Is blood type linked to a child’s IQ? After seeing the comparison, the doctors all said it makes sense

Is blood type linked to a child’s IQ? After seeing the comparison, the doctors say it makes sense.

Although many people are saying that it doesn’t matter whether you are smart or not when you are young, because life is a marathon. God will look after people who work hard. Whether a person is smart or not has a great relationship with his acquired development. 

However, whether a person is smart or not is also very closely related to his genetic genes. According to the research of scientists, a person’s genetic genes will have an impact on his intelligence by nearly 50%. 

The blood type is the manifestation of hereditary genes. The blood type of a child will have a certain impact on his IQ. 

First of all, everyone should know that there are four kinds of blood types, namely AB, O, A and B blood. 

So among these blood types, which blood type is the smarter child? 

The first blood type AB

The blood type AB is very scarce. According to statistics, only about 9% of the people in the world are blood type AB, which means that only 9 of 100 people are blood type AB , We can see how rare it is. 

AB blood is not only scarce, but it also has its own special features, because it has a high immunity, and people with AB blood can adapt to the environment better than ordinary blood types. However, it also has some downsides, that is, people with blood type AB are more likely to suffer from heart diseases. 

In the inheritance of IQ, people with blood type AB have the advantages of blood type A and type B at the same time, so they have a higher IQ and are the smartest among the four blood types. 

Second type O blood

Type O blood is called universal blood, which means that it does not contain A and B antigens. When you need a blood transfusion, O Type blood can help you temporarily. 

Children with O-blood will be more optimistic, more sunny, and more active in learning. Therefore, children with O-blood will have a higher IQ. 

The third blood type B

Children with blood type B are optimistic and cheerful, just like children with blood type O, but there are also differences, that is, type B blood. Children of, they are more optimistic, but also more impulsive, more emotional when encountering things, and easy to do things beyond their control. 

Because they are more impulsive, they are slightly worse than children with O-type blood in terms of IQ. 

Fourth type A blood

Children with type A blood have the lowest IQ among several blood types. This does not mean that children with type A blood It would be even more stupid. In fact, the reason why the IQ of children with type A blood is not as high as others is because they are influenced by one of their personalities. 

Children of type A blood, they are a group of more restrained children, they are more tricky in doing things, for them to make mistakes is not allowed, so when they face new things , Will lack the spirit of exploration, and the brain’s thinking will be more restrictive. 

The influence of blood type on IQ is inherited. Although it accounts for a relatively large proportion, it does not mean anything. It does not mean that you can learn nothing if you are a child of AB blood type. It is easy to form a fixed type of thinking, that is, unwilling to accept new things. 

We must always have an enterprising heart, work hard to explore and get in touch with new things. Children naturally don’t understand so much, so parents’ guidance is needed here. 

As long as parents know how to guide, they can also nurture high IQ children.

First, they know how to use games to stimulate their children’s potential.

Psychologist Mihari, talked about people If you want to enter the state of flow, that is, the optimal psychological experience, when in the state of flow, people will become particularly happy, and the ability to learn will be particularly strong, which can be achieved through games and work. 

The child does not have this concept of work, but the child will be very interested in the game. It’s a perfect thing to nurture children with things they are interested in. 

Games actually have a wide range. It is not just that playing video games, like playing badminton, and building blocks, etc. are all games. Parents should consciously guide their children to get in touch with these to help him develop Potential games, and when the child enters the state, parents should not interrupt the child casually, let the child concentrate on enjoying it. 

Secondly, take children to explore nature more.

There are so many wonderful things in nature. These are things that children have never known, but they can be very good. Stimulate the creativity of his brain. 

Nowadays, many children suffer from “nature deficiency disorder” because of the lack of communication with nature due to learning reasons. Children suffering from this symptom will have an increased probability of depression, and it is possible that the pressure will become greater and greater, which will have a very large impact on the body. 

So it is necessary for parents to arrange time and take their children to the nature to experience the wonders of nature. 

Thirdly, listen to your children and guide them to learn to express.

Children’s language ability depends not on listening to their parents, but on speaking by themselves. When parents get along with their children daily, they need to deliberately guide their children to speak more and express their thoughts and feelings through language. When the child is trying to express himself, his brain is actually operating quickly. This way can be effective Help the child improve his IQ. 

Whether the child’s IQ is high enough will affect his academic performance, so this requires parents to attach great importance to it, but don’t focus entirely on this matter. Pay attention to the all-round development of the child. 

A man with these 3 characteristics is a natural “born king”, and one is also very powerful

According to a report by the China Population Association two years ago, the infertility rate in my country has risen from 2% decades ago to 12%. 

More than one out of ten people is infertile, which shows the seriousness of the problem. It should be pointed out that the target of infertility may be women or men. 

However, in reality, many couples find that they are not pregnant for a long time, they will naturally turn their suspicions to the woman. In fact, according to the survey, the probability of male infertility is higher than the probability of female infertility. high. 

There is a relative in my hometown, a daughter-in-law who married at the age of thirty-two. He originally wanted to have children as soon as he got married, because his parents were eager for grandchildren, and he himself was not young and could not afford to wait. 

Unexpectedly, after five years of marriage, there was no movement. Gradually, his parents began to complain that his daughter-in-law was not useful, and even abetted his son to leave her for a wife. 

After this word reached the daughter-in-law’s ears, the other party immediately couldn’t sit still, and said on the spot, “I will leave, and it’s not my fault that I can’t give birth to a child!”

It turned out that the couple went to the hospital for an examination as early as a year ago, and they had nothing to do with the woman if they could not give birth, but because the quality of the man’s sperm was too low, the chance of spontaneous pregnancy was almost zero. 

On the advice of doctors, they chose IVF, which is currently being tried. 

It’s just that, in order to take care of her husband’s face, the daughter-in-law has been silent, and the in-laws are not clear. Later, the son secretly revealed that the two elders realized that the problem was with their son, so they didn’t say much. 

In reality, women cannot give birth to children after marriage. In fact, many of them are related to the poor fertility of men. 

Modern young people have been living in the enclosure of industrial products since they were young. It is easy to come into contact with or eat substances harmful to the reproductive system, such as plasticizers exposed a few years ago. It has been proved that it may cause Men are weak and refined. 

So compared to the fertility of women, the fertility of contemporary men is truly at stake. The wife can’t get pregnant for a long time, and the first thing to doubt should not be her but her husband. 

These factors will Leading to the deterioration of male fertility

1. Long-term non-exercise

Nowadays, people don’t like sports more and more. Many young people are found to be inferior to the elderly during physical examinations. 

Long-term non-exercise affects not only the physique, but also the male reproductive function, because exercise is beneficial to the release of sex hormones, so that the male fertility function is always maintained in a high state. 

On the other hand, if you do not exercise for a long time, the reproductive system is as difficult to operate as a rusty machine. 

2. Excessive indulgence

Men’s sexual desire is generally higher than that of women, and now it is a sexually open society, so it is easy to over-indulge, which also leads to the deterioration of male reproductive ability Important reason. 

In a state of excessive indulgence, not to mention reproductive ability, the whole person’s body and temperament will become very poor. 

3. Excessive exposure to harmful substances

The decline in male fertility is a global problem, which is closely related to industrialization. Industrialization has facilitated our lives, but it has also brought us harm and risks. 

The industrial products we usually come into contact with will contain some harmful substances, especially those inferior products, which are more harmful. 

So the younger generation who grew up in the industrial age have naturally worse fertility than their elders. 

Some people are infertile, but some people have very strong fertility, and the gap in fertility is more obvious for men than women. 

For example, men with the following characteristics are mostly born “born kings”. Even if they don’t account for all of them, even if they account for only one, it is very powerful. 

There are 3 Males with big characteristics must have strong fertility.

1. The skin around the eyes is tight

The skin around the eyes is the most prone to ageing, especially the bags under the eyes. Because of this, we can also judge a person’s aging rate by observing the skin of the bag under the eyes. 

If the skin of a 30 or so man with bags under the eyes is particularly tight, it means that his body ages very slowly. 

The 30-year-old is just the pinnacle of male reproductive ability. The superposition of the two indicates that this male’s reproductive ability must be particularly strong. 

2. Exuberant body hair

The strength of male reproductive ability is closely related to androgen levels, and exuberant body hair is a major manifestation of high androgen levels. 

So if female friends are very concerned about the fertility of the other half, you can pay attention to the thickness of their body hair when choosing a mate. 

The stronger the body hair, the stronger the reproductive ability. Of course, if it is too prosperous, it might be against the public’s aesthetics. 

3. Love sports

The average reproductive capacity of men who like exercise is much higher than that of men who do not like exercise, because the body releases more hormones during exercise. , Physique will become stronger, these are all good factors for the reproductive system. 

The golden period of male fertility is 30 to 35 years old. Therefore, for male friends who want children, it is best to arrange before the age of 35, otherwise the reproductive ability will be significantly reduced after 35 years of age, and it will be much more difficult to want children.

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