Is it related to the IQ level of how early or late the baby speaks? Listen to expert answers

Is it related to the IQ level of how early or late the baby speaks? Listen to expert answers

In the process of parenting, the most exciting moment for Mom is probably when the baby calls “Mom” for the first time. From that moment on, the baby has officially entered the “talking” stage, and the communication between mother and baby can also take a step forward. This time point usually occurs when the baby is 6 to 8 months old, but some babies are late, and they won’t even say a few simple words until they are more than one year old and more than two years old. 

The cousin was like this when she was young. Murakami’s children who had been born to her at about one year old would learn to speak, but she didn’t move and made her aunt very anxious, so she asked someone to watch superstitions, wondering if it’s right. I hit something evil. Fortunately, although the cousin can’t speak, she can understand other people’s words, so IQ development is no problem. If it weren’t for this, I’m afraid the family would have been anxious. 

This situation continued until she was two and a half years old. One day, I didn’t know if she suddenly regained her consciousness. A few words popped out of her cousin’s mouth, which made her aunt excitedly set aside She shed tears, hugged her cousin and rushed to tell her, saying, “We Pingping can talk!” Since that resuscitation, the cousin’s little mouth has never stopped. In the past, I didn’t speak and the parents were anxious, but later it was. Too wordy annoys parents. 

Now my cousin is in her 30s and her language ability is completely fine. It can be seen that speaking late as a child did not have any adverse effects on her brain development. What’s more gratifying is that her son will speak before he reaches his first birthday, which shows that the cousin’s late speaking problem has not been passed on to his son. Most children start to learn English at 6 months old and can speak simple vocabulary or even sentences when they are close to their first birthday. But there are also some children, just like their cousins, who cannot speak when they are one and a half years old or even more than two years old. In such a situation, how should the mothers deal with it? After listening to the expert’s explanation, everything will become clear. 

The baby speaks Sooner or later, it may not be related to the level of IQ

I saw an expert on the Internet answering similar questions. He believed that the time when a baby speaks is not necessarily related to the level of IQ. There are only a few children who speak late. It is related to the underdevelopment of the brain’s related areas, and most children with such conditions are caused by other factors. The first is hearing impairment. The baby’s hearing system is still very fragile and cannot withstand the impact of huge volume. If Bao’s mother does not pay attention, it is likely to damage the baby’s hearing ability. In this way, when it comes to the stage of learning to speak, it will be due to the morpheme Insufficient to learn to speak normally. 

The second is autism. Children with autism, although their language ability and hearing system are normal, they are reluctant to speak due to psychological factors. As long as the symptoms of autism can be improved, they can be allowed to speak like normal children. Another possible reason lies in the oral cavity. If the baby’s oral muscles are not strong enough to complete the vocal function assigned by the brain, it will naturally affect speech. This is usually related to the way of feeding. For example, the baby rarely eats complementary foods. If the chewing ability is not exercised, it will affect the process of later learning to speak to a certain extent. 

These are the factors that are most likely to cause the baby to speak late. In contrast, brain development problems are a small probability event. Only after these factors are eliminated, can we pay attention to it. Just like a cousin, although many children speak late, their final language ability and intellectual development will not be significantly affected, but in any case, parents should still find ways to intervene if they do not speak when they are old. This is because studies have shown that children who speak late are generally poor in language tests in elementary school, while elementary school is the stage where children lay the foundation for their entire learning career. If you can’t do a good job at this time, you will want to climb up later. It’s very difficult. 

The baby is here If you don’t speak at an age, parents should pay attention to it immediately.

Baby who is less than three months old will only simply cry, and talk is irrelevant. Babies over three months old can already produce standard single sounds, such as “ba”, “ma”, or “wu” and so on. A little older, when babies grow to 6 months old, they can usually call out repeated syllables such as “mama” and “baba”. In many languages, this is exactly what mom and dad call them. From then on, It can be considered that the baby can talk. 

But in the true sense of speaking, you have to wait until the baby is about one year old. At this time, most babies can not only understand many daily expressions, but also take the initiative to say the names of some things. This is a meaningful language expression. If the baby cannot even say the name of a thing when he is one year old, it is worthy of the parents’ attention. Observe at most for another half a year. If the situation still does not improve, you should take the child for an examination to avoid delaying his learning to speak. . 

Speaking early and late may not be related to the IQ level, but it is always better to speak early than late. For those babies who speak late, although parents do not have to be overly anxious, they should also pay attention to them as soon as possible, so that possible problems can be dealt with in time, which will be more beneficial to the baby’s subsequent development. These snacks have been pulled into the blacklist. The pediatrician hurts the spleen and stomach. Don’t eat it no matter how gluttonous you are.

It is said that snacks are not good for children. Why are the same foods and snacks can’t behave like normal What are the dangers of healthy snacks? Which snacks are the most harmful? In fact, some snacks have been pulled into the doctor’s blacklist, and some doctors will never give them to children. Some snacks not only hurt the body, but also cause great harm to the child’s body, causing the child to lose appetite and cause other problems. problem. 

Dr. Zhang from Shanxi has been engaged in pediatrics for many years. Dr. Zhang’s experience is very rich, and he is able to deal with various common pediatric diseases with ease. Basically, just ask the patient casually to help the child recover well. Therefore, Dr. Zhang also has a lot of mothers’ fans. 

Dr. Zhang has also warned countless mothers that some snacks have become a blacklist for Dr. Zhang to eat for their children. He reminded his fans not to give children those snacks. What kind of snacks are the doctors themselves will not give them to children. 

All kinds of frozen fast food are definitely not eaten by doctors for their children. Frozen pee beef balls and chicken fillet, hand cake. Frozen sausages, small balls, pumpkin pie, these common foods are very common on tables everywhere, even at the entrance of hot pot restaurants, they are foods that children like to eat, but the cost of these foods is very low. The production workshop The sanitary conditions are even worse. Not only that, the raw materials of frozen food are often very cheap in the use of raw materials, with various pigments, various trans fatty acids, and even various starches added. There is no meat or nourishment, and a lot of sugar. 

These quick-frozen foods are not only convenient to make, but also easy to eat, and the price is low. The low price and good taste make many children like to eat, and even many parents like to make it for their children. Seeing that their children love to eat and it is cheap, they often buy them, but in fact, it is best not to show these things on the table at home. High-carbohydrate water can easily make the child’s body fat, and it is still unhealthy to gain weight. High-carbohydrate and high-calorie content are not good for the child’s blood sugar. 

All kinds of candies are never given to children by doctors. The high sugar content in candies is loved by human genes. People always prefer sweet things, but candies are for children. The teeth are deadly killers, not only that, if the child eats too much hard candy, the child’s masseter muscles will be particularly developed, and the face will be particularly wide, which will reduce the child’s appearance. 

All kinds of cake milk tea are definitely not given to children by doctors. The fat content in cake milk tea is to a large extent, which is the worst for the human body. Good sugar content will increase the blood sugar of the human body and cause the human body to be unhealthy and cause the human body. Even the other additives contained in the cake milk tea will excessively affect the child’s health, and affect the child’s digestion, absorption and appetite. The cake milk tea is refreshing for a while, and it will harm the child for a long time. 

A variety of lactic acid bacteria drinks that are good for the intestines are never given to children by doctors. Drinking yogurt directly is much better than drinking all kinds of lactic acid bacteria beverages. Lactic acid bacteria beverages sell a lot of sales because they are healthy and helpful to the vitality of children’s intestines, but in fact, these lactic acid bacteria beverages can’t really hide for children. Beneficial fungus in the intestines. Not only that, these lactic acid bacteria drinks are also easy to gain weight, which is not good for the child’s body but is harmful. 

Spicy strips are also food that doctors will never give children. The large amount of oil in Spicy strips is artificially synthesized. This kind of oil is completely different from the oil used in home cooking. Although these oils taste delicious, children eat them. If it goes down, the child’s body resistance will be poor, because the ingredients in these spicy stick oils are too complicated and the harm is too great. Children who often eat spicy strips will have a linear decline in immunity. This is not a joke, but the complex ingredients in that strip can really reduce the child’s body resistance and immunity, making children more likely to get sick and more likely to catch colds. 

Lactic acid bacteria drinks, cakes, milk tea and frozen fast food are not good for children’s spleen and stomach. These foods are very difficult to digest and absorb, which will increase the burden of digestion and absorption of the child’s spleen and stomach. It is necessary for children to suffer from spleen and stomach disorders over time. Free. If you want to eat these kinds of foods, it is not good for your child’s spleen and stomach. So if you want your child’s spleen and stomach to digest and absorb well, and want your child to have a good health, what snacks can you give your child? 

Children can eat healthy biscuits, high-calcium biscuits, high-calcium milk and the like for children, which can not only help children supplement calcium, but also help children increase calcium absorption and eat some high-fiber foods. Nutritional oatmeal is also good for the digestion and absorption of the child’s intestines and stomach. If you want your children to be healthy, don’t buy snacks for your children casually, and help them choose healthy snacks carefully to help them get better.

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