Is it good for children to beat, scold, and yell? The child would rather you not love him, what an ironic deformity education

Is it good for children to beat, scold, and yell? The child would rather you not love him. What an ironic deformity education.

Educating children is just to make them a good person, rather than making them completely obedient. While many parents don’t understand this truth, they also practice beating and scolding for the good of their children, regardless of their feelings. Is this kind of education really good for children? 

“I hit you so that you can get good grades.” This sentence of parents puts unimaginable pressure on their children! 

Two days ago, the neighbour Wang’s home was extremely “lively”. There was no other reason. Wang Xiaochen, who was in the fourth grade, was beaten by Wang’s again this year. The crying continued for several hours. 

Finally, after we came to persuade, Sister Wang stopped beating and scolding Xiao Chen. In fact, since Xiaochen was in first grade, Sister Wang has been extremely strict with Xiaochen. 

As long as the exam does not reach the first place in the class, or even if the speed of homework is a little slower, you can hear Wang Jie’s relentless beating and scolding towards Xiao Chen. 

The one we hear most is “Do you think I want to beat you? Not all for your good results!”

There is no accident for this time, it is small In the morning, the final exam results ranked 5th in the class. 

Sister Wang said that as early as before the final exam, she had told Xiaochen that if she couldn’t reach the first place at the end of the term, then don’t blame her feather duster for “serving”. 

In the community, as long as you mention Xiaochen, everyone’s first reaction is that they can study very hard and hard at a young age. 

But it is also the most taciturn and dislike kid in the whole community. In fact, as those of us who often see Xiaochen being beaten and scolded by his parents, we all know that if he does not force himself to study hard and give up playing time, he may be disciplined more severely. 

Sister Wang once said that Xiaochen’s wish on her birthday last year was actually to be far away from her parents when she grows up. 

Sister Wang spoke of this matter in an incredible tone and a deep reproach to Xiao Chen. She would always unconsciously say that Xiao Chen was like a “white-eyed wolf”. And this name once became a joking name for Xiaochen by many children in the community. 

There is a Chinese proverb called “a filial son is born under a stick.” In the same way, many parents also pursue a “stick education” and often give their children simple and rude education in beating and scolding. 

Nowadays, the suicide rate of young people in my country has been rising. Previous surveys have shown that at least 10.9% of students in our country have suicidal tendencies. 

In recent years, news that children choose to commit suicide because of being beaten and scolded by their parents or because of unsatisfactory test results have also occurred frequently. This kind of deformity education of beating and scolding children is a good starting point for children, and the impact on children’s body and mind is beyond the imagination of parents! 

Hit the child What are the effects of curse education on children? 

1. Insecurity

Children who are often beaten and scolded by their parents are usually in a state of insecurity and cannot extricate themselves. Over a long period of time, most of these children have become inferior, introverted, withdrawn, and do not like and dare not associate with others. 

This kind of bad mood and character keeps the child in a state of depression. Once it breaks out, the consequences will be disastrous. 

2. Grumpy

I will not be patient to educate children, and implement simple and rude education of beating and scolding. These behaviors of parents will seriously affect the character and temper of the child. 

When children grow up, they will also become impatient to deal with things, be grumpy and irritable. Whether it is getting along with people or encountering problems, it will only be solved with violence. 

3. Personality becomes paranoid.

Parents’ emotional instability, coupled with parents’ beating and scolding, sometimes hurt the child’s self-esteem regardless of the presence of outsiders or speech. 

Affixing bad “labels” to children, these will make them more and more rebellious and paranoid as children get older. This is also a kind of counterattack against parents. 

Educating children is a very complicated thing, but also requires skill and patience. Blindly beaten and scold, put pressure on the child, not only hurt the child’s physical and mental health, but also ruin the parent-child relationship. 

There are tens of thousands of ways to educate children, but they do not include the deformed education method of beating and scolding children. In addition to being suitable for their children, parents’ education of their children must also be based on respect for their children, and focus on guiding attitudes and methods! 

Educating children What are the correct methods and attitudes? 

1. Give enough companionship

Many parents often say that they are busy at work and strive to make money for their children, and they can’t spare any time to accompany their children to grow up. As everyone knows, such a move is undoubtedly the biggest harm to the child. 

Parents should spend as much time as possible with their children after work, understand their children’s emotional changes, and care about their thoughts, so that they can communicate better with their children and make them accept Parents’ teachings. 

2. Listen patiently and control your temper

When a child makes a mistake, parents should try to control their temper and listen patiently to the cause and effect of the child’s mistake. Through communication, let The child understands what is wrong and avoids doing it again next time. 

3. Respect the children and have a degree of expectation

Hope children become talents, there is nothing wrong with the expectation of parents. However, when making any decision for the child, it is still necessary to respect the child’s ideas and wishes. 

You must have a degree of expectations for your children. Don’t impose your expectations on your children and put them under too much pressure. 

Scientific, reasonable, and appropriate educational methods can often convince children and at the same time establish a good parent-child relationship. Children are themselves first, and then our children. Respect should be the prerequisite for everything. 

When children are able to interact with their parents, they are more willing to open their hearts to their parents, and are willing to work hard with their parents to become better people! 

Have you ever beaten and scolded children for their studies? What is your opinion on the act of beating and scolding children for thinking that they are good? “Let’s find grandma”, the grandson complained about the grandmother pretending to bring the baby, and the grandmother can’t sit still after listening.

Nowadays, many young parents prefer to ask the elderly to help with their children. The old people have plenty of time and treat their children. The care is also very diligent. For young parents, the elderly are indeed effective helpers with children, which also allows them to have more time and energy for their careers, thereby contributing to the family economy. However, there are also some elderly people who say they are willing to help their children with children, but they actually “pretend to be”. I have to say that when encountering such an old man, the mothers are the most aggrieved. Not only do they have to ask the old man to help bring the baby, but also bear most of the hard work of bringing the baby. There is really hardship to tell. 

Grandma Tucao Grandma “Fake model” “Let’s find grandma!” Grandma was embarrassed after hearing this.

Ning Ning was taken by her grandma until she was three years old, and her grandma only came to see her grandson occasionally when she was free. Some time ago, Ningning was going to kindergarten, but her grandma was a little unwell, so Ningning’s mother had to ask Grandma Ningning to help take care of the children. 

Although Ningning’s mother was succeeded by her mother-in-law, Ningning’s mother’s work was not affected too much, but she had to say, “The mother-in-law is really inferior to her own mother!” Ningning came home from get off work every day. Mom is not only busy cooking, but also washing the children’s clothes. It was already very late after the children had been cleaned up, and Ningning’s mother would have time to do her own business only then. On the weekends, I didn’t even see my mother-in-law. In the days when my mother went home, Ningning’s mother was really tired. 

In the past few days when the child’s grandmother came home, Ningning’s mother lost five pounds. What makes Ningning’s mother even more uncomfortable is that her mother-in-law has to nag several times every time she helps with the children, “If you stand with an old man like me, you can burn incense and worship Buddha! Help you with your children without complaint, it really is. No choice!”

Every time I heard her mother-in-law say this, Ningning’s mother hurriedly accompanied the smiling face. Although the mother-in-law is at most picking up the children to and from school, if she chooses her son and quits, Ningning Mom is indeed a little frantic. 

Just when Ningning’s mother was patient with her mother-in-law, the little guy Ningning was not happy anymore. One night after dinner, Ningning wanted to let her grandma take herself downstairs to play, but her grandma said that she was not free, “I will go to the square dance in a while.” At this time, Ningning couldn’t help saying, “Mom, you still find Come on, grandma! My grandma is really not suitable for bringing children!” Ningning’s words really surprised the adults present, and Ningning’s grandma was flushed with embarrassment by the grandson’s words. 

Although I help bring Baby is not the obligation of the elderly, but the elderly pretending to bring a baby should not

influence the relationship between the elderly and their children

Although the elderly pretending to bring a baby can deceive outsiders, it is for their own family members. Obvious. Especially for Bao’s mother, Bao’s mother knows best whether the old man is sincerely helping with the children. After all, if the old man is selfish, Bao’s mother herself is the most tiring. Therefore, if the elderly pretend to bring a baby, not only will they not be grateful for their children, but they may also induce more unnecessary family conflicts. 

Influence on the care of children

Although the old man pretends to take the baby, although he can steal leisurely, the child is really neglected because of this. Especially for children in their infancy, a momentary carelessness of adults may cause accidents and dangers. If the elderly are not able to cooperate with their children tacitly and clearly divide the labor, then the fake appearance is likely to put the children at some unnecessary risks. 

Hinder the child’s physical and mental development

If the child perceives that he is the burden of the elderly and is not seen by the elderly, then this is also a trauma to the child’s young mind. Especially for children with a certain ideological awareness, the fake appearance of the elderly is likely to affect the child’s physical and mental development. 

How can young parents avoid the situation where the elderly pretend to be with a baby? 

Don’t force the elderly to help bring the baby

Obviously, they are able to pretend to bring the baby. From their hearts, they are not willing to help their children bring the baby. Perhaps because of the sentiment, perhaps because of the pressure of public opinion, the old man had no choice but to help with the baby. But because they don’t want to help bring the baby from the bottom of their hearts, the old people will inevitably be lax and resentful about this. So in order to avoid the situation where the elderly pretend to bring a baby, young parents must have “foresight” and don’t force the elderly too much. 

Communicate well with the elderly

Although the practice of the elderly pretending to bring a baby can make young parents feel a headache, but I have to say that the elderly may also have their ideas or difficulties in their hearts. Therefore, if you want to solve the problem, young parents should be more willing to communicate and understand the inner thoughts of the elderly to avoid the embarrassing situation of pretending to bring a baby. 

Do more to take responsibility for upbringing.

With the help of the elderly, young parents can indeed relieve some of the pressure of bringing a baby, but I have to say that if young parents If you blindly point to the elderly for help, and shirk your own upbringing responsibilities, it will inevitably make the elderly feel uncomfortable. So when young parents take the initiative to take the responsibility of upbringing, this may be more able to exchange the relief in the hearts of the elderly. 

In short, it is not easy for young parents to change the mentality and thinking of the elderly, so when making choices, they should communicate with the elderly. Kidnapping is neither excessively reluctant nor morally abducted, so that we can better see what the old man is thinking. 

What do you think about the phenomenon of old people pretending to bring babies?

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