Is DINK really happy without children? The first batch of DINK 30 years ago, the status quo is “disappointing”

Is DINK really happy without children? The first batch of DINK 30 years ago, the status quo is “disappointing”

Nowadays, young families are under heavier life pressure. Coupled with the increasing cost of raising each year, more young people have sprouted DINK’s. idea. Even after the opening of the second-child policy, young couples are not very keen on having children. So is this DINK family that does not have to worry about having children really as unrestrained as the young couples expect? In fact, the “dilemma” faced by the DINK family has always existed no matter in the past or in the present. 

No children Do the DINKs really live smartly? Thirty years ago, the first batch of DINK “showed up”, the status quo is not satisfactory.

Aunt Wang has retired for more than 3 years, and the whole person looks very good. However, when she mentioned her identity as “Dink”, Aunt Wang did not. It looks a bit lonely. Aunt Wang was very fashionable when she was young, and she who liked freedom was not interested in having children. So after getting married, Aunt Wang and her husband agreed not to have children, and set up a chic and free DINK family. Because there is no worry about raising children, Aunt Wang’s life is very easy. Aunt Wang also feels that this kind of life is what she wants, which is called “living out of herself”. 

But when Aunt Wang was 45 years old, she discovered that her husband had cheated. It turned out that Aunt Wang’s husband didn’t want to be a DINK anymore. He wanted to save himself and also wanted to experience the feeling of being a father. Aunt Wang didn’t expect that her swearing husband had betrayed herself in order to have a child, so she quickly divorced. Aunt Wang felt that she was born independent, so after the divorce, her living condition was not greatly affected. So before Aunt Wang retired, she had always been the fashion vane in the unit. Everyone said that Aunt Wang really “comprehens it”! But what Aunt Wang didn’t expect was that after 30 years of working as a DINK, she would regret it after retirement. After retiring, Aunt Wang enrolled herself in the university for the elderly, hoping to make her life more fulfilling. 

But Aunt Wang was not happy about going to college for the elderly, because the most talked about by her classmates was her children and grandchildren. Aunt Wang, who had always been the center of the conversation, couldn’t talk to everyone here, which really made her a little bit disappointed. Aunt Wang felt even more gloomy when she heard that the students were planning to live in a nursing home. She didn’t expect that she, who had been dashing all her life, would be so “afraid of old age”, because she knew that she would not be able to take care of herself when she was old, and she would be pervasive without the sadness of children. 

Aunt Wang sitting in a wicker chair looks back on her life as if she has always been alone. Although she has no worries, she is also a little lonely and cold. Aunt Wang said, “If you don’t have children, you will have a lot less troubles, but when people reach old age, they find that their previous thinking is still too simple. People live all their lives, coming and going in a hurry, it seems to be a waste of life, and in the end there is nothing. Stay.”

The DINK family has no birth pressure, but this does not mean that life can be as unrestrained as expected

Whether it was in the past or now, the DINK family is a minority after all, so in real life, the DINK couple will inevitably suffer from this And been too much attention. People hope to learn another way of life from them, and at the same time, they can’t help but want to comment on their character. If Dink’s ideas are not firm, these external judgments and criticisms are likely to cause the Dink couple to be disturbed. 

In the marriage relationship, it is not enough for the couple to have feelings. They should also have more sense of family responsibility. For families with children, it is easier for husbands and wives to have more teammates working together, while for DINK couples, a purer relationship will make the marriage less stable. And if one of the parties wants to become a repentant clan, the breakdown of the marriage relationship will be earlier. Although it is not practical to expect their children to provide for the elderly in a time of high life pressure, it has to be said that if there is a headache, the elderly people most hope that they can be accompanied by their children. For the DINK couple, such an idea is an unfulfilled luxury, and retirement in an elderly care institution has become an end they have no choice. 

Whether to choose to be “Dinks”, young couples should think twice.

For young couples, having children will indeed increase the financial pressure of the family, especially under the burden of educational anxiety, young couples are even more afraid to have children. child. But in fact, young couples should also treat this kind of birth pressure in a correct way, and don’t over-magnify their inner fears. Keeping a calm mind and turning a two-person world into a threesome is not the same as dragging one’s life into desperation. At the same time, regardless of whether or not to have children, young partners should have a certain sense of reserve. After a certain amount of savings, the thinking about whether to have children will be more able to follow their original heart, and even if they choose DINK, they will be more confident. After all, the quality of life of the elderly with money is more secure. 

It should also be noted that in a DINK family, if one of the couples chooses to compromise in order to take into account the other’s ideas, then this is tantamount to laying hidden dangers for the future married life. Therefore, the couple must communicate this carefully. If they cannot fully agree, DINK’s ideas must be treated with caution. In short, there can be many life patterns, and life experiences can be very different, but as young couples, they should consider long-term considerations, and being cautious about childbirth issues is actually responsible for their own lives. 

What do you think of the DINK family? Ugly newborn babies are raised first, especially in these 3 places. The uglier now, the better their appearance will be when they grow up

The little guy will come like an angel, but I have to say this, the appearance of a little angel But it’s hard to explain. Parents who have seen newborn babies know that their babies are really “not pretty” when they are born. The wrinkled skin looks like a little old man, and the protruding eyes look like a little alien. So many women who have given birth desperately have their first sentence, “It’s so ugly, sure. Is it my child?”

Bao’s mother desperately gave birth to a son, but after a glance, the child cried ugly. After the full moon, she kept kissing.

Nana is a post-95 mother who loves beauty very much. Developed a beauty plan for the child. I heard that you eat more grapes, and your child’s eyes are particularly beautiful after birth. Nana even regards grapes as an essential fruit during pregnancy. In fact, Nana and her husband’s looks are not bad. From a genetic point of view, the child’s appearance is very advantageous. And Nana is also looking forward to the birth of the little guy. 

Finally, Nana desperately gave birth to a son. When she heard the doctor said that she was a boy, Nana was a little happy, because everyone said that the boy was like a mother. Nana felt that the child looked like herself and her appearance should not be bad. But when she took over the baby happily, the appearance of the little guy really disappointed her. 

I saw the little guy’s eyes were small and there was only a seam left, and his skin was still black and red, not as cute as the little baby on the TV. And there was a white layer on the child’s skin, which looked particularly dirty. Although it was the child she gave birth to, Nana couldn’t help but feel a little disgusted. 

Nana held the baby in her arms, but her mood didn’t get better. The more she thought about it, the more aggrieved, she finally cried ugly by the baby. “The baby is so ugly, how can I marry a daughter-in-law in the future? With such small eyes, the grapes in my pregnancy are all eaten for nothing!” The nurse hurriedly comforted her when she saw Nana weeping, “the newborns look ugly and ugly. , But the longer the child is, the longer and more beautiful it is. I think our baby is quite handsome!”

Nana doesn’t believe the nurse’s words, she thinks it’s the nurse comforting herself. But what she didn’t expect was that within a mere month, the baby’s appearance had undergone earth-shaking changes, his pale skin was tender and watery, and his eyes were also watery and very energetic. When taking full moon photos, the photographer kept complimenting the child’s beauty, which made Nana feel very proud. 

Why newborn Look ugly after birth? 

The fetus has to stay in the mother’s womb for ten months. During this period, the skin is soaked in the amniotic fluid, and it will naturally feel wrinkled. When the little guys are born from the mother, the wrinkles of the skin will not instantly regain elasticity, so most of the newborns look like wrinkled skin. However, as the baby gets fatter, the wrinkled skin will regain its elasticity and look smooth and supple. 

In addition, the mothers will also find that the newborn baby will have a layer of white film on the skin. Even if the doctor has cleaned it, this layer of white film is still wrapped on the baby’s skin. , Which makes the baby look a little dirty. In fact, this layer of white film is the fetal membrane, which plays a role in protecting the baby. It can not only keep warm, but also protect the baby’s skin. 

The skin of newborns is mostly black and red, which is completely different from the fair skin that the mothers think. In fact, this is a very normal state. Children whose skin is particularly white at birth are likely to have hidden symptoms, such as hemolysis. Therefore, if the newborn’s skin is particularly white, the doctor will recommend further examinations. 

The three places on the newborn’s body, the uglier when they are born, and the higher their appearance when they grow up.

The eyes are very important parts of the facial features. Most of the newborn’s eyes are slender and squinted like a seam. It doesn’t look good, but in fact, the eyes of the little guy will change very obviously as they grow up. The eyes soaked in the amniotic fluid will feel swelling due to the long soaking time. When the swelling is completely reduced, the baby’s true eye shape will be revealed, and parents will find that the baby’s eyes become particularly beautiful. 

The black and red skin makes the baby look less tender and cute, but in fact, the redder the baby’s skin, the whiter their skin will grow up. This is actually due to the fact that the baby’s skin is relatively thin, and the blood vessels hidden under the skin are clearly displayed. So after the baby was born, Bao Ma should be happy when she noticed that the little guy looked black and red. 

A careful mother will also find that the baby’s ears are particularly big when they are born. Old people will think that such big ears are windy and unsightly, and even think that big ears affect the child’s fortune. . But in fact, the reason why adults think that newborns’ ears are big and protruding is mainly because the little guy’s face is relatively small. As the baby grows up, the proportion of ears becomes more normal, which also makes the baby look better. 

So novice mothers should not think that the baby looks ugly when they are born, and lose confidence in the appearance of the little ones. In fact, after a period of feeding, Bao Ma will see the true face of the baby in her arms, just like a cute and beautiful angel.

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