In winter, parents don’t know how to keep their children warm? You can’t go wrong with “4 warm and 2 cool”

In winter, parents don’t know how to keep their children warm? It’s not wrong to follow “4 warm and 2 cool”

As the weather gets colder and colder, heavy snow has begun to fall in many places! For many parents, the most important job at this time is to keep their children warm, for fear that their children will not be able to withstand such cold weather and get sick! 

If there is an elderly person at home, the child will be wrapped in three layers inside and three layers outside. It is no exaggeration to say that the child is like a walking “wine barrel”, round and bulging! But can this really ensure the physical fitness of the child? Not necessarily! 

Like a girlfriend of mine, this winter Arrange several types of down jackets for your children, and put on several layers of warm clothing inside, for fear that the children will catch the cold when playing outside! 

However, this will make it particularly inconvenient for children to exercise. After all, children are still young, and they often jump up and down with children of the same age. Wearing such heavy clothes on them makes it very uncomfortable to play. Painful child! 

In fact, it’s about dressing children It’s not that the more and thicker the child wears, the more comfortable the child’s comfort must be taken into consideration. After all, the child is now growing up, so if the child’s body is too large to keep warm The pressure, then the gain is not worth the loss! 

Speaking of which, Xin Ru to parents A suggestion is to dress your child in winter by just following the “4 warm and 2 cool” principle, which can keep the child warm, and can also make the child wear very lightly, and spend the whole winter without creating a sense of pressure! 

Let’s talk about “4 warmth” first, which is actually to keep the 4 parts of the child warm! 

First: Keep your ears warm! 

In winter, because of the strong wind, our ears are generally the most cold-tolerant place! Since all of us adults can’t stand cold ears, let alone children, their ability to withstand cold must be extremely low, so the ears will be very fragile! 

If the temperature is too low, parents must Prepare a pair of ear warmers for your child to prevent your child’s ears from being frozen. If your baby’s ears are frozen, it will not only be very painful, but also itchy. The baby will subconsciously scratch his ears all the time! 

Second: Keep your feet warm! 

For a baby in childhood, the feet are very fragile. If the feet are cold, it will directly rise to the child’s body, and the child’s body will be very cold, which will make the child The immunity is reduced, and there is no way to catch wind and cold! 

It is recommended that parents can dress their children Put on cotton socks to increase the ability to keep out the cold, so that when the child is playing outside, the little feet can always keep the temperature, and the child will not be so easy to catch a cold! 

Third: Keep your child’s neck and back warm! 

Actually, I believe many parents know this, and they usually pay more attention to keeping their babies warm! Under normal circumstances, you only need to touch the child’s back to judge the child’s current physical condition. If it is very wet and sweats a lot, it means that the child is very hot now, if it is very cold to the touch, it means that the child is very cold now! 

It is recommended to wear a scarf to your child in winter , So it can well withstand the wind and cold, play a role in keeping warm! 

Fourth: Keep your child’s belly warm.

This is basically a point. Everyone knows that the belly is the weaker part of the baby’s body. Once it is exposed to wind and cold, it will easily cause the intestines and stomach. Problem, the baby will have diarrhea! 

So, when you sleep at night, you can Put a bellyband on your child, which can effectively resist the cold, so that the baby will not be so easily infected with wind and cold! 

Let’s talk about “2 cool” again

“2 cool” means that it is normal for the baby to get cold in two parts of the body, and parents don’t need to keep warm at all! 

First one: It is normal to have cold hands.

I believe that many parents will find that their children will be particularly cold in the winter! Parents are easy to panic, for fear that their children’s hands are too cold and the body will catch a cold, so they will add clothes to their children to achieve the purpose of keeping warm! 

Actually, the child’s hands are cold It is normal, because children are naturally active, so their hands are often playing with toys or running crazy outside, the hands will naturally be cold, and parents don’t need to add too much clothing to their children. ! 

Second: The head should be properly cooled to prevent sweating and heating

We often see some parents wear a small hat on their children’s head, in order to resist the wind and cold! In fact, if it is at home, it is completely unnecessary. The temperature at home must be higher than outside. The child is just right in this environment! 

If you let your child wear a hat at home , It is easy to cause the head temperature to be too high, and the child sweats, so if the child goes outside, it will form a very strong temperature difference, and the child will not be able to stand it! 

If you are going out with your child, you can wear a hat for the child. If you are at home, it is completely unnecessary! Where the child sits is hidden the class teacher’s “careful machine”. It seems fair, but it’s actually full of routines.

Every parent hopes that their children can have a good tablemate, because this is not only for Children’s learning has an impact, and it can also help them integrate into the classroom better. However, where the child sits hides the “caution” of the teacher in charge. This does not worry many parents. What should I do if my child is assigned to a bad seat? 

Case study:

Ms. Li’s thoughts about her child Achievement is very important, so she hopes that the children can do a good job in the class. After all, if the seats are allocated well, then the tablemates around will generally not be so bad. At the same time, there will be a better learning atmosphere for the children. The learning efficiency is greatly improved. 

However, how to get children a good seat in the classroom is actually related to the carefulness of the head teacher. Because Ms. Li’s children prefer to talk, but at the same time they have a good learning ability, so they are assigned to the position of the teacher at the first table, so that the teacher can grasp the child’s dynamics for the first time. 

Of course, it’s not just about the child’s dynamics It’s as simple as that. Generally speaking, the talkative students in the class are suppressed, and the atmosphere in the class will be better. It’s just that for Ms. Li, it’s a great thing for her children to be in the first row, and she didn’t delve into why the head teacher arranged this way. 

Then, parents can learn more about the “careful” of the class teacher and explore the basis of the seat arrangement of the class teacher, so that they can know why the seat arrangement of the class teacher seems to be fair, but in fact it is full of routines. 

What is the basis for the seat arrangement of the head teacher? 

1) Divide seats according to gender

This is a relatively common allocation method, in fact, it is to avoid embarrassment between children, after all, some boys or women do not dare to communicate with the opposite sex. Therefore, in order to have a good learning atmosphere among the same table, try to keep the same sex in the same position as possible. 

Secondly, in order to avoid the phenomenon of premature love, the head teacher assigns seats according to gender. 

2) Seats are divided by height


It is also common to divide seats by height, because if the height of the child is too high, it will obviously block the view of the students behind. Therefore, big men are generally assigned to the back, while shorter ones are assigned to the front. However, there are some cases. For example, if the eyesight of a big man is not particularly good, he may be assigned to the middle position. 

3) According to the results to classify seats


Some teachers directly use grades to divide the seats of students. This approach can be regarded as taking care of students who are high school students. Because this method of distribution allows the students to be concentrated in one area, avoiding being disturbed by “students”, and at the same time, it can form an area with the best learning atmosphere and help maintain the average grade at an ideal level. 

4) Classify seats according to student evaluation< /p>

Generally speaking, students who like to talk have two treatments. One is to be assigned to the front position to enjoy the care of the teacher, and the other is to be assigned to the back and left directly behind So as not to disturb the children who want to read. Therefore, parents can also judge from the seat position whether their children study hard at school. 

In order to allow children to be assigned to comparison by the teacher For a good position, the education and guidance of parents is indispensable, because the teacher can assign a better position to the children by allowing their children to be more involved in learning and correcting their classroom attitudes. 

How can parents help their children improve their learning attitude in the classroom? 

1. Habits to be supervised

Whether children can correct their learning attitudes in the classroom is actually related to the usual guidance and supervision of parents. If children usually have a very loose attitude in learning, it is difficult to come up with a learning attitude that convinces the teacher in the classroom. 

When at home, parents should pay attention to how their children look when doing homework and studying, and try to avoid children treating them in a very casual manner. 

Second, clear the child’s goal

If a child cannot devote himself to learning, it must have something to do with the child’s ideas and ideas-because the child does not know what learning is for, it is difficult to come up with a more correct way of learning. attitude. 

Therefore, in order for children to be better involved in learning and to prevent children from being distracted or lax in class, parents should explain to their children the ultimate goal of learning. 

3. Actively communicate with teachers.

Parents don’t know the performance of children in school. Therefore, it is better for parents to directly ask the teacher about their performance in school. If you often have unsatisfactory performance in class, you must correct it in time, or let the child know that he has done something wrong, or the child will continue to use this attitude to lower the teacher’s evaluation. 

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