In order to make it easier for children to listen to the lectures, how much can each subject teacher “spell”? Freehand circle drawing is just the basics

In order to make it easier for children to listen to the lectures, how much can each subject teacher “spell”? Freehand drawing a circle is just the foundation.

Some people say that teachers are the greatest profession, carrying the responsibility of teaching and educating people; others say that the profession of a teacher is an “iron rice bowl” that is enviable; but I want to say this even more. The teachers in this class did their best to let the children listen to the lectures attentively. 

With the development of society, people nowadays have higher and higher requirements for teachers. They not only need to be proficient in business and use tools, but also to innovate in subject teaching and have more than what they teach. Talent of subject knowledge. So, what are the talents of the teachers, let us come together. 

In order to facilitate children’s attendance in class, how many teachers can each subject have “Fight”? 

There is such a paragraph on the Internet, saying that the main subject is taught, and students will feel boring in learning, so the math teacher used a set of numbers and combined them to draw a picture of Monkey King. 

Then the English teacher didn’t show weakness, so he just took it Painting, a Luffy from “One Piece” appears vividly on the blackboard. Later, the geography teacher said that I would do this too, so he drew a set of maps blindly. 

The art teacher was very nervous after seeing it, fearing that his job might not be preserved, so he drew a landscape painting of a whole blackboard. 

Of course, some teachers think that the operation of freehand circle drawing and blind drawing of maps is just the basics. They don’t compete with teachers of various subjects. What they value is the passion of teaching. 

For example, a teacher who forgets to bring teaching aids temporarily Instead of using the broomsticks in the class, you can also use washbasins and buckets for drawing circles. Drawing straight lines is more convenient. It is a good choice to pick up benches and dustpans. 

Some teachers can also constantly change their body angles to adapt according to the position of the writing on the blackboard. That is really graceful. Even if the blackboard is about to fall, it cannot affect the teacher’s normal writing. 

Interesting teachers will provide children with new motivation for learning

In fact, no matter whether the teacher is showing talent, or concave shape, or witty and funny, in essence, they hope to provide students with new motivation for learning. 

At this point, people who have graduated for many years must also have a deep understanding. When we first went to school, we might not remember every knowledge point in every class, but we must be able to recall a certain section Excellent teaching by a certain teacher in the class. 

Teachers can be serious and rigorous in their studies, or they can be lively Interesting teaching, and alternative perceptual teaching. The ultimate goal is to make students deeply impressed by the content of the course and lay a solid foundation for learning through the “down-to-earth” teaching mode. 

What kind of learning help can such a “down-to-earth” teacher provide to children? 

Good teachers will organize or carry out teaching in a way that students love to hear, so what kind of learning help can such a grounded atmosphere bring to students? Through our observation and understanding, there are mainly the following three aspects. 

It can make children remember the knowledge points more deeply

Teachers use unique teaching methods to make students have an intuitive impression of what they have learned. Just imagine, memorizing knowledge points or graphic knowledge, which is easier for students to remember? 

In the same way, knowledge lies in application, if Teachers can display the application level of knowledge intuitively in the classroom, and they are not afraid that students will not be able to remember because they have no impression. 

Enjoy children’s interest in this course

Not all students will be interested in all subjects, but interesting courses will definitely make students interested and interesting Teachers can bring interesting lessons. 

From this perspective, it’s humorous The teacher determines the child’s acceptance and interest in the subject. 

It allows children to mingle with the teacher and have the courage to raise their own puzzles

Similarly, the teacher is both serious and lively, and also has a more conducive and harmonious teacher-student relationship, which can integrate teachers and students. There is no sense of distance between students and teachers, and they are often more able to raise learning puzzles to teachers, which helps to improve students’ learning ability and knowledge level. 

An excellent teacher is the “wealth” for children’s growth “

I believe that every ordinary person of us will meet many teachers in our lives, but there are not many opportunities to meet good teachers. 

Though teachers may not be all-rounders, the outstanding qualities they show in teaching activities are also valuable assets for children to grow into talents. Because what we see on the surface is the teacher’s wit and talent, in fact, it is a manifestation of their hard work and dedication. The boy’s surname is “Che”. The teacher has refused to call him his full name since he was in school. Teacher: This is really not a name.

I believe most parents are cautious in naming this matter, but there is At the time, the name that the parents took out carefully, is there really no problem in reading it? There is a little boy with the surname “Che” on the Internet. The teacher refused to call him his full name because of his father’s name. 

Mr. Che and his wife have never had children since they were married. It was not until the third year after marriage that the wife became pregnant with the baby. For the whole family, this is undoubtedly a great happy event, and Bao Dad is even more happy. 

After a long pregnancy in October, the baby was finally born safely. The nurse came out with the baby and said hi. Only then did Bao Dad know that his daughter-in-law had given birth to a son for him. After the baby is born, the whole family will face the problem of naming the baby. 

They all say that boys should be more active. Be bolder, so Dad Bao used the single name “Zhen” for the child. 

At the end of the day, this matter can’t be completely blamed on Bao’s father. At that time, there was no other meaning of the word “car shock”. On the contrary, some strange explanations appeared in contemporary society, which led to children. After school, the teacher dared not call him to answer questions. 

For this reason, Mr. Che also communicated with the teacher. The teacher hoped that the parents would change the name of the child, because this is really unspeakable. 

A nice name can leave people behind A deep impression, and a bad name, can have a lot of negative effects on children. 

If the name is difficult to obtain, what negative effects will it have on the child? 

1: Influencing the character of children

The world of children is very simple. When they see a name that is very ugly, and even stranger meanings appear, they will make fun of the children and say something Bad words. Children lack the ability to distinguish right from wrong. When they hear others laugh at themselves, they are unwilling to refute, and their personality will become inferior and timid. 

Two: Affect children’s interpersonal communication

When a child is ridiculed by others because of his name in school, he will be afraid of making friends. In their opinion, making friends is not a good thing, because it is inevitable to introduce themselves to others. Cause others to ridicule. Therefore, children will refuse to make friends with others, refuse to communicate with others, and only know to close themselves. 

It is precisely because the name is important to a person Sexuality, so parents must find a way to find a satisfactory name before or after the child’s birth to avoid misunderstandings in naming. 

Which naming mistakes should be avoided? 

1: Avoid being too exaggerated.

Parents have certain expectations for their children. They hope that their children will have outstanding abilities and that their children will look better than others. Therefore, some parents will deliberately add exaggerated words, such as the child’s name is “Hao Meili” and “Zhen Shuaiqi”. Names that are too exaggerated are unacceptable, and children will inevitably be made fun of by others after they go to school. 

2: Don’t name it too tacky

Elderly people always feel that it is easier to feed their children with low names, and parents also hope that their children can grow up healthy and healthy, so they will deliberately use low names, such as “Yadan”, “Da Niu” and so on. However, the feudal practice is not popular in modern society. It is undoubtedly a trick to give children such ugly words. 

3: Avoid excessive repetition rate


The same name is a very embarrassing thing. When we walk on the street and see other people with the same clothes as our own, we feel embarrassed, let alone the same name. It is inevitable that people have to compare two people with the same name, and the child is unwilling to compare with others, especially the one who is at a disadvantage in all aspects. Children will inevitably be frustrated by being compared, and parents should also avoid popular words that have a high duplication rate. 

Some parents feel that the name is just a title, but It’s just a code name, so I don’t pay much attention to naming the child. I just pick it up with whatever word sounds good, and I don’t pay attention to the meaning behind it, whether it will have the same name, and so on. However, parents should understand that naming is a big deal. A good-sounding and meaningful name will help the child throughout his life, while unpleasant words will affect the child’s life.

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