Is it smarter to memorize poems when you are 2 years old? Montessori: Sensory training is the only way to improve intelligence

Is it smarter to memorize poems when you are 2 years old? Montessori: Sensory training is the only way to improve intelligence.

We can often hear that parents and parents sigh with emotion when they talk about parenting. Today’s children are really much smarter than the previous ones. When children were two or three years old, they only knew how to play silly, but now children can recite Tang poetry literally when they are two years old. It seems that every parent hopes to train their children into prodigies and let them win on the starting line. 

When they see a two-year-old child who can recognize words and recite poems, parents often express a look of envy, thinking that such a child is really very smart, and he will definitely learn in the future. Will also have excellent grades. But are they really smarter and have a higher IQ? 

However, children’s intellectual development is actually not directly related to whether they can read or recite poems at the age of two. How can we improve children’s intelligence? 

The famous educator Montessori said: Sensory training is the only criterion for improving intelligence. 

In Montessori education, sensory experience is particularly emphasized. He believes that instead of constantly instilling various theoretical knowledge into children, such as using picture books or cards to remind children that the grass is green, it is better to take the child to take a look at the grass with his own eyes. This will make the child more intuitive. Feel. 

Such sensory experience is ubiquitous in life. Whether it is color or other aspects, the senses are the best way for children to recognize things. When children have a concept of something, they will continue to expand this concept and connect with other things to enrich their cognition. 

After children are born, their brains develop rapidly until they are two years old, and their brains have reached 75% of the weight of adults. Psychologists have shown that in the early stages of life, the development of the brain is not simply the unfolding of established maturity procedures, but the product of the combination of biological factors and early experience. 

When babies grow up, they will enter a period called the oral phase. At this time, they will experience the world with their mouths, so parents will find that they always like to put toys in their mouths or chew It will make them feel very interesting to eat their own little hands, and even last a long time. 

As babies grow up day by day, their hands The ability of the body will become stronger and stronger. Not only can you pick up your own toys, but also throw them away. Sometimes they can make some movements that are not particularly simple. This also means that the baby’s hands have Fine motor skills. 

In fact, before the baby is two years old, parents are more concerned about their lives. In terms of education, they will not deliberately teach them something. However, many times babies will bring great surprises to their parents, because they will learn a lot of things and have a lot of abilities without knowing it. 

The senses are so important, but many parents may not be able to know, and some may not even have a clear concept of what the senses are. What are the senses? 

Senses refer to the five basic senses of sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell. They will pass the information they are exposed to to the brain. Sometimes the child’s sensory information will be very simple. This will make the brain relatively easy. 

But if you want children to become smarter, they must make the brain function better, which means that children’s sense organs should be systematically trained. 

What should parents do to make children smart ? 

1. Use auxiliary sensory teaching aids

The sensory teaching aids we are talking about here basically refer to Montessori sensory teaching aids. After all, they are more professional in this regard, although the price is not Cheap, but the effect is often beyond the parents’ expectations. Because under this kind of education, children’s sensory and cognitive abilities can be greatly improved, of course, as parents, they should learn in advance to let the teaching aids play the greatest role possible. 

2, use life scenes for training

Parents can find some foods with different tastes for their children, for example, when the child knows sweet food, tell the child what kind of food, he has What kind of taste. The same is true for other foods with different tastes, so that children can not only know the ups and downs, but also match the food with the taste. 

For the same reason, parents should also carry out various trainings such as smell training and tactile training for their children. Although the process may not be smooth, after all, the child is still young and the ability to accept it may not be enough. But I believe that as long as the parents insist on every day, the child’s sensory system will definitely be improved, which will naturally make the child smarter. 

3. Take the children out of the house


Although we do not deny the importance of learning to children, if we blindly shut our children to study at home and deprive them of the opportunities for exploration and play, it will be counterproductive. Only by taking children out of the house and into nature can they find true happiness. 

Of course, this may not be easy to do, but as long as parents are willing to take their children to experience the beauty of nature, then they can grow up healthy while reaping happiness and become a smart person. The bear child spit out auntie: “I’m afraid of being ruined by her.” Netizen: I ran into an opponent.

If there is a bear child in the family, then don’t want to stop the family, because the bear child is a kind of “Horrible” creatures, young, but very destructive. If you don’t pay attention for a while, you may make a mess of the house. Parents still don’t dare to beat them, because the baby has a “backer”, and grandparents are their greatest confidence in making trouble. However, if the bear child meets the natural enemy-aunt, the ending will be different. 

There is a bear child on the Internet, and his parents work Busy, I entrusted him to my aunt to take care of him. Child is just starting on his way, his aunt is not used to open direct hit, so he will come to that grandparents, grandparents can also doting aunt, stood a reasonable party, children indefensible, endure in silence Aunt’s punishment, and then more and more such punishments. The bear child couldn’t bear it, so he wrote an essay to “bash” the aunt. 

It is written in the article: My aunt is very beautiful , But it’s fake, and the nose has been trimmed, so I don’t dare to touch it because I’m afraid that it will be misused. This incident spread to the Internet, and netizens called out: This is a natural enemy relationship. If you run into an opponent, the child will be taken care of by the aunt. 

Indeed, in some respects, younger elders have great benefits with children

Small communication barriers

The age gap between parents and their children is generally more than 20 years old, which creates a generation gap in communication. What the parents say cannot be heard by the children, and the parents cannot understand what the children say, and the efficiency of communication will decrease a lot. However, young elders like aunts and uncles have far fewer obstacles in communicating with their children. 

Because they all like to watch a TV show , Play the same game, have a lot of things to say and understand each other. The longer you get along, the more your child will listen to the aunts and uncles. 

Will not be used to children

Parents love their children selflessly, but it is also “dangerous”, because parents are easy to spoil their children, the elders with small age gaps will not be like this, although they love their children , But there are limits. When a child makes a mistake, he will not let it go, or simply let it pass. Instead, he will severely criticize education and “warn” against repeating it. This kind of education allows children to remember their mistakes more firmly, and is more effective than many parents’ personal education. 

Educational philosophy keeps pace with the times

Parents are older and do not have a deep understanding of many new knowledge. They are easily deceived online. How can such parents teach their children this knowledge? Auntie is different, she knows some trendy things well, and she also knows where she can be easily deceived. 

Let them educate their children and it will be good To make up for children’s blind spots in knowledge and reduce the probability of children being deceived in the future. 

Being able to play with children

The reason why children are resistant to their parents is that their parents treat themselves as leaders treat their subordinates, and they always ask to do something in a commanding tone. But the aunt will change her identity and get along with herself as friends, so they have a lot of topics with each other and can play together happily. 

Conclusion: Appropriately let my aunt be so young The elders taking care of children are very helpful to the growth of the children, and they can learn a lot of new knowledge. But parents can’t count on them all. Their children have to spend more time on their own. They usually think about ways to communicate with their children, control their love for their children, learn more new knowledge and new ideas, and put valuable Teaching things to children, so as to help children become outstanding people!

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