Is it better to let children go to public kindergartens or private kindergartens? The difference between the two is mainly in four aspects

Is it better to let children go to public kindergartens or private kindergartens? The difference between the two is mainly in four aspects.

Kindergarten is the connection and transition of children from home to school. It is also an important part of developing good behavior habits and cultivating social skills. It is very important for children. 

However, kindergartens are different from elementary schools. On the one hand, there are differences in the charging standards, and on the other hand, admission is based on a voluntary principle, which gives many families a lot of choice. 

However, because of the differences in the basic environment, teaching philosophy and content of kindergartens, many old fathers and mothers are choosing public or private when choosing kindergartens for their children. And tangled. 

Mother’s worry: it’s better to let children go to public kindergartens , Or private kindergarten better? 

Nuan Nuan is already three years old, and she is just about the age of kindergarten. Nuan Nuan’s mother plans to send her children to the nearest kindergarten. 

But after understanding, Nuan Nuan found that there are seven or eight kindergartens around them, including two public kindergartens and the rest are private kindergartens. These kindergartens are very different in terms of fees, environment, and service quality. 

Nuan Nuan’s mother inquired and investigated and finally locked in two kindergartens, but the hardware and software conditions of the two kindergartens are almost the same. The only difference is that one is a public kindergarten and the other is a private kindergarten. Nuan mom hard to choose. 

She told her colleague about this situation as the person who came in Li’s colleague, sister Li, said: My child chose a private kindergarten at the beginning, while his relatives’ children of the same age chose a public kindergarten. The gap between the two gradually became apparent after school. 

The difference between the two is actually mainly in four aspects.

Public kindergartens and private kindergartens seem to be a word difference, but if you really compare it, you will find that the gap between the two exists in many aspects. Let us come together Learn about. 

The difference in tuition fees

Generally speaking, because public kindergartens have certain subsidies, the pricing of public kindergartens is relatively fixed and relatively cheaper. 

The fees for private kindergartens are uneven In some kindergartens that are more “international”, tuition fees alone can already persuade many people, but most of the private kindergartens’ tuition fees are still within the limits of their parents. 

There are differences in the degree of difficulty of admission.

Experienced parents also understand that public kindergartens are relatively popular, and parents need to register in advance, and some also need to be registered or lottery to enter the kindergarten. Moreover, the opening time of public kindergartens is fixed, and it is generally difficult to transfer classes. 

However, private kindergartens are relatively easy. As long as the enrollment of the class is not full, most of them can transfer to the kindergarten at any time. 

The difference between “hardware” and “software” in schools

It is troublesome to update and maintain the hardware of teaching facilities in public kindergartens, so it is normal not to change for a long time, while private kindergartens are relatively free in this regard , So the “hardware” maintenance of teaching facilities is better. 

In addition, the service quality and teachers of public kindergartens The level is relatively stable, and the teacher’s age is relatively older. The management of private kindergartens is flatter, and teachers tend to be younger, but they are also more mobile. Therefore, there are also certain differences between the two in software. 

There is a difference between the teaching methods and content of kindergartens

Public kindergartens advocate the concept of “free flying”-style happy education, and children’s kindergarten life is more free and happy. The competitiveness of private kindergartens lies in the connection with elementary school teaching content. 

In addition, public kindergartens have relatively fixed teaching methods, mostly singing, dancing, and games, while private kindergartens are more flexible and diverse, with special courses such as reading, foreign language, Lego, sports, and painting. . 

Different educational content will have different effects on children

Of course, different teaching content will have different effects on children. For example, private kindergartens advocate more “advanced education”, while public kindergartens pay more attention to the cultivation of rules, routines, and living habits. 

On the basis of the different teaching contents between the two sides, when the children arrive in elementary school, completely different situations will appear, and the children will have different advantages and characteristics. 

For example, many children in public kindergartens are lacking Basic knowledge will be more difficult when you first start to learn the primary school curriculum, but the learning efficiency and learning habits will be better. 

Wenshang private kindergarten children seem to be comfortable with their schoolwork, but because the importance of learning is underestimated in the early stage, they may slack in learning after the second grade, just like the rabbit in the tortoise and the hare. Similarly, it is easier to be overtaken by others, which is why some people from the past will say that the gap between the two will gradually show up after school. my country’s first case of “five births” has grown up! I thought it was a happy event, but parents are getting more and more worried.

“Many children, more happiness” has always been a very traditional view. Many elderly people think that the more children in the family, the more the elders The more blessed. Imagine the feeling of children and grandchildren walking around their knees. It is indeed a very lively scene. 

But is it a good thing to have more children? Judging from the growth process of my country’s first case of “five births”, sometimes having more children does not mean more blessings, but brings more pressure and worry to parents. 

my country’s first “five births” adult Up! I thought that the family was lively and lively, but the reality is so embarrassing.

The ratio of twins is already rare, let alone five twins? But less does not mean there is no. There are people who are pregnant with five children and gave birth to five children safely, which makes others feel very enviable. After all, in the age of only child, the family is lively and lively, don’t mention it. How happy people are. 

However, the joy of pregnancy has gradually turned into a variety of pressures and worries after the child is born. 

It is already very difficult to have a child. This comes five. You can imagine the daily expenses and mental stress. 

The financial condition of this family is not originally Very good, it is not a big problem to raise one or two children, but to raise 5 children, this is bad for a family. As a last resort, the parents chose to temporarily raise three of their children with relatives. They did not return to their parents until they graduated from high school. 

Now, these five babies are all grown-ups, but the reality is very different from the lively scene originally thought. 

Since they have not lived with their parents since they were young, the three children’s feelings for their parents are not very deep; the relationship between brothers and sisters is not as deep as the feelings between themselves. 

In short, a family that was supposed to be lively and enviable has evolved into a relationship that is neither salty nor indifferent due to various unavoidable reasons. This makes many people feel distressed and embarrassed. 

At the same time, parents also treat 5 children I am very worried about the future. Although the five children have grown up, how they should go in the future is still a big question. Not only the parents, but the children sometimes feel very confused because of the reality. 

After all, at the age of 18 and at the age of college, five children are going to college at the same time. It is inevitable that a large amount of tuition and living expenses will be required. This may be an indirect way for parents. The pressure to bear, after all, raising five children is not an easy task in itself. 

It is said that more children are more blessed. People may only think of things after children have grown up and have their own ability to make money, but they often ignore the various economics in the process of raising multiple children. Stress, mental and life stress, etc. 

The pressure faced by families with multiple births It is one to two times more than ordinary people. The more children, the greater the pressure. Therefore, in the era when the second child is promoted, if parents really want to have a second child, they must make various considerations. 

If you want to have one more child, what factors should parents pay attention to? 

1. The wishes of family members

The most important reason for wanting to have one more child is to consider the wishes of the family members, not just the wishes of Dabao , But also to discuss well with adults, such as Bao Dad or Bao Mom, in-laws or father-in-law and so on. 

Giving birth is not a matter of one or two people. It is related to three families. Only by communicating well in advance, respecting the opinions of family members, and doing a good job of coordination can we reduce the number of families after the child is born. contradiction. 

2. Economic strength

< p>If you want to have one more child, the most important thing is to assess your financial strength. Raising a child does not mean that you are done with him. The most important thing is to make a budget in advance. 

For example, milk powder money, money spent on education, money for children’s classes, etc. Only when the various budgets are first made, is the most responsible for the children. 

3. The mother’s physical endurance

Some mothers may not be suitable for resurrection due to physical reasons, so pay more attention at this time. In addition to the financial support from the parents, the most important thing is that the child needs the company of the parent. If the parent is unable to provide enough company for the child due to physical reasons, it is easy to cause various character and personality problems of the child. This is the biggest problem for the child. irresponsible. 

For parents, it may be very It’s easy, and maybe it’s difficult. In any case, parents should be responsible for their children to the utmost extent, and don’t delay their children because of their own selfishness.

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