the endometrium. Degree of damage. 

In the process of curettage, the basal tissue of the endometrium may be damaged. If the operation is improper, or the number of curettage is too much, it may cause uterine perforation and life-threatening. 

2. Irregular menstruation

If the woman’s endometrium is injured after the abortion operation, then even if the ovaries and other parts are normal. 

The metabolism of the endometrium will also be affected, so women’s menstrual diseases will be disordered, and there may even be menopause. 

3. Cause habitual abortion

Abortion surgery will have a certain degree of impact on women’s gestation environment. For example, after abortion surgery, women may develop endometriosis, which may cause Causes women to become pregnant again will be affected. 

Multiple abortion operations can easily cause habitual miscarriage and may even cause infertility. 

4. Distressed by breast diseases and gynecological diseases

Women’s body hormone secretion during pregnancy will be obviously abnormal, and their breasts and other parts will be affected by stimulation. 

When the process of giving birth to life is forced to terminate, the endocrine state of women will be disordered, which also makes them more prone to breast diseases and some gynecological diseases. 

in daily life What are the safe and reliable methods of contraception in China? 

1. Wear a condom

The success rate of this method of contraception will be guaranteed. At the same time, condoms can also isolate viruses and bacteria. 

This is not only helpful for contraception, it also has a certain protective effect on women’s health. 

2. Subcutaneous implantation

This is a relatively new type of contraception. This is a method of placing a certain amount of progesterone in a silicone tube and then implanting it under the skin , With the slow release of progesterone, it plays a contraceptive effect. 

From a clinical point of view, this method of contraception is relatively reliable. According to statistics, the pregnancy rate of this method of contraception is only 1‰ within two years. 

3. Oral contraceptives

There are data showing that the success rate of contraceptives through oral contraceptives can be close to 100% if the operation is carried out in the correct way of taking the medicine. 

With years of technological development, the side effects of current oral contraceptives on the body are relatively minor. 

4. Ligation surgery

For married and child-bearing families, couples have more choices in contraceptive methods. Ligation surgery can be said to be a once-and-for-all method. Methods of contraception. 

Relatively speaking, male ligation is more advantageous than female ligation, and it will be easier to recover after pregnancy. 

In short, no matter how easy the promotion of abortion surgery is, women must keep their eyes open, which will cause obvious harm to their bodies. 

So both men and women should be aware of safe contraception. Men should respect women more, and women should know how to protect themselves. 

What do you think about the harm caused by abortion surgery to women?

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