In the third trimester of pregnancy, the fetus is delayed in entering the basin. Mostly because the pregnant mother often does two actions, he should quickly change it.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, the fetus is delayed in entering the basin, mostly because the pregnant mother often does two actions, so he should change it quickly

Primitive women will enter the pelvis as early as around 32 weeks of gestation. Normally, they will enter the pelvis at 36 weeks of gestation. Some women will Enter the basin 1 to 2 weeks before delivery. 

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As the gestational age continues to grow, after the third trimester As the day of due date is getting closer and closer to labor, the fetus entering the basin is an important signal. 

The primipara will enter the basin as early as about 32 weeks of gestation. Normally, it will enter the basin at 36 weeks of gestation. Some will enter the basin 1 to 2 weeks before delivery. The fetal head will gradually drop after delivery, and most of them will be born while entering the basin. 

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Tingting is a primiparous woman. She is about to give birth, but she hasn’t entered the basin for a long time. She is very anxious and worried that it will be difficult to have a baby. 

Today I went to the hospital for an examination and asked the doctor about her condition. The doctor said that the development of the fetus is normal and the fetal position is very positive, but the time to enter the basin is relatively late. Let her not worry too much, that it will not be right to enter the basin. What is the impact of later delivery. 

Although the doctor said so, Tingting was really worried. After all, some people around her who were her firstborn had already entered the basin in about 36 weeks. She was almost due to the due date, but it was too late. Didn’t get into the basin late. 

The doctor believes that this may be related to Tingting’s sitting habits and excessive weight gain during pregnancy. 

Because Tingting is now more than 40 kilograms fatter than before pregnancy, she looks very cumbersome when she walks. Every day, except for a 30-minute walk after meals, she spends the rest of her time lying on the sofa, watching TV, playing mobile phones and reading books. 

Doctors said that more exercise should be done during the third trimester of pregnancy. This will not only help improve the physical fitness of the pregnant woman, but also help the fetus enter the basin earlier and shorten the delivery process. 

To think about the fetus Things to avoid for pregnant mothers to enter the basin smoothly

1. Half-lying and half-sitting

In the third trimester, due to the growth of the fetus, the abdomen of the pregnant woman becomes very large, and many pregnant women will feel that It is comfortable, and it will look cumbersome to walk. The semi-lying and semi-sitting posture can appropriately relieve the pressure and discomfort of the waist during pregnancy. It is a favorite posture of many expectant mothers. 

But this posture has a bad feature, that is, it makes pregnant mothers very lazy, and even prolongs the sitting time unintentionally. Maintaining this posture for a long time will invisibly increase physical discomfort and make the pelvis first , Postpone the time for the fetus to enter the basin. 

2. Crossing Erlang’s legs

Some people like to see Erlang’s legs crossed. Whether it is before pregnancy or after pregnancy, they always maintain this lower roll, but for pregnant women, this posture It is very bad, especially in the third trimester, near the expected date of delivery. 

Because the pregnant mother’s abdomen is very large, pregnant women crossing Erlang’s legs will not only easily affect the blood circulation of the legs, increase the chance of leg edema and varicose veins, but also may squeeze into the abdomen, making Tai Germany has intrauterine hypoxia or growth restriction. 

At the same time, expectant mothers to swing their legs for a long time may also cause the spine, lumbar spine, pelvis and other positions to shift, aggravate back pain, and even cause hip deformation, cause fetal irregularities, and affect the fetus’s normal pelvic entry and normal delivery. Wait. 

Pregnant women do more These few things can help the fetus to enter the basin earlier

1, squat

The squat mentioned here is different from the usual squat exercise, it can only be said that it is similar because it is pregnant during pregnancy. Mom’s body is relatively heavy and her abdomen is bulging. Therefore, for safety reasons, the expectant mother needs to hold on to the bed or chair when doing this action. 

The movement should be for the pregnant mother to separate her legs, the distance is slightly wider than the shoulders, hold the bed or chair with her hands, then slowly squat down, then slowly stand up again, repeat several times, In this process, you must be slow and pay attention to your own physical fitness. If you are weak, it is not recommended to try. If you have good physical fitness, you can do it a few more times. 

2, take a walk

Walking is the most suitable exercise during pregnancy. It can not only exercise, but also control the growth of your own weight, help the fetus to enter the basin early, and because this exercise is relatively soothing, it will harm the pregnant woman’s body. And the risk factor is very low, and most pregnant women can easily do it. 

Although it is a very simple exercise, there are some things to pay attention to. Generally, 30 minutes at a time is enough for 2 to 3 days a day. You can choose a comfortable place for a session, and take a slow walk. Have someone to accompany you to avoid accidents. 

3. Climbing stairs

Climbing stairs is also a good exercise during pregnancy. It can not only adjust the posture of the fetus, but also help the fetus to enter the basin early, but pay attention to the appropriate amount. Let yourself be too tired, especially when the abdomen is tight, you need to stop immediately and avoid exercising again. It is best to be accompanied by family members. After all, this is a risky exercise. If there are signs of premature birth or physical discomfort Don’t climb the stairs. 

In addition, pregnant women can choose a softer exercise that suits them according to their own conditions, and avoid accidents in order to promote the fetus into the basin. Four types of food are potentially “sugar-containing Big family”, let the children eat less, the three hidden dangers may be waiting

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“Eating sugar is not good for health” has become the consensus of many mothers. Therefore, in their daily diet, parents will also try to avoid letting their children choose foods that seem to be too high in sugar. However, many times they still do not Can avoid these “invisible sugar”. 

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Excessive sugar intake, there may be three hidden dangers waiting

Chinese residents’ dietary guidelines suggestion: daily sugar content for both adults and children The intake should not exceed 50 grams, preferably within 25 grams. 

Excessive intake of sugar can cause great harm to the human body, and this kind of harm will be more obvious to children——

1. It affects the sense of taste Development

After the child is born, all aspects of the body are weaker, as is the sense of taste. At the beginning, they can only accept the taste of breast milk. As they grow up, they can gradually start to accept other things. Kind of taste. 

However, most of the children’s foods currently on the market are mainly sweet. Once you accept this flavor, it is difficult to accept other flavors, so it is difficult to try more flavors. Hinder the development of its sense of taste. 

2, malnutrition


Once you accept the sweetness of sugar, you will lose interest in some dairy products, vegetables, fruits and other items. If this habit continues, sugary foods will dominate your child’s diet. Location, some really lacking nutrients cannot be replenished, resulting in malnutrition problems. 

3. Cause physical problems

Surveys show that children who eat too much sugar are about 5 times more likely to develop obesity than children who eat a healthy diet. 

In addition, body parts may also be “wrapped” in advance. For example, some problems that should have appeared before the age of 50 have now appeared around the age of 35. 

Four types of food are potential “Sugar-rich”

A, puffed food

Potato chips, shrimp cracks, etc. should be the memories that accompany the growth of many children. As the leader in the snack industry that everyone loves, it is not only There are many kinds, and they all taste good. 

However, many people are deceived by its salty and crispy taste. A closer look at the ingredient list of this type of puffed food reveals that the status of sugar is not low, ranking third. For example, a bag of 50 grams of potato chips has a sugar content of about 4.3 grams. 

B, tomato sauce


Ketchup in supermarkets is different from pure ketchup. Sugar and oil are added for refining. Many dishes use ketchup, so that sugar can sneak into our daily diet. 

In the ingredient list, except for tomato puree, the sugar content is the highest, at 15-25%, and some can even reach 30%. 

C, Lactic acid bacteria drink

It is said that it can promote the baby’s gastrointestinal motility and help digestion, so it was once popular in Baoma circle. 

No one knows that the active bacteria contained in such beverages are not enough to fight against the huge intestinal flora, and the sugar content in them is far beyond the standard. The sugar content of about 100 ml is only 15.4 grams. about. 

The trouble is that this part of sugar is often refined sugar, which is added by the manufacturer for flavoring. Long-term intake may cause additional body burden. 

D, sweet dishes

Sweet and sour pork tenderloin, fish-flavored pork, etc. are common dishes in many families. They are simple and delicious. They are popular with many children. However, a serving of fish-flavored shredded pork needs to add about 25 grams of sugar, and the sweet and sour pork fillet is as high as about 75 grams. How can it not exceed the standard after such a meal. 

Of course, these are only part of it. If you want to avoid it correctly, you must learn to distinguish. 

How to effectively distinguish whether the sugar content is excessive High

1) Look at the ingredient list

Nowadays, many people have the habit of buying items and looking at the ingredient list, but the “how to look” is still at a loss. They are discerning sugar. At that time, people’s standards were limited to the number of grams of sugar in the ingredient list. 

However, many foods do not appear with the term “sugar”. For example, in some concentrated fruit juices, the name “sweet additive” is included in the ingredient list. In fact, this substance is a If the processed sugar is added too much, the harm will be far greater than ordinary sugar. 

2) Avoid processing Food

The sugar content of some processed foods cannot be changed, such as some canned foods. You have to consume as much sugar as you add to it, and you may only use half of the sugar or even make it yourself. You can choose not to add it. 

So this kind of food should be avoided as much as possible or you should choose to make your own. 

3) Be alert to food

It means that when we are excluding some foods with high sugar content, we will habitually only see our common foods. For some foods, we may only pay attention to their nutritional value and ignore their sugar content. , This will accidentally take in too much sugar when eating. 

For example, when it comes to the choice of white bread and whole-wheat bread, many people prefer whole-wheat bread, but in fact, the sugar content of a slice of whole-wheat bread is about 7 grams, while white bread has only 5 grams. 

Knowledge extension: how to effectively control Sugar

Through the above points, we have been able to distinguish which foods are high in sugar, and we can avoid them. However, in many cases, the reason for excessive sugar intake is not unknown, but “knowingly “Wrong and doing it” is especially obvious for some sweet tooth lovers, so it is very important to find a suitable substitute. 

Of course, the proportion of similar foods on the market is basically not much different. If you want to find a suitable alternative food, you need to make it yourself:

For example, canned fruits, taking common canned peaches as an example, we will eat a fresh peach Ingest about 12 grams of sugar, but the peach flesh that is lit up from the can contains about 31 grams of sugar, which is about three times the difference. 

Therefore, making your own food can greatly reduce the sugar content, and at the same time, it can meet the needs of your own taste buds. The best of both worlds. 

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