Is the child’s “March Admission” reliable? Compared with the age of months, the baby’s 4 performances are more worthy of attention

Is the child’s “March Admission” reliable? Compared with months of age, the baby’s 4 performances are more worthy of attention

How old will a child know his mother? I believe that every mother has this question. After all, the baby who has been born after ten months of hard work, said that he didn’t care that it was fake. 

As for this topic, some people think that the baby will know his mother when he is born, because the baby has been together with his mother for ten months and should have his own “telepathy”. 

There is also a saying that the baby will not know his mother until about half a year, because the baby is too young before half a year old to remember. Isn’t there a saying? “If you have milk, you are a mother.” 

In fact, in addition to these, there is also a “March recognition Mother”. 

After giving birth to the baby, Xiao Min is wondering whether to return to the company to work. One is that mothers-in-laws are not in good health, so long-term care of the baby may not be able to stand it, and the other is to look at the baby in her arms, Xiao Min I really can’t bear to leave my child to go to work. 

Thinking about it, Xiaomin decided to wait until the maternity leave to see the baby’s status before making a decision. 

As soon as the child is almost three months old, Xiao Min has gradually become a novice mother, whether it is changing diapers or bathing the baby. Because mother-in-law and mother also occasionally come to help, for Xiao Min, the days with the baby are not too tiring. 

On this day, mother-in-law came to see the baby. While someone was watching the baby, Xiao Min went to wash the clothes, but the baby started crying after a while, and she didn’t get any better from how she coaxed her. 

Listening to the baby’s heart-piercing cry, Xiao Min quickly wiped her hands and took the baby from her mother-in-law’s arms. Who knew that if Xiao Min hugged the baby, the baby stopped crying immediately. With a small face, she looked at her mother and smiled. 

The mother-in-law looked at it and said with a smile: “The old saying is true that the confession of mother in March is true. This child knows to find a mother before March.”

After hearing this, Xiaomin casually said: “I think the child should be hungry Come on! What does he know when he is so young?” But the mother-in-law felt that this sentence was extremely credible, saying that it was a manifestation of “March appointing mother”. 

Is the child’s “March Admission” reliable? 

It is undeniable that this statement does have a certain basis, but if you want to judge whether this sentence is reliable, it depends on which angle you are starting from. 

If he can see his parents clearly From the perspective of, then this is not reliable, because the eyesight of a three-month-old baby has not yet fully developed, so it can’t be regarded as truly recognizing the mother

But if you just say whether the child can be in the crowd It’s easy for babies at this stage to find their mothers among their caregivers, but not through their eyesight. 

Although the baby’s eyesight has not yet developed at three months, they also have tips for distinguishing mothers

Although the eyesight of three-month-old babies are immature, babies still have their own way of distinguishing mothers. 

During the ten months of pregnancy, the baby It is the mother’s voice that I hear the most. I can feel the smell of my mother, and I can also be familiar with the mother’s feelings. Therefore, the baby can easily tell the mother from the sound, smell and touch. 

So if you want to know if your baby recognizes you, the four manifestations of your baby are more worthy of parents’ attention than relying on month-old judgment. 

When the baby has these 4 behaviors, it proves that his eyes are all you

▼The eyes will move with the mother

When the baby’s eyes always move with the mother, it means The baby can recognize the mother. 

The specific manifestation is that the baby suddenly becomes very sticky to the mother. As long as the mother leaves, the baby will be restless and crying, but as long as the mother is in sight, the baby will always look at the mother. , And smile sweetly at mother. 

▼In the arms of other caregivers , But the body will always face the mother

If the body will always face the mother when being held by other people, it also means that the baby’s eyes are only the mother. 

At this time, the baby likes to lie on his mother’s arms most. As long as others hold him, he will show dissatisfaction and want to get away from his mother’s arms. 

▼The first thing to do when the baby wakes up is to find his mother

If the baby wakes up every time he wakes up, the first thing is to find his mother, which means that in the baby’s heart only Recognize mother. 

At this time, the mother is a safe haven for the baby. As long as he can see the mother by his side, the baby will feel at ease and will not cry. 

▼You must be next to your mother when you sleep

If the baby must be next to his mother when he sleeps, it means that you are all in the baby’s heart. 

At this time, the baby has become dependent on the mother. If the mother suddenly leaves or does not see the mother, the baby will feel insecure. Therefore, as long as he sleeps next to the mother, he will sleep well. The 40-year-old son cannot get married, and the 7-year-old next door knows why, but the parents can’t see it

“My uncle is 40 years old and he’s still playing bachelor! It’s really shy!”


Looking at the grand-grandson next door making funny faces at her son again, Mrs. Wang couldn’t sit still, so she rushed people up, “Go back to your mother, don’t bully your uncle here!” When finished, she called Let the daughter take the child away. After all, the son’s face is embarrassed, and the old lady Wang feels distressed, thinking, is it my son’s fault that he can’t get married? It’s all the fault of society! 

I was muttering, my daughter came to the door, just when she heard the old lady Wang’s words, she couldn’t help rolling her eyes, and directly dragged the seven-year-old son to the old lady and said, “Tell me Your grandmother, why can’t your uncle get married?”

The child has a mother to support him, and immediately begins to report clearly: “Because uncle’s house! Lazy! High-sighted!”

These three words pierced the heart of the older leftover man, but they were the truth. It has nothing to do with houses and cars, or with poverty and wealth. The real problem lies with them. This is a common problem among older leftover men and women, but parents can’t see it. 

House: Social circle is narrow, refuse to expand

According to According to the child’s description, every time he visits his grandma’s house, he can see his uncle staying at home like an uncle. Either play games, or chase the otaku fan, it’s the old two-dimensional at a glance. In the eyes of the child, the uncle only lived with the characters in the virtual world. In three dimensions, his uncle was just an ordinary man with a narrow social circle. He didn’t know a living woman around him, so it’s no wonder that he couldn’t get married. 

The most speechless thing is that the friends and relatives around me took the initiative to introduce girls to my uncle, but as an older leftover man, my uncle would only run away. He usually refused to come out to see him once for about ten times. Over time, the age is delayed. Now 40 years old, there are few suitable people around, so I can only apply for marriage on 

Lazy: no trimming, let the opposite sex discourage the opposite sex

“Except At work, my uncle basically doesn’t take care of himself, saying he is ugly. But his uncle is not ugly, just lazy.”

Children are articulate and sharp, and in terms of looks, children’s uncles are not in the ranks of ugly men. , It’s just that it’s not trimming too much, which leads to the image of a sloppy uncle when going out. In the second dimension, this attribute will probably be popular, but in the real world, blind date women are scared off by this inattention, thinking that marrying such a person must wash their stinky socks, so they rushed away. 

Here I would like to remind everyone of the older leftover men that everyone has a love for beauty. The world’s judgment of strangers is often based on the appearance at first glance. A man is too delicate and wrong, but too sloppy, and it will give people a bad impression of not paying attention to hygiene. If you want to get married, you must first pay attention to clothing and appearance. 

High vision: personal strength can’t keep up with the vision of choosing a mate

As a younger sister, the mother of the child knows the thoughts of her brother best, and concludes that she has too high a vision, but she does not have that condition. It is said that men are good at getting things done, but her brother is naive, dreaming of an ancient scholar’s dream in his heart, and wants to marry Bai Fumei. 

In reality, there are not a few people who have the same situation as the child’s uncle, regardless of gender, most of them have good vision, but their own conditions do not match, leading to marriage failure. Here is a reminder to all parents, beat their children a lot and let them recognize themselves so that they can find a suitable partner. The baby vomits up more frequently. See if the burp method is wrong, and beware of the baby’s choking.

It is estimated that parents have experienced the stage of baby vomiting, especially for babies 6 months ago, due to the baby’s body Due to the particularity of the organs, babies are prone to vomiting up after they have eaten milk, but some babies vomiting up milk is very serious, while some babies vomiting up milk is very mild. Some mothers always think it is the child’s problem, but they don’t know that the child vomits up frequently, maybe not The child’s problem, but the parents! 

Xiaomin’s baby just came out of the full moon, the month There is a confinement wife to take care of him, and Xiao Min feels that bringing a baby is quite easy. The child sleeps most of the time in the confinement, so Xiao Min thinks that she should be able to take the baby well. And when the concubine was out of the house, she also specifically explained to Xiaomin some precautions for taking care of the baby, especially in the aspect of burping the baby. At that time, Xiaomin felt that these were trivial matters, and he did not need to say that he would do it, so he targeted the concubine. Xiao Min’s explanation also heard a few words. 

But after the concubine left, Xiao Min was really in a hurry to take care of the baby alone. The baby urinated for a while, and then was going to breastfeed again. In short, Xiao Min was dizzy. Sometimes after the baby finishes the milk, Min can’t remember to burp the baby. Min can’t remember it until the baby vomits up milk. 

But Xiaomin recently discovered that her baby is vomiting milk It became more and more frequent, and sometimes I vomited right after eating. Xiao Min remembered what she had told me when the concubine left, so Xiao Min quickly picked up the baby and started to burp. Xiao Min did not listen carefully at the time. Just remember what Yuesao said to shoot the baby upright, but forgot to use her empty palms. So after the baby finished the milk, although Xiao Min also seriously burped the baby, the baby’s vomiting situation still improved. . 

Until a friend came to Min’s house and saw the way Min was burping the baby, Min realized that he had been burping the baby in the wrong way, and he kept using the palm of his hand. Hiccup your baby, it’s no wonder that the baby still vomits milk every time Xiao Min finishes the shot! 

After that, Xiao Min corrected the way he hiccuped the baby, and it really became much better for the baby to vomit. 

Parents must pay attention to some details when burping their babies

1. Hiccup with an empty palm

When parents hiccup their baby, they must pay attention to their own technique. If the technique is wrong, the hiccup is useless. Parents need to use their empty palms to hiccup their babies, because the contact between the empty palms and the back can help the baby’s milk flow into the stomach through vibration, and prevent the backflow of milk from causing the baby to spit up milk. 

2. Vertical hug and hiccup

Some parents hold the baby horizontally when hiccuping the baby. In fact, such shooting will not do anything, but will take the baby’s milk. Come out, so when you hiccup your baby, you must hold it upright or hold it in an airplane. In short, remember to make sure that your baby’s head is higher than the buttocks when hiccuping, so as to achieve the conditions for burping your baby. . If the baby is a little bit smaller, parents should pay attention to protecting the baby’s head and neck position when picking up the baby, and then let the baby lie on his shoulders. So as not to hurt the baby’s fragile body. 

3. Hiccup immediately after feeding< /p>

Some parents think that it’s not good to burp the baby right after the baby has finished milking. In fact, because of the particularity of the baby’s body, parents can burp the baby after the baby has eaten, or the baby will eat it. The milk is easy to return, causing the baby to choke. 

Hiccups can alleviate the baby’s vomiting up, but it does not necessarily prevent the baby from spitting up. 

In order to prevent the baby from choking himself when the parents are not paying attention to vomiting up milk, parents can usually do this! 

Let the baby sleep on his side

It is normal for a baby to vomit milk, so parents do not need to worry too much, as long as the parents usually take care not to harm the baby. For example, parents can burp the baby after feeding the baby, and then after the parents put the baby down, they can let the baby lie on his side, raise the baby’s head a little bit, and then put something behind the baby. The baby will not choke himself when he spit up milk. 

In order to prevent the baby from being caught Parents should not let the baby lie down immediately because the vomited milk is choking, because once the baby’s vomiting milk is swallowed by himself, it is easy to choke the baby. 

Also, if the baby vomits up very severely, parents should pay attention to it and take the baby to the hospital in time. For example, sometimes the baby vomits up milk and the spray is very far away. Parents must take the baby to the hospital and don’t take it seriously. 

Generally speaking, the baby is past 6 months Later, as the physical development continues to improve, the baby’s vomiting up will gradually improve. Basically, after 6 months, parents don’t need to burp the baby. Of course, each child’s situation is different, and the specific time will be different. According to the situation of your own children.

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