Is the institution collecting money again during the school season? Report the “training class” to your children. Pay attention to these 3 points and avoid stepping on thunder

Is the institution collecting money again during the school season? Report the “training class” to your children to pay attention to these 3 points, and avoid stepping on thunder

Nowadays, most children will take training classes after school, which may be tuition, or some interest classes, which have become almost every school age. Standard for children. 

It is precisely because of the needs of parents and children that more and more training institutions will appear in the market. It is said that “parents and children make the best money”, but also because the market has captured the psychology of parents and tempted them to sign up in the name of providing better education. 

Many parents are also beginning to realize this problem, so they fall into a “two-headed” situation, on the one hand because the children really need to improve themselves through tutoring, on the other hand because they are not sure The definition of a training institution is to be afraid that some institutions just make money to make money, don’t they ruin the child instead? 

Report to your child “Training class” pay attention to these 3 points, avoid stepping on thunder

1. The qualifications of the teachers of the institutions

If you know the training market, you will find that the thresholds of teachers in many institutions are very low, especially those “Teachers” who teach elementary schools and kindergartens are put in double quotation marks because they are not actually teachers in the true sense. 

My friend graduated from a teacher’s major. She has been in training institutions for many years. She knows the inside story of this industry too well. She said that even if some institutions are large in scale, they often choose Those laymen, because of truly qualified teachers, cost too much. 

On the contrary, some students who have just graduated from high school, or some college students, or students in the transitional period of college graduation, are the most popular people in the organization, because the salary of these people is low, and it is good. handle. 

There may be some doubts among parents here. Anyway, they are at least at the level of high school or above. If I can teach my children well in elementary school, then there is no problem. 

It should be noted here that teachers are usually professionally studied, and they know what kind of education methods can enable children to receive a better education. On the contrary, those who have not undergone professional learning have great randomness in teaching and can easily mislead children, which is extremely disadvantageous for children. 

On the other hand, when many institutions now enroll students, they say that the teachers in their institutions are high-quality, and parents will not collect evidence. If you really investigate, you will find some so-called teachers. Not even the most basic teacher qualification certificate! 

Therefore, when choosing a training institution for their children, parents must carefully understand the situation of teachers, and can’t make choices at will, and guarantee good educational resources for their children. After all, good teachers have a great influence on their children’s learning. . 

2. Institutional environment and conditions

This is a lesson I learned by myself. In this summer vacation, I enrolled my child in a mathematics cram school. I thought that everything was under my control, but I stepped on it. Thunder! 

When the tutoring was halfway through, I was temporarily notified to change the location. As a result, I changed to an old community. The environment is not only bad, but the conditions are also bad. The children’s tuition classes don’t even have air conditioning. The tables and chairs are also old-fashioned. 

It happens to be July and August, and the weather is hot. About 30 children in a class are all crowded in a small room. The two electric fans at the front and back are useless. When the child was a child, the child came out with a wet back, and it hurts to look at it! 

You must know that the learning conditions of the institution have a great impact on the learning state and enthusiasm of children. Children learning in air-conditioning and learning under the heat are obviously different. Everyone knows that the former allows children to concentrate on learning! 

Therefore, when choosing a training institution, parents must understand clearly what the conditions of the institution’s tuition location are, whether there will be a temporary change of location, and if it does, whether there will be corresponding Compensation measures and so on can guarantee better learning conditions for children. 

3. The number of small classes

Nowadays, many parents prefer to choose one-on-one teachers for their children, rather than let their children go to training institutions, because they think that the children’s lessons in the institutions are not effective at all. In fact, the reason is It is because the children are not conscious, and the teacher teaches too many students, and it is difficult to notice a single individual. 

Therefore, if parents have the conditions, it is best to find one-on-one teachers for their children. It is not recommended to go to the institution for one-on-one, because the price will be at least twice as expensive. The teachers I know couldn’t be better. 

If the parents do not have the conditions, then choose a small class with a small number of students for the children, and the number of students in a class is about 10 students. Of course, the smaller the number of people, the better. 

Because the teacher’s attention to each child will increase only when the number of people is small, and the children are afraid to mess up during the learning process. After all, it is too easy to be noticed. In this way, the children The learning situation will get better and better. 

It is not easy to choose a training institution for your child. It is not only a question of money, but also a child’s own learning problem. Sometimes if it can really help, I believe some of the more expensive parents are also happy . The birth control ring has been in the body for 11 years. It was only taken to fight for the second child. The doctor came in time.

From the early 1990s to the full liberalization of the second child policy in 2016, For mothers born in the 70s, they have gone through the process of putting birth control rings on themselves according to the country’s family planning, and then taking out the birth control rings in order to fight for the second child. 

The pain experienced in this process can only be experienced by mothers who have experienced it! After all, with the medical level at the time, they had no way of knowing the pros and cons of placing a birth control ring! 

The birth control ring is in For 11 years in the body, I took it to fight for the second child. The doctor came in time! 

Ms. Wang, who is 42 years old this year, has joined the “second-child army” at the expense of becoming an elderly woman in order to realize her dream of having children. 

As early as 11 years ago, when she was only 21 years old, she gave birth to a son with her husband. Because her husband was a civil servant, the policy at that time did not allow her to have a second child. 

In order to prevent unwanted pregnancy, Ms. Wang decided to place a birth control ring in her body for contraception. 

Eleven years later, the national second-child policy was fully liberalized. After discussing with her husband, Ms. Wang felt that she was preparing for her second child, and the first thing to do was to take out the birth control ring. 

In fact, since Ms. Wang put on the birth control ring, she often feels backache and back pain, and her menstruation is also out of balance. Over the years, the problem of gynecological diseases has always existed. 

Therefore, Ms. Wang didn’t know if she could still get pregnant after taking out the birth control ring. After going to the hospital for examination, the doctor came to the diagnosis that fortunately, the birth control ring was not completely adhered to the uterine wall. 

Now that the birth control ring is taken out, the body is properly adjusted, and the uterus is repaired, plus Ms. Wang’s own physical fitness is not bad, so there is still a certain chance of a smooth pregnancy. 

After hearing the doctor’s diagnosis, Ms. Wang and her husband were very happy and actively cooperated with the doctor’s arrangements. 

As the most effective contraceptive measure recognized at present, the birth control ring is also widely used in our country. 

Relevant data show that between 1971 and 2017, more than 500 million women in my country had placed birth control rings in their bodies, so my country is also the country with the largest number of birth control rings. 

Now with the full liberalization of the second-child policy, after the country encourages childbirth, surgery to remove the birth control ring is more common. 

For women who have placed the birth control ring for a long time, they are very worried about whether the birth control ring will affect their health, and whether they can get pregnant after taking it out. 

To find the answer, we should first understand the pros and cons of the birth control ring. 

Place the birth control ring What are the pros and cons? 

The advantages of placing a birth control ring

As the most effective contraceptive measure currently recognized, the contraceptive effect of the birth control ring is self-evident. Moreover, compared with contraceptives, the side effects of the birth control ring are relatively small, and the use time is relatively long, usually for more than 5 years. 

Also, after the birth control ring is taken out, the woman can get pregnant again after the uterus is repaired. This is more convenient for couples who have a birth plan after a few years of contraception. 

Disadvantages of the birth control ring

Although the birth control ring can be effective in contraception, it must be placed in the uterus for a long time. The impact on the health of the birth control ring is uncontrollable. 

For example, after placement, some women will experience irritation of the endometrium and bleeding, infections that lead to various gynecological diseases, backaches, and irregular menstruation, all of which are deeply troubled by women. , Affecting physical health. 

It is worth noting that if the birth control ring is placed for too long, such as more than 12 years later, it is likely to cause fibrotic lesions in the endometrium. 

So, mothers who have already placed the birth control ring should not leave it for too long. 

From the above description, there is still a lot of risk in placing a birth control ring. Moreover, medical clinical studies have shown that although the effect of placing a contraceptive ring for contraception is the best, it is not 100%. There may be dangers of ectopic pregnancy and pregnancy with a ring. 

Before placing the birth control ring, female friends still have to learn more about the pros and cons before making a decision. 

As for the female friends who have been placed and later have a birth plan, such as the experience of Ms. Wang mentioned in our article, after taking out the birth control ring, in order to restore the body as soon as possible without delaying the birth plan, you should pay attention to the following A few points

Within 2 weeks after the birth control ring is taken out, it is best to have enough rest and not to overwork yourself. At the same time, the diet should be light and nutritionally balanced. 

Pay attention to cleanliness. Try to keep showering within 2 weeks after taking out the birth control ring. Do not take a bath. Couples should not have the same room during this period. 

Generally, after the operation to remove the birth control ring, the doctor will prescribe anti-infective and help stop bleeding drugs, which should be taken according to the doctor’s advice. If you find that bleeding continues for half a month after surgery, you should go to the hospital in time. 

Removing the birth control ring is also an operation after all, and the postoperative training must be carried out strictly in accordance with the doctor’s instructions. Only when the postoperative physical recovery is done and the uterus is repaired, can it be beneficial to reproduce and protect the health of the body. 

It is worth noting that if there is a plan to give birth to a second child, it should be carried out at the most suitable age to avoid becoming an elderly woman and increase the risk of childbirth! 

Do you have any experience in prevention and treatment of birth control rings? Is there any discomfort? Welcome to leave a message to share!

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