Is there an “validity period” for educating children? Once missed, the parental authority becomes invalid and it is difficult to make up

Is there an “validity period” for educating children? Once missed, parental authority will become invalid and difficult to make up

The growth of a child has only one chance, and it is irreversible. There is a time limit for the parent’s education. 

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In life, parents often complain that the more difficult it is to manage their children as they grow up, they don’t know. Once something is missed, it is difficult to make up. Each child grows up only once. Once the character is shaped, it is really difficult to change it later. Every parent should do his best to educate the child within the “validity period”. 

Missing the growth of children, parents The authority of is also invalidated.

In the early stages of life, children are full of insecurity in the world. At this time, parents’ embrace, touch, and companionship are all sources of their sense of security, trust, and dependence. , Those parents who have not been with their children since childhood, obviously feel that there is an invisible wall between their children and themselves, they want to get closer, but they always feel that there is something missing. 

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When parents miss the critical period of establishing an intimate relationship with their children, then this means that the authority of the parents is invalidated, and your influence and deterrence in front of the children will be weakened. At this time, you want to discipline your children as an elder and make them obey you absolutely. It is difficult for you to go to the sky. 

An educator once said that the wrong way of education by parents may destroy the child’s efforts and potential. Some parents are completely unaware that their educational methods are wrong. They often use violence, coercion, corporal punishment, language attacks and other methods to treat children who have made mistakes. They do not know that this is intensifying conflicts and pushing the parent-child relationship to death. Children’s creativity and Development potential will be curbed. 

Although some parents stay with their children, it is a kind of “invalid companionship.” If they simply stay next to their children, they lack the expression of love, emotional communication and educational guidance. Accompanying is meaningless. 

We often hear children right Parents complained: “Never feel your care!” In fact, parents have neglected their children’s spiritual needs. As parents, we must give them enough companionship and education, walk into their children’s inner world, and respect their thoughts. Learn to be friends with children. 

How long is the “validity period” for parents? At most there is only 10-12 years. In the 12 years when children are most dependent on their parents, parents must be careful to nurture them. You must know that excellent children are the result of high-quality education. When you miss this golden period, you want to educate your children again. No matter how much time and effort is spent, it is difficult to make substantial changes. Most of what is done is useless, and only sighs and regrets are left. 

In short, I want to have children Following the correct path of life, parents should raise their children with their hearts and love the growth of their children from the moment their baby is born, and earnestly fulfill their responsibilities within the validity period. 

Modern parents control their children, often Several mistakes made

1. Just study, regardless of conduct

Most parents care too much about their children’s performance and ignore their physical and mental development. The end result is that children are bored with learning, but also The relationship with you is not good. Because you are only concerned about the improvement of your children’s intelligence and skills, and have never paid attention to your children’s inner morals and virtues! 

2. You must manage everything.

You must take care of your children. Principle issues cannot be ignored. Non-principle issues can be selectively ignored. The so-called principle refers to morality, Behavioral habits, rather than principled issues, are life chores such as dressing and eating. 

3. Only raise children, Don’t teach your children

As the saying goes: If you don’t teach your father, your child’s growth cannot be separated from the parent’s education. Independence, rules, responsibility and other qualities are learned from childhood, not when they grow up. 

4. Just eat and wear, regardless of the heart

Parents love their children, but few can love their children! Most parents pay attention to their children’s food, clothing, shelter, and transportation, but ignore their true inner needs. They always impose what you think are good on their children. In fact, they may reject it in their hearts. 

Every parent should cherish Every time you get along with your children, you are filled with love and hope in your heart. Use companionship and education as the sunshine and rain on your children’s growth path, so that they can grow up.  Both are in their 40s, a freshman A mother who is already a grandma, what is the difference between them bringing a baby

The same is in their 40s, a mother who has just become a mother and the other is already a grandma, what is the difference between them bringing a baby

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With the development of society, women have more freedom to choose between marriage and childbirth:

Yes Of women choose to marry and have children when they are in their 20s. Some women choose to marry early and have children late, and even more women choose to marry and have children late, and only give birth when they are in their 40s. 

So this caused the two people who were originally the same age, one might become grandma or grandma when they were in their 40s, and the other might be in their 40s, Just became a mother. 

A grandmother in her forties and a novice mother in her forties

Some time ago, there was a youngest grandmother on the Internet who became red. She was shopping in the mall with her grandson in her arms. There are no wrinkles, and the dressing style is like young people. 

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It is estimated that other people would not recognize them as grandmothers and grandchildren when they saw them, but only as mothers and children. 

But this lady revealed that she is the grandmother of the child, because she and her daughter were married and had children earlier, and she is only in her 40s, but from the outside, she looks like someone in her 30s. . 

Women who are only mothers in their forties may not look so young after giving birth, because giving birth is inherently harmful to the body. 

40-year-old women have a lot of decline in physical function and recovery, and postpartum recovery is not as fast as that of young women, and they tend to get old immediately after giving birth. 

Of course, those who have been maintained Except for the better women, for example Ruby Lin was already 40 years old when she gave birth, but she usually seems to be only in her 30s. 

So after giving birth, she still looks like a young mother. 

What is the difference between being a mother for the first time in your forties and being a grandmother or grandma? 

▶ Children’s mentality is different

For children, having a young grandma is different from having an older mother. A young and beautiful grandma can make them I feel very proud and have the capital to show off in front of other children. 

Older mothers may make them feel inferior. Of course, if the parents’ appearance is much younger than the actual age, the children can also ignore it. 

▶ Children receive different education

Generally speaking, women who are mothers in their 40s can give their children better education and economic conditions. 

Women who decide to have children in their 40s generally focus on career struggles when they are young, so social experience, ways of doing things, and economic conditions are better. 

So it is more handy in raising children and can spend more time with them. 

And grandmothers or grandmothers in their 40s are also at risk of spoiling their children, and because they are relatively young, they may be forced to take their children, and the education of children is not so caring. . 

▶ Children are under different pressure

Parents are relatively old. When the children are adults, the parents will be old. If the family does not have enough savings, the ability to make money will be lost at this time, and the children will face greater pressure in life in the future. 

Because of their parents’ old age, children are afraid to act coquettishly with them or make more demands, and they must be prepared to lose their parents early. 

Although grandma and grandma are in their 40s, they are still very young. Children get along with them more closely, and they can spend more time with them. 

Children get more care in life and less stress. 

But Baoma’s age is not an important consideration when giving birth

When a woman gives birth, she must plan for herself and her child at the same time. If she is a career-focused person who is reluctant to neglect her child, it is fine to have a child later. If you have no ambition and want to be a housewife, you can have children early and train them. 

The most feared thing is that people will not make much progress in their careers in their middle and old ages, and their children will not be well nurtured. 

So, before giving birth, women can consider whether they are willing to give up their careers for the children? Can current conditions give them a proper education? Will the parents-in-law be willing to help bring the baby? What is their ability to bring the baby? and many more. 

Bao Ma thinks carefully in advance, and she will not fall into a passive scene after the child is born. 


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