Is there any abnormality in the fertility of men? Age is not the main thing, it depends on whether these alarms go off

Is there any abnormality in the fertility of men? Age is not the main thing. The key is to see whether these alarms have sounded.

I believe that many men have thought about how long such a problem of fertility can last? Some men may lose their fertility in their 40s, and some men lose their fertility until they are in their 60s. 

Therefore, it is not accurate to judge the weakening of fertility by age, because everyone’s physique has a big difference, some people are earlier, some people are earlier, and the difference between morning and evening is somewhat Even more than 10 years, it illustrates the uncertainty of using age as a criterion. 

About men “Little tadpoles”, you have to understand these

1. The beginning of fertility

Under normal circumstances, after a man officially enters the developmental period, his testes will begin to produce “tadpoles”, most of which are in Between 14 and 16 years old. Male fertility is usually related to the quantity and quality of “tadpoles”. 

2. The peak period of fertility

The best childbearing age for men is between 25 and 35. In this age range, the number of “tadpoles” is The quality is also relatively good. 

Each man may produce tens of millions to billions of “tadpoles” every day, and there will be a “big shuffle” every three months, and the activity of the “tadpoles” will be stronger. 

3. How many “tadpoles” are there?

Men’s “tadpoles” are not like female eggs, they can only secrete a few hundred in their lifetime, while men may secrete tens of thousands in their lifetime. The number in units of billions. 

It’s just that if male fertility ends earlier, the number of “tadpoles” will naturally decrease, and vice versa. 

At the same time, one thing that needs to be noted is that after the fertility of men is 35 years old, the number of “tadpoles” will decrease to a certain extent with the weakening of fertility. 

How to judge whether the fertility is abnormal? 

As we mentioned above, the fertility of men has nothing to do with their age, but is related to the following factors

1) The color of “tadpoles”

< p>Under normal circumstances, if you carefully observe the male “tadpoles”, you will find that their color is milky white or off-white, but most of them are almost the same as white, and some even have some transparent white. These are all normal. 

For men whose fertility is gradually weakening, especially when they are about to lose, the color of their “tadpoles” is mostly yellow-green, and some are tan, which indicates that the male reproductive system may exist Some abnormalities, usually there may be inflammation, or other symptoms of infection, and these will also affect male fertility. 

2) The number of “tadpoles” has decreased

According to research, the number of “tadpoles” discharged by men is about 3.6Ml per time. Of course, this is also related to the number of “tadpoles” discharged in a short period of time. If it is discharged multiple times within a time, it is normal for the quantity to decrease. 

But if it is not a continuous discharge in a short period of time, but it shows a decrease in the number, then male friends should pay attention to it, because this is a sign of weakened fertility or abnormality. 

If you are in the middle-aged and old age, then the impact is not big, but if you are young, you have to go to the hospital for a check-up, so as not to affect your sexual ability and fertility afterwards. 

3) Lower abdomen pain

Many people think that only women can feel pain in the lower abdomen. In fact, men will also have this pain, but it is not something to be happy about, because whenever this happens This kind of pain indicates that the male reproductive system also has symptoms such as inflammation or other infections. At this time, it may also affect the quantity and quality of “tadpoles”, and indirectly affect fertility. 

How to keep “little tadpoles” healthy? 

This is actually a commonplace topic. After all, the state of “tadpoles” is directly related to the fertility of men. This cannot be denied. Therefore, it is necessary for male friends to spend more time to protect their “tadpoles”. “. 

① Smoke less and drink less. It is definitely impossible to ask some men not to smoke or drink. Therefore, we can only do as much as possible, hoping to achieve quantitative control. If we can quit, then naturally it would be better. In addition, there is also caffeine to minimize intake. 

② Exercise more. Exercise can increase the metabolism of men, and can also ensure the healthy state of the “tadpoles” and stimulate their activity. It just needs to persist, otherwise the males will have poor physical fitness, and the quality of the “tadpoles” will obviously not be good. 

③ Supplement nutrition. Nutrition is also a key factor in maintaining the health of the “tadpoles”. If the nutritional intake is insufficient, it means that the raw materials for the synthesis of the “tadpoles” are not good, or they are incomplete, so the quantity and quality of the “tadpoles” It will definitely be greatly affected. 

Therefore, it is recommended that male friends, under the premise of ensuring basic living habits, carefully feel and observe their own situation. Once they find that the “tadpole” has an alarm signal, go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, otherwise it will take time The longer it is, the more difficult it is to treat. The elementary school zero-point test paper became popular in the circle of friends. Bao’s mother laughed at herself for “internal injury”, and friends have a talent for jokes.

The thinking of elementary school students can be said to be unconstrained. For example, some questions, although they are done wrong, the weird way of solving them is something that even the teacher will admire. 

But after all, the answer is only right and wrong. Although the idea is amazing, the teacher can only give zero points unceremoniously. 

My colleague, sister Li, showed her son’s zero-point test paper in the circle of friends a few days ago. Ms. Li said that this test paper caused her to suffer a very serious “internal injury”, and she did not expect her son to commit a crime. Such a simple mistake. 

And it was very funny. But in the circle of friends, many people praised his son, and some friends said that his son has a talent for being a joke player. 

Strictly speaking, it is not a zero-point test paper, but only one of the big questions got zero points. 

This is a topic of looking at pictures and writing. The picture shows three little boys playing football. Then a little older girl came to dissuade him. A sign was erected on the grass next to it, saying “Love the lawn. “. 

According to normal understanding, this is obviously that little boys should not play football on this lawn, otherwise it will destroy the growth of the lawn, and the older girl came to persuade them. 

But Sister Li’s son made up an unrelated story. He wrote that his sister took three younger brothers to play table tennis. He just saw that a wooden board was erected on the ground that could be used as a table tennis bat, so he pulled it out to play table tennis. 

The placard is associated with a table tennis board, and then forced to understand that several children are going to play table tennis. Sister Li’s son’s imagination is really not overshadowed, and he even gave him a zero score. The teacher couldn’t help commenting on him as “wonderful and unbelievable, he is a rare talent!”

Of course, it’s okay for the teacher to give Sister Li’s son a zero score, because Sister Li’s son’s thinking has completely deviated. correct answer. 

But if you put aside this and look at it from another angle, it can be said to be rich in imagination and unique in thinking. 

Although on this question, such thinking and imagination are invalid or even wrong, but on other questions, it may not be the case. Therefore, when the teacher gives zero points, he also deliberately uses The comments praised him. 

How strange is the thinking of elementary school students? There is no weirdest thing, only weirder.

I once saw a picture on the Internet with a sentence written by a child on the test paper. My mother is a middle-aged woman under the age of 40. 

The teacher circled “less than 40 years old”, and then commented “excessive useless”. As a result, after the students went back, I corrected my mother as a middle-aged woman who was superfluous and useless. 

I was so scared that the teacher hurriedly commented on the teacher, which is not what I meant. Mom won’t see it! According to normal understanding, the “excessive useless” written by the teacher will definitely not be regarded as the content to be changed. 

Some children are different. They completely ignore the meaning of the text and treat the teacher’s comment as the corrected answer. 

Similar cases can be said to be endless on the test papers of elementary school students. Children’s thinking is very simple, as long as they think wrong at the beginning, they will be more wrong and outrageous later. 

If it’s someone else’s child, it’s certainly a good joke, but if it’s spread to their own children, the parents will probably be dumbfounded. 

Total offenders for children Low-level error? Parents should learn to correctly guide

understand and accept children’s weird problem-solving ideas

First of all, parents should not be angry at their children’s weird problem-solving ideas, or think that their children have made such low-level mistakes, IQ It must be very low. 

The reason has been mentioned above. This is simply related to the child’s thinking. As long as you start, even if it is unreasonable later, the child will bite the bullet and finish it according to the existing thinking. 

So parents should understand and accept that children have this weird way of thinking. This does not mean that children have low IQs, and may even be the opposite. 

Divergent thinking is more helpful to children’s learning

For a particular exercise, weird thinking will of course make this question a zero mark, but if it is placed on the entire study, it is not necessarily . 

In fact, this just shows that children have divergent thinking, and the mode of thinking about problems is also very diversified. Such children are more likely to get good grades in the later stage, because as the difficulty of the course increases , The advantages of divergent thinking will become more and more obvious. 

Do not undermine the child’s self-confidence

After discovering that the child has made a low-level mistake, parents should not come up and criticize, otherwise it will undermine the child’s self-confidence, and the problem that may have been done will become impossible, resulting in The vicious circle makes parents underestimate their children’s abilities even more. 

The correct approach is to patiently point out the error, and then use a scientific method to guide the child to learn the correct idea of ​​solving the problem, so as not to hurt his self-confidence, but also to help the child truly understand the meaning of the problem. 

Mistakes in problem-solving ideas are very common, and sometimes senior students will make mistakes, let alone those elementary school students. 

Primary school is the beginning of the entire learning career. It is very important for children to maintain self-confidence in elementary school. Otherwise, once their self-confidence is destroyed, children will no longer have the courage to struggle in learning.

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