Is it easy for children to grow taller by supplementing protein? How to replenish protein for children, mother needs to know

Is it easy for children to grow taller by supplementing protein? How to add protein to children, mothers need to know

Recently, a hotly discussed issue among fans is that babies tend to grow taller when they eat, especially in the north, where most people grow up drinking rice porridge. No, Bao Ma in the fan group has aroused a heated discussion about an expert’s proposal of “Drink milk for breakfast, eat eggs, and not drink porridge”. 

Moreover, many people have different disagreements about what he said, but to be honest, what the experts said has some truth. In the case of porridge, the proportion of carbohydrates is still relatively high. If you only drink porridge, the corresponding protein intake may not be that much. Appropriate intake of protein for your baby every day can help your baby improve its immunity. 

By analyzing what fans proposed, the baby eats What is easy to grow taller? On the topic of how to supplement your baby with protein, I summarized 7 questions that fans want to know. 

So, what effect does protein have on children’s growth? How to add protein to children? 

1. If you want your child to grow taller, why can’t you do without protein? 

The issue of children’s growth and development is a topic that parents are more concerned about. I believe many parents are aware of growth hormone, and there is protein in the component of growth hormone, and protein is also an important part of bone. The nutrition that children usually absorb needs to be transported by protein, and the nutrition transportation is normal, so that the child’s body can grow. 

2. How much nutritious food can be eaten to double the height? 

Some parents think that their children can get protein by eating eggs and are rich in nutrients, so they let their children eat two. They think that the children may grow taller. This concept is wrong and human There are limits to the nutrients that the body can accept, and excess nutrients are automatically filtered out and excreted from the body. 

3. Where can I get high-quality protein? 

The high-quality protein that babies from three to six years old need is the meat protein we call daily. When the child’s age grows up, he can add a catty of milk and a catty to the child’s daily diet. Eggs and one or two meats for daily needs. 

4. Enough protein in the child’s diet ? 

One catty of milk, one egg and one or two meats a day for a child, together with the usual meals, can generally meet the daily needs of 35g of protein for three to six-year-old babies. 

5. What should I do if I am allergic to eggs and do not like meat? 

Some babies are allergic to eggs, and some babies don’t like meat, what should we do? You can replace the food with the same nutritious food that your baby can accept, such as 250ml yogurt, 30g beef (beef tenderloin), or 80g shrimp. 

6. Is it necessary for children to take extra protein powder? 

This can only be said to be different from person to person. If the child likes to eat everything, there is no need to eat extra. On the contrary, you can follow the doctor’s advice to give your child an appropriate amount of supplement. 

7. How to increase the value of protein? 

You can mix a variety of protein foods for your baby. In this way, the amino acids in the food can interact to complement each other and complement each other. 

Of course, in life, give the right amount Children’s protein supplementation can achieve the effect of heightening, but excessive intake of protein can also affect children. 

So, what is the impact of excessive protein intake on children?

Relevant data shows that high protein intake in early life may grow into factor IGF-1 through insulin, which will increase the weight of the child. Increasing. Data from related experiments also show that for every 10 grams of protein a child needs every day, BMI and IGF-1 will increase accordingly. Therefore, excessive protein will bring a certain burden to the kid’s kidneys and liver, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of the child. 

So, combining the above, in life, When parents find that their children tend to be overweight, they are advised not to add too much protein to the children, so as not to affect the children’s normal health. “Sit down, don’t show up.” Bao Ma blew her English in the kindergarten group, and aroused the dissatisfaction of the parents in the same class.

When the children reached the age when they should go to kindergarten, many novice parents felt relieved. I think I can relax from now on. 

But in fact, after parents joined the parent group of the kindergarten, they will soon find that parents from all walks of life in the group seem to have done their best to show their talents, as if this is not a parent group , But a “stage”. 

Because in the opinion of some parents, presenting themselves in the parent group can determine what kind of treatment their children receive. Therefore, in order to show the good tutoring of their children, parents seized the opportunity to carry out various activities in secret. A variety of competitions, such as spelling writing pen, spelling talent, and even culinary skills and so on. 

In fact, parent groups are for convenience It is set by parents to receive notifications and understand the children’s situation in the kindergarten, but under the various godly manipulations of the parents, this group has changed its taste. 

“Qihuabao Ma” blasted English in the kindergarten class group, which caused dissatisfaction among the parents of the same class.

As the kindergarten started, the parents group also resumed the excitement. Everyone can understand the feelings of caring about the children. Some Bao Ma in the group fancy patting horses also opened one eye and closed one eye. However, the slightly ostentatious expressions of some parents are somewhat unacceptable. 

Originally, the teacher’s notifications were also the duty of the job, and the mother did not know whether it was to test the teacher’s English level or to show off her academic qualifications, so she directly sent a thank-you note in English. 

At first, parents still thought of this mother Quite internationally, she expressed her admiration for this spoken English. Unexpectedly, under the praise of other parents, this mother did not constrain, but felt that she was affirmed. Later, I even started to use English to communicate with the teacher about the parenting experience. It seemed that there was a rhythm that couldn’t be stopped every minute. 

With this introduction, other mothers showed off their English unwillingly, and a good group of parents instantly became the scene of the English speaking contest. 

Unexpectedly, the next one of Baoma’s godly reply directly turned things around and threw out a paragraph of Arabic, and the group suddenly became silent, “Who knows how to say a few words in English, can Arabic work? ”

Finally, this one in the class group The farce also caused dissatisfaction from many parents in the same class, and this mother was also complained by other parents: “Sit down, don’t show off!” It really makes people feel embarrassed across the screen. 

There are also parents who like to write “small essays” in class groups.

In addition to this kind of dazzling mothers, there are also some mothers who are very emotional. Such parents can often be together “Thank you “Teacher” and “Teacher has worked hard” stood out from the crowd and attracted the attention of all parents. 

For example, this Baoma wrote emotionally A 500-word essay-style thank you letter, I don’t know if the essay touched the teacher. 

I have to say that this year’s parents are too dazzling. 

In fact, parents who are too “obtrusive” in the parent group tend to be disgusting.

This kind of parents seem to be very careful, but for other parents, it is easy to get bored. 

First of all, for the kindergarten, the parent group is a very necessary existence. First, they can discuss the parenting experience with each other, and second, they can also understand the children’s situation in the kindergarten for the first time. 

But if there are some who like to show off in high profile Parents keep showing off their skills in the group, which will make people feel uncomfortable. This is a convenient existence for teachers and parents. The parents have turned their lives into a group of fighting mothers, and the key information is often covered by these “off-track” words. 

Too chaotic parent group, not only the parents are big heads, but the teachers are also very troubled.

It is natural for parents to care about their children, and the purpose of teachers to establish a parent group is to make it convenient for every parent. Understand the child’s condition at the first time. 

But there are always some parents who like to do things that have nothing to do with their children in the group. For example, they seem to show off their wealth unconsciously. At first glance, they are the masters of Versailles, just to hear a sentence or two. Praise. 

Or if you have nothing to do, you like to look for things. The expansion of small things, etc., such a chaotic and “changed” parent group will not only make parents feel uncomfortable, but also make teachers feel annoyed. “Fashionable elderly care” has become popular, and not going to nursing homes will not drag your children. Netizens: you can live like this when you are old.

Elderly care has always been a topic of widespread concern in society, and it is also a topic There seems to be no best solution to the social problem. In most people’s perception, there are two ways to provide for the elderly, one is to support the children, and the other is to go to a nursing home, but no matter which one it is, it seems that it is difficult to achieve perfection. 

In Hangzhou, Zhejiang, an old couple used their own unique way to interpret the meaning of “new wave of old-age care” and pointed out a way for modern people to provide old-age care. After they retire, they neither help their children with their children nor live with them, nor do they expect their children to provide them for the elderly. Instead, they choose a “self-reliance” way of providing for the elderly. 

This old couple who is over seventy years old, financially rich, guards a large villa, although life is very leisurely, but often feel lonely. And they also feel that they have worked too much for their children in the first half of their lives. Now that their children are married and have their own lives, they don’t want to blend in, but want to live their own lives. As a result, they came up with such a “new wave of old-age care” method: to publish in the newspaper to collect people who can accompany the old-age care. 

As soon as the newspapers were published, hundreds of elderly people eagerly signed up. After screening, the couple finally signed the “Partner Pension Agreement” with 4 pairs of like-minded seniors. After the old people “rushed”, they moved into the villa and lived together like a big family. They walked, punched, and played chess together every day. Various entertainment activities continued, and occasionally they would travel together. Full of happiness and coziness, so that the originally deserted villa suddenly becomes lively and extraordinary. 

This “new-fashioned elderly care” method does not require going to a nursing home or bothering children. Many netizens have said: I will live like this when I am old. There are even some netizens predicting that this kind of “new wave of old-age care” method will become a new trend in the near future, and more groups will continue to appear together for old-age care. 

Why does “New Wave Pension” become popular? 

The “new wave of old-age care” has become popular mainly because this new type of old-age care is out of the traditional mode of old-age care. The traditional old-age care model requires the elderly and their children to live together or close together, so that it is convenient for the elderly to help their children take care of their children, and it is also convenient for children to take care of the elderly. 

Elderly people in the “new wave of old-age care” have better economic conditions, have their own ideas, and have broad horizons. They don’t want to live with their children, let alone in a nursing home. Instead, they are more willing to live with a group of like-minded friends, live together, and travel to see the world together. This “new wave of elderly care” model meets their needs. 

What are the benefits of “New Wave Pension”? 

1. Lively and interesting

“Fashionable Elderly Care” is a group of like-minded seniors living together, they can do There are many things, such as traveling together, fishing together, singing and dancing together. Due to work reasons, children seldom accompany the elderly to do things they are interested in. Therefore, this kind of companion care can make the elderly full and happy, thus adding a lot of interest to their lives. 

2. Reduce the occurrence of contradictions

If the elderly live with their children, the two generations have different views on education, consumption and living habits, which can easily lead to conflicts and even escalation For quarreling. Coupled care is a group of like-minded elderly people who live together, and their friction will be relatively less. Therefore, partner care has its unique advantages and will be more and more sought after by the elderly. 

What other methods are there for “new-wave pension”? 

1. Travel for the elderly

When many elderly people are young, they don’t have time to see the great rivers and mountains of the motherland because of their busy work. After retirement, if economic conditions and physical conditions permit, this regret can be made up. 

The elderly use travel to spend their old life, not only to increase their knowledge, but also to stay away from some bad things. 

2. Senior colleges

Now there are more and more senior colleges in the society. After retirement, senior citizens can go to senior colleges and use their spare time to learn more new things. Knowledge, new skills, such as calligraphy, musical instruments, dancing, etc. 

Not only that, but in the elderly college, you can also make more new friends, and you don’t have to worry about family chores every day. You can do multiple things in one fell swoop. 

3. Returning to the hometown to provide for the elderly

Many elderly people are originally from rural areas, so they had to live their lives when they were young After leaving his hometown to work hard in a big city, after retirement, he still misses the rural life of his hometown. 

At this time, the elderly can choose to return to their hometowns to repair their old houses and live a rural life of sunrise and sunset every day. A comfortable way of elderly care. 

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