If you want your son to become a good and responsible man in the future, you should teach him four abilities before the age of six.

In order for a son to become a responsible and good man in the future, he should be taught four abilities before he is six years old.

The growth and development of each child cannot be generalized, and he needs to be taught in accordance with his aptitude. 

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After the child is born, In addition to worrying about the health of their children, parents value their education most. 

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After all, the key to a person’s foothold in society lies in education. If education fails, children will only do nothing and be criticized; and if education succeeds, children can benefit the country. It is good for the society and praised by others. 

Children of each age should adopt different education methods, and boys and girls should also be different. Boys are usually more naughty and difficult to educate. If the discipline is not good, it will easily lead to bad consequences. 

If you want your son to be responsible, These abilities should be possessed before the age of 6

The foundation of children’s education is very important. Starting from a baby is a policy that has not changed for many years. This is why children are getting younger and younger. the reason. 

A boy has been called a little man since he was a child. This means that he must be responsible. Boys must be able to take care of their behavior when they are young, and they must be able to take care of a family when they grow up, so boys must develop these abilities from an early age. 

1. Practical ability

It is mainly daily eating, drinking and Lazard, as well as basic survivability such as doing-it-yourself cleaning. 

Especially for boys, parents should consciously exercise their abilities in this area. In this process, they can not only exercise their children’s hands-on ability, but also increase their sense of participation at home in the future and assist their wives in housework. , To become a good man with family responsibilities. 

2, get along with others Ability

As a member of society, we need to interact with others all the time, so this ability is very important for boys. 

In daily learning and life, communicate with other children more and integrate into the children. If you have conflicts with other children, don’t rush to intervene. You can give your child some suggestions and let him try to deal with it by himself. 

In this way, they can not only learn to deal with problems on their own, but also develop the ability to think independently, so that they can be alone in the future. 

3. Learn the ability to be confident

Confidence is a very important part of a person’s character, and self-confidence and lack of self-confidence are completely different states. 

Studies have shown that confident people are more courageous in doing things and are more likely to succeed, while people who lack self-confidence tend to be fearful in doing things and are prone to failure even if they have strong professional abilities. 

Confident Children are usually more optimistic and good at interacting with others. They usually do not complain when encountering difficulties or conflicts with others, but actively seek solutions, so that they can be responsible for themselves and others. 

Inferiority complex tends to make them introverted and timid, and miss many opportunities for performance and friends. Therefore, parents must actively cultivate their children’s self-confidence. 

4. Expression ability

Expression is one of the ways to improve self-confidence. When children are young, they are unfamiliar with many things and may not be able to use appropriate sentences. Come out of your own thoughts, and then become taciturn. 

Especially some boys may be shy to express their true thoughts. Parents should give them more encouragement, listen to their inner voices, and guide them to bravely express their thoughts. 

It is important to choose the right way

One, reduce preaching


Many parents like to think about their children. In fact, no one likes this way, including the parents themselves. 

For children’s problems, parents only need to choose the right time to raise them, and there is no need to raise them repeatedly. Give the child time to buffer himself and do things that will make him feel warm. 

For example, cook a delicious meal for the child when he gets tired, hug him when he is sad, and encourage him when he is down. These methods are far more meaningful than preaching. 

Second, correct communication


Parents always put themselves in a “high position” when facing children’s problems. In fact, this way invisibly separates you from your children, and as they grow up, this kind of The advantage of “high position” will gradually weaken. 

When educating their children, parents may wish to try to get along with them as friends, so as to gain the trust of the children, and it is also convenient for the parents to convey the correct thoughts to the children. 

Knowledge extension: boys and girls Growth differences

There are differences in brain development between men and women, and to a large extent it is determined by the physiological basis. 

By scientifically testing the brains of boys and girls, it is found that boys develop more developed and busier than girls in some parts, while girls develop faster than boys in other parts, for example, boys have better logical thinking. The girl’s intuition is stronger. When the child is still in the mother’s womb, these parts have changed under the influence of hormones. 

With continuous growth and development, These differences will be more obvious and have an impact on children’s learning, and learning itself is a process of reshaping the brain, so there should be differences in the education of boys and girls. 

[Said fortunately pregnant]

Education has always been one of the most important things in the minds of parents. The healthy growth of children is inseparable from the correct education of parents. In addition, More is to inspire and guide children to develop in the right direction and teach them the basic abilities to grow better.  Establishing a rule as early as possible will help The child grows up to be taller, otherwise no matter how good the gene is, it is difficult to remedy it

How tall a child can grow in the future is not only related to genetic inheritance, but also depends on whether parents pay attention to the establishment of rules. 

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The height of the child has always been a topic of concern to parents. If their own baby is shorter than their peers, the parents will be very anxious. 

Although the child’s height is 65%~70% derived from the genetic inheritance of the parents, there are 30%~35% closely related to the factors of acquired growth. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to help their children hold it well the day after tomorrow. Don’t think that if your parents are taller, your baby will be taller. 

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Shortly after her marriage, Linlin became pregnant and gave birth to twins, but because the couple had been doing business in other places, the two children could not be taken care of together, so she put her boss in My hometown is taken care of by my grandmother, and my second child is taken with me. 

In this way, a few years have passed. Both children have reached the age of primary school and decided to bring the sisters to study together. What I did not expect is that the height of the two babies is quite different. , The boss is about 10 cm taller than the second. 

The couple thought about it and felt that the reason was because they always went out early in their business and returned late in the evening, which made the second child sleep late every day, and he rushed away with meals. A few years have passed. , So that the height difference between the sisters gets bigger. 

Seeing that the heights of the two children are quite different, Linlin and his wife regretted that they did not take good care of the baby. If the height of the second child will not be able to catch up in the future, she will really feel guilty for a lifetime. 

Therefore, in the process of children’s height growth, acquired factors are still very important. Even brothers with the same genetic parents will have differences. 

I want children If you grow taller, you must set this rule early.

As your child’s height grows, the protection of sleep is of the utmost importance. 

One thing that many parents think wrong is that they think their children only need to sleep for 8 to 9 hours a day. It doesn’t matter what time to go to bed and when to get up, but in fact, the idea is Wrong, for growing and developing babies, it is not only necessary to have enough sleep time, but also to ensure the quality of sleep. The time to fall asleep is also extremely important. 

This is because the growth hormone that promotes the growth of the child’s body will be secreted more at night, especially from 23:00 to 2 in the morning, which is the strong period of growth hormone secretion, which can reach five times that of the day. 

Therefore, if parents want their children to have long legs and grow into taller ones in the future, they need to set rules early, and they need to go to bed after 21:30 every day. 

If parents do not make early rules, supervise their children to go to bed early, and let them develop the bad habit of staying up late, it will directly affect the secretion of growth hormone, and no matter how good the gene is, it is often difficult to remedy it. 

Therefore, in the process of parents and children, it is necessary to help them establish the rules of going to bed early, let them develop good sleeping habits, and go to bed obediently at the time of the day. This will not only save the parents more worry, but also the growth and development of the baby. advantageous. 

How do parents let Does the child develop the habit of going to bed early? 

1. Arrange daily time to fall asleep with the child

Parents shall make an appointment with the child’s daily time to fall asleep in time, and strictly implement it Supervision. For example, if the baby needs to go to bed at 9:30 in the evening every day, the baby should be washed before 9:00 and ready to fall asleep in bed. Parents can tell bedtime stories to help them fall asleep earlier. 

2. Create a good sleeping environment for children

If parents want their children to go to bed early, You need to be prepared. For example, at the appointed time, the whole family is quiet, turn off the lights, TV, and mobile phones, and don’t chat loudly. Give them a psychological hint that it’s time to fall asleep. 

If parents urge their children to go to bed, but they choose to watch TV in the living room or chat with a group of people, this will not help the baby to fall asleep quickly. 

3. Don’t let children sleep too long during the day

Children sleep late and late at night, there are Part of the reason is that they sleep too much during the day, which leads to not going to bed early at night. Therefore, parents should play with them more during the day to prevent their children from lying in bed during the day. The nap time is also controlled within two hours. 

other than this In addition, these acquired factors are also very important.

1. Pay attention to the nutritional balance of the diet

The growth and development of children cannot be separated from nutritional supplements. Therefore, if parents want their babies to grow up, they need to Pay more attention to their diet, such as not allowing them to eat some deep-fried, high-calorie junk food. 

In addition, parents also need to pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables in their diet, and let their babies eat some foods rich in calcium and protein, such as soy products, chicken, and milk, to promote their height growth. 

2. Growth environment

Scientific research has confirmed that if the child’s mentality is severely injured and stimulated for a long time, the height will be shorter than those of the same age who have not suffered psychological injury. , If the psychological trauma is severe, it is likely to cause developmental delay or even stagnation. 

Therefore, in the process of raising children, parents also need to pay attention to their mental health and development. Don’t scold or scold them at every turn. They should communicate with their children more and understand the true inner thoughts so that the children can grow up healthy and happy, which is not only conducive to a healthy personality. The formation of it can also promote the growth of height. 

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