Is it embarrassing to meet a male doctor during the internal examination? No, there is another check after entering the delivery room, called skin preparation

Is it embarrassing to meet a male doctor during the internal examination? No, there is a checkup after entering the delivery room, called skin preparation.

For a parturient who has no experience in childbirth, during the process of childbirth, not only have to bear a huge pain, but also have to endure it. Embarrassing “shame”! 

In the process of childbirth, women will expose their bodies to the doctor. This is naturally very normal for the doctor, but it is for the parturients who have not had much labor experience. Very embarrassing. 

In the mother’s mind She was already embarrassed by the male doctor during the examination, but what she did not expect was that there was a skin preparation item.

Some time ago, Xiao Fangshun gave birth to a baby weighing seven kilograms, recalling the process of childbirth. Xiaofang sighed, “The pain is painful, but the most annoying thing is the complete lack of dignity during childbirth!”

On the day Xiaofang gave birth, she was sent to the hospital by her family early in the morning for delivery. . Because it was her first child, Xiaofang didn’t know about the checkups during delivery. When the male doctor was about to give her an internal checkup, Xiaofang was completely confused. 

“Take off your pants and go for an internal inspection!” When the doctor said this to Xiaofang, Xiaofang was really embarrassed and embarrassed. 

“Can other female doctors or female nurses help me with the internal examination?”

But because there are more women waiting for delivery on the same day, even if you find that there will be a male doctor to help you deliver , Xiaofang also had to silently accept. 

The internal examination is to judge the degree of opening of the uterine mouth, so the doctor will come to check it every once in a while. 

Finally, Xiaofang was pushed onto the delivery bed after she finally opened her fingers. But what she didn’t expect was that the next operation in her life would simply make her “dignified.” 

The doctor said that skin preparations should be performed before delivery. Because of inexperience, Xiaofang didn’t understand what it meant to prepare skin. But when the doctor began to use the knife to clean the hair under the lower abdomen, Xiaofang wanted to find a place to sew in. 

Although she was surrounded by severe pain at this time, the doctor’s single-cut shaving operation seemed to delay her dignity. After experiencing a series of embarrassing situations, Xiaofang finally successfully completed the delivery. 

So when sharing her childbirth experience with her friends, Xiaofang didn’t complain about her pain much, but instead complained about these embarrassing situations. 

“Giving birth is not as simple as dropping a piece of meat from the body. The dignity of the whole person has been rubbed on the ground!”

The skin preparation is in the parturient. A prenatal operation performed by a doctor after being pushed to the delivery bed. 

The doctor will shave the hair under the lower abdomen and the perineum of the parturient, so as to avoid bacterial infection during the delivery process, and it is also helpful for the doctor to observe the delivery process. 

during delivery What other embarrassing situations are likely to be encountered by the mothers? 

1. Being viewed as a “model” during childbirth

In the process of childbirth, there may be an intern on the sidelines to observe, which is naturally a very embarrassing situation for the parturient. 

Moreover, in most cases, doctors will not notify the mothers in advance that there will be interns to observe, so the unprepared mothers will be more embarrassed. 

2. Excreted on the delivery bed during delivery

As the fetus descends, this will cause pressure on the maternal rectum and bladder. At the same time, the doctor asked the mother to work hard. 

Then this is likely to cause the mother to excrete in the delivery bed. Excretion in public, this will inevitably make the mother feel embarrassed. 

3. The placenta is stripped by hand during childbirth

After the fetus is delivered, only when the placenta is delivered smoothly, can it be regarded as the smooth end of the labor process. If the placenta can not be delivered in time, the doctor will perform the operation of hand-stripping the placenta. 

The doctor will stuff the entire arm into the mother’s vagina in order to remove the placenta. Obviously, this will not only cause the mother to experience great pain, but also embarrass the mother. 

How should women cope with embarrassing situations during childbirth? 

1. Prepare in advance

For example, in order to avoid excretion in the delivery bed, women can perform enema treatment in advance under the arrangement of the doctor. 

For another example, in order to avoid the embarrassment of the doctor preparing the skin, women can prepare the skin in advance. These preparations in advance can reduce the embarrassment of the mothers a lot, and at the same time, the emotional state will be more relaxed. 

2. Know more about childbirth

For inexperienced women, it is easy for them to make some inappropriate reactions or actions during childbirth. 

So it is best for pregnant women to learn more about childbirth, so that they can better cooperate with the doctor during the process of childbirth, so as to reduce the occurrence of unnecessary dilemmas. 

3. Make emotional adjustments in time

The nervous and anxious emotions will make the mother’s inner embarrassment more lingering, so it is necessary for the mothers to adjust their mental state in time. Deal with the process of childbirth more calmly. 

Only when the mother is emotionally stable and listens to the doctor’s instructions, the labor process will proceed more smoothly. 

Actually, in the eyes of doctors, delivery is their job, so even if the situation is embarrassing, doctors can respond with their rich experience. 

As a parturient, as long as you can ensure the health of yourself and the fetus, then some unnecessary embarrassing emotions can be completely ignored. 

What do you think of the embarrassment during childbirth? “Natural alternatives” to contraceptives. Keep your mouth shut during pregnancy. Doctors can stop eating if they don’t.

If you want a child, but you are too late, many couples have this trouble after marriage. Statistics show that the current infertility rate in my country has exceeded 10%, which means that there is one out of ten couples, and the proportion is already quite high. However, infertility is actually rare due to congenital factors, and more people are caused by bad living habits. 

When my cousin got married eight years ago, he said that he would hold each other in three years, but after five years, there was nothing. Later, there was no way to go to the hospital for an examination, and the doctor said that the reproductive function of the couple was normal, and the inability to conceive might be related to eating habits. Under the guidance of the doctor, the cousin and cousin finally found the culprit, which turned out to be the coffee that both of them love to drink. According to the doctor, coffee is very harmful to women’s fallopian tubes. Drinking coffee regularly can cause the fallopian tubes to not work properly, which makes it extremely difficult to get pregnant. In addition, coffee will also affect the quality of male sperm. When the two factors are superimposed, it is of course more difficult for cousin to make cousin pregnant naturally. 

After understanding this truth, the two immediately quit coffee. Not only that, but the doctor also told them that there are several foods that can be avoided without eating, because they have natural contraceptive effects like coffee. According to the doctor’s guidance, the two patiently prepared for another three months of pregnancy, and it really worked. Now three years have passed. My cousin has been a father for two years, and his wife is also pregnant with a second child. The vow of “holding two for three years” when we got married, although it was a few years late, it was still Achieved. 

Many people think that contraceptives either wear a condom, take medicine, or ligate the ring. In fact, even if these are not done, it is not easy for some people to get pregnant. Because there are several foods that are known as “natural substitutes” for contraceptives, if they are often present in the usual diet, it will be more difficult to get pregnant naturally than to get pregnant. The coffee that my cousin and cousin often drink is one of them. 

These foods are comparable to natural contraceptives. People who want children can skip it if they don’t eat it.


Coffee is the favorite of many young people today, and it’s refreshing. Brain effect, but as mentioned above, it also has great harm to the human reproductive system. Especially for women, who often drink coffee, fallopian tubes are prone to problems, and pregnancy will be even more difficult. In addition, drinking too much coffee can cause changes in blood composition, which will also affect the development of the fetus and even increase the risk of malformations. 


Celery is a vegetable recognized by academia and has the effect of inhibiting sperm production. Therefore, during pregnancy, men must avoid eating celery, while women have no such taboo. However, the effect of celery on sperm is only temporary. Even if men like to eat celery, they don’t have to worry about reproductive ability. Just take care of your mouth during pregnancy and stop eating for three to five months. 

Pickled vegetables

Pickled vegetables are also a dietary taboo during pregnancy, because the nitrite content in this kind of vegetables exceeds the standard, which will cause the quality of sperm and eggs to decrease after consumption, thereby reducing the probability of natural conception. In addition, nitrite can also directly harm the female reproductive system, causing difficulty in implantation of fertilized eggs, and making natural pregnancy more difficult. Therefore, it is best not to eat pickled vegetables during pregnancy. In fact, this type of food should also be eaten less frequently because its carcinogenicity is recognized. When you control your mouth during pregnancy, pregnancy will be much easier. Of course, just doing this step is not enough. If you want to get pregnant as soon as possible, you should also consider more factors. 

Women are preparing for pregnancy What issues should be paid attention to during the period? 

Take folic acid to create a good environment for fetal development

During pregnancy, women should take folic acid according to the doctor’s instructions. This substance can improve the environment in women’s body and make it more beneficial to the development of the fetus. However, the amount and frequency of folic acid taken by different women are different. Too much folic acid will have negative effects, so you need to take it strictly according to the doctor’s advice. 

Calculate the ovulation period and choose to have sex at this stage

A woman’s menstrual cycle is divided into three stages, namely menstruation, safety period and ovulation period. Among the three stages, the most The easy stage of pregnancy is the ovulation period. Therefore, if the menstrual period is particularly regular, you can calculate the ovulation period in advance, and then choose to have intercourse during this time period, so that the chances of pregnancy will be greatly increased, and even “it will hit you immediately”. 

Strengthen exercise to maintain a healthy body

In addition to the above two points, during the entire pregnancy period, both men and women should strengthen exercise to maintain a healthy body. This will not only improve the quality of sperm and eggs, but also the fetus. The follow-up development is also more secure. Pregnancy is an easy task for some people, but it is even more difficult for some people. If you unfortunately belong to the latter, then you should pay more attention to the content mentioned above. Only by insisting on scientific preparation, and managing your mouth during pregnancy, maintaining a regular schedule, and insisting on necessary exercise, can make it easier for you. Be pregnant with a baby, and the baby will be healthier.

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