Is the child’s character stereotyped before birth? Fetal movement has this performance, most of it is an “angel baby”

Is the child’s character stereotyped before birth? Fetal movement has this performance, most of it is an “angel baby”

Fetal movement is an autonomous movement made by the fetus after it has reached a certain stage of development. 

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Many mothers during pregnancy are very curious about fetal movements. In fact, fetal movements are primitive movements of the fetus under subconscious control. , Can reflect the baby’s psychological state after birth, and also correspond to the child’s personality characteristics. 

Generally speaking, when mothers are sixteen weeks pregnant, they can have small fetal movements. Fetal movements are not only indicative of the baby’s future character, but also a barometer of whether the fetus is healthy or not. 

Case: Fetal movements during pregnancy are frequent and intense, and the baby is very naughty after birth

Ms. Zhou has been pregnant for more than 6 months. On the advice of her parents, she chose to stop working at home and raise her baby with peace of mind. 

During this period, Ms. Zhou found that the baby was very active in the stomach and kicked it from time to time. This situation not only happened during the day, but even affected her normal rest. 

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The baby’s activities are too frequent and intense. Ms. Zhou thought it was the fetus in her stomach that was abnormal, so she hurried to the hospital After the examination and ruled out the possibility of the baby being sick, the doctor said with a smile: “This child must be a naughty bag in the future.”

Ms. Zhou was a little puzzled when she heard this: Can you tell the baby’s character from the fetal movement? 

Four different types of fetal movements indicate the baby’s personality after birth.

In the late pregnancy, almost 16 weeks, pregnant mothers can feel the fetus’s activities. As the pregnancy increases, it is also on the belly. Can be clearly observed. The different types of fetal movements also indicate the different personality of the baby after birth. 

1. The fetal movement is strong and fast: mischievous

If the fetal baby moves in the mother’s belly, the movement range is large, the intensity is strong, and the interval is short, not a fight Boxing is somersaulting, just like “practicing martial arts”, it hurts mother from time to time, and even disturbs her mother’s eating and sleeping, which means that the baby is very energetic. 

These babies are mostly naughty and mischievous after they are born. They are naughty, hyperactive, and have endless energy. The mother may be more tired to take them with them. But at the same time, this kind of fetal movement also shows that the baby is well developed, not only physically strong, but also very smart. 

2. Regularity of the cycle: considerate

If the Tibao moves in the mother’s stomach with a large range of movements, but not as naughty as the previous one, instead, the intervals are more regular. The movements are gentler, and when doing some turning over or swimming around, it will not cause too much burden on the mother. 

Such babies are generally gentle, empathetic, moderately moving, like a “little angel”, and it’s easier for mothers to bring them up. Therefore, many people say that such children are to repay their kindness. If pregnant mothers have such fetal movements , Then congratulations. 

3. The fetal movement is weak and the interval is short: no fight against the world

If the baby is quiet in the mother’s belly, or even has not responded, the pregnant mother must go to the hospital Check it, it may be that the child has some health problems. 

After eliminating the health problem, if the fetus is still very quiet, the fetal movement is also a short and high-frequency exercise, and the strength is weak, and the mother can only feel the baby’s faint peristalsis, hiccups or tremors, it means that it is personality Reasons. 

This kind of baby is also relatively quiet after birth, calm and steady in case of trouble. It is young and old, and may not like sports. In many cases, it often appears to be undesirable and too lazy to care. Parents don’t need to worry too much, but they have to exercise. Be guided, because proper exercise is good for your child’s development. 

4. Quiet during the day and active at night: lack of security

Some babies have little fetal movement during the day, but they start to become active at night. The reason why the fetus has this type of fetal movement may be because he can’t hear the outside sound and feel scared, so he makes a little movement by himself, trying to comfort himself in this way. 

Such babies are often insecure and dependent on their parents after they are born. They tend to be more introverted and clingy. This requires their parents to spend more time with them. 

What does a baby’s personality have to do with?

The initial personality of a child is like a blank sheet of paper, but in the process of growing up, due to the influence of various factors, it develops different personalities. 

The personality is more stable once it is formed, but it is not static, but plastic. 

Therefore, although the baby’s fetal movement can allow parents to roughly judge the future character of their children, but if you want to cultivate a baby with a good character, parents need to be guided and nurtured the day after tomorrow. . 

▶Genetic factors

Some studies have pointed out that genetic factors have a great influence on the introversion or liveliness of a person’s personality. 

It is undeniable that any creature can inherit some of its own characteristics to offspring, which means that personality may also be inherited. 

▶Mother’s emotions during pregnancy

Relevant research by geneticists found: “A child’s personality and temperament are actually determined in the mother’s womb. It is difficult to change. The main factor of a child’s personality is closely related to the brain neurotransmitter in the human body. This brain neurotransmitter is mainly affected by the mother’s emotions during pregnancy.”

Therefore, during pregnancy, maternal emotions have a great influence on the fetus of. 

If Bao’s mother becomes anxious and depressed during pregnancy, leading to hormone secretion disorder and insufficient brain neurotransmitter secretion, it is likely that the neurodevelopment of Feibao’s cerebral cortex will be inhibited, and then a baby will appear. The situation of introverted and withdrawn personality. 

▶Acquired environment

Human personality is a different form of expression depending on the environment. 

Therefore, although the baby’s character is determined in the mother’s womb, it only refers to the baby’s basic character. In the growth process, the influence of the acquired environment is often crucial. A good environment can create a good character. Return to Sohu to see more

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Taking care of babies under six months old, the following taboo parents Don’t offend, especially the latter one, which easily hurts the baby’s brain development

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The birth of a newborn is a huge surprise for the family. Parents are also dedicated to caring for their children. However, some parents, especially novice parents, tend to hurt their children in the name of love in caring for their children. 

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Novice mothers don’t understand parenting, and the children almost become crooked necks

My colleague is only 22 years old this year, but she has become a treasure mother some time ago, because Being younger and being a mother for the first time, I am busy taking care of children, and I don’t know anything about parenting. 

So I called my mother-in-law to take care of her. She was very happy. However, when he took the child to the hospital for a physical review after a while, the doctor said that the child’s neck was a bit crooked, and he didn’t pay attention to it every year. Under the doctor’s instructions, he found that the child really had a crooked neck. 

The doctor asked if a pillow was used for the child at home. The mother-in-law talked to the side that she wanted to give her a beautiful head shape, so she would give her a pillow every night. 

The doctor frowned Said: “The child is so young and the spine is not fully developed. Now the pillow will cause damage to the child’s development. Fortunately, the time is short, otherwise there will be no way to recover.” The doctor also said that it is best to wait for one year. It’s better to use pillows later. 

In addition to pillows, there are many things to pay attention to. Especially before the child is 6 months old, children are relatively fragile in all aspects and need the care of family members. 

The child’s development 6 months ago

A. In terms of motor development: At this stage, the child already has some basic hands-on and behavioral abilities, but because of the development of bones It’s not perfect yet, so some movements are still more difficult to do. 

At this time, the child’s action is mainly to be able to reach out and take the toy he wants, and he can barely stand, but the time is not very long. 

In addition, They can sit with the help of adults, but the time is not too long, and they tend to fall apart. Because the child’s abdomen cannot be raised too high at this stage, there will still be certain difficulties in crawling. 

B. In terms of language development: At this stage, children’s hearing is more sensitive and can distinguish different sounds, and at the same time they can begin to learn these sounds for vocal training. 

C. In terms of physical development: At this stage, the child’s physical function development is not perfect in all aspects, especially the stomach and bones. At this time, the baby’s bones are not as hard as adults, or even a little soft. 

The gastrointestinal function is not perfect, the digestive system is relatively poor, and the stomach volume is relatively small, so children need to pay special attention to diet. 

D. In terms of visual development : When children are born, their vision is about one-thirtieth that of adults. They can only see the colors and contours of objects until about six months, but the development of their eyes is not perfect, and they are still blurry. 

There are a few taboos in taking care of babies within half a year of age. Don’t violate them.

1. Feed the baby constantly

For adults, Water is the source of life, so when taking care of children, many parents will also have such a misunderstanding. In fact, there is basically no need to feed their children specially before they are 1 year old. 

Because the child has taken in enough water when he drinks breast milk and milk powder. Parents give their children additional water, which is an excessive intake, which will put a burden on the children’s kidneys. 

2, give your baby salt

Salt, as a macromolecular substance, should not be ingested until the child is 6 months old. 

Because there will be excessive sodium in this substance, it will lead to insufficient intake of other nutrients. At the same time, salt will affect the secretion of saliva, which makes it easier to breed bacteria. Of course, salt is a heavy-tasting condiment, and premature intake will also affect the child’s sense of taste. It should be noted that adults can excrete these substances out of the body through metabolism, but for children, their intestines and stomach may be underdeveloped, and there is no way to excrete them. 

3. Let the baby stand for a long time

There is also a situation that many parents may ask him to practice standing while taking care of the baby, thinking that this way can make him learn to walk as soon as possible. 

In fact, the child’s skeletal development is not perfect at this stage. Long-term practice of standing is not only detrimental to its skeletal development, but also affects the child’s leg shape. 

Generally, children start to learn the standing posture at about 9 months. At this time, their leg strength is enough to support their own weight, and their bones are relatively hard. At this time, they will start to practice standing more smoothly. . 

4. Shake the baby vigorously< /p>

Many parents often shake their children habitually when sleeping, but in fact this method is not desirable. Because this way of coaxing sleep can easily make a child who didn’t want to sleep to fall asleep after being shaken and fainted, and it is easy to cause damage to the brain development. 

In addition, because the baby’s neck muscles are not yet well-developed, it is not enough to support the weight of the head. When shaking violently, it may cause baby shaking syndrome, and at a minimum, it may show physical abnormalities such as loss of appetite and lethargy. In severe cases, it may also cause cerebral hemorrhage and affect intelligence. Return to Sohu to see more

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