Is maternal delivery first seen red or broken water first? It turns out that the gap is so big, the knowledge has been increased

Is maternal delivery first seen red or broken water first? It turns out that the gap is so big and knowledge has increased.

We all know that before a normal childbirth, mothers will have broken amniotic fluid and redness, but many mothers can’t tell the difference between these two conditions, just know After seeing red or breaking water, it means labor is about to begin. 

But these two situations are actually quite different, and one of them may also bring danger to expectant mothers and fetuses, so it is best for expectant mothers to understand the difference between the two before giving birth. 

What is redness? 

Seeing red is that within 24-48 hours before the start of labor, the fetal membranes are separated from the uterine wall, causing the capillaries to rupture, and then the blood mixes with the mucus in the cervical canal and flows out. 

Seeing red means that labor is about to start, but if the bleeding volume is too much and has exceeded the usual menstrual volume, the expectant mother should be careful. This may be caused by placental abruption, rupture of the prevessel, etc. Bleeding in the third trimester of pregnancy. 

What is broken amniotic fluid? 

Mothers-to-be know that the fluid in the placenta is called amniotic fluid, which is an important place to maintain the life and development of the fetus and protect the fetus from external injuries. There is a layer of fetal membrane outside the amniotic fluid. If there is a breakage of the fetal membrane, there will be an outflow of amniotic fluid, which is called broken water. 

For expectant mothers, they suddenly feel that there is liquid flowing out of the vagina, and through observation, it is found that the liquid is transparent and colorless, and the flow rate of the liquid is difficult to control. The abdomen was also accompanied by bursts of pain, which indicated that the amniotic fluid had broken. 

Water breaking is also one of the signs before delivery. Pregnant mothers should prepare for delivery to the hospital early. 

See the difference between red and broken amniotic fluid? 

Seeing red and breaking water are both signs of childbirth, but their nature is not the same. Normally, expectant mothers have first seeing red, and then breaking the water during the delivery process. Only a very small number of expectant mothers will break the water first. 

In addition, it is not normal to break the water first, because it usually occurs during the production process, and even mothers use the doctor’s help to break the water artificially. 

Because the continuous outflow of amniotic fluid can easily lead to umbilical cord prolapse, and the uterus is compressed by the contractions at this time, resulting in hypoxia of the fetus, so once the phenomenon of breaking the water occurs first, the expectant mother should be treated as soon as possible Take it to the hospital. 

Which one of the red or broken amniotic fluid is born fast? 

It is estimated that there will be many expectant mothers who will be curious. Which one of the red and the broken water will produce faster? After all, the process of childbirth is so painful, and if you end childbirth earlier, you can suffer less. 

However, the speed of the birth process is not determined by them. It depends on the mother’s personal physical condition and the size of the fetus’ head, and if the mother cooperates with the midwife during the birth process, it will also speed up the birth process. . 

For example, many mothers said that the second child gave birth more smoothly, because the mother already had production experience and the birth canal was lax, so that the second child gave birth faster than the first child. 

When a mother-to-be has a full-term pregnancy, no matter what Whether it is broken or red, once found, you must go to the hospital for delivery as soon as possible. And in the third trimester, expectant mothers should keep their mood relaxed, avoid being stimulated, and wait for the baby to be born. A Harvard study found that: the weight of a baby at birth indicates the level of IQ and parents should cultivate it.

As we all know, all of our parents hope that their children’s brains will develop well in the future. I believe that every parent is no exception. , But very few of us as parents know whether a child’s IQ is high or not. Almost all of us have to wait until the child grows up before we can know a little bit or two. Then how can we know when a child’s IQ is high or not? What? 

I don’t know if the parent found out that the child is in After the baby is born, the nurse will take it away to measure the weight, but many parents don’t know what this weight means. Generally, just listen to it and find out whether the child is fat or thin. 

Actually, the child’s weight can not only understand the child In fact, you can understand the child’s IQ level. 

A Harvard study found that: the closer the baby’s birth weight is to this number, the better the brain development and the higher the IQ.

Researchers from the University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom tested 500 babies from ten newborn registration centers in Europe. After 10 years of follow-up investigation, it was found that the closer the baby’s weight was at birth, the higher the IQ of the child who received 3-4kg. 

And Harvard University in order to further understand the weight Therefore, we conducted a follow-up survey of 4,500 newborns for 20 years, and obtained more accurate data, which means that the closer the child is to 3.25kg-3.5kg, the The average score will also be higher, and children who are larger or smaller than this weight will have a slightly lower score on the IQ test. 

Although children of other weights also have some IQs High, but on average, it is indeed not as good as children with 3.25kg-3.5kg (6.5-7 kg). 

So what is the weight of a child at birth related to it? 

1. Inheritance

The weight of a child at birth is actually closely related to the genetic genes of the parents. If the weight of the husband and wife is much higher than the normal value, then the child will be born There will be problems such as obesity, so the weight will be heavier than ordinary children. 

2, excess nutrition

< p>Many parents in our country pay great attention to nutritional supplements during pregnancy, because at this time it can be said that one person eats and two people supplement, so the maternal food will be greatly improved, and these nutrients will indeed provide enough for the child Energy is for the better development of children, but when there is excess nutrition, the children cannot use the excess nutrients, which will be converted into fat, which will lead to overweight. Parents must pay attention to it. 

Although weight does have a certain IQ However, during the follow-up investigation, Harvard University also found that the impact of weight on children’s intelligence will continue until about 12 years old. After the age of 12, children’s intelligence is more affected by factors such as education and the environment. Therefore, parents In addition to looking at the weight of the child, we should also pay more attention to the cultivation of acquired. 

How can training help children promote brain development and improve IQ? ? 

According to the characteristics of children’s growth and development, Harvard University divides them into 3 major stages, namely 0-3 years old, 3-6 years old, and 7-12 years old. These 3 stages are important for children’s intellectual development. Therefore, parents who want to improve their children’s IQ must be grasped, but each stage has its own unique focus. 0-3 years old is mainly for brain development, 3-6 years old is mainly for brain training, 7- The focus of the 12-year-old is IQ training.

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