Is it useless for babies to eat probiotics? Bao Ma didn’t pay attention to these four points, and “top stream” can’t help you either

Is it useless for babies to eat probiotics? Bao Ma didn’t pay attention to these four points, “top stream” can’t help you

“Probiotics” preparations can be said to be very popular in the Bao Ma circle in recent years, and the proper “C-position debut” “It is not an exaggeration to say that it is “the top-notch in the parenting world”. 

Which family with a baby can lack probiotic preparations now? In the eyes of many treasure mothers, problems such as weak immunity, constipation, and diarrhea can be solved by probiotics. After all, probiotics are indeed a good thing! 

But there is one thing to say, and many mothers will ask questions, “Why is this probiotic not good for my baby?” Maybe, your opening method is wrong? 

Is the correct strain selected?

Probiotics and drugs It’s all the same, the most important thing is to “prescribe the right medicine.” For example, the Bifidobacterium lactis we often hear is the name of a flora, but under the flora, there are many different strains, and the baby really needs these strains. 

Different strains alleviate the different symptoms of the baby. If the baby has diarrhea, Baoma chooses the allergic animal Bifidobacterium (Bb-12), it will of course not be useful. 

Is there a problem with the ingredients? 

When choosing probiotics for your baby, in addition to looking at the strains, you must also pay special attention to the ingredients in the probiotic preparations. 

Many mothers are more inclined to choose probiotics of various flavors for their babies, but they should pay attention before choosing. If their babies are allergic to any substances, they must Avoid them! Causing baby allergies can be counterproductive! 

Is the amount sufficient? 

One thing worth paying attention to is the amount of probiotics, because the unit of probiotics can be measured in “100 million”. Many mothers think that the baby is too young, so they reduce the dosage for the baby. 

But in fact, babies are born in a sterile or low-bacterial state, and their bodies have not yet established a good and complete flora, so probiotics will be affected when they enter the baby’s body. Consumption or death. 

If the mothers arbitrarily reduce the amount of probiotics, it will naturally not be effective. 

Is the usage correct? 

Are there a lot of “superstitious” hot drinks for moms? Do these mothers choose hot water when they brew probiotics for their babies? But this approach is wrong! 

Because probiotics are living bacteria that live in the human body, the most suitable growth temperature is close to the temperature of the human body. Hot water brewing will inactivate the probiotics, and naturally it will not work. Up. 

So when the mothers are brewing probiotics, the water temperature must not exceed 40℃! 

So, if your baby eats probiotics If it doesn’t work, you must see if you have overlooked the above four points, but don’t feel that the strong wind of “probiotics” is inexplicable. After all, as a “top stream”, their strength is beyond doubt. The boy was sneaky in the supermarket and was suspected of stealing things. After checking, the clerk tears: “Go away quickly.

Educating children is a kind of knowledge, how to make them become a positive energy when they grow up. People, parents need to work harder when their children are young. However, in the process of education, parents should also be based on their children’s personality characteristics, especially when children make mistakes, they should be treated objectively instead of suspicion. 

The little girl was sneaky in the supermarket, only to let the salesperson Tear Eye

once read such a story on the Internet. There was a little boy named Hong Hong. She did not enjoy the love of her parents since she was a child, because her mother was a little mentally ill. A trace. Hong Hong’s father went to find his mother and never returned. From then on, Hong Hong lived with her grandparents. 

We all know that poor people’s children are in their homes early, and so is Honghong. He is very obedient, never asks for anything, and has excellent academic performance. 

One day the red grandma took him Going to the market, grandma accidentally scratched her hand with a sharp object. The blood kept flowing. Hong Hong was a little scared and anxious, so she ran straight into a supermarket and carried a white object in her arms. 

But Honghong was sneaky in the supermarket The clerk found her appearance and questioned her about stealing something. Hong Hong did not explain, but she shed tears with her head down. Just when everyone thought that Hong Hong was stealing something snacks or delicious things, the clerk began to check his body. Unexpectedly, Hong Hong was carrying a pack of tissues in her arms. 

The clerk asked Hong Hong why he took the tissue, Hong Hong said that grandma’s hand was torn on the street. He wanted to take this pack of tissues and wipe her grandma quickly, but he had no money in his hand and wanted to hand the tissues to grandma before he apologized to the owner of the supermarket. 

The clerk burst into tears when he heard Hong Hong’s words, so he ran out to buy Hong Hong disinfection and dressing items, and then said to Hong Hong: “Go away, grandma waits to be anxious The good boy is the aunt who blamed you.” 

Poor families can also educate good children

From this incident, it is not difficult to see that the children’s world is clear and bright, and their ideas are simple. Honghong knows that it’s not right to take other people’s things, but she saw her grandma’s blood flow, and she thought of it for the first time. It is to help grandma stop the bleeding. We have to sigh that this little girl is very sensible, and we are also very surprised that Honghong’s grandparents have educated her very well even though the family’s financial conditions are particularly poor. 

So other families in life should be correct Educational children should also look at their reactions when they make mistakes, listen to their voices, and don’t just label or put hats on children. 

Parents should do the right thing after a child makes a mistake.

1. Don’t speak irony, don’t suspicion

Many parents like to speak irony when educating their children. They are clearly criticizing their children. He praised it in a mocking tone. For example: You are really good, you are really a talent, this is very easy to make children especially confused, they will guess why parents are complimenting me, why the tone is so weird. 

And this also affects the development of children’s cognitive abilities, so children should clearly point out after making mistakes, and don’t judge them with suspicion, so that children can have a positive and positive energy. 

2, give the child a chance to speak


Many parents always go their own way. When educating children, there is always a kind of I am your father and I am your mother. You should listen to my ideas and treat them, and parents will ask their children to ignore what they say Both right and wrong must be fulfilled. 

In fact, this will only make the child more and more rebellious. Therefore, when a child makes a mistake, parents should give them a chance to speak, and then find the reason for the child’s real mistake and urge correction. 

3. Help children set goals

Children in the process of growing up will inevitably make mistakes. Their cognitive abilities are not strong, so the instinct to judge right and wrong will be lacking. Therefore, when making mistakes, parents help children find the reasons and set goals for them. How can we prevent children from repeating the same thing? mistake? This is the first thing that parents must consider. Only by looking at the problem from the standpoint of the child can the child grow up better.

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