Is blood type linked to conception rate? Pregnancy depends on God’s care, it is recommended not to “flow out” easily

Is blood type linked to conception rate? Pregnancy is dependent on God’s care, and it is recommended not to “shed it” easily

In Japan and South Korea, the average age of women at first childbirth is over 30 years old, and China has also been catching up in the past two years. Now many first and second line The city has almost reached this level. As the average age of women at childbearing is getting older, a problem has also become prominent, and that is the difficulty of getting pregnant. It is true that the golden childbearing period for women is between 22 and 30 years old. Once this time has passed, not only will it be more difficult to get pregnant, but the risks during pregnancy and childbirth will also increase sharply. 

I wanted to be a mother at the age of 31. I tried it for a long time, but I didn’t succeed. The doctor has to rely on God to take care of your pregnancy.

My friend Zhang Jie is 31 years old. She has been busy with her career and didn’t have time to fall in love and marriage. Major events will be delayed. In the past two years, she couldn’t stand her parents being forced to marry like a violent storm. Sister Zhang had to go on blind dates. Fortunately, she met her ideal person after only two of them. The relationship between the two went very smoothly. She obtained the marriage certificate within three months. Up. According to the normal procedure, after marriage is to have a child, not to mention that Sister Zhang was almost 30 at the time and couldn’t afford to wait. 

What makes people worry is that after more than two years of marriage, Sister Zhang just didn’t get pregnant. At first I thought it was a problem with my husband’s sperm, but I went to the hospital and found that it was not the reason. Since the problem is not with her husband, of course it can only be with Sister Zhang, so she also went to the hospital for an examination, and her reproductive system was also completely fine. 

However, the doctor told her that although in theory, she can get pregnant normally, but because of her special blood type and her age, her chances of getting pregnant are particularly low. The doctor also joked to her that pregnancy with your blood type depends on God’s care. If you have one in the future, you must not shed it lightly. 

What is the special blood type that makes it difficult for Sister Zhang to get pregnant? In fact, it is type O blood. As we all know, there are mainly four types of blood types: A, B, AB, and O. The first three are more common, and O blood is relatively rare. Therefore, patients with O blood often encounter no blood inventory during blood transfusion. Troubles. In fact, O type blood brings more trouble to people. For example, when it comes to pregnancy, women with type A, B, and AB blood are very easy, while type O blood is difficult to reach several levels. . 

Are you blood type O? Then you have to pay close attention to pregnancy and childbirth.

The physique of type O blood is more likely to secrete “follicular estrogen” and inhibit female ovulation

Why is it difficult for women with type O blood to get pregnant? This is because the physique of this blood type is more likely to secrete a substance called “follicular estrogen”, and it will inhibit women’s ovulation. You know, pregnancy is the result of the combination of sperm and egg. If ovulation is blocked, pregnancy will of course be even more difficult. This is why it is generally difficult for women with type O blood to get pregnant. 

The older you get, the more difficult it is to get pregnant. You have to give birth as soon as possible.

The golden age of women is between 22 and 30 years old. After 30 years old, pregnancy itself will change. It’s more difficult. Therefore, if you are of type O blood, it is recommended not to delay childbirth too far, but to make full use of the golden period of childbirth, so as to make the chance of pregnancy greater. In addition, as the doctors suggest, women with O-type blood should never shed it easily once they are pregnant, otherwise they will not be able to get pregnant in the future, and they will have to regret it. 

In addition to blood type and age, there are some factors that also affect pregnancy. For women with type O blood or older women, if you want to increase the chance of pregnancy, you can also improve it through the following aspects. 

A household with difficulties in pregnancy? Pay attention to these problems to make pregnancy no longer difficult.

1. Avoid frequent abortions

Among all the factors that affect pregnancy, abortion can be said to have the greatest impact. Especially in today’s open society, many women are too indulgent when they are young, so that they have repeated miscarriages. Although each miscarriage is just a minor operation, the damage it causes to the female reproductive system is huge and irreparable. Therefore, women must protect themselves. If they do not have a miscarriage, they will not have a miscarriage. When having sex, if they do not want children, they should take protective measures. 

2. Record the menstrual period and have sex during the ovulation period

The husband of the heroine in the Japanese TV series “Tokyo Metropolitan Women’s Guide” once said this to her, to the effect that she was ovulating During the intercourse, you can get pregnant as soon as you have sex. In the drama, the husband said that he didn’t want to work hard to have a baby, and this was rejected and disgusted by the heroine. Although this is the case in the play, in reality, for women who want to have a child but never get pregnant, it is indeed a good way to record the menstrual period, calculate the ovulation day, and then have sex during the ovulation period. It can greatly Increase the probability of pregnancy. 

3. Let life be regular and healthy

Nowadays, it is difficult for many women to get pregnant, which is also related to irregular or unhealthy life. For example, staying up all night, eating a variety of high-oil and high-heat foods, abuse of cosmetics, drinking, smoking and other behaviors will make pregnancy difficult. So if you want a smooth pregnancy, you must quit all the above behaviors. 

For women who especially want children, being unable to have children is even more uncomfortable than sentenced to death. Therefore, it is better to have a baby early, especially for those households who have difficulty getting pregnant. Once you have one, please don’t let it go easily. You know, the heaven may bless you once, but not necessarily bless you every time. I went to the hospital 13 days after the expected date of delivery. The mother-in-law asked “Wait”, it’s hard to tell if the doctor is there.

When the pregnant mothers have the first pregnancy check, the doctor will calculate according to the pregnant mother’s menstrual condition. Out of the expected date of delivery. 

Of course, the due date is only an estimated time for the birth of a child, and does not mean that the child will be born on the same day. 

So if a parturient gives birth two weeks before or two weeks after the expected date of delivery, it is also within the normal range. 

However, if the mother’s belly has not moved after the expected date of delivery, then it needs to be closely observed. If 42 weeks of gestation are passed, an over-term pregnancy will occur, and the situation of the pregnant woman and the fetus will be It will become critical. 

The parturient is over the due date It took 13 days to go to the hospital, but my mother-in-law asked to wait. It’s hard for the doctor to return.

Rongrong and her husband have been pregnant for many years before getting pregnant with the baby, so the whole family is full of expectations for the arrival of this little guy. Especially the mother-in-law is eager to hold her grandson, and she takes care of Rong Rong during her pregnancy. 

Rong Rong was also very moved by this, and because of her mother-in-law’s help, Rong Rong had a more comfortable life during pregnancy. 

In this way, I saw that the due date was reached, but Rongrong’s stomach didn’t even start. Rongrong was also a little worried about this, but her mother-in-law said that it would be good to let the child stay in her stomach for two more days. 

“Children born late are smart!” Although her mother-in-law said so, Rongrong was still dubious, but due to her mother-in-law’s persistence, Rongrong had no choice but to cooperate. 

In this way, 13 days after the expected delivery date, Rongrong suddenly felt that there was a problem with the fetal movement, so she hurried to the hospital regardless of her mother-in-law’s obstruction. 

After the doctor finished the examination, the impatient mother-in-law also rushed to the hospital. Before the doctor gave the results of the examination, the mother-in-law suggested next to him, “It’s better to let the child in the mother’s stomach. Stay a few days! Wait!”

After hearing the mother-in-law heard this, the doctor was very helpless. He only heard him say, “I want to wait any longer, it’s hard to tell if I’m not here.”


After hearing the doctor say this, her mother-in-law was terrified, and she quickly changed her words, “It’s fine if the child is safe!” It turned out that Rongrong had already experienced fetal hypoxia. If she didn’t hurry to be admitted to the hospital, her fetus would be affected. It will be very critical. 

Fortunately, Rongrong gave birth to a baby after a successful caesarean section. Although the little guy entered the incubator after birth, fortunately, there was no major problem, and the mother and child were safe. 

Repayment beyond the due date What are the critical situations that may occur without giving birth? 

1. Fetal hypoxia

In the third trimester of pregnancy, the amniotic fluid volume will become less, and the fetus will be hypoxic because of this, and amniotic fluid is prone to turbid amniotic fluid, which can easily lead to fetal deficiency Increased oxygen conditions. 

If you don’t get proper intervention at this time, the fetal situation will become very critical. 

2. Placental aging

If the fetus has not started after the expected date of delivery, it is very prone to placental aging. The aging of the placenta will affect the intake of fetal nutrition, which will affect the growth and development of the fetus. 

Obviously this is different from the old people’s saying that “children born late grow stronger”. 

3. The fetal skull is too hard

If the fetus is born too late, the skull will develop too hard, which will increase the difficulty during delivery. 

Under such circumstances, it is easy to cause accidents such as dystocia and increase the risk of childbirth. 

After the expected delivery date is exceeded, how should pregnant women respond appropriately? 

1. Carry out pregnancy checkup on time

After the expected date of delivery, pregnant mothers must go for pregnancy checkup on time, because the state of the fetus can be observed through the pregnancy checkup. If an abnormal situation occurs, the doctor can Intervene as early as possible, such as inducing labor. 

In addition, the umbilical cord around the neck is also prone to occur at this time. If there are too many circumferences around the neck, the fetal condition will be relatively dangerous. 

2. Pay close attention to fetal movement

If the fetus has abnormal fetal movement, then pregnant mothers must pay attention to it. If the fetal movement becomes weak, then pregnant mothers should go to the hospital for examination, because this is likely to be a manifestation of fetal hypoxia. 

So after the expected date of delivery, pregnant mothers must have a grasp of the fetal movement. In addition, if the fetal movement is too frequent, pregnant mothers should also pay attention, because it may be the occurrence of intrauterine distress. 

3. Proper exercise

After the expected date of delivery, proper exercise with the mother can help the baby enter the basin faster, which will have certain benefits for ushering in the delivery. 

However, when exercising, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to the amount of exercise and the grasp of the range of motion. At the same time, exercise can improve the physical fitness of pregnant women and enhance the maternal productivity. 

In short, after the expected date of delivery, pregnant mothers must pay attention to their physical condition and fetal condition, and carry out pregnancy examinations as scheduled according to the doctor’s advice. 

In addition, don’t blindly believe in some experience. Scientific guidance can ensure the health of pregnant women and fetuses. 

What do you think about the pregnancy care of pregnant women after the expected delivery date is exceeded?

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