Is it bad for a baby to be thin? Abandon the old thinking, four reasons, it is normal to eat too much without gaining weight

Is it bad for a baby to be thin? Abandon the old ideas, four reasons, it is normal to eat too much without gaining weight

Why don’t children gain weight by eating, and look weak and weak? 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

Many babies have a good appetite and eat a lot but But they look skinny. When the parents look at the skinny baby, they are both worried and scared, and feel very strange. 

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Lily took her son back to her natal house during the Dragon Boat Festival. After a short walk in, she was criticized by her mother and asked: “How did you bring your child? How did you raise your baby like this? Are you thin? Didn’t you give me food?”

No matter how Lily explained it for a long time, her mother refused to believe it. Lily was determined to be unqualified as a mother. No matter what the child eats or drinks, she raises her baby very well. She was thin and took her son distressedly in her arms. 

Although Ke Lili’s child looks very thin, but in fact, the weight is not light at all, and the physique is also very good. I usually eat and drink in a comprehensive way. Fresh fruits and vegetables, beef, eggs, and milk are daily necessities. I eat a lot. My son is naughty and basically runs around. 

In daily life, there are many such children, but most elders believe that babies should be chubby. In their opinion, chubby can represent good health, eat well, and take in more comprehensive nutrition. If you see a thin baby, you will feel that it is not well fed. 

Baby is thin Is your health bad? 

Because each baby’s growth and development is different, there will be certain differences in diet, so the weight gain will be different, but as long as the discomfort is much different, it is not much lower than the standard range, and the weight gain is more A normal situation means that the child’s development is normal and there is no need to worry too much. 

A thin baby, in a strict sense, refers to a baby whose weight is below the normal range of the age group, that is, a baby who looks thin or a thin baby. 

When parents judge whether a baby is really thin, you can first weigh it. If the weight is lower than the standard value, then it is a thin baby. Add it in the normal range or a little lower , All belong to normal babies. 

In addition, the baby’s weight may also be affected by the seasonal climate. For example, in winter, the baby’s appetite is good, the amount of activity will be less, coupled with adequate sleep, then the weight will increase faster; in summer, the appetite will change Poor, the weight gain will be very slow, even if it does not increase, it will drop. 

Therefore, as long as the baby has a regular diet, a good mental state, and a strong physique, even if it is thinner, it will not have a big impact. Parents do not need to use weight to measure the growth and development of the child. 

The baby can eat The real reason why more meat does not grow

1. Improper diet

Because babies have a faster metabolism and they love to move, they naturally need more calories. If the child eats improperly, or eats too little, or only eats fruits and vegetables, and does not eat meat, pasta, etc., the calorie intake will be too small to meet the body’s growth needs or not keep up with the metabolism. Then you will lose weight and become a thin baby. 

2. Excessive exercise volume

Although some babies eat more, they exercise a lot every day. They jump up and down every day, almost without stopping. If they eat too much food, they will also be consumed by exercise. There will also be weight loss. 

3. Sickness

Some babies experience anorexia, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. when they are sick or in a state of discomfort, which causes the food they ingest to not be well absorbed , Or have a bad appetite at all, then it is easy to appear nutrient element deficiency, causing weight loss. 

4. Heredity

There are also some babies who inherited the physique that their parents did not gain weight. No matter how much they eat, they will not gain weight, which is similar to obesity genes. The same principle. 

How can parents prevent Is the child really underweight? 

1. Do a health checkup

If the parent finds that the child’s weight is too light when measuring the child’s weight, then they can take the child to the hospital for a health check to see if the cause is normal. If it is not, be sure to find the true And solve this problem. 

2. Adjust the diet

Although fresh fruits and vegetables can supplement vitamins, the baby’s growth needs require more comprehensive nutrition. Therefore, parents need to adjust their children’s diet and try to make the diet change. It has to be diversified so that you can take in more nutrients, especially to increase your protein intake. 

3. Appropriate amount of exercise and sleep

In fact, for parents, their original intention should not be to simply let their children gain weight, but to enhance their baby’s physique. Immunity allows children to become faster. This requires parents to take appropriate exercises with their children every day, so that sleep time becomes regular and sufficient, so as to ensure that their children’s physique gradually becomes better and better.  The shape of the head can also improve the appearance, parents Grasp the two key periods, the baby can easily have a good-looking head shape

Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to babies, and this includes the shape of the head to help shape a good image. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

With people’s pursuit of aesthetics and beauty, More and more people now pay attention to a good head shape, which can also add points to their appearance. 

And a person’s head shape can be changed by sleeping posture. This is because the baby’s skull is very soft in the newborn stage, and the head shape can be changed through the usual sleeping posture. , And some babies fall asleep with “off-headed” or “flat-headed” because they didn’t pay attention when they were young. 

The pictures in this article are from the network, and the pictures and texts are irrelevant

Whether the baby can have a good head shape depends on these two critical periods

1. The first critical period: within 2 months after the baby is born

At birth, the head shape may be a little bit biased or slightly asymmetry, especially for some infants who have been born in a normal way. After being squeezed by the birth canal, the head shape may be long. 

The skull of a baby within 2 months of age is very soft, the bone sutures are not fully long, and the plasticity is relatively strong, which can be used to change the baby’s head shape. 

2. The second critical period: 3~6 months after the baby is born

At this time, the baby’s skull is gradually hardening. If the parents find that their baby’s head is not good-looking, you can grab it This is the time to correct. 

How do parents judge The baby’s head shape is not perfect? 

Normal head shape means that the size and proportion of the baby’s head are normal, that is, the widest part of the baby’s head accounts for 78% of the length. There may be a slight difference in the width of the diagonal. Within 6 millimeters can be considered normal. 

If a baby’s head shape is not perfect, it may have a flat head, which is like being patted from the back of the head, making the back of the head very flat; it is also possible that the two sides of the head have a large side and a small one, that is, People often say that the head is skewed; it may also look uneven due to the uneven curvature of the head, which is the so-called boat-shaped head. (As shown below)

Parents can check at home through the following methods:

1. In order to reduce the interference of hairstyle on judgment, you can use a small headgear to wrap your baby’s head;

2. You can take photos from the baby’s five directions, front, back, left, right, and the top of the head;

3. You can look at the photos taken from five different directions to observe your baby’s Whether the head and face are symmetrical to determine whether the baby’s head shape is abnormal. 

If your parents find it troublesome, you can also look from the top down to see if the baby’s head is symmetrical and rounded. 

How can parents help Does the baby grasp the critical period and shape the perfect head shape? 

1. Pay attention to the posture of feeding the baby

Many mothers will habitually let their babies feed on the same side when feeding their babies, especially at night, or they often use the same posture to feed, etc. It is easy for children to turn their heads. 

Therefore, when feeding the baby, pay attention to changing between the left and right sides. You can also change the breastfeeding posture to effectively avoid the baby’s sleeping head. 

2. Change your baby’s sleeping position more.

Infants and young children’s sleep time is very long, especially for babies within 3 months. Basically, in addition to eating and drinking Lhasa a day, Sleeping. 

Therefore, parents should change the sleeping position of the baby more. If you find that the baby is habitually leaning to one side, you should make more adjustments to let the baby sleep in a different direction to avoid tilted or flat head situations. 

3. Don’t give your baby a pillow too early

Many parents use shaping pillows for their babies early in order to let their babies have a perfect head shape. 

In fact, using a shaping pillow for a baby too early will affect the baby’s bone development, and even cause the baby’s head and neck to bend. For babies within 2 months, there is no need to use pillows at all. After a month, you can use a pillow, but the height should not exceed 1 to 2 cm. Mom can use the pillow to stack it. 

4. You can exercise your baby’s neck strength.

When the baby is born, the head and neck are soft and have no control at all. Mom can let the baby lie down properly. Lie down to increase the strength of the neck. It may only take a few seconds at the beginning, but as the age of the month increases, you can lie on the bed with your head up. During this process, the child’s head will slowly turn on its own. , The field of view will gradually widen, which can reduce the probability of head tilt to a certain extent. 

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