Is the “New Year Baby” of 2021 belonged to the Ox or Rat? It turns out that the month of birth is also particular

Is the “New Year Baby” of 2021 belonged to the Ox or Rat? It turns out that the month of birth is also particular.

Is the “New Year Baby” of 2021 a cow or a rat? It turns out that the month of birth is also particular

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The new year has just arrived, and many people have new hopes. Babies born in the New Year are also particularly eye-catching. Everyone thinks that the children during this period are full of hope, and their parents have high expectations of them. 

However, when netizens blessed these babies, they began to wonder: Now that the solar calendar has passed the new year, the lunar calendar has not yet passed, whether the baby born during this period is a cow or a genus Where’s the rat? 

Tradition indicates that before the beginning of spring, Children are all rats.

Some people think that after New Year’s Eve, the children will start to belong to the cow. In fact, this is not the case. Our country’s New Year’s Eve is only during the Republic of China. 

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Before this, until the Qin Dynasty, the beginning of spring was regarded as the beginning of spring and the beginning of a new year. Therefore, people’s zodiac signs also changed from It started in Lichun. 

The beginning of spring this year is on February 3 of the Gregorian calendar. Therefore, if it is a baby born before February 3, it is still a rat; a baby born after February 3, even if born before the new year , Also belong to the cattle. 

From ancient times to the present, people have regarded children’s zodiac signs more importantly, thinking that children born in different years have different “fortunes”, but whether people are affected by the year is still It’s not very clear, but they are still more affected by the month of birth. 

In which months was born Are children smarter and healthier? 

Children born in spring (March to May)

Statistics show that many great people were born in March or April, which is spring, such as the birth of Einstein The date is March 5. 

For children born in this season, mothers are generally pregnant in June or July. When the fetus’s brain is in autumn, the temperature is just right, and the fruits are ripe. Therefore, nutrition and other aspects are better. The child’s brain development Naturally better. 

Children born in summer (June to August)

Children born in summer are not prone to diabetes, but their academic performance may not be as good as other children. 

❶ Physical aspect: Peking University and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences conducted a research survey of 500,000 and found that people born in June, July, and August have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. 

❷ In terms of intelligence: Children born in summer may not be as good as children born in other seasons in terms of intelligence, which is mainly affected by two aspects. 

Child development: 7, 8 Children born in January have an earlier school age than other children, have not yet fully developed their brains, and may lag behind children who are a few months older in learning. 

Nutrition level: Children born during this time may not be able to keep up with other children in terms of nutrition because of the hot weather, lack of appetite, and poor sleep. 

Children born in autumn (September to November)

Children born in the past few months have an advantage in intelligence and physical strength. 

Especially children born in October and November have a great advantage in learning, which is the influence of the “Matthew Effect”. 

Because these children generally start school a year later, their minds have grown more mature than other children, and they have accumulated more learning and life skills. 

Children born in winter (12 ~February)

According to statistics, babies born in winter may develop slower and are more likely to suffer from mental illness. However, children born in early winter have an advantage in intelligence, while 1,2 Children born in January will not have the advantage in intelligence. 

For children born in January and February, their mothers are generally pregnant in April and May, and after 3 months of pregnancy, the child’s brain development peaks. 

At this time, if the weather is hot and the pregnant woman’s appetite is not good, the fetus may not have enough nutrition to slow down the development of the brain. 

However, although the choice is appropriate It’s more important to have a baby at the age of, but the diet of the pregnant mother is also very important. From the above content, we can also know that diet has a great influence on the intelligence of the fetus. 

Pregnant mother feels bad appetite What to do when 

▶ Eat less and more meals

When pregnant mothers have a bad appetite, don’t stop eating. You can choose to eat less each time, eat more meals a day, and pay attention to the food. Diversity and richness. 

▶ Eat more foods that promote digestion

Pregnant mothers can also eat more foods rich in dietary fiber, such as potatoes, broccoli, etc., to help promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, increase appetite, and prevent constipation. 

▶ Eat more light foods

Sometimes pregnant mothers have a bad appetite. The food may be greasy, so you can eat more steamed or boiled foods to prevent vomiting, etc. Uncomfortable reaction. 


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There is a kind of trouble calling the elderly “fake babies”. It seems that the children have been working hard, but the children are getting more and more “bad”.

There is a kind of trouble for the elderly to “fake baby”. It seems that the child is working hard, but the child is getting “bad”.

Wen | Mom’s Tao (Senior maternal and child nurse, originality is not easy, Please do not plagiarize)

The two generations today are not only very different in lifestyle, but also in the concept of parenting. The elder generation basically raised their children according to traditional concepts, but today’s young people value scientific education more. 

Unfortunately, life is under pressure now, and the cost of raising a child is too high. Many mothers have to go back to work after confinement. Very few can stay and take care of their children personally. To in-laws or parents. 

So this situation arises. Although the old people are also very serious about taking care of their children, it is very hard, but in fact the effect is not good, and the children’s body and mind may be affected to a certain extent. 

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This way of bringing children is also called “fake baby”. 

Another manifestation of fake bringing a baby is that the old man himself is unwilling to bring a baby, so he uses games, watching TV, eating snacks, etc. to let the children bring their own, which is easier . 

This way of carrying a baby, What harm does it bring to the child? 

▶ Children develop bad habits

Parents generally hand over children who are about two years old and can’t go to kindergarten to their parents, and two-year-old children’s self-awareness is also When it’s naughty. 

At this time, no matter whether it is spoiling or severely criticizing, it can not help the child to form good habits. 

Especially when some old people don’t want to Discipline children and let them play mobile phones and watch TV to kill time every day, and they are more likely to develop bad habits such as not loving learning and procrastinating. 

▶ Children’s health is affected

The elderly have a kind of intergenerational relationship to their grandchildren. They can’t see that they are wronged. If the children have something to eat, they are likely to help. It buys, and usually prepares a lot of snacks at home. 

Children seldom tolerate the temptation of snacks, but young children have poor stomachs. Many snacks contain a lot of additives, which will hinder their physical development. 

Moreover, eating more snacks increases the feeling of fullness, and children may be reluctant to eat regular meals, leading to malnutrition. The excessive fat and sugar content of snacks can easily make them fat. 

▶ Not conducive to parent education< /p>

If the old man has a spoiling and indulgent behavior towards his child, and he supports him when his parents criticize him, it will be difficult for the child to discipline and resist when he develops a bad habit. 

Once a parent discovers a problem too late, it may be difficult for the child to correct it. Because good habits and bad habits will affect the development of the brain and leave “marks” in the amygdala or hippocampus, it is difficult for people to compete with their own brains. 

What do parents need to do? 

▶ Communicate with the elderly in advance

Parents need to communicate with their elders in advance to test their attitude: Are they willing to take care of their children? If you don’t want to, you don’t have to reluctantly, you can only ask the confinement. 

If parents wish, they must Communicate parenting concepts with the elders in advance, and finally determine the parenting methods that can promote the healthy development of the child, so as to avoid the child’s education at that time and the deterioration of the family relationship. 

▶ I have to spend a lot of time thinking about it.

If you can only give it to the elderly and they refuse to follow the parenting methods of the children’s parents, then the parents can lower their requirements for the elderly: Just pay attention to your child’s healthy diet. 

Besides, you have to think about it, try to pick up your children home after get off work, and spend the rest of the time for them to cultivate dinner or bedtime habits. 

Usually observe the children’s behavior more often, if there is something wrong, help them correct it in time. 

▶ Make an agreement with your child

Parents can also make arrangements with them before sending their children to the elderly, such as what needs to be done today, how long they can only watch TV, and not eat too many snacks. 

If the child does a good job, give appropriate rewards to form a positive incentive. 

This not only helps children develop good habits, but also improves their execution, concentration and ability to live independently. 

When the parents found the elderly in ” Don’t be too angry when you pretend to be a baby, and affect the family relationship. After all, the other party does spend time and energy to take care of the child, but the effect is not good enough. 

Furthermore, a family environment that suppresses quarrels will have an impact on children’s psychology, and they may be inferior and lack love. 

Many two generations who have a bad relationship may say bad things about each other in order to gain the love of their children. 

But as an intermediary, the child is actually loved by both parties and does not have any negative emotions towards the two of them. It is very uncomfortable to be caught in the middle to endure the mutual criticism of the two. 


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