Is there a good time for a baby to be born? If he catches up with 3 time periods, it means that he is a “little blessed baby”

Is there a good time for a baby to be born? If it catches up with 3 time periods, it means that he is a “little Fuwa”

In order to better welcome the arrival of the child, parents usually prepare the items needed after the baby is born a long time in advance. From clothes to diapers to cribs, mothers will choose carefully. 

In addition, some elders in the family hope that the baby can be born at a “good time”, thinking that this way the child will be more blessed and life will be smoother. 

Is there a good time for a baby to be born? 

Xiao Chen and his husband met when they were in college. The relationship between the two is very solid, so Xiao Chen got pregnant soon after they got married. 

Coincidentally, after Xiao Chen became pregnant, her mother-in-law could not be busy with work all day at the age of retirement. She could also visit and take care of Xiao Chen from time to time, and accompany her to the birth checkup. The husband was promoted and raised because of his outstanding performance at work. 

In this way, neighbors and friends around They all praised that Xiao Chen and the baby in his stomach were blessed to be born in such a “good time”. 

After all, Xiao Chen can now be taken care of by her mother-in-law. After the child is born, the elderly can also take care of the baby. Moreover, her husband’s job is stable and the financial pressure at home will be reduced a lot. Little Fuwa”. 

The baby’s birth time is very particular. If it can catch up with these 3 time periods, it means that he is a “little blessed baby”

[Time One]: When the parents work stable

When the parents When the work is stable, the husband and wife do not have to spend too much money on the life after the child is born. After all, a stable job can maintain the source of income at home, and there will be maternity leave, so that Bao’s mother can better recover after giving birth. , Can have more energy to take care of children. 

In addition, parents at this level Most of them are more mature and stable, able to deal with children’s problems rationally, and the educated children will be better. 

From this point of view, children born in this period of time are enviable regardless of their family environment or future education. 

[Time Two]: When the elderly at home are at leisure

Novice parents have no experience in bringing babies, and they have little knowledge of many things, while the elderly who have experience with babies are around and can help their parents Relieve stress and play the role of “a small collection of children”. 

And when the old people are free, not only can they To teach parents the experience of bringing children, and to help them take care of the children when the parents are going to work. Therefore, from the perspective of the convenience of bringing a baby, a baby who can be born in the free time of the elderly at home can be described as a “little blessing”. . 

[Time Three]: The weather is suitable, the warm breeze is gentle

Spring is a season when everything is revived, everything is vibrant, plus the weather is suitable, no matter it is Baoma Sitting for confinement, or baby’s big exercise development are very beneficial. 

They all say “three turns and six sits”. If the baby is born in late autumn, when it starts to turn over, it will affect the turning rhythm because of the amount of wear. 

On the contrary, if the child is in early spring, wait for the baby 3 At the age of three months, not only is it more convenient to contact nature, but also the clothes will not hinder the development of big movements such as turning over. Therefore, from the perspective of self-development, a baby born at this time is a “little lucky star.” 

Expansion: What are the small things to pay attention to when taking care of a baby less than three months old? 

The first three months after giving birth is very difficult for the mothers. At this stage, the children are more squeamish, and how to take care of the children has become a problem. 

Various parenting issues have become a problem for the mothers of the century. This makes many mothers feel more pressure, but what should be paid attention to for newborns? 

①Pay attention to the frequency and method of bathing: give Newborns must pay attention to the frequency of bathing. You can wash two or three times a week. Do not wash too often, and the child within three months of lack of strength, pay attention to supporting them when bathing, and do not let the child choke. 

②Feeding on demand is more reliable: Babies within 3 months are mostly in a state where they are hungry, so parents should take on-demand feeding when feeding, without being too “dogmatic.” 

③Appropriately help children find their own sleep patterns: Newborns sleep longer after birth, with an average of more than 16 hours, but this is actually because the children are adapting to the new environment and wait for them for a month and a half When around, parents can start to help them find sleep patterns and adjust their mental state. There are more than 20 blind dates with older leftover females. It turns out that men find their wives according to the “standards below”

Xiao Jing is a young woman with outstanding looks, good temperament, and a successful career. But because of her relatively arrogant personality, even though the men around her have a good impression of her, they dare not confess. Those who dare to confess are all self-aware, but Xiaojing still feels that they are not good enough to be worthy of her, she can find better men, and now she has become a 30-year-old leftover woman. . From the sweet pastry in the blind date market before, it is now unattended. 

During the Chinese New Year this year, Xiaojing also went on blind date more than 20 times at home, but she was always in a rejected state. She was like an eggplant beaten by frost. From the beginning, I asked for the full amount, with a house, a car, and a deposit. Later, I repeatedly lowered my standards, only asking for a down payment for the house, a down payment for the car, and a loan. Even so, most men still treat her very badly. satisfaction. In the more than 20 failures of the blind date, she also summarized the criteria for a man to choose a wife, which is nothing more than age, virtuousness, and filial piety. 

Men care about women’s age, but in fact it is nothing more than fertility issues< p>When getting married, no man does not care about a woman’s age. Once a woman is over 30 years old, she will have a lot of pressure on childbirth and pregnancy. Men with slightly better economic conditions often like to have two children after marriage, but older women tend to have two children. Does not have the requirements and standards for having two children. In fact, a woman’s youth is the most expensive and most precious thing. If you want to find a good family, don’t turn yourself into an older leftover girl. 

When men reach the age of starting a family, they often like to choose a wife The

of the virtuous family all said that men love to play freely, but that was when they were young. When a man matures and reaches the age of getting married and starting a business, he often prefers to choose a wife who is virtuous, gentle and gentle. Because this kind of women living together will reduce a lot of troubles, not only can they take good care of the family, but also will not lose their temper at every turn, which will save men a lot of troubles. Because the life after marriage is more about the life of firewood, rice, oil and salt, there is also the question of whether it is appropriate for two people to live together. 

When a man gets married, he cares more about a woman’s character, and in the future Can you be filial to your parents

When a man chooses a partner when he gets married, he tends to pay more attention to the character of his wife. Because living with a woman with a good character will reduce a lot of conflicts. Especially when facing parents, women with good character tend to be more tolerant and understanding. This can also reduce conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. A man will feel more comforted when his wife is filial to his parents. To put it bluntly, when you are in love, a woman’s waywardness and unreasonableness are cute, but when you get married, you still have to be decent and generous, and behave dignifiedly in order to attract men’s care more. Say goodbye to “panda eyes” after childbirth. Mom can still do it. Dark circles are not a problem.

I went to see a colleague who had just given birth a few days ago. At first glance, I was shocked. My eyes were dull and thick. With thick dark circles and big bags under the eyes, a young girl full of vitality was actually tossed like this during childbirth. 

After asking carefully, I found out that the baby was just born. Although there was a mother-in-law and the baby’s father, I still couldn’t worry about it. In addition, I just gave birth to a loss of blood and blood, so I looked more haggard and lacklustre. 

In fact, postpartum recovery is the top priority of mothers. Only when you recover yourself can you better take care of your baby, and how can girls who love beauty allow themselves to be so “ugly” in confinement? 

The following 4 methods can help eliminate dark circles and restore a good complexion after childbirth. 

Keep adequate sleep

The first thing is to ensure adequate sleep After a good rest, you will be more energetic the next day, especially the dark circles on your face. At first glance, it is caused by not sleeping well at night. If you want to say goodbye to the dark circles after childbirth, go to bed as soon as possible! 

Give the baby to the child’s father or someone else in the family. If the baby needs to be breast-fed in the middle of the night, he can prepare it with a breast pump in advance, so that the mother doesn’t need to get up and breast-feed by herself. If it is impossible, you can sleep with your baby separately, and you will not be disturbed if you are not in the same room. 

Adjust postpartum mood

The complexion is actually a person’s mood In the external performance, a good mood will make people look radiant, and a bad mood will make people feel listless. 

So maintaining a good mood after childbirth, can better fall asleep and bring a comfortable sleep at the same time, it will also make the mother full of vitality the next day. 

Moreover, mothers who have just given birth should keep a happy mood, prevent postpartum depression, and better restore their body and spirit. 

Avoid excessive eye use

Now both work and life It is closely related to mobile phones, and it is inseparable from mobile phones for a moment, just like some pregnant women do not forget to look at their mobile phones even during confinement. 

However, the parturient body is in a state of qi and blood deficiency after delivery, and she needs a lot of rest. If she still uses her eyes uncontrollably, she may even see that it affects rest in the middle of the night, and her eyes are prone to fatigue and dryness. Sometimes it’s more than dark circles. 

So if you want to get rid of dark circles and restore your eyes, it is best to stay away from your mobile phone after childbirth. 

Adjusting diet

Relieving dark circles can also be achieved through diet To improve, mothers can eat some foods rich in protein, vitamin A and vitamin E, which can not only melatonin, reduce the formation of dark circles, but also supplement the nutrition lost by mothers. 

Mothers should not rush to lose weight in the confinement, eat well, have a balanced nutrition, and restore the body is the most important thing. 

The eyes are the windows of the soul, but also human The performance of good spirits and spirits. In short, after giving birth, mothers should eat and drink, and don’t worry about anything. After all, the time spent with the baby is long. Not bad at this time and a half. Only when you take good care of yourself can you have a future.

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