Is the AD calcium milk that children love to drink, is it nutritious? Doctor: It’s better than plain water

Is the AD calcium milk that children love to drink, is it nutritious? Doctor: It’s better to boiled water

In order to supplement their children’s nutrition, parents like to buy dairy products for their children. However, many children do not like to drink pure milk. The more acceptable taste of AD calcium milk is also affected by children. In our favor, many post-90s and post-00s grew up drinking AD calcium. But do you know that AD calcium may not be as nutritious as expected? 

The child often drinks AD calcium, but he is still malnourished, doctor My mother almost vomited blood because of her ignorance.

Because of her ignorance, she had been doing nourishment for her children for several years and wasted a lot of money. 

The mother said that her child used to be thinner and grew slowly, so she wanted to give her some nutrition. But the child himself is more picky, and letting him drink pure milk is like being tortured. So at that time, I bought a different milk every time and gave it to the child to drink. When the child drank AD calcium milk, it was not very resistant, and he drank it quickly. So Baoma often buys AD calcium for her children, often one bottle a day. 

After drinking for a while, although the child’s height did not change much, but it became a little fatter, Momma thought, the child always gains weight first and then grows taller. This is also a good performance. But in a recent physical examination, the doctor said that the child was somewhat malnourished. 

“Children drink a bottle of AD almost every day How can calcium be malnourished?” Bao Ma asked puzzledly. 

“You will know when you go back and look at the ingredient list. In contrast, it is not as good as plain water, at least plain water will not make you fat.” The doctor said concisely. 

When I went home, the ingredient list ranked first in water, followed by some flavoring additives, no wonder the doctor would say so. Only then did Bao Ma truly understand that the child was only gaining weight, but the nutrition had not been supplemented. For so long, she had done useless work and wasted money. The most feared thing was that she would delay her child’s growth. 

Milk can indeed effectively supplement calcium and some trace elements to the child, but if the mother does not choose the right milk, it may make the child gain weight. Nowadays, the names of all kinds of dairy products are so diverse that many mothers are stunned by the word games of the merchants, and they are fooled without knowing it. 

When buying milk for children, remember these 5 points, parents don’t Fooled, otherwise you will not grow long and you will only gain weight.

Resolutely refrain from buying all kinds of milk beverages

Now there are a lot of fancy milk beverages in supermarkets, the taste is generally sweet, and the flavors to choose from are more diverse. Sex, like fruit flavor and chocolate flavor are more popular with children. But this kind of milk beverage can’t meet the nutritional needs at all. After a child drinks this kind of milk beverage, the most likely change is gaining weight. 

Because in essence, no matter how expensive it is, it is just a kind of beverage, but with a milky flavor, it can be classified as a snack. 

The ingredient list must be seen

If you are not a professional or have relevant knowledge, the ingredient list is very complicated for many people. There is a big difference between looking at it and not looking at it, but you must look at the ingredient list for children to buy dairy products, and you only need to look for one. The principle is enough, it depends on what is written in the first place. 

The ingredient list is sorted according to the proportion of this substance. If the first place is not cow milk, raw cow milk, etc., Bao Ma can basically ignore it. After reading the first place, Bao Ma still has to look at the sugar content and additive content at the back, and choose to add less milk as much as possible. 

Don’t buy unknown brands

Not long ago, a friend pulled me into a group buying group, which is actually where she sells goods. Although she said that they are all good things and their quality is guaranteed, many of the products are unknown brands and can’t even be found on Taobao. Looking at the promotional pictures and copywriting, they are all very tall, but it is best not to buy such a dairy product for the child. One is that the safety standards may not be guaranteed, and the other is that it is very difficult to hold the blame if something goes wrong in the future. 

Reliable local brands

Even some of the brands we are more familiar with have had some scandals. If Baoma really doesn’t know how to choose, in fact, the first choice of local dairy brands is the best. For example, Sanyuan in Beijing, Haihe in Tianjin, Guangming in Shanghai, Tianyou in Chongqing, and Huahuaniu in Henan, etc. Because these local brands generally produce fresher dates, many locals have been drinking since they were young, and basically don’t have to worry about quality issues, and the taste is also good. More, children like it more. 

The best for children is the best

Parents are thinking about how to choose milk for their children, but few children like to drink milk. Some children even drink milk after drinking it. It will be uncomfortable. In fact, most of us Asians have lactose intolerance. If the child is uncomfortable after drinking milk, parents can buy lactose-free milk for the child. And if children need to supplement certain trace elements, they should also buy the corresponding milk. In short, what is suitable for children is the best. 

If the child is very resistant to drinking milk, parents actually don’t have to force the child too much. After all, there are now more choices of food and nutrition supplementation is much more convenient. No matter how bad they are, they can eat calcium and vitamin tablets directly. 

Which brand do you usually drink for your children? Where’s your milk? What kind of milk do you trust? A kind of “new type of cold violence” is spreading in kindergartens. Children bear it silently, and parents don’t realize it.

Going to kindergarten is the beginning of children’s independent growth and an important step for them to embark on a collective society. 

Many parents have also made a lot of preparations in order to allow their children to adapt to the kindergarten life as soon as possible, such as teaching their children to be polite and cultivating their self-care ability, etc., and they look forward to the smooth start of the children. Kindergarten life. 

As everyone knows, some children are silently suffering a kind of “new type of cold violence” in kindergarten, but the parents have not been able to detect it in time. 

A “new type of cold violence” among students in kindergarten Spreading

Xiao Jing and Lao Jing were busy at work, so when the children were young, Xiao Jing’s mother helped to look after them. Until the child was more than three years old, Xiao Jing felt that the little one was already at the age of nursery school, and on the other hand, she also considered giving her mother a good rest, so she let the child go to a kindergarten near home. 

Before entering the kindergarten for a semester, Xiaojing’s children did not fall in love with the kindergarten, and made excuses for not wanting to go to school. Xiaojing finds it strange that the child is usually timid and does not like to talk to other children. Is it possible that he was bullied in the kindergarten? 

On this day, Xiao Jing looks at the kindergarten The surveillance video found that when the teacher asked the children to play by themselves, the children all gathered to play together. Only the little quiet child sat in the corner of the classroom silently. 

When the child got up to get the toy, he was pushed away by a little boy. Fortunately, the teacher saw and stopped the little boy in time. He also patiently played with Xiaojing’s child for a while, but this scene It still made Xiao Jing feel particularly uncomfortable. 

Later, after communicating with the teacher in detail, Xiao Jing learned that the child is always unable to play well with other children because of his personality problems. Although the teacher has worked hard again and again, Xiaojing’s son is always unconfident when facing other classmates, and he is unwilling to respond when others ask him. Over time, other children are not willing to play with Xiaojing’s children. . 

Besides, the teacher also expresses himself I talked about this with my child’s grandmother before, but the old man didn’t seem to care about it. Only then did Xiao Jing realize that she and her husband didn’t pay enough attention to and understand the children, and she felt more regretful and uncomfortable in her heart. 

Actually, in life, situations like Xiaojing’s children are not uncommon. Many children have secretly wiped their tears because of this incident, but the parents did not realize it. 

However, there are still signs of this “new type of cold violence”, and parents will be able to find out if they observe carefully. 

What are the specific manifestations of this “new type of cold violence”? 

For example, some children do have personality and other reasons, leading to the phenomenon of being out of group and being isolated by their classmates. Such children either behave more silently after returning home, or have a relaxed state of relief. 

Some children are introverted and will not take the initiative In communication, it is easy to be regarded as “transparent” by other children, or too “honest”, bullied, nicknamed or ridiculed by other students. Such children will appear depressed when they go to school, and their parents rarely do. I see children mentioning or talking and laughing with other children after school. 

In addition, when children encounter “cold violence”, they often act particularly against kindergarten, dislike teachers or classmates, and even cry and cry when they go to kindergarten. 

So what caused the emergence of this “cold violence”? 

Actually, there are many reasons for “cold violence”. Some are internal and some are external. Parents may wish to find out. 

1) The children themselves are not likable

Some children are “cold violence” completely for their own reasons. They are often the “little prince” and “little emperor” in the family. , The spoiled is particularly capricious and domineering. 

Parents or elders in the family can spoil their children, but after entering the kindergarten, it is difficult for teachers or classmates to focus on it. When children show willful behavior, they are often isolated. 

2) The teacher “labels” the child< /p>

When some naughty children have conflicts with their classmates, the teacher may unconsciously “label” the naughty children, such as “don’t play with naughty children”, “keep away from the naive children”, etc. . 

Sometimes the children will make judgments based on the label posted by the teacher, and then ignore the child. 

3) “School bully” classmates appear

Don’t think that there will be no “little bully” in kindergarten. Once this happens, parents must communicate with the teacher in time, and protect the child’s body and mind, so as to avoid the child’s spiritual harm .

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