Is a pacifier suitable for babies? 4 advantages and 3 disadvantages, it’s not too late to make a decision after reading it

Is a pacifier suitable for babies? 4 advantages and 3 disadvantages, it’s not too late for mom to decide after watching it

We can often see on TV that foreign babies are cute and cute with a pacifier in their mouths, but In my country, the popularity of pacifiers has not been long, and until now, there are still some controversies in the use of pacifiers. 

Some mothers believe that eating pacifiers will make them dependent and unable to develop good habits. Some mothers believe that it will deform the baby’s teeth, and some mothers believe that eating pacifiers will cause them to become dependent. At times, the baby will inhale a lot of air and cause discomfort. 

So, is it really as some parents worry about? Is it suitable for babies to use pacifiers? 

On this issue, let’s also listen to the American Academy of Pediatrics How to say

The Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics stated that the pacifier will not only not harm the baby, but will also reduce the risk of the baby’s danger. 

At the same time, other parenting magazines have stated that although pacifiers have a certain soothing effect, they cannot completely replace parents’ comfort. 

Cui Yutao, a well-known pediatric expert in my country, once said that a baby before one year old can use a pacifier, but parents should also pay attention to ensure that children do not become excessively dependent Psychology. 

But it’s important to note that every baby The situation is different, we can not give a general answer to affirmative or negative. If parents are struggling whether to use a pacifier for their children, it is not too late to make a decision after reading its 4 advantages and 3 disadvantages. 

Advantages of pacifiers

Since pacifiers have been popular for so long, they naturally have their advantages. In summary, they have the following four advantages. 

①. It can effectively relieve the baby’s emotions

Sucking is the baby’s instinct, which can relax the baby’s emotions and play a soothing role. When the baby’s mood is nervous, anxious or insecure, if there is a pacifier, it can greatly relieve the baby’s mood. 

②. Sleeping is easier

Some babies are accustomed to eating their hands before going to bed when they are young. In fact, this is one of the ways for babies to coax themselves to sleep. For babies, pacifiers are also an artifact to coax themselves to sleep. The baby is eating pacifiers. During the process, it is easier to fall asleep. 

③. To a certain extent, it can reduce the risk of the baby.

After years of research and investigation, it has been shown that, to some extent, pacifiers are better than other toys. Can effectively reduce the probability of danger for the baby. 

④. Compared with toys, children bite It’s more hygienic

When the baby needs to suck or grow teeth and needs to grind the gums, the pacifier is also more hygienic than the toys or other items that the baby picks up. 

Disadvantages of pacifiers

Although pacifiers have many advantages, they also have certain shortcomings, mainly in the following three aspects. 

1) Children develop bad habits when they learn to fall asleep on their own.

If the baby relies on a pacifier to coax sleep for a long time, when the child gradually forms his own sleep system, it will be associated with it. To form a bad habit of sleeping with a pacifier. 

2) Premature use may affect normal feeding

If the child tries to pacify the pacifier at an inappropriate age, it will easily confuse the baby with breast milk or bottle pacifiers, thus affecting normal feeding. 

3) Excessive use or affect the normal germination of teeth

The use of pacifiers also needs to follow a certain degree. Excessive use may directly affect the baby’s teeth In the article, parents are worried about uneven teeth and other issues. 

In general, if you use the pacifier correctly, the benefits of a pacifier are greater than its disadvantages, so the novice mother, don’t worry about it. 

Further reading: pacifiers can’t be bought casually, so please pay attention There are still many problems.

When purchasing pacifiers, parents are advised to choose qualified products from regular manufacturers. It is necessary to choose a one-piece molding instead of a splicing structure to prevent the parts from falling and catching the baby when there is a problem with the pacifier. 

At the same time, choose a pacifier of the right size according to the child’s age in months. You can prepare more for the first choice for your baby to choose. Furthermore, it is not possible to replace it with a pacifier on an ordinary baby bottle, because the pacifier has good ventilation holes in comparison. The post-90s mother sighed with emotion: After seeing the life of my neighbor’s grandmother, I don’t want to have a second child at all.

Whenever there is a need to visit relatives and friends on vacation, young couples will probably be asked whether they will have a baby. The issue of giving birth to a second child, after all, has been one of the topics that people have been concerned about since the opening of the second child policy. 

But facing the question of whether to have a second child, every family has a different view. Families that do not have a second child think that it is better to devote their energy and resources to one child than to split among two or more children, while families that insist on having two children think that the only child is too lonely and that the children need siblings. 

Other families have been hesitating between having a second child and not having a second child. 

The feelings of a post-90s mother: happy old age Unhappiness has nothing to do with how many children

Bao Ma Xiaolu is born in the 90s, and her child is one year old, which is when she is lovable. 

Xiao Lu and her husband also like children very much. In addition, their mother and mother-in-law have retired. They also said that if they decide to have a second child, they can help take care of them. This makes Xiao Lu also have a second child. Thoughts. However, when Xiao Lu saw the living conditions of her neighbor, Grandma Qi, her mind changed. 

Grandma Qi is almost 80 years old, my wife Going early, she lives alone. As she gets older, grandma Qi’s legs and feet become more and more inconvenient. Sometimes she goes downstairs only three or four days to buy less fruits and vegetables. 

Later, it was not easy for Xiao Lu to look at Grandma Qi, and from time to time he would take the initiative to help Grandma Qi buy something. After going to the two houses, they became familiar with each other. 

On this day, Xiao Lu chatted with Grandma Qi and learned that Grandma Qi has two sons and a daughter, but no one wants to live with her. The sons said that they need to look after their grandchildren, and the daughter said I am partial to my son, so my son should take care of her. The children shirk each other’s responsibilities, only discussing that everyone should come to see Grandma Qi more and make more money every month. 

Xiao Lu did not expect to “multiple children” It’s not “Duo Fu”. After returning home, she and her husband said with emotion: After seeing the life of the neighbor’s grandmother, she realized that being happy in old age has nothing to do with having a few children. I don’t want to have a second child anymore. One child is fine. 

Why is there such a situation like Grandma Qi that “the old has no one to rely on”? 

In life, there is no direct relationship between the number of children, and the parenting style and the degree of filial piety of the children. 

1) Parents themselves are partial, which chills the hearts of their children

Some parents, in the process of raising their children, it is difficult to achieve a balanced level, especially patriarchal Parents with serious old ideas will consciously or unconsciously show partiality towards certain children while ignoring other children in the process of raising their children. 

In the long run, it will chill the hearts of children and No wonder this happens. 

2) Children shirk each other’s responsibilities

Everyone must have heard the story of monks carrying water, and some children are like these three monks, they think it is troublesome to support the elderly Especially in families with many children, who takes care of their parents more and who takes care of their parents less, children often care about each other and shirk each other. 

3) Communication between the two generations is not smooth, and misunderstandings occur

There are also problems in the communication between parents and children, causing misunderstandings to each other, and they are not resolved in time, so It is difficult for the two generations to live together, and the situation of “old people having nowhere to rely on” has appeared. 

In fact, in many cases, the key to the problem of no one to rely on is parents. To avoid this situation, parents must first be themselves

In order to avoid this situation, parents should prepare in advance.

First of all, treat their children with “a bowl of water and water”

Although the ten fingers are different in length, there should not be too much difference in the love of parents to their children. Once the children clearly feel the partiality of their parents, it may cause great harm to the children. 

Secondly, effective communication with children is necessary.

Sometimes it is inevitable that parents and children will have a gap, but parents must communicate with their children in a timely and effective manner to eliminate the gap to the greatest extent. Don’t let the contradictions reach the point where it is difficult to resolve, as this will only accumulate resentment that cannot be eliminated. 

Finally, you must leave pension money for yourself< /p>

The old are dependent, and they are not only dependent on their children. After all, everyone is an independent individual. Children have their children’s lives, and parents should also have their parents’ lives. 

Smart parents will leave enough pension money for themselves, independent and free, and not dependent on anyone.

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