Is the baby kicking and humming while sleeping and still irritable? It may be related to 5 reasons, with tips on how to deal with it

Is the baby kicking and humming while sleeping and still irritable? It may be related to 5 reasons, and there are tips to deal with it.

After becoming novice parents, in addition to worrying about the baby’s eating and drinking, the children’s sleep has always been of great concern. 

After all, the baby’s sleep is related to the baby’s growth, so mothers have always said that if the baby sleeps well, the mother has no troubles, and the baby does not sleep well, the mother needs more Bothered. 

Especially young babies who are still unable to express their thoughts. If they don’t sleep well at night, they will kick and hum and be very irritable. At this time, mother needs to pay more attention. 

Xiao Yu is a patient mother , After giving birth to the baby, everything is done personally, from the baby’s eating and dressing to the bathing and sleeping. 

At the beginning, the baby was very worry-free, eating well and sleeping well. Therefore, Xiao Yu can also get a full rest. Looking at the well-behaved baby like an angel, Xiao Yu is full of energy every day. 

But as the baby grew older, Xiaoyu couldn’t laugh anymore, because she found that the baby’s sleep seemed to have problems, and the baby who could have fallen asleep naturally woke up frequently with kicks, irritability, etc. problem. 

At the beginning, the mother-in-law also vowed to tell Xiaoyu This is a longer one, don’t worry, but after watching for a while, Xiao Yu found that the baby’s sleep condition still hasn’t improved. 

So, Xiaoyu tried to ask her experienced sister-in-law for help. After listening to her, the sister-in-law gave her a list of several situations. Only then did she know that the baby’s situation had nothing to do with “growth”. It may be that the baby is really uncomfortable. 

Why is the baby kicking, humming and irritable while sleeping? It may be related to these 5 reasons.

Baby does not have the ability to express, and will use some body language to remind parents when they feel uncomfortable. Therefore, when these abnormal phenomena occur, Bao’s mother must know how to be clever according to the situation. Coping, and this article contains tips for coping. 

Reason 1: The baby is in the development period of the big movement< p>The baby will kick his legs frequently during the development period of the big exercise, and at the same time, the night milk will become more frequent. This is the natural development law of the baby. 

In this period, the baby’s exercise needs are large, which needs to reach a certain level, and it will also drive the brain development. Parents need to cooperate with the baby to increase the baby’s exercise volume. 

Responding tips: Parents can choose some relaxing music to encourage their children to do some training that can promote the development of big sports. On the one hand, Bao Ma can use this method to train the little guys to turn, sit, climb and other abilities. On the other hand, this method can also reduce the discomfort caused by the rapid physical development of the baby. 

Reason 2: Affected by “startle response”

Moon-old babies are not familiar with the surrounding environment due to the imperfect development of the nervous system. If they are awakened while sleeping, they suddenly kick their legs and hum a few times, it is considered a “startle response”, but this This is a normal phenomenon, so parents don’t need to worry too much. 

Responding tips: You can make the baby feel like it is still in the mother’s belly by swaddling the baby or using a sleeping bag, which will give the baby a sense of security to ensure sleep. 

Reason 3: Feeding is not comfortable

Baby’s ability to “dry food” is relatively weak. If you are anxious while feeding, or the temperature of the milk is too low or too high, it will bring discomfort to the baby It feels that if Baoma fails to burp in time, or the way of burping is wrong, then the child will be irritated and humming while he is sleeping. 

Responding tips: When feeding your baby, you must master the correct milk preparation and feeding skills. Don’t let your baby drink too fast. After drinking, you must burp in time to prevent the baby from overflowing milk. And other conditions affect sleep. 

Reason 4: In the middle of two sleep cycles

The transition period between deep sleep and light sleep for babies is relatively short. As the baby grows up, the period of transition constantly changes. When the two transition, the baby will kick, hum, irritate and even cry. 

Responding tips: At this time, Baoma can increase the baby’s sense of security through appropriate comfort, or slowly adjust the child’s sleep time to help him successfully achieve “reception”. 

Reason 5: I feel uncomfortable with the sleeping environment

There is also a sudden change in the sleeping environment and other external causes, which makes the baby lose the familiar sense of security, or the baby suddenly feels cold or stuffy, causing sleep discomfort, and the baby may kick, hum, and be irritable. 

Responding tips: According to the actual situation, Baoma can choose to stick to the baby, give the baby enough sense of security, increase or decrease the quilt appropriately, so that the baby has a comfortable sleeping environment. “I don’t want my daughter to be my sister.” After the 90s, Bao’s mother refused to have a second child. There are three main reasons.

Affected by the concept of “male dominates outside, female dominates inside”, the older generation always thinks Having a boy is better than having a girl, but with the passage of time, the new generation of parents born in the 90s have different ideas. Boys are no longer sweet and sweet, but cute little girls have become the hearts of many parents. it is good. 

In fact, for daughters, most of the parents born in the 90s have the attitude of “holding them in the palm of their hands for fear of touching, holding them in their mouths for fear of dissolving”, and do not want their children to be a little wronged, so whenever there are elders When giving birth to a second child, parents will especially take into account the feelings of their daughters. 

The mother born in the 90s refused to have a second child, and said: “I don’t want my daughter to be my sister”

Lan Lan is a post-90s mother, her daughter is sweet, lively and clever, and a very pleasant little girl. As the second-born mother, her sister-in-law often urges Lanlan to ask for a second treasure with her mother-in-law. 

However, the post-90s mother clearly rejected this. She even said bluntly: “I don’t want my optimistic and cheerful daughter to be my sister.”

It turned out that the daughter of the sister-in-law’s family is 7 years old, but the son is only 4 years old, probably because the younger brother is young, so Lanlan’s sister-in-law always loves her son very much. 

She will not only let her 7-year-old daughter take care of Little brother, and if her brother cries accidentally, she always subconsciously thinks that her sister is ignorant and doesn’t know how to be modest. 

In addition, the sister-in-law will always allow her sister to adapt to the younger brother’s diet. When splitting higher-priced fruits such as strawberries and cherries, the younger brother will always have more than the older sister, and these are all Lan Lan saw it in his eyes. Therefore, when she heard the words of her mother-in-law and sister-in-law that gave birth in secret, Lan Lan would always think of her niece’s lack of glamorous eyes. 

From this point of view, this post-90s It’s not without reason that Bao’s mother refused to have a second treasure. 

There are three main reasons Bao Ma gave.

Reason 1: I don’t want my daughter to become a sister and bow our heads afterwards

As children, we were taught by our parents when we were very young. “Rong Rang Li” story, so once a daughter becomes a sister, she will inevitably not be constrained by the eyes and thoughts of the outside world, and she must set an example for her younger siblings. 

It’s okay if it’s just a simple humility, I’m afraid that the parents are too doting on the second treasure, thus ignoring the mood of the sister. In addition, girls are always thoughtful, and if they bow their heads, they will inevitably feel unhappy, which will affect the harmony of the family, so the reason Bao Ma gave is still very realistic. 

Reason two: I am worried that the elderly at home will favor each other.< /p>

Although the thinking of young parents has changed, there are still many elderly people who still insist on the concept of patriarchalism and are too doting on boys. Even if they are not patriarchal, they will inevitably prefer Erbao And cause favoritism. 

The behavior of the elders in the family will affect both children. Whether it is the favored side or the non-biased child, it will affect the growth of the children. 

Reason three: education and other living expenses An increase will reduce the quality of life

There are two children in the family, which means that parents will increase their education and living expenses a lot, especially in order to protect the children’s living needs, everything must be doubled Purchase, this will make the lives of some families more difficult, and thus have to reduce the quality of life. 

In addition, the dowry and wedding gifts for the child will cause a certain living burden, which means a lot of pressure for parents who still need to repay the mortgage and car loan. 

Faced with the birth of people around, parents should carefully consider Then decide

With the opening of the second-child policy, we often have elders around us. Or the second-child parents will tell you the advantages of taking the second treasure, and in the face of such a birth, don’t just jump to conclusions without thinking about the pros and cons. 

Although the essence of the birth of the elderly is to hope that their children will be more secure in their later years, parents should also tell the elderly about the situation at home and their own child-rearing concepts, and analyze and persuade the elderly, so that the elderly Better understand the wishes of young parents. 

Furthermore, young parents must pay attention to the way they speak and give themselves and their family members reasonable space for thinking. Hundred days is the “watershed” for babies’ growth. After understanding these 5 changes, it will be easier for mothers to bring their babies.

When a baby is over a hundred days, different families have different ways of celebrating. Some areas will hold a “full moon banquet” to entertain relatives and friends; some areas will bring a “longevity lock” to the baby, which means a hundred years of life; and some areas will eat eggs, which means perfection. 

Of course, these are good wishes from the family to the baby, but for the baby, the meaning of a hundred days is not only the concept of time, but also the “watershed” of the baby’s growth and change. 

In the matter of giving a hundred days to the baby, the mother-in-law was very active.

After Xiao Liu’s baby was born, the family was very happy. Xiao Liu’s mother-in-law gave the child the nickname Afu, which means that Blessed and happy doll. In a blink of an eye, Fuwa has been three months, and it will be over a hundred days. 

Mother-in-law discusses with Xiao Liu every day and plans to give Fuwa hosted a 100-day banquet, and Xiao Liu felt that it was enough to give the child a casual time, but the mother-in-law felt that a hundred days was very important to the child and should not be sloppy. 

Actually, less than a hundred days is more of a good blessing, but for babies, a hundred days have changed a lot from when they were just born. 

After a hundred days of a child, there are obvious changes in these 5 aspects.

The changes of a child after a hundred days are mainly changes in his own growth and development and social awareness. After understanding these five changes, you can also It’s easier for a mother to take a baby. 

●Sleep system is gradually improved

Most babies after a hundred days can sleep for a whole night, unlike the newborn period, sleep is always intermittent, either hungry or urinating , So that mom and dad also follow the rest is not good. 

However, a hundred-day-old baby gradually formed A perfect sleep system, as people often say, has its own biological clock, so sleep is more regular. 

●Mother’s appearance becomes clearer

Compared with a hundred days ago, the baby’s appearance to her mother is also clearer. This is because the child’s vision development will mature after a hundred days. 

A careful mother will find that The baby’s eyes are more focused and can stare at something more intently than before. When interacting with parents, the eyes are brighter. 

●It’s harder to drink milk

A hundred days of baby not only drink more milk, but also work harder when drinking milk. This is important for your baby’s development and health. The mark is a manifestation of their continued growth. 

At this time, Bao Ma still insists on feeding on demand. 

●Parents are more responsive when interacting with them

At this time, the baby’s social skills development has been improved by leaps and bounds. Just like the development of vision and hearing, the baby’s mind and brain have also been continuously developed. 

Therefore, when parents interact with their baby, the baby will respond more positively and give feedback. I don’t know this, have novice parents noticed it? 

●There are more weird body movements

At this time, the baby is also in the stage of constant exploration. Some babies have a variety of strange movements, such as eating hands. , Squeeze the feet and so on. 

Of course, most babies at this time can look up , Sideways, straighten your neck when you hold it upright, and this is also the starting stage of a child’s big exercise. 

But having said that, although the baby photos of a hundred days are stronger than before, parents still need to pay more attention when taking care of them. 

What points should parents pay attention to when taking care of their babies? 

1) Interact more with children

First of all, we must actively respond to the baby’s emotions when interacting, and interact with the baby more. These are all actively encouraging and cultivating the baby’s social skills. 

2) Assist the child at the right time Big sports training

This stage is also an important period for the baby’s big sports development. Parents should use some auxiliary training to help the baby improve the sports ability, such as using small toys to guide the baby to turn over on its own. 

3) To coax a baby to sleep, you must master the skills

Although the baby’s sleep system has gradually developed and perfected at this time, some babies still cannot fall asleep on their own. At this time, parents may wish to catch it. Physiological characteristics, consciously cultivate the good habit of falling asleep autonomously.

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