Is it possible that a child is too fat? The hazards and prevention of child obesity, parents should know

Is it possible that a child is too fat? Parents should know about the dangers and prevention of obesity in children.

By the end of 16 years, the number of obese children from children to adolescents in my country has reached hundreds of millions. According to statistics, in the past 30 years, if you still Without intervention in childhood obesity, in 30 years, the obesity rate of children may reach 6%, and school-age children may reach about 25%. 

About 75% of parents in my country don’t know how to assess the health of their children. In modern life, parents worry about the baby’s low weight and whether it is malnourished. However, when the baby is overweight or obesity is obvious, it is often ignored by the parents and rarely attracts the attention of parents. 

So what is childhood obesity has become a topic that parents are more concerned about. “Child obesity” usually means that the weight is significantly more than 2 standard deviations of the average weight of ordinary children of the same age and sex; or more than 2 standard deviations of the average weight of ordinary children of the same height; or more than 2 standard deviations of the average weight of ordinary children of the same height. 20% of the average weight of the average child of the gender can preliminarily determine that the child has childhood obesity. 

So, what is the harm of childhood obesity? 

1. Poor resistance

Because of the excessive accumulation of body fat, obese children are prone to various infectious diseases, low immunity, weak resistance, and increase the burden on the children’s body organs. The child’s liver and kidneys may be a burden. 

2. Psychological problems

Due to the obesity of children’s bodies, they may be ridiculed by classmates or children of the same age. Over time, children’s psychology may become autistic and depressed. The situation occurs. 

3. Skin infections

Children with obesity are prone to sweating, there is a lot of subcutaneous fat on the body, and wrinkles appear. If they are not well taken care of in life, local skin infections may occur. Happening. 

4. Cardiopulmonary function is weakened

Children with obesity tend to have poorer physique. A little exercise is prone to rapid heartbeat, profuse sweating, and panting. 

So, how to prevent childhood obesity in daily life ? 

1. Infancy

Infants and young children within 3 months should try to avoid solid food for the baby, feed the baby according to the actual amount of breast milk that the baby needs, and try to insist on breastfeeding. For babies after 4 months, if they are already overweight, try to control excessive intake of calorie foods, and try to use rice and noodles instead of refined noodles. 

2. Childhood

A reasonable diet, with meat and vegetables, to avoid excessive intake of high-fat and high-calorie foods. In daily life, take your children to exercise more (exercise should be done in moderation). 

Research data shows the harm of obese children It may continue into the child’s adulthood or middle age, and then may cause a variety of diseases, such as (diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases) and other diseases. Therefore, in life, if parents find that their children are overweight, they should control them in time, or take the children to check their health, so as not to affect their children’s health due to obesity. When the post-90s became teachers, the classroom atmosphere became more lively, but the parents became more and more worried.

The post-90s became the mainstream of college graduates. They began to enter the society and shine in various positions. A group of post-90s teachers have also stood firm on the platform. 

When young people born in the 1990s joined the teaching team, the children preferred to attend classes, but some parents began to worry. 

Post-90s teachers’ fancy new teaching methods, the classroom atmosphere is active, and many students love it.

In the eyes of most people, the post-70s and post-80s teachers are generally serious, the teachers are serious and strict, and the students Obedient grades are good. 

But post-90s, especially post-95 teachers After taking the job, the classroom became lively. They dare to innovate in teaching and are willing to fight with their children. You must have seen or heard of these new teaching methods for post-90s teachers who are popular on the Internet! 

1. Trendy courseware

Before and after 2010, multimedia teaching was officially popularized throughout the country, and the classroom has undergone earth-shaking changes, from “chalk + blackboard” to ” Chalk + blackboard + electronic whiteboard”, when the older generation of teachers continue to learn new multimedia skills, teachers born in the 1990s are already able to play with multimedia freely, and the courseware they make is full of the trend of the times. 

For example, many teachers cleverly popularize the Internet The emoji package is integrated with the displayed courseware, and unexpectedly, it is a picture of the emoji package familiar to the children, which immediately arouses the children’s “resonance”. 

There are also some teachers who are good at combining audio and video, making the originally boring class very vivid in minutes. Who doesn’t like this class? 

2. Interesting classroom post-class communication

The teachers born in the 90s also like the “two-dimensional”, love to take selfies, and play various video platforms… They have many things in common with their students Topics, star-chasing, hot dramas, games, you can chat with any one of them. As a result, their classroom communication has become more interesting. When encountering topics that students like, teachers can turn into “jumps” in minutes to teach It’s not wrong with “Juanzi”. 

The original encouragement method is deeply loved by children. After the exam, you can scratch the red envelope reward or the easter egg lottery at a time. If you are lucky, you can get small snacks such as sweets and biscuits. If you are lucky, you can get an “examination paper”. Love? 

3. Innovative homework review methods

In terms of homework correction methods, the fancy innovations of teachers born in the 1990s can only be imitated and never surpassed. The child’s homework is very good, and his usual performance is good. Draw a piggy’s like emoticon on the homework and attach an encouragement comment; if the child is not serious and the homework is messy, he will draw something angry, regretful, or speechless. Emoticon, criticized it “relentlessly”. 

Such a way of emoticon comments will help children There is a kind of intimacy, and the motivation to write homework instantly doubles! 

The post-90s teachers are active in the classroom, and the children like to attend classes. What are the parents worrying about? 

1. Teachers have insufficient teaching experience and poor classroom control

One of the biggest concerns for parents is that young post-90s teachers lack teaching experience. Although the classroom is very active, it is due to lack of experience or too much experience. For some reasons, the teacher may not be able to control the noisy children, and the classroom is not well controlled, causing the classroom to become noisy, delaying the normal class progress, and then affecting the children’s learning. 

Compared with an active classroom, more parents want to see a picture of their children studying quietly and earnestly. 

2. Some behaviors of teachers tend to bias children.

Although teachers born in the 90s have new ideas and can chat with children, they are also easy to get their children’s love, but sometimes It is also likely to take the child away. 

For example, when children play games, teachers also play games. When parents try to prohibit children from playing games, the children will refute it with the reason “teacher all plays games, why can’t I play?” 

For the same reason, teachers chase stars and children will Thinking of chasing stars, etc., in general, I am worried that sometimes the role model of the teacher is not played well, and it is easy to lead the children. 

Parents are dissatisfied with the teacher, always thinking about complaining about changing teachers? 

Many parents do not approve of some young teachers’ educational methods. For example, they cannot understand the teacher’s “emoticon pack” courseware and homework correction methods. They always think that teachers are “not doing their job properly” and are afraid of teaching their children, so they take the most extreme methods. , Unite to complain to the teacher, and even ask the school to change the teacher. 

Such an approach is really undesirable. It not only dampens the teacher’s confidence in education, but also dampens the children’s enthusiasm for learning. We must know that children today are different from their parents’ generations. There are generations of people from one generation to another. Teaching method. 

The new teaching methods of post-90s teachers should be respected. Parents think that the teaching methods are not necessarily good, and every teacher has undergone specific training before going to the stage. Novice teachers need time To grow, it also requires the understanding and tolerance of parents. 

When parents have doubts about teachers’ educational methods At the time, you should not rush to deny and complain to the teacher, but communicate with the teacher more, understand the child’s thoughts, point out the teacher’s problems, and make useful suggestions. Abandoned before the full moon, and relied on grandma’s scavengering and pulling up. After becoming an actress at the age of 26, parents came to recognize each other

Everyone said, “a child is a piece of meat from a mother” but there is always an exception in everything . 

Some parents will not give birth to their children for various reasons, or even more cruelly, just throw them away…

Abandoned, relying on grandma to scavenger and pull up, the 26-year-old became the actor and his parents came to recognize each other

Many people saw the 26-year-old actor Jing Boran’s appearance and bright future. He was followed by stars like a moon. I don’t know the hardships of his childhood life. 

Jing Boran should have nestled like other babies He was in the arms of his parents, but he didn’t follow his wishes. 28 days after he was born, he was ruthlessly abandoned by his parents. Then, it was his grandmother who pulled him up. The old man who was already old and had no job, in order to support his grandchildren, made money by scavenging waste all day long… Such an experience made those who heard it weep. 

Unexpectedly, Jing Boran, who accidentally entered the entertainment industry, finally ushered in a big hit after years of hard work. After becoming a movie emperor at the age of 26, his parents, who had disappeared for 26 years, came to recognize each other and take care of him. He asked for alimony. 

Jing Boran resolutely refused: “Birth without raising, where is the alimony?”, Birth without raising shouldn’t be the behavior that parents should do. 

What will happen to those children who have not been accompanied by their parents since childhood Up? 

1. Alienation from parents

If parents leave the child to work after giving birth, let the child really come from the love of the parents since childhood. Years and months, the child will alienate the parents. . In the face of parents who only return home once a year, how much affection can a child have? 

2, sensitive but not confident

Children who lack the company and care of their parents since childhood will be very sensitive and not confident. Because he has been insecure since he was a child, and he is often concerned about gains and losses. Without the encouragement of his parents around, he will become an unconfident person, even if he is right, he will not dare to fight for reasons. How “good kids” come from is nothing more than that they grew up with the company and encouragement of their parents from small to large. 

3. Rebellious and contempt of the rules

Children who have not been accompanied by their parents since childhood will lack parental supervision and will become more rebellious than ordinary children. Once he encounters other people’s sudden discipline, he who has never experienced discipline will feel that others are nosy, and his rebellious psychology will be abnormally inflated. And he doesn’t listen to discipline and despise the rules. Feel that you are the rule, and do whatever you want. 

No matter how important work is, family comes first

1. Seize the limited time and interact with your children

If you have to stick to work, that’s fine. But you must accompany your child regularly, and you can set a specified time, such as how often you go home to see your child. Stay with your child more, even if you accompany your child to watch TV, or go to bed, so that the child feels that the love of the parents has not been lost, and is always there. 

2. Communicate with children and listen to them Inner

When you are with your child, chat with him more, understand his inner thoughts, guide his thoughts, and help him drive away loneliness. 

3. Take time out occasionally and take your family out

Outing is the easiest way to cultivate parent-child relationships. Parents should take time occasionally to accompany their family and children out to play together. You don’t need to go too far, and you don’t need to be too expensive. Even riding a bike in the park and bringing some snacks to the park for a picnic is an excellent way. 

The growth of “good kids” is inseparable Parents’ companionship, birthing rather than raising is an extremely irresponsible performance. It is not easy for children to come into the world alone. Since you are parents, you may wish to give your children more love and care, and accompany your children to grow up, worthy of the title “parents”. .

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