Is there a “chain of contempt” when kindergarten picks up babies from school? High-income mothers can only rank at the bottom, it’s too difficult

Is there a “chain of contempt” when kindergarten picks up babies from school? High-income mothers can only rank at the bottom. It’s too difficult.

Nowadays, the cost of raising children for parents has increased significantly, coupled with the continuous pursuit of self-fulfillment by mothers, so many mothers have given birth to babies. Soon, he will return to the workplace. 

However, the biggest worry of working mothers is probably the inability to balance the relationship between career and children. Especially when the children enter the kindergarten, many mothers will face the problem of picking up their children, such as 90 The latter’s mother, Meiyu, faced such a problem. 

Mom is puzzled: Now kindergarten also picks up children after school” Despise the chain”? 

Mei Yu is a cherished mother and a typical high-paying “workman”. She and her husband are not in the local hometown, so her family does not have the elderly to help bring the baby like many families. 

At first, when the baby was born, Meiyu took the child full-time. Later, when the child finally reached the age of kindergarten, Meiyu sent the child to a kindergarten with care. 

In fact, Meiyu and her husband worked hard, not only It is to gain a firm foothold in this city, but also to give children a better environment for growth and education. Although the two are usually very busy, their division of labor is very clear. In the morning, the husband will send the baby to school, and in the evening, Meiyu will pick up the baby after get off work. 

On this day, it happened that Meiyu was out on errands. After the official business was completed, she was also seldom able to pick up her children early from school, but after arriving in kindergarten, Meiyu found out that Mingming school didn’t end until 4:30, which was only 4 There are parents standing outside the kindergarten. 

Seeing this situation, Mei Yu also In no hurry, she went to pick up the child when the other parents were almost ready. At this time, the grandmother of a child in the class said: “Your family can be regarded as picking up the child on time. Young people can’t just be busy with their careers and ignore the children. You are the last in the chain of contempt for picking up babies!”

Faced with this parent’s questioning, Meiyu felt very embarrassed for a while. At the same time, she didn’t understand that everyone was picking up their children from school together, so why did she come up with a chain of contempt? 

Why is there so much attention to picking up children from school? 

I don’t know when, picking up children from school is more particular, and most of his particulars are initiated from the parent’s side. 

However, it is true that picking up children sooner or later. Will affect the establishment of a child’s sense of security. For example, parents who are busy at work often pick up their children late from school, which will cause their children to feel insecure, or their children may be ridiculed by their classmates. If they encounter some teachers with bad tempers, they may also be slapped. The child’s growth is unfavorable. 

What exactly is the chain of contempt for the baby? 

Actually, places with people can easily be divided into different ranks, and the matter of picking up babies is also no exception. 

The end of the chain of contempt: parents who have no fixed time for picking up a baby

In the despising chain of picking up a baby, the ranking has nothing to do with the rich and the poor. It mainly depends on whether the parents have time to accompany their children. 

The later the child picks up, it proves the parents The busier the busier parents are, the more busy parents will naturally affect the pick-up and accompany with the baby. Therefore, high-income mothers can only be ranked at the bottom due to work reasons. I have to say that this class of parents is a little too difficult. 

The third place in the chain of contempt: picking up the baby half an hour or an hour after school

Parents in this position often have to wait for other children to walk around the same time. To pick up the child. 

Generally speaking, such families are often dual-career families, because their normal off-get off work hours are slightly later than the kindergarten school hours, so the pick-up time will also be half an hour to an hour later . 

However, this type of parent photo is more special than those Parents who are busy and don’t have a fixed time to pick up the baby are better. 

The second place in the despise chain: children who pick up babies on time

Someone in the family who can pick up babies on time is something that the above two types of parents are particularly envious of. 

Generally speaking, the parents who pick up the baby on time are either the elderly in the family who helps with the baby or the full-time mother, but no matter what kind, some people are free and happy. 

Despise the pyramid of the chain: leave the child at noon Parents who pick up the baby

In the team that picks up the baby, there is always a kind of parents who can pick up the baby at any time without being limited by time, and after they pick up the baby, most of them will send their children to some hobbies Class, continue to “further study.” However, while some parents envy them, they also complain that these parents are too anxious, so that their children do not have a complete childhood. 

Conclusion: Everyone has a yearning for a better life. As a parent, the struggle and pursuit of career are not only for themselves, but also for family and children. 

Although they also know that their children’s growth path is very fast and the time to accompany is short, there are too many helplessness in reality, so they need to balance them. My son got 99 points in the exam. Mom is about to lose her temper. After seeing the question clearly: I won’t know this question.

Whether it’s in middle or high school or elementary school, the school will organize some tests from time to time to test the child. What kind of attitude should parents face to their children’s academic performance? 

Case study:

Ms. Qin’s son is in elementary school this year. The child has good grades, but there is a big problem, that is carelessness. The teacher also communicated with Baoma several times for this. Every time there is an exam in school, Baoma will first ask the child how many points they have taken. 

Although children do not have 100 points in the exam , But his Chinese scores are pretty good, and he usually gets high scores a lot. The child’s school held a mid-term exam that day. After school, Ms. Qin first took out the child’s schoolbag to read the test paper. Her son got 99 points in the exam. 

The kids have passed 100 in the previous exams Points, but why did you only pass 99 this time? Only one point away from the full score made Ms. Qin very helpless. Mother Bao was about to lose her temper, and after seeing the question, she said: I don’t know this question either. The child answered all other questions well, but was deducted a point for this question. 

The question of the test paper asks students to use “Ping” to group words. The first word written by the child is “apple”, and the second one is empty. In fact, not only children, but many people, besides Apple, really can’t think of what word should be grouped in the second. 

There are actually many parents and Like Ms. Qin, she began to criticize her children when she saw her poor grades. In fact, such an approach is not worth promoting. 

What kind of mentality should parents look at their children’s achievements? 

One: Do not criticize blindly

It does not mean that children do not get satisfactory results in one test. It means that they never listen carefully in class or have insufficient knowledge. Sometimes it has a lot to do with the difficulty of the test paper. It may not be a child alone, and the scores of other students will not be too high. Therefore, parents should not criticize children blindly, and should help children analyze wrong questions and understand their mastery of knowledge. 

Two: Don’t set the goal too high< /p>

Most parents usually help their children to set goals and tell them how many points they must achieve in the exam. Setting goals can indeed be an motivating effect for children, but if this goal is not in line with the children’s own abilities, there will actually be a lot of pressure on the children. 

3: Encourage children appropriately

Parents always criticize their children, which will discourage the children’s enthusiasm for learning. In their eyes, no matter how hard they work, they will never be recognized by their parents. Therefore, no matter how many scores a child has in the test, parents should give them appropriate encouragement when the child encounters difficulties, so that the child can recognize the affirmation of his parents and can learn better. 

Most students think that they want to improve their Chinese Achievement is not a simple matter, but in fact, learning Chinese also requires certain skills. Parents should help their children develop good habits. 

What can parents do to improve their children’s language performance? 

①, do a good job of previewing and reviewing

No matter what age children, parents should teach them to preview their homework in advance, so that they can master the knowledge in advance. If the child doesn’t understand something, the teacher must listen carefully during class. At the same time, the parents must help the child develop a good habit of review. See what knowledge the child has already mastered, and ask the child to consult the teacher in time if it is unclear, and don’t keep the backlog of the unknown. 

②, read more

< p>If you want to improve your Chinese scores, reading is a very important point. In some exams, there will be some content that is different from what you usually say in class. It will test your child’s reading volume. In the process of reading, children can master a lot of new knowledge, new words, new phrases, and at the same time excerpt good words and sentences. These are very good reading methods. 

In fact, no matter what subjects you study, parents must Understand that learning itself is a long process. The bad habit of fishing for three days and drying the net for two days is a must. While the children are studying hard, parents should also play a role of supervision, so that they can form good habits, work hard to persevere, and believe that their children’s grades will gradually improve.

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