Is it a waste of time to let children do housework? What parents do is important, come in and take notes

Is it a waste of time to let children do housework? What parents do is very important. Come in and take notes.

4-year-old children can develop many abilities, such as planning skills, practical skills, problem-solving skills, and the ability to work together. 

When Xiaoli went to play at a colleague’s house, she saw that the child of her colleague’s house was very sensible, would take the initiative to do things, and did well. The other children had to be more capable, and it made people like it. After asking a colleague, I found out that he started to cultivate some of his children’s abilities very early, and asked him how to do it. He said that it was very simple, that is, let the children do housework. It’s just that you need to pay attention to ways and methods. 

Develop planning ability

It may not sound feasible to cultivate children’s abilities by doing housework, but if you think about it carefully, it is indeed a good way. For example, if you want to develop your child’s planning ability, you can’t understand it just through what you say. But when the child is really assigned tasks, especially tasks with a time limit, he will consider what to do first, what to do later, or when to complete which tasks. Just like Xiaoli’s colleague said, when he assigned the child to organize his toys and wipe the table, and asked him to finish it in the morning, the child started to organize the toys first, and then wipe the table. 

Develop hands-on ability

In the process of doing housework, the child must be hands-on. There is no problem with the ability of a 4-year-old child to act. The ability to do things mostly refers to his degree of completion in the process of doing things and whether he will procrastinate. A colleague told Xiaoli that when the child first started doing housework, he often did it while playing. At this time, he needed to guide him and let him develop the habit of focusing on one thing instead of half-heartedly. 

Develop the ability to solve problems

After you are proficient in simple housework, you can assign some difficult housework to your child. In this process, when children encounter difficulties, guide them to find solutions by themselves. Through the actual situation, let the child develop the habit of seeking help after finding a way to solve the problem. This will greatly benefit his future growth. Of course, the choice of housework requires parents to make decisions based on their children’s abilities, and the difficulty should be moderate, and the children should not be too frustrated. 

Develop the ability to work together

< p>When encountering a large amount of housework, you can also cooperate with your child to complete it, and cultivate the child’s ability to cooperate with others. Children need independence, but whether in school or society, there are many things that need to be done in cooperation with others. Therefore, it is also important to learn to cooperate with others. 

The above is the method of colleagues, parents are recommended Try it, but it’s a long training process. Parents need to have enough patience and care. They can’t fish for three days and dry the net for two days, otherwise they will not be able to achieve the desired effect. Fu Seoul: Better than widowed parenting What’s even more disturbing is the “deception-style parenting” that loves to point the country.

In our lives, there are many fathers who collapse on the sofa and play mobile phones after coming home from work. The education problem of children has always been It is “the left ear listens to the right ear,” and this kind of “hands throwing the shopkeeper” behavior is also called “widowed parenting” and has been criticized by many people. 

However, what is more upsetting than widowed parenting is actually father’s “deception parenting”. 

The characteristic of this kind of parenting method is that the task of bringing and raising a baby is still performed by the mother, while the father is like a “leader”. He will point his fingers when he sees something wrong. There are many treasures. Mom always complained: This kind of treasure dad is like a pig teammate. 

So here comes the problem, this way of parenting Why do mothers resist so much? 

How bad is “deception-style parenting”? 

In the variety show “The Story of Strange Flowers”, when everyone discussed that father brought a baby, Fu Shouer bluntly stated: In a family, what is more obstructive than widowed parenting is the “deception style” that fathers love to point to the country. Parenting”. 

She also gave an example that her son wrote when describing his mother in the composition: “My mother is very annoying. Force me to study.” When describing Dad, he said, “Daddy works hard and never goes home, and never scolds me.”

Then Fu Seoul complained: ” Indeed, why does your father scold you when he doesn’t go home?”

In fact, from a simple expression, we can feel the mother’s weakness and grievance. This is actually equivalent to the mother’s early work and hard work, while the father is in the fruitful stage.” Picking peaches” only. 

What are the specific performances of the fathers of “deception-style parenting”

During the parenting process, the “pig teammates” not only turn a blind eye to the children’s education problems, but also often “hung their legs” at the critical moment when mothers are educating their children. 

▼I don’t know how to bring a baby and my mouth is hard. I don’t know how to pretend to understand the “inspection work”.

On weekdays, the children’s eating and drinking are all handled by the mother, and the fathers are not necessarily. Tian thinks of his own children, like a superior leader to inspect, asking questions about things, and asking questions about warmth. 

The most important thing is that he doesn’t know from Where did I hear the idea of ​​bringing a baby, I have to pretend to be instructed, so that Mommy will not be angry. 

▼In order to sing “White Face”, break the rules that mothers have finally established.

Children’s learning habits are the most difficult to develop, and mothers have finally established rules, such as Do your homework first when you get home, and then play after you finish your homework, or you can preview a new lesson in advance. 

However, children are always loose or don’t want to learn At this time, the mother’s patient guidance is needed, but at this time, most of the fathers will make a loving expression and say: Children must be educated happily. If they can learn every day, they have to play. 

So Baoma’s previous education success fell short and was demolished by her parents. 

▼ “I’m busy” when the child is okay, “after the horse” when the child is okay

When the child needs parents, such as parent meeting, online counseling, homework guidance, piano practice, etc. , Dad always uses “I’m busy” as an excuse. 

When the child finally achieved grades, his father kept saying that the child did not work hard, or felt that his mother was not doing his job well. 

This kind of parenting has disadvantages to the growth of the whole family

Preparing people in front of the children, and the critical moments and mud are typical of pig teammates. However, the parents’ educational philosophy and methods are different, which will only make the children fail to comply with the standards and implementation principles, and it is also harmful to the children’s growth. 

First of all, there should be only one voice at home during parenting. When two voices appear at the same time, there will be conflicts.

For example, if children love meat and do not like vegetables, mothers will encourage children Eat more vegetables. But dad often says, “You can eat whatever you want, but you can’t afford it.”

And when mothers don’t want their children to develop the habit of spending money, father will say: “Buy if you want, Dad will buy it for you.” This is the completely opposite way of parenting. It will make the family environment tense, and parents will face each other in the process of educating their children. 

Secondly, the behavior of parents disassembling each other will make the child be at a loss

When the mother lays out facts and reason to the child, the father will often cite negative examples, directly Break down for mother. 

This kind of behavior can leave the child at a loss. Not knowing who to listen to, which led to two voices fighting in their minds when facing the same thing, making it difficult to make correct judgments. In addition, this approach will also reduce the parent’s authority in the minds of the child. 

Finally, the behavior of standing and talking without backache affects family harmony

Many dads use their work as an excuse and seldom feel the hardship of bringing their children personally. In addition, this kind of behavior that often stood on the commanding heights to comment on the mother’s inadequate parenting was completely in the eyes of Bao’s mother. 

In the long run, all the burden of parenting will rest on the mother The body, coupled with the husband’s accusations, will affect the harmony of the family and create a terrible growth environment for the children. Pregnancy in winter, pregnant women should not do these “dangerous” behaviors, so as not to accidentally hurt the baby.

Many people say that pregnancy is a “blessing” because there is no need to go to work, no work, and there are people waiting for food and clothing. But is this really the case? 

Of course not, let’s not talk about the various discomforts of pregnant women during pregnancy. Just hearing that pregnant women have to “obey” so many pregnancy rules is enough to make people heady. No, winter is here, there are a few more things that pregnant women can’t do…

Sleeping on electric blankets

In the southern or northern rural areas where there is no heating, many pregnant women will use electric blankets to warm up. Although electric blankets are quick and convenient to warm up, they are really not suitable for pregnant women. use. As the name suggests, electric blankets need to be energized to work, and some poor-quality electric blankets are prone to leakage and spontaneous combustion during use, and the consequences are quite serious. 

In addition, electric blankets will produce electromagnetic radiation, if pregnant women use it for a long time, it may cause fetal malformations, and in severe cases, it may cause fetal brain cell death. 

Electric blankets are very harmful. Pregnant women should not use them as much as possible. If you need to keep warm, you can choose some high-quality plumbing blankets, electric heaters, etc. 

Take a hot bath

Winter everyone likes to dry What’s the matter? Of course it was a hot bath. Lying in the bathtub and listening to the music was the happiest thing in the day. However, pregnant women should never try a hot bath lightly, because your fetus doesn’t like it. 

The fetus is very sensitive to high temperature. If the pregnant mother stays in high temperature for a long time, it will affect the division and differentiation of fetal cells, which can easily lead to gene mutations, which will cause fetal malformations. 

Eating hot pot

What is suitable to eat in cold winter? Of course it is hot pot! But having said that, pregnant women should still eat hot pot as little as possible. First of all, a lot of condiments are added to the bottom of hot pot. If pregnant women often eat hot pot, it is not good for fetal development. 

In addition, eating hot pot will definitely shabu meat, and some raw meat in hot pot restaurants outside may contain parasites, bacteria, etc. If pregnant women eat this kind of meat into their stomachs, it will not be good for their health. . 

Finally, eating hot pot is very easy to get angry and may cause hemorrhoids in pregnant women…

Wear a mask

Whether it is anti-virus or cold protection, most people now wear masks when going out, but for pregnant women, it is not recommended to wear masks for a long time. 

Everyone should have a deep understanding. Wearing a mask for a long time can make it easy to breathe, and when pregnant women breathe, it can also affect the fetus. 

In addition, if you wear a mask for a long time, there will be a lot of dust on the mask. Pregnant women inhale this unclean air, which will also affect their respiratory system. 

Of course, this is not to say that pregnant women should not wear masks. When outdoors, it is safe for pregnant women to wear masks, but they should be worn as little as possible when they are indoors, and masks should be changed frequently to keep them clean. 

The above things are fetal treasures” “Afraid”, don’t do it for pregnant mothers! In addition, in addition to the above-mentioned precautions, pregnant women should also keep warm in winter, keep exercising, eat some fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement vitamins, etc., so as to “build” a healthy body for themselves and their fetus!

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