Is the baby’s IQ related to the pregnant mother? If you have this characteristic, congratulations, you can probably give birth to a smart baby

Is the baby’s IQ related to the pregnant mother? If you have this feature, congratulations, you can probably give birth to a smart baby

As we all know, a baby’s intelligence comes from the inheritance of parents on the one hand, and on the other hand it comes from acquired nutritional supplements and effective cultivation. 

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Children’s IQ has always been the focus of parents’ attention, and every parent wants their baby Possess high intelligence quotient and superior intelligence. 

People of the older generation often say that women with “wide hips and big hips” give birth to smarter babies. Most people think this is prejudice. In fact, it is not true. Has a certain impact on the baby’s intelligence. 

The bigger a woman’s buttocks, the smarter her baby will be? 

A clinical medical study in the United States found an interesting phenomenon: the more fat a woman’s buttocks have, the smarter her baby will be. 

The results of a random survey also confirmed that the children of these women do have faster brain development and more active brain thinking than children of the same age. 

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This study is mainly based on the fatty acid content of the female buttocks to explore the relationship with the fetal intelligence development. Under normal circumstances, the more fatty acids contained in the buttocks, the more DHA and ARA needed for brain and intellectual development can be synthesized in the fetus. 

DHA is a “necessary substance” for the development of the baby’s brain and nervous system, which can effectively promote the baby’s brain development. Therefore, the baby’s intelligence after birth is directly related to the female part. 

Not only that, the fat in the female buttocks will be converted into milk after the baby is born, and it is rich in DHA, which plays an important role in promoting the development of the baby’s intelligence and vision. Help your baby’s brain develop faster and better. 

However, we can’t make a partial generalization. Not all women with big hips can give birth to babies with high IQ. This is a question of probability. Of course, if women want their babies to be smarter, they should pay more attention to other aspects besides the figure. 

The bigger the female part is, the higher the child’s IQ is.

① It produces a lot of rich fatty acids

This part of the female buttocks is the most prone to accumulate fat, and the thicker the fat layer, The fatty acid content will be higher. 

In this way, after the beneficial fatty acids are broken down, they can be transported to the fetus through the blood, and the fetus absorbs these fatty acids and can be converted into DHA substances in the body, which can promote the development of the fetus’s own neurons. , So that the baby’s brain development is better, and the intelligence improves faster. 

Theoretically speaking, supplementing with DHA during pregnancy will often lead to faster fetal development and more developed intelligence. 

②, the genetic factors of both husband and wife

Some studies have shown that the excellent genes of both parents will be passed on to the fetus. In other words, whether a baby becomes smart after birth may also be affected by the intelligence of both parents. 

Some parents are smarter and their children may also be smarter; if the parents are healthy, especially if the pregnant mother’s buttocks are fuller, they can naturally inherit more nutrition to the fetus, allowing the fetus to take in enough fatty acids. After the baby is born, the intellectual development will also be improved. Relatively perfect. 

If you want your baby to be smarter, you should also pay attention to these aspects.

◆Choose the best childbearing age

Women’s best childbearing age is between 24-29 years old, which is the best Childbearing age. 

At this age, all aspects of the female body have reached their peaks. At this time of pregnancy, not only the mother recovers quickly and well, but it is also better for the baby. 

◆Nutrition supplement during pregnancy

Through pregnancy, the development of the fetus is inseparable from adequate and comprehensive nutrition. If the pregnant mother has a picky or partial eclipse problem, he must quickly correct it, otherwise it may affect the fetal intelligence, Physical development. 

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers must ensure a balanced diet. In addition to intake of protein and other energy substances, they must also eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement a variety of nutrients. 

Of course, mothers can also eat more foods containing DHA substances, such as fish, bird’s nest, etc., to promote the development of fetal brain nerves and make him smarter after birth. 

◆Grasp the “golden period” of fetal brain development during pregnancy

Everyone’s brain development is different. Therefore, in order to make their children smarter and more energetic, parents We should know which period is the key period for children’s brain development. 

Generally speaking, the period of 7-8 months of pregnancy is the golden period of fetal brain development. 

At this stage, Feibao’s brain development will become the focus of the entire body’s development. The development of the brain as soon as possible can ensure that after birth, the mother’s love and care can be experienced. Therefore, pregnant mothers should strengthen nutrition during this period to promote the development of the baby’s brain. Faster.  Dress up the child too nicely, it may Faced with three “potential hidden dangers”, parents should not be careless


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As children grow up, parents will be more relaxed Some. At this time, when I look at my baby, I think it’s good and cute, like a doll, so I think about dressing up for my baby. 

When the child is at home, he may still appreciate it by himself, or take some photos and send it to relatives and friends in the circle of friends. But when the child goes to kindergarten, suddenly there are many more “adversaries”. The mother worked harder on the appearance of the child. 

Every day I think about how to make my child look good. The baby is not attentive when going to kindergarten.

Pei Pei’s daughter is very cute, with fair skin, big and bright eyes, and her face Yuanyuan, when her child was more than two years old, she often asked her daughter to wear a variety of clothes to make her look better, and then took photos and posted them online. 

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My daughter’s appearance has been recognized by many netizens and neighbors in the neighborhood, which makes Pei very happy. She praises and praises how wonderful and beautiful the child is every day, and reads to her online comment of. 

So the children became more interested in dressing up and taking pictures and make-up. When the baby went to kindergarten, Pei Pei deliberately got up a few hours earlier to make her styling. As expected, it was on the first day of kindergarten. Shocked the audience. 

As a result, the teacher approached Pei Pei more than a month later, hoping that she would not talk about dressing and dressing with such a small child. The child was not attentive in class, and he was unwilling to act when playing games. , I’m afraid I’m not good-looking. 

Because the child is dressed so nicely, he is very different from other children, and is also rejected. Now the child basically plays with the teacher in the kindergarten. 

Pei Pei finally understands why the child I stopped telling her about kindergarten life, and always said that I didn’t want to go to school, so it would be nice to take pictures at home every day. 

Later, Pei Pei approached her daughter’s dressing style to the other children in the kindergarten, and changed her mind again, finally letting the children integrate into the group. 

What is the “potential hazard” in children dressing up too well

Professor Li Meijin once said that dressing up children well is not a good thing, then , What are the hidden dangers of dressing up children too good-looking? 

1. Influencing learning

In terms of appearance, making changes to children often requires a lot of time and energy. Not only parents have to pay, but children also need to cooperate. So in this process, parents may instill in them too many adult thoughts, consciously or unconsciously. 

For example: ” Only good-looking people can be liked by more people.” “Good-looking is more important than anything.” “Girls just have to pick themselves up!” “Become a handsome boy to have more sisters like it.”

If too much time is spent on dressing and dressing, the child’s training time in other aspects may be reduced. Coupled with the subtle influence of the parents, the child may be very concerned about his appearance, rather than learning. 

2. Isolated by other children

Even children like to play with children who are similar to them. If a child’s appearance and clothing are too special, it may let other children Create a sense of distance, thereby isolating him. 

Some children may treat him I’m interested in her clothes, and I want my mother to buy it when I go back. 

If the other parent is unwilling or misunderstood, he may also discredit the child, thinking that he is not a good child if he does not put his mind on learning at a young age, so under the warning of the parent, the children are also Slowly alienated. 

3. Easy to fall in love early

Regardless of whether it is a man or a woman, beautiful children are always easy to attract the opposite sex, and children who have valued their appearance since childhood will also dress themselves well in elementary school, middle and high school. 

Even if parents tell their children how Puppy love is harmful, but adolescent children still lack self-control and tend to act impulsively. In addition, if there are too many opposite sexes around them, they will fall in love early if they are not careful. 

How can parents educate their children to look at their external appearance correctly

Although they cannot dress their children too beautifully, they cannot restrict or ignore their external appearance, so as to prevent the children from growing up. In order to compensate for the psychological, too much attention to their appearance. 

1. Don’t spread anxiety to children

Parents should not prematurely instill adult thoughts and anxiety into children, such as: “Efforts are not as important as looking good.” “How beautiful is appearance” “Important” or the like, so as to prevent the child from becoming anxious on the outside and feeling inferior. 

2. Don’t over-prevent the child’s stinky beauty.

When many children are stinky, they attach great importance to their external appearance, and they will fiddle with the mirror for a long time before going out. At this time, the parents It is best not to reprimand, so as not to undermine the child’s self-confidence and self-esteem. 

When I was young, I was overly suppressed aesthetics When children grow up, they may have a compensatory mentality, blindly pursuing external beauty, or they may become sloppy and careless in dressing up. 

Therefore, if the child’s stinky beauty does not have a negative impact, the parent does not need to interfere. If there is a negative impact, the parent can make an appropriate schedule with the child. 

In addition, parents can also enrich children’s inner pursuits to avoid them from pursuing too much externally, such as cultivating children’s hobbies from an early age and helping them set life goals. 

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