Is there a big difference between a baby born in the morning and a baby born in the afternoon? It is necessary to understand earlier, not superstition

Is there a big difference between a baby born in the morning and a baby born in the afternoon? It is necessary to understand early, it is not a superstition

Parents pay more attention to the time of the baby’s birth. For a mother who has a normal childbirth, the baby’s birth time cannot be artificially controlled. For the mother of a C-section, choosing a good day to wait for the baby to be born is also a good wish from parents to the baby. However, nowadays, many young parents are not very concerned about the birth time of their babies. For the “good days and auspicious days” that the old people call, young parents are likely to think this is superstition. However, there is really a difference between a baby born in the morning and in the afternoon. 

The parturient wants After the birth of Shun, the mother-in-law was anxious to have a caesarean section. The reason was that “the baby is a dog cannot be given birth at night.”

When the childbirth was approaching, Xiaoli had a physical examination. The doctor suggested that Xiaoli should still try to have a smooth delivery because of the physical examination. In terms of indicators, Xiaoli fully meets the conditions for normal delivery. Considering the faster recovery after childbirth and the healthier babies born in Shun, Xiaoli feels that she should try Shun Delivery. 

But when the baby first started, Xiaoli’s mother-in-law asked her daughter-in-law to have a caesarean section as soon as possible. Xiaoli is not clear, so she explained to her mother-in-law that there are many benefits of having a childbirth, but the mother-in-law couldn’t listen to a word. Seeing Xiaoli’s reluctance, the mother-in-law said, “I’m doing it for you and the baby. Caesarean section is fast. If you have a successful birth, you will have to give birth at night!”

The mother-in-law’s words made Xiaoli even more confused, “Baby What’s the difference between birth during the day and birth at night? There is a doctor on duty at night, and delivery is no problem!” But the mother-in-law shook her head and said, “The baby will be a dog after it is born, and the dog will sleep in during the day, and it’s a last resort at night. I worked hard to watch the door for the owner. If the baby is born at night, doesn’t it mean that I will have toiled for the rest of my life?”

After listening to her mother-in-law’s explanation, Xiaoli was very Speechless. “You are a feudal superstition, you can’t listen at all! We should still try our best to listen to the doctor’s advice, this is really good for the baby!” In the end, Xiaoli still insisted on giving birth, and the little guy went smoothly at 10 o’clock the next morning. When he was born, the white and fat little appearance is very cute and charming. 

The baby is born during the day What is the difference between being born at night? 

Obviously, the birthday time that the old people say symbolizes the future fortune of the child, which is not reliable. The future destiny of children is in their own hands, and has little to do with the time of birth. However, purely from the actual situation, a baby born during the day still has some advantages. For example, doctors and nurses attending births are more energetic during the day, and they are more energetic, and they react faster when dealing with unexpected situations. At the same time, pregnant mothers will be more energetic during the day, so this will have certain benefits for the smooth birth of the baby. 

After the baby is born, if it is during the day, then the family will go more smoothly when going through the procedures for the mother and the baby, which can also allow the mother to be discharged from the hospital and go home early for rehabilitation. If the baby is born at night, the procedures will be processed until the next day, and when you are discharged from the hospital, it may be one day late. 

In addition, if the delivery is during the day, if the delivery package is not fully prepared, the family will have more time to buy it. But if it’s night, then it’s very likely to be in a hurry. However, whether a baby is born during the day or at night is not very important. As long as the mother and family members are fully prepared, no matter when they are born, they can be more calm and comfortable. 

in labor What preparations should pregnant mothers and family members make in advance? 

For pregnant mothers who have given birth, they should relax and adjust their emotional state even more when facing labor. Because too nervous and anxious emotions are likely to cause delays, which will not only make pregnant mothers bear more pain, but also have a certain degree of impact on the health of the fetus. Family members must also stay with the mother as much as possible during labor. If there is a need for help, the family members can respond in time. In addition, walking properly before delivery will help the mothers give birth. At this time, if a family member is accompanied and supported, the mothers will feel more secure. 

When giving birth, family members should also carefully check the delivery packages. If they find that there are not enough preparations, they can buy them in time to avoid being at a loss when the delivery arrives. For example, a parturient woman will use knife paper during childbirth, and knife paper is different from ordinary toilet paper. Many inexperienced pregnant mothers may omit this when preparing a delivery package. 

So instead of entangled with the baby’s birth time, pregnant mothers might as well focus on emotional adjustment and physical maintenance. After all, the little guy was born smoothly, this is the great fortune, this is the greatest blessing of the whole family. These behaviors of children indicate that self-confidence is a pretense, and it is easy to knock down. Parents should guide you like this.

Confident people are more likely to succeed, because they dare to try and dare to touch, so they are easier to get opportunities and find Excellent partner. Self-confidence is cultivated since childhood. A person who has low self-esteem in childhood can hardly get out of the shadow of low self-esteem when he grows up, or pretend to be self-confident, but lose the chain at a critical moment, revealing the essence of inferiority. 

Adults know more about cover-ups than children, so a person with low self-esteem may pretend to be confident without being seen through. Children are different. Although they also pretend to be self-confident, they are easy to see through. As long as the parents are mindful, they can observe the child’s inferiority complex, so that he can correct it when he is young and help him develop true self-confidence. . 

Once watching a TV show, a Bao’s mother took her 5-year-old daughter on the same stage. Bao’s mother kept on the stage boasting how good her daughter was, how capable, and more importantly, she was very confident. But in fact, the audience could tell at a glance that the little girl was not very confident, because she spoke very little throughout the process, and her eyes were erratic. Most of the time, she lowered her head or looked at her mother. The expression on her face was also very different. stiff. 

Sure enough, in the follow-up performances, the little girl behaved very unsatisfactorily, embarrassing Momma, and even on the stage, in front of many people, she said, “Did she not rehearse, why not.” “This is the result of disguising self-confidence. In private situations, the little girl may not be timid and behave well, but once on the stage, the self-confidence that is forced will collapse instantly. The poor performance afterwards is actually not surprising. 

Many parents are like the mother, they always wear filters when they look at their children, thus ignoring some of the problems that exist in the baby. True self-confidence comes from the heart, not pretended, because pretended false self-confidence can be knocked down with a single blow, and it can’t make it to the table at all. 

“Confidence” These behaviors of the child’s show that most of them are pretending.

If you observe that your child’s eyes are erratic, and he doesn’t even dare to look at the person who is talking, it means that he is not confident at all. A confident person will not have a guilty conscience when communicating with others. Naturally, he will not be afraid to look at other people’s eyes, and even prefer to look at them. After all, eye contact is also a form of communication, which can play a very good role in addition to language communication. The supplementary role. Conversely, if the child’s eyes are erratic and unwilling to look at each other, it means that he has a guilty conscience, and of course it is inconsistent with self-confidence. 

Unnatural expression and tight facial skin are also signs of unconfidence. When a person is confident, his face is stretched, his expression is natural, and his smile or anger comes from the heart. And when a person is not confident or even inferior, facial expressions are no longer feedbacks of inner emotions, but artificially controlled, and the control is not in place, there is a sense of tension, which is easy for sensitive people to detect. 

Too few words are also a manifestation of unconfidence. If the child talks less, it means that he is not confident in what he said, and he is worried that he will be suspected and laughed at by others when he says something wrong. To put it plainly, he is still worried about his lack of ability. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether the child’s words are right or wrong. The important thing is to dare to say it. If you don’t even dare to say it, it will be difficult to make a good impression on others. 

Parents have to pay attention to children with the above three manifestations. They are not self-confidence, but low self-esteem. They need to be guided, otherwise the feeling of low self-esteem will accompany them throughout their lives and become their success in life. Great hindrance. 

The child is not confident , Parents should guide in this way

First of all, parents should encourage their children more. When children are successful, no matter how big or small, they should step forward to encourage them at the first time. Don’t underestimate the encouragement of parents. This is the most effective motivation for children. Children who are often encouraged will become more and more confident, and their abilities will increase, thereby achieving more results, and then parents will encourage them, which can form a virtuous circle. 

Secondly, parents should also give their children more opportunities to try. Children who are not confident may not be really timid, they may just lack the opportunity to try. As long as the opportunity is in front of you and the parents give a little help, the child may also do well, so that he can pick up his confidence and step up to a higher mountain. 

Finally, parents must teach their children to face setbacks. Some children are self-confident at first, but do not know how to face them after encountering setbacks, and thus become self-defeating. The setbacks that children can suffer must be small setbacks. These setbacks are not difficult to face and resolve with the knowledge and experience of the parents. Therefore, parents should make full use of their own advantages to provide help and guidance when the child encounters setbacks, so that he can come out as soon as possible, so that the child will not fall into inferiority complex. 

The self-confidence cultivated since childhood will benefit the child for life. The inferiority complex developed since childhood will become a child’s lifelong nightmare. However, self-confidence is not something that children can grasp, so parents should strengthen guidance and focus on training, so that children can have a better future.

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