Instant noodles can be regarded as a nutritious product in front of these three kinds of junk food, and many parents still like to buy it.

Instant noodles can be regarded as a nutritious product in the face of these three kinds of junk food. Many parents still like to buy it.

At the moment, more parents are beginning to pay attention to their children’s daily dietary intake, especially It is the instinctive rejection of snack foods. But I have to say that, in addition to foods that people think are “unhealthy”, some foods that are “disguised” as very healthy are not suitable for children to eat. 

For example, most parents regard instant noodles as unnutritious junk food, but they don’t know that some foods that look nutritious are inferior to instant noodles. 

Cute baby crying To eat instant noodles, Bao’s mother strongly refused to be “unhealthy”, and turned to Amway’s children to eat hot pot meatballs.

Xiaolan is a very “attractive” Bao mother, especially when it comes to bringing children, she does not allow her children to eat Snacks, especially against children eating instant noodles. One day, when Xiaolan was too lazy to cook, she secretly cooked a bowl of instant noodles for herself. She didn’t expect that the baby who had fallen asleep woke up after smelling the aroma of instant noodles. 

So, the little guy cried and screamed to eat instant noodles. Although Xiaolan felt sorry for the baby, she didn’t give it to her when she thought that instant noodles were not nutritious. In order to soothe the baby, Xiaolan picked a hot pot ball from the noodle bowl, “This is beef ball, baby, eat beef ball! This is healthier than instant noodles!”

The aroma of beef ball is very strong. , The little baby soon discovered that beef balls are indeed better than instant noodles. Seeing that the baby liked it very much, Xiaolan even fed the baby two beef balls one after another. Just as the mother and son feasted on instant noodles and beef balls, Xiaolan’s husband came back from get off work. 

Xiaolan’s husband teased, “Aren’t you most opposed to children eating junk food? Why did you break the diet today?” Xiaolan replied after hearing that, “I eat instant noodles for my son, but beef balls are what I eat for my son. , This is not junk food!” Xiaolan’s husband chuckles when she hears Xiaolan’s words. 

“Speaking of junk food, your beef balls are much more unhealthy than instant noodles! Hot pot balls are not all made of meat, and there are more additives than you think! Flavors, gelatin, pigments… “Before her husband finished speaking, Xiaolan already regretted it, “I’m so stupid. I knew I might as well give the child imported noodles!”

Why is instant noodles unhealthy to eat? High oil and high salt can’t escape! 

In a bucket of 85g noodles, the salt content reaches 6.6g, the noodles comes with 1.8g, and the seasoning package contains 4.8g; the fat content is 21.6g, and the noodles contains 17.1g, seasoning The packet contains 4.5g. Obviously, a bucket of noodles is already close to the daily intake limit of the human body. 

Furthermore, the noodles are fried, and the B vitamins in them are gradually lost in the process. It can be seen that simply eating instant noodles is really unhealthy. So what kind of food is unhealthy than instant noodles? 

In daily life What foods seem to be nutritious, but are actually unhealthy if the child eats them? 

1. Hot pot meatballs

“Beef balls”, “Cuttlefish balls”, “Chicken balls”, etc. These hot pot balls that sound very nutritious are a must-order dish for many people when they eat hot pot. . However, although the hot pot meatballs taste good, it has to be said that it has a lot to do with the “additives” contained in them. 

Japan’s “God of Food Additives” Abe Division once said that long-term intake of excessive additives in the human body will increase the body burden. The daily intake of adults should not exceed 10g. It can be seen that hot pot balls are important for metabolism. Children whose systems are not yet mature are indeed not suitable for eating more. 

2. Candied snacks

Candied snacks are more common in daily life, and all kinds of dried fruits are also popular with children. Many parents believe that this kind of snacks not only taste delicious, but also naturally made from fruits will be very nutritious. But I have to say that this kind of snacks are not as healthy as people think. 

Moreover, the sweetness of candied fruit is very high, which will not only increase the risk of dental caries in children, but also affect children’s preference for other foods. 

From the point of view of the material composition, the sugar and sodium content in candied fruit is very high. It is a typical high-sugar and high-sodium food, which harms the child’s digestive system and also hinders other nutrients. Intake. 

3. Meat sausages

Although the grilled sausages on the market are all under the banner of “pure meat”, in fact, the greasy sausages are not as “pure” as people think. 

There are a lot of grilled sausages with very little meat, but in order to ensure a good taste, vendors will use a lot of additives to flavor. If it is made by small workshops, the quality Even more can not be guaranteed. Especially the barbecue sausages on the street stalls, although they look delicious and convenient, they are really unhealthy. 

For children in childhood, their digestive system is not fully developed. Unhealthy dietary intake can easily increase the burden of digestion, and it will also affect the normal development of the child’s body. Parents need to pay more attention to their daily snack intake. 

Do you have any good suggestions to share about the daily snack intake for children? When the husband made these requests during the same room, he must decisively refuse. The price of indulgence is these problems.

In marriages, many women actually sacrifice the bigger party, no matter in terms of contribution to the family, Still in the process of getting along with her husband. 

In the case of married couple life, most women are the partners. However, sometimes blind indulgence will only bring a lot of harm to yourself. 


Xiao Liu has been married to her husband for three years. In the past three years, Xiao Liu has been to the hospital no less than 10 times because of mycotic vaginitis, so that the doctor knows her, and every time he comes, he can get a general idea without looking at the case. 

As for why Xiaoliu suffered from mycotic vaginitis, the doctor explained that it can be caused by married life. The main reason is that women’s own immunity is not high, and it is caused by infection in married life. 

From the first examination, the doctor told Xiao Liu that he could not have the same room during the medication period, and the entire medication period lasted for nearly 20 days. From the internal suppository a few days ago to the later lactic acid bacteria capsules, Can’t share the same room. 

But when the first medication was given, the husband couldn’t hold back and felt that it’s okay. Anyway, the medication period was almost over, but because the husband could not hold back this time, the fungal vaginitis recurred, which meant that all previous efforts were lost. . 

But then the doctor discovered that the main problem was that Xiao Liu’s husband never did his own hygiene before the same room, and it was normal to be infected. 

Mycotic vaginitis can be said to be the most recurring gynecological disease in the clinic, and women are greatly affected by it. If it is not treated, it will only become more and more serious, and it is difficult to heal itself. 

Therefore, this is also a reminder to female friends that they must raise their awareness of self-protection and do not let themselves become passive, especially in the matter of couple behavior. 

Husband in the same room These requests must be rejected decisively. The price of indulgence is these problems.

1. Roommates if they are not clean

Some men are lazy and don’t want to take a bath before the couple’s behavior. They always find it very troublesome. It’s the same if you wait to wash it after the end. In fact, this idea is wrong, because there are more bacteria in the reproductive parts of the human body. If the same room is not cleaned, it is likely to cause cross-infection. 

Be aware that women’s immunity is more vulnerable than men, so they are often the “injured” side. It is a basic principle that you must clean before you have a room, and it is best to clean, otherwise it will cause infection. 

2. Having sex during the menstrual cycle

My friend’s ex-boyfriend is an extremely irresponsible man who only cares about his own feelings, not his girlfriend’s feelings at all. 

After they broke up, my friends told me that when they were dating him, even during the menstrual cycle, he asked to have sex with him. If he didn’t agree, he would get sulking and he wouldn’t care about others. Because of this, the friend broke up with him. 

When you meet such a man, don’t pay attention to it! The body is one’s own, and it is not worth paying for such a man. The immunity of the female reproductive system itself is relatively low, and it is even more fragile during the menstrual cycle, so having sex at this time will only increase the possibility of infection. 

Attention, vaginitis, blocked fallopian tubes, adnexitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc. may occur after infection, each of which is a disease that cannot be ignored. 

3. Unwilling to use condoms during non-pregnancy period

Some men are particularly reluctant to use condoms. During non-pregnancy period, they are unwilling to use condoms and would rather let women take contraceptives. Don’t take women’s health seriously. 

Be aware that contraceptives have great harm to women’s bodies. They will not only disrupt the hormone balance, but also cause disorders of the endocrine system, and finally induce other diseases. 

It should also be noted that contraceptives should not be taken for a long time, and it is best not to take more than 2 times a year. If taken regularly, the endocrine system will be in a long-term unstable state, which will not only affect the menstrual cycle, but may also affect the pregnancy problem. 

4. Asking to have sex during the medication period

Just like Xiao Liu in the case, even if there are two days left, he is still in the medication period, and it should be noted that it is not possible to have intercourse as soon as the medication period is over. 

Because of the intervention of drugs, the balance of the female reproductive system is stabilized by drugs. After the drug is stopped, it will definitely take a certain amount of time for self-balance and conditioning. If you are in a hurry to engage in husband and wife behavior, then The balance will also be disrupted, and the possibility of problems is also high. 

Therefore, let alone the requirement to have intercourse during the medication period, and within a few days after the medication is over, you still cannot agree to intercourse. If this modestly makes the other party unable to do this, how can such a man be considered to have sex? In charge? 

A man who is truly responsible, knows how to love you, and does not want you to suffer from illness. It should be known that once infected with inflammation or disease, each treatment cycle is very long, and it is difficult to heal, and it is particularly harmful to women. 

At the same time, female friends should also learn to protect themselves and raise their awareness of self-protection. When they should refuse, they must have a strong attitude. After all, the body is your own, and others will not help and feel distressed.

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