Is male prolactin really more professional? After 90s Bao Ma tried boldly, she felt a little bit unable to tell

Is male prolactin really more professional? After the post-90s mother had the courage to try it, she felt a little bit unable to tell

All know that breastfeeding is better for the baby, but there are always some women who are unable to breastfeed for various reasons and want to give it to the baby. Breastfeeding is also not good, which gave birth to a special profession-prolactinist. 

As the name suggests, the prolactinist is responsible for promoting breastfeeding to the parturient. As for the effect, different people have different opinions. 

There was a post-90s mother next to her. Just because she had very little milk after giving birth, she asked someone to find a prolactinist, but she had a course of treatment, but it was almost ineffective. 

Thousands of dollars in the water is of course distressing, but what makes her feel even worse is that the other party is actually a man, and being touched on the breast by a strange man, this oil is not too crazy. 

Actually, there are women who are prolactinists, but the people introduced by Bao Ma said that men are more powerful and the effect is better, and the price is not expensive, so she hired this male prolactinist. 

At that time, it was said that a course of treatment was more than 4,000. After the prolactinist came, he guaranteed that he would be able to breastfeed. However, after a few times, the treatment was almost over, and the milk did not increase. 

In addition, this male prolactinist was very greasy and was touched on his chest. Mother Bao couldn’t bear it, so she fired him. 

The irony is that within a few days after dismissing the lactator, Baoma’s breastfeeding was normal. The method is a little weird, it is to let the baby suck continuously, and let him suck without milk. After a few sucks, the milk becomes sufficient. 

This result makes Baoma both happy and regretful. What is happy is that the baby finally has breast milk to eat. What regrets is that she should not hire a prolactinist, let alone a male prolactinist, because the baby is her best “prolactin” division”. 

Prolactinists can be said to be a nascent industry in our country. There are not many employees and there are no standards at all. 

From foreign experience, a prolactinist can indeed play a role to a certain extent, but there are also many restrictions. If you don’t understand these, asking a prolactinist indiscriminately is a pure waste of money. 

Prolactinists have There is no effect, it depends on the situation.

If you have difficulty in breast feeding due to blockage of the breast, please ask a prolactinist.

There are many reasons why mothers do not breastfeed, and the most common reason is breast blockage. For this reason, the professional massage of the prolactinist has the effect of prolactin, because the massage can make the blocked mammary glands become unblocked. 

So in the process of lactation, milk will become more and more abundant. But this requires a high level of skills for the prolactinist, and only professionals can make the effect. 

In the above case, the prolactinist hired by the mother is obviously unprofessional. 

Male prolactinists have no obvious advantage over female prolactinists

The most important test of lactation is skill, not strength. In fact, as long as the skills are sufficient, most women’s strength is sufficient, even the mother herself It can also promote lactation. 

So you don’t have to be superstitious about male prolactinists, those women who are more sensitive in heart, let alone be wronged by believing that male prolactinists are better. 

The baby’s sucking can also have the effect of promoting lactation

The mother mentioned above is ultimately the milk produced by the baby, which is not surprising at all. Because in principle, the baby’s sucking can also have the effect of the prolactinist’s massage. 

And the baby seems to be weak, but the sucking force is very strong, so even if you can’t afford to hire a prolactinist or are unwilling to hire a prolactinist, it is recommended to let the baby suck more, it can be a miracle if you are not sure It. 

Mammary gland blockage is a very common phenomenon. About 80% of pregnant women will encounter this kind of problem, but the situation is serious. 

Even if there is no blockage at the beginning, improper operation during breastfeeding may also cause blockage of the breasts. From the performance point of view, the milk is getting less and less until weaning. 

In order to avoid this situation, mothers must develop good breastfeeding habits. 

lactation is just the beginning , Good habits can keep the milk always sufficient.

Feeding on both sides of the nipples in turn

Newborns have a small food intake, usually only one side of the milk is enough, so some mothers only use one side to feed. The other side is always empty. 

This habit is very bad. If it goes on for a long time, it may cause difficulty in milking on the other side. When the baby grows up and the food intake increases, the milk will not be enough. 

Furthermore, long-term breastfeeding on one side may cause the breasts on both sides to be of different sizes, which is very harmful to the image. 

The excess milk is not squeezed out

Many mothers will have excess milk after breastfeeding, and some even have breast tenderness after breastfeeding. For this kind of situation, the best way is to squeeze out the excess milk, otherwise the milk silt in the breast will easily form a milk block and block the breast, which will make it difficult to deliver milk later. 

Furthermore, the more milk you secrete, the more milk your body secretes if you don’t squeeze it out. In the future, your baby will not have enough milk if he gets older and eats more food. 

Breast milk is the best food for babies. It can not only meet the nutritional needs of the baby’s development, but also improve the baby’s immunity. 

So if you have the conditions and ability, mothers must breastfeed their babies personally. This is also the best gift that mothers give to their babies. The daughter’s menarche, mother must not neglect these three things, otherwise the body will suffer a loss

After the child enters puberty, there will be some obvious changes in them, although these changes will make the children panic , But I have to say that this is also a sign of their maturity. For girls, the arrival of menarche means that they have officially entered puberty, and great changes will occur in both physical development and psychological growth. 

Girls menarche Suddenly visited, worried that her mother would blame herself for dirtying the sheets, and pretend to go to school as if nothing had happened.

Sara had just been in the first day of the new year. One morning, when she got up, she found that she was bleeding and accidentally soiled the sheets. This made her really startled, and the faint pain in her abdomen made her mistakenly believe that she had some “weird disease”. But although she wanted to tell her mother about it, she began to worry that her mother would blame herself again when she thought that she had soiled the newly changed sheets. So after thinking about it, she decided to hide from her mother and pretend that nothing happened. 

When she was enduring the pain and wanted to go to school, she was stopped by her mother. It turned out that Xiaoyue’s mother found the pool of blood when she was packing her daughter’s bed. Xiaoyue’s mother did not blame her daughter, but gently told the child, “Baby, you are menstruating! This shows that you have grown up a little bit, so don’t feel embarrassed!” After hearing her mother say this, Xiaoyue The doubts in her heart slowly resolved, and at the same time she finally breathed a sigh of relief. 

Because mom didn’t scold herself for dirtying the sheets. Later, Xiaoyue’s mother hurriedly taught her daughter to take care of her menstrual body correctly. Thinking that she wanted to pretend to go to school just now, Xiaoyue felt a little naive and ridiculous. “Fortunately, my mother stopped me, otherwise I will make a fool of myself in front of my classmates!” Seeing the nervous expression on the child’s face dissipated, Xiaoyue’s mother was relieved. 

About menarche What should parents know about the coming? 

Pay attention to the age of your child’s menstruation

Generally speaking, girls will have their menarche when they are 12-16 years old, but some girls will have their menarche 1 to 2 years earlier or later. However, if the girl has menstruation before the age of ten, or if she still does not have menstruation after the age of 18, then parents should pay attention to it, and it is necessary to take the child to the hospital for examination in time. The premature arrival of the child’s menarche may be a manifestation of precocious puberty. If parents do not pay attention to this, it is very likely that the symptoms of precocious puberty in the child will not receive proper intervention and treatment. 

Or affect the height of the child

Research shows that the height of the child when menarche comes will be 95% of the height of his adulthood. That is to say, if the child’s menstruation comes early, then the child will become an adult. The height of the back may be affected. In addition, studies have shown that the child will gradually slow down the speed of height development within two years after the onset of menarche, until the height stops growing. So if you want to make your child’s height higher, then within two years after menarche, parents must do a good job of helping the child’s height development. 

in the child’s menstruation When menarche comes, parents must take these three things seriously.

Do a good job in comforting children’s emotions

Although this is a necessary step in the child’s growth process, it is important for children who are not yet mature. In other words, this is still not a small physical change. Children will inevitably feel panic or embarrassed because of this, so at this time, parents must do a good job of psychological counseling for their children. Soothing the emotional state of the child can help the child achieve the psychological transition of adolescence. 

Teach the child the correct nursing method

When the menstruation comes, the child will have obvious discomfort. If the hygiene is not done well, the child may be exposed to bacteria. Invasion, and cause inflammation. Therefore, parents must teach their children the correct way to use sanitary napkins and clean private parts. 

Instilling knowledge about sex education in children

After menarche, children’s bodies become more mature, which makes them increasingly need to know how to protect themselves. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to carry out relevant sex education to their children at this stage, to help them master more knowledge of sex education, and to guide children to protect themselves. Especially when you are in contact with peers of the opposite sex, you should master your sense of balance and avoid some overly intimate actions. 

The arrival of menarche is a very important sign of a child’s growth. Parents should pay attention to this, help their children to correctly view the physical changes, and at the same time do a good job of emotional comfort. At the same time, parents should also master appropriate methods to help their children learn more about sex education and enhance their self-protection awareness. 

What do you think about the coping experience related to menarche?

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