“Is my surname suitable?” Bao’s mother wanted to name her daughter “Pointy”, but Bao’s father reluctantly refused.

“Is my surname suitable?” Bao Ma wanted to name her daughter “Pointy”, but Bao Dad had no choice but to refuse

As a code name for a person, the name also represents the first impression of others of the child. A good name can not only make people unforgettable, but also reflects the parents’ own cultural accomplishment. 

In fact, everyone wants to have a good name, but a good name is not something you can think of casually. Because parents still need to pay attention to many factors when naming their children, such as the meaning of the name, pronunciation, etc., they must be considered from many aspects. 

The post-90s mother is obsessed with drama and wants to give it to her daughter The name “Xianjian” was spit out by Bao Dad.

Xu Lin is a post-90s and a TV fan. She spends a lot of time every day on dramas, especially those kind of family emotional dramas, such as “In the Name of Family”. Deeply liked by her. 

She likes the role of Li Jianjian very much, and she often murmurs with her husband that she will be “pointy” after her daughter is born. In Xu Lin’s opinion, the name Jianjian is cute and lively, and is especially suitable for the name of a little girl. 

Fortunately, Xu Lin really gave birth Lovely daughter, and when the whole family was about to name her daughter, Xu Lin enthusiastically expressed her thoughts, but Bao Dad reluctantly refused. 

Xu Lin’s husband couldn’t laugh or cry and said, “This name sounds good, but do you think my surname is really appropriate?” This question made Xu Lin confused, so why didn’t it work? What? 

Xu Lin chanted her daughter’s name twice in her heart, and found that something was really wrong. Her husband’s surname was Xiao, and she wanted to name her child Jianjian. Xiao Jianjian, the name seemed really strange. what! 

Later Xu Lin frankly expressed to her family that she did I was not mature enough, but after all, I was kind enough. In the end, I named my daughter a good name with my family, and everyone was very satisfied. 

From the perspective of parents, they must hope to give their children the best, and hope that their babies will be able to benefit from the good luck of their names throughout their lives, so they are naming them Many aspects are often considered. But I don’t know if you have noticed that we generally think that good names often have similarities behind them. 

A good name often has these commonalities.

Generally speaking, most of the children’s names contain the good expectations of their parents, but they are all wishes, and some people’s names read well. The mouth is long and memorable, but some people’s names are so confusing. 

From this point of view, you still have to learn some tricks to pick out a good name. 

The first is the strange homophonic problem Some parents simply pay attention to the shape of the name, but do not notice how embarrassing the sound of the name is to be coherent. For example, in Chumo, the name is literary, but they did not expect the child to be surnamed Xiong, which is homophonic. The name makes it easy for children to be teased by their peers. 

Other parents like to make their children the most noticed in the crowd, so they want to add some rare words to their names. They look very tall, but rare words are hard to pronounce. It is not easy to write, and it will always cause a lot of trouble. 

One more thing is that parents are used to While expressing my good hopes, I confuse the child’s name with gender. The name given to boys is too soft and the name given to girls is too resolute. This makes it easy for people to misunderstand the gender of the child. 

For example, boys named “Xiu, Juan, Mei” and girls named “Gang, Min”, etc. It is easy to give people a wrong impression and may also cause children Psychological shadows. 

A name is something that accompanies a child’s life. Parents should not be careless.

A good name is enough to benefit a lifetime and leave a beautiful memory. Naming is really the first thing that parents face after the child is born. Parents need to deal with “difficulties” carefully. 

First think about what you want to send to your child Such expectations, and then choose a suitable name within the scope, pay attention to be concise and generous, easy to write and remember, not to make people misunderstand, and not to bring embarrassment to each other. 

Actually, whether the child’s childhood is good or not, the name also plays a certain role in it. Therefore, parents should refer to books and other people’s opinions at this time. I believe the little guy will also be grateful when he grows up. Parents’ hard work. Mothers of different directions, children of different lives, sometimes letting go is also an education

They all say that maternal love is the greatest and selfless. Mothers need to bear the pain of pregnancy and childbirth in October and bring their children. In this world, and then take care of the children’s food and drink Lazard day and night. After hard work to raise the child, I still can’t stop worrying about the child. 

In addition, mothers have to take on the important task of educating their children. A child’s character and conduct, and even the long-term development of a child in the future, will be greatly influenced by her mother. 

A good mother can train her child to be both excellent and director, while an unqualified mother will have a lot of negative effects on her child’s growth path. 

Let’s look at these two mothers first, The first mother was named Chen Meiling, who was a well-known singing star in the 1980s, and later withdrew from Gotham because she had to take care of her children. 

Not only did this mother send her three sons to world-renowned schools, she also studied for two PhDs. 

When asked about her parenting experience, what Chen Meiling said most was respect and let go. Chen Meiling’s eldest son was more naughty when he was in middle school, and because he had to raise a horse himself, he had to transfer from a key middle school to a remote school. 

Chen Meiling did not oppose her son, but respected his choice. As a result, his son Missile did not regress, instead he was admitted to Stanford with a high score. 

Let’s look at the second mother again. This mother is an ordinary bank clerk. When her son was born, she also chose to be a full-time mother in order to nurture her son with all her heart. She established her parenting goal very early, that is, to send her son to the best university. 

So this mother has strict requirements for her son since childhood In addition to studying, the son is not allowed to do anything else. Don’t let your son make friends, let him go out to play, and even don’t let his son do small things like eating and dressing himself. The reason is that doing these will delay learning. 

In this way, my son was admitted to a prestigious school, but he was ordered to drop out within half a year. The reason was that his son could not take care of himself in school at all, and his interpersonal skills were very poor, and he could not adapt to group life at all. At this time, the mother realized how stupid she had been. 

The educator Suhomlinsky said: “Excellent mothers will watch over their children and let their children grow up on their own. Bad mothers will always take the place of their children and let their children grow up passively.”


Different mothers will adopt different education methods and will determine the different life directions of their children. Therefore, as a mother, one must take responsibility for the growth of the child, and do a good job of leading and demonstrating, in order to bring positive energy to the growth of the child. 

Four different types of mothers, which one are you

1. “Neglected” mothers

This kind of mother is more common in life. For example, a child accidentally walks and falls, so he sits on the ground and cries loudly. 

Mom will come over and say: “It’s okay, there is something to cry, just stand up.”

Or the child’s eraser is very sad, the mother will say:” It’s okay, let’s buy another one.” 

Such mothers also seem to care about their children, but they never really understand their children’s feelings, always ignore their children’s emotions, and are unwilling to empathize with their children. 

When children encounter problems, they always avoid the problem by diverting attention. If children are always treated like this, the negative emotions in their hearts cannot be resolved at all, and they will become indifferent over time. When I grow up I am unwilling to be considerate of others. 

2, “depressive” mother


This kind of mother is the legendary “tiger mother”. They hope their children will grow up according to the path they set, and no deviation is allowed. 

From eating and sleeping to studying and working, you have to listen to your mother. The child’s opinion is not important, and the child’s idea is simply incorrect. 

Children who grow up in this kind of family will always be suppressed in their inner thoughts and emotions. When they grow up, they can only make promises, dare not have their own opinions when things happen, and are only willing to live in accordance with the rules. 

Either they are very rebellious or even violent, and use extreme behaviors to fight against mother’s oppression, and their personality becomes very distorted and paranoid. 

3, “independent” mothers


This kind of mothers take things naturally with their children and are unwilling to spend too much time on discipline. When children encounter difficult and unhappy things, they may come over and take care of them, and then they will not help them analyze and guide them. 

Children who have been too laissez-faire since childhood will develop a willful and domineering personality. They only know how to vent their emotions when they are in trouble, and they will not take the initiative to solve problems. When such children grow up, it is difficult to cooperate with others, and it is also difficult to integrate into the group. 

4. “Intelligent” mothers

True wise mothers will not impose their wishes on their children, nor will they let them go, but will Adopt an attitude of understanding and respect to help children overcome the problems encountered in growing up. 

Such a mother will use her own words and deeds to infect her child and help her child become a person with high emotional intelligence. 

How to be a “smart” mother

1 Respect and understand children

Smart mothers can fully respect their children’s thoughts and understand their children’s hearts. They understand that children are independent individuals, not their own accessories. 

Regardless of what you eat, what you wear, or what extracurricular classes you take, you can respect your child’s choice in the future and become a strong backing for your child. 

2. Let go at the right time

Sometimes letting go is also a kind of education, because children will grow up eventually and will create their own future in the future. As a mother, what to do is to teach children to have independent ability. When I was young, I learned to eat, dress, and pack my schoolbags. When I was young, I taught my children to solve problems and find answers by themselves. 

Let go is not only an educational attitude, but also a kind of wisdom. A good mother is better than a good teacher. On the road of educating children, I hope that every mother can let go in time and help children fly higher and higher.

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