Is the premarital examination useful? The health of the fetus cannot be ignored, nearly 6% of the families have been “successful”

Is the premarital examination useful? The health of the fetus cannot be ignored. Nearly 6% of families have been “recruited”

Is the premarital examination really useful? The health of the fetus should not be ignored. Nearly 6% of families have been “successful”

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Although repeatedly Some media and doctors have popularized the importance of pre-marital examinations, but since the mandatory pre-marital examinations were cancelled, the number of new couples who voluntarily take pre-marriage examinations before marriage has become rare every year. 

Many newcomers have a repulsive attitude towards premarital examinations. They think that the body is their own privacy and do not want to tell their spouse. Some people are afraid of what is wrong with the body, which is misleading. 

But in fact, this The idea is very wrong, the existence of premarital examination is of protective significance to the new couple. 

▶ Pre-marital inspection will not expose privacy

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Whether the pre-marital examination is performed in the hospital or in a professional institution, the doctor will sign a confidentiality agreement with the newcomer and check Except for the doctor in charge and himself, no one else could see the results. 

Even if there is a problem with the result of one party’s premarital examination, the doctor will not inform the other party of the result, and will only indicate “not suitable for marriage” on the premarital examination report. 

Whether a spouse with an abnormal body is willing to show the test result to the other party is another matter. 

▶ The premarital examination protects the rights and interests of both spouses

Some people with a history of genetic diseases may deliberately deceive others and have achieved the purpose of getting married and breeding offspring. With the pre-marital inspection, the rights and interests of the deceived party can be protected. 

▶ Stop loss in time


In addition to the external and psychological aspects of the three views, personality, etc., to get along between husband and wife, in order to live a good life, genetic fitness is also very important nowadays. 

There have been such situations in life. It is clear that the bodies of both husband and wife are relatively normal, and there is no infertility, but the fetus can not be saved, or can not be pregnant all the time. 

This is also because of the genetic discord between the two, for example, the husband’s nuclear gene does not match the wife’s mitochondrial gene. 

For couples who want children, the relationship may be affected under the result of such despair. If you find out earlier and separate earlier, you don’t need to waste so much time. 

Especially the woman’s body, there is no need to suffer unnecessary damage. 

▶ Protect personal health


Many people who are unwilling to get premarital examinations do not like physical examinations. Therefore, a rare examination must be seized. There are also many people who have found early illnesses due to premarital examinations and received timely treatment. 

Check before marriage, too Newcomers’ responsibilities to their future children

According to a survey, the incidence of birth defects among newborns in my country is 5.6%. 

Moreover, this is still incomplete statistics. There are also some physical and mental problems that may be hidden in the child’s body, waiting for the right time to erupt. 

A child born with a defect may think of how much pain and despair he will experience in his future life. Most of the children’s physical problems can be avoided. 

People always have luck However, the pre-marital examination showed that the disease rate was 28.31%, which also showed that 28 out of 100 couples had problems. 

If it is not detected, the number of defective children may be higher. 

Therefore, in a responsible attitude towards your children and future life, you also need to check before getting married. 

During the marriage check, the newcomer There are also some precautions

▶ Premarital examination time

The premarital examination is best carried out two to three months before the marriage, not only because the validity period of the premarital examination certificate is 3 months, but also the new couple passes this period After the time has taken care of the body, marriage will not be delayed. 

▶ Physical preparation

Pay attention to rest

The newcomer should pay attention to rest before the examination. If you have a healthy diet, work and rest habits, the results of the examination may be more normal. 

On an empty stomach

The examination requires blood draw, pay attention to the past on an empty stomach. 

It’s best for the woman not to be on her menstrual holiday Go during the period to avoid embarrassment during the inspection. 

▶ Don’t hide

You should also answer the doctor’s inquiries in a timely and truthful manner, such as the history of any diseases, whether there are major diseases in the family, so as not to delay the examination or the examination process A major problem has occurred. 

After the inspection results come out, if one party has a serious illness, it cannot be concealed from the other party. 

The “Civil Code” stipulates that if one party suffers from a serious illness, he must truthfully inform the other party before registering the marriage. If the notification is not truthful, the other party can sue to revoke the marriage. 

Moreover, deliberately spreading diseases is also illegal. 


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In a family with many children, this type of child may be the most loved by parents, which has little to do with filial piety

Author: Chen Fang

Editor-in-chief: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou

In the education we have received since childhood, filial piety is always mentioned. However, when we started to obey our parents when we grew up, we discovered an amazing fact. Those children who are easily loved and accepted by the elderly are rarely the most filial ones, and more are the “talking” children. 

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The filial sister is ignored, and her parents only see her elder sister

Lingling has a sister who is five years older than her. Because she chose to marry away at the time, it was time to go home. Not much. In order to take care of his parents, he chose to stay there. 

Parents are always on call whenever they have to do anything. They take care of all parts of sickness, discomfort, food and clothing, but their parents often talk about their sister, although occasionally they feel a little uncomfortable. But thinking about my sister’s absence all the year round, parents should also miss her. 

But my father was sick before, Lingling was busy taking care of her for several days. She didn’t get any attention. Instead, she was always dragged by her father to ask about her sister’s current situation. This made her feel very aggrieved, so she posted her experience online, hoping to get a little understanding. I think many netizens have the same experience. 

@Internet A (Fireworks stringing):

Actually, it’s okay for you, at least your parents didn’t act excessively towards you. My family gives my brother everything. Just because he would act like a spoiled child to please his parents, the New Year’s goods are not for me, and he never picks up food for me when he comes home. Anyway, I am a transparent person. 

@Internet B (yanyan is working hard):

I don’t know why I’ve been very good at everything since I was a child, and now I’m very stable at work, filial piety to my parents, but when they chat with others I didn’t mention a word, and I also met relatives and friends always saying how filial my sister is, because her sweet mouth can always make her parents happy. 


After reading everyone’s experience, it’s not difficult to find that parents love their sweet-talking children far more than those who give silently. 

The reason is mainly because of these points——

1, need to be accompanied

Some parents may not fail to see the child’s contribution, but they will I prefer the talking one. This is mainly because they may not lack material or other aspects themselves, and they can even handle it themselves. 

But it’s old age The most feared is loneliness. The main reason for their loneliness is that their children are not around all the year round. 

Children who are good at expressing their filial piety with actions sometimes lack communication with their parents, which leads to parents’ feeling of loneliness and can’t be alleviated. However, children who are able to speak can use their own language to ease the loneliness of their parents, so they will naturally communicate more and their parents will be more dependent on them. 

2. Habitual neglect

Some children are not only filial from childhood, but never even make trouble for their parents. In this case, they will form a habit in their hearts to raise the child. 

Wait until the child grows up After filial piety, there is still no way to correct this habitual thought, and it is easy to be ignored over time, but the one that has been worried about since childhood has received more attention and will naturally get the same treatment when he grows up. . 

3. Eccentricity

In addition to the above reasons that have no negative effects, parental eccentricity is also an important reason. 

Sociologists once analyzed and found that most parents actually have partiality, consciously or unconsciously, and this often leads to “differential treatment” of the love that parents give back to their children. 

The child who was neglected by himself, even if he is very filial in the eyes of outsiders, he still finds it hard to feel it or may directly and selectively ignore it. 

How to correct this phenomenon? 

1) More expressions

Silent giving is indeed a kind of selfless performance. This behavior itself is correct, but once this behavior creates a gap in the children themselves, Then it means that it has a certain negative color. 

When the action cannot move the parents, you should actively express your emotions and dedication so that others can perceive and understand. 

2) Parents are treated equally


In fact, the root of this problem lies in the parents, which is derived from their behavior. Therefore, as a parent, you should first be unbiased, face up to your children’s contributions, and treat them equally. 

At the same time, in the face of their concerns, they should respond positively, rather than silently. Even if they are sometimes overlooked, they should also express their ideas in time to prevent this contradiction from deepening. 

3) Family members work together

It seems to be the problem of parents and activist children, but in fact it has a lot to do with the behavior of another child. 

Therefore, as members of the same family, we should respect and love each other. When problems are found, we should point out and correct them in time. Only in this way can we fundamentally correct this phenomenon and help maintain the harmony of the family. Return to Sohu to see more

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