Is cell phone the “culprit” that causes myopia in children? No, these 4 points are the real reason

Is cell phone the “culprit” that causes myopia in children? No, these 4 points are the real reason.

In recent years, children’s myopia has become more and more common. Many children wear glasses in elementary school, but most parents treat their children Myopia counts to the head of the phone. 

Although these electronic devices do have some radiation, it also has certain effects on children’s eyes. Can these electronic devices really cause my children to be nearsighted? 

Of course not. What really affects children’s eyesight is the inadvertent little things in life. Therefore, parents must face the problem squarely and find the culprit, so as to better protect the children’s eyesight from the root cause! 

Lack of sleep

As the times change, children The pressure of study is also increasing, and people always judge good or bad by children’s grades. 

Most of the children hardly have their own rest time, either attending classes at school or traveling through various cram schools. 

Furthermore, after going home from school every day, children with heavy tasks are even more out of breath. It is common to learn late at night. 

Long-term lack of sleep and excessive eye use will seriously affect the child’s vision, making the eyes always in a state of fatigue, and over time, it will cause the child to myopia. 

Unreasonable diet

Don’t think about diet It has nothing to do with children’s eyesight. Experts have said before that children who love sweets are more likely to be nearsighted, because our body consumes a lot of vitamin B1 due to excessive intake of sugar when metabolizing. 

You must know that vitamin B1 is an important substance that promotes vision development. Once the body lacks this substance, it will cause vision loss. 

Therefore, parents should let their children eat less sweets. On the one hand, they can prevent their children from having myopia, and on the other hand, they can also prevent their children from tooth decay! 

Lack of outdoor sports

Most children now Stay indoors for a long time and rarely have time to go out and play. The eyes have also been in a dim environment, unable to be fully exposed to sunlight, which is also the key reason for most children’s nearsightedness. 

However, scientific research has shown that as long as the child has time to go out every day, even if it is only half an hour, it can effectively relieve visual fatigue and prevent the child from myopia from the root cause. 

So, parents have time to take their children out to play more! 

Incorrect eye habit

Children stare for a long time Touching something, or being in a light that is too strong, will have a certain impact on the child’s vision. 

Especially when children are reading books, they often see things lying in bed. This kind of close-up will adjust the focus of the eyes to close, which can easily lead to visual fatigue. , The phenomenon of dry eyes. 

But this incorrect habit of using eyes is not only limited to learning, we should keep a certain distance when we look at electronic devices, puzzles, and draw pictures. 

In short, regarding children’s vision, parents need What we need to do is to find out the problem in time, correct it in time, and don’t let your negligence affect your child’s growth! After giving birth, menstruation became abnormal. If you want to treat it, you can try these methods

Many mothers have found that after giving birth to a baby, menstruation has become abnormal. How does this return? What’s the matter? This is because after the tenth month of pregnancy, Bao’s mother’s body has changed very much. After the baby is born and comes to menstruation, it will take a while for the uterus and ovarian functions to recover, and they will slowly return to their pre-pregnancy state. 

Furthermore, during the breastfeeding period, most mothers have very irregular lives in order to take care of their children. They are prone to endocrine disorders, which further affect the menstrual cycle. However, if the menstruation has been irregular after childbirth, you need to pay attention to this situation. How to treat this situation? 

Diet conditioning

As the saying goes, medicine is good It is better to eat tonic, the best way to regulate menstruation, of course, is to regulate diet. The mothers should not only eat lightly, but also pay attention to the supplement of trace elements, especially calcium. 

In addition, eat more foods that nourish qi and blood, such as lamb, which can nourish blood and qi. You can also eat more loofah to help clear the channels and channels, as well as black-bone chicken soup, wormwood, Peony porridge, etc., can help regulate menstruation. 

But it should be noted that, try not to eat spicy and irritating and cold food, not only easy to stimulate the intestines and stomach, but also affect the menstrual cycle. 

Sports exercise

In addition to food supplements, exercise exercises It is also a good way. Generally, after giving birth to menstruation, most of the mothers have passed the breastfeeding period, and the contraindications of exercise will be reduced accordingly. 

Appropriate exercise can promote blood circulation throughout the body, improve the function of various organs of the body, combined with diet, will be of great help in regulating menstruation. 

However, it is best not to do strenuous exercise, you can do aerobic exercises such as swimming and jogging. Of course, Bao Ma can also find a professional to guide the exercise, the effect will be better. 

Health care and physical therapy

When adhere to a reasonable diet and appropriate exercise After a period of time, the symptoms of irregular menstruation have not improved. You can also try other health care and physical therapy methods. 

Generally speaking, irregular menstruation is caused by insufficient qi and blood. Most medicines use progesterone and the like, and most of them are hormone medicines, which have greater side effects on the body. Bao Ma can choose Chinese medicine to regulate it. Or use moxibustion patches, warm palace dudou and other health products that promote blood circulation and regulate menstruation under the advice of doctors, which can also achieve the effect of regulating menstruation. 

The body hormone level is unstable during pregnancy. After the recovery of postpartum menstruation, menstruation will still be affected by hormonal instability. 

It will take some time for the hormones to return to normal levels. The short-term irregular menstruation does not need to be concerned, but the long-term irregular menstruation should be paid attention to. 

Baoma can cooperate with exercise, but also pay attention to her own work and rest. Only by cooperating with each other can she regulate her menstrual cycle more quickly. If it does not work, seek the help of a doctor if necessary to regulate your menstruation in time, which is beneficial to your health.

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