If you want your baby to be blessed, and your mother will not be guilty, these delivery times can be avoided.

If you want your baby to be blessed, and your mother will not be sinful, these delivery times can be avoided and avoided

If you want your mother to be comfortable in confinement, and if you want your baby to be blessed, then you must pay attention to your baby. The time of birth and the arrangement of the eight characters. 

The folk rumors must not be unbelievable. It is better to pay attention to some things. And being born at a good time point is actually good for the whole family. If a family accepts newborns, it is best to have the right people at the right time and place, with good economic conditions and good production time, and everything can be avoided by planning well. Conflict, avoid conflicts among family members. These few production times should be avoided if they can be avoided. 

A few years ago, Hong Kong’s rich too paid great attention to the character, and even deliberately planned the time of childbirth and pregnancy. The richest son is definitely very important to the development of the family. 

In fact, Fu Tai pays attention to the time of childbirth. One is for the life of the child, and the other is for his own innocence. During these few times, pregnancy and childbirth will also be troublesome. Women who are preparing for pregnancy are the most troublesome. Remember to avoid it. 

Not suitable for pregnancy

Spring in January, March and April, winter production is not good

First of all, in the autumn from October to November, it is actually not suitable for pregnancy, because in this season Pregnancy is basically the delivery in the winter of the coming year. The cold winter delivery is not only painful in the delivery process, but also during delivery, the mother needs to wear very thin clothes and will get cold. 

Because it is too thick to wear during production, it is actually inconvenient to produce. And during the hospitalization, if a pregnant woman accidentally catches a cold, the consequences will be serious. The root cause of the confinement will be difficult to heal in the future. In summer, it will be relatively convenient to keep warm. On the one hand, pregnant women confinement. 

2. In September and October, it’s not easy to give birth in the hot summer.

In September and October, the weather turns cooler. When you wait for which year to give birth, it will be the midsummer of the second year. Months have passed, and the weather is too hot when pregnant women are giving birth, and children are prone to rash and lung heat. 

Pregnant women are in confinement and cannot wash their hair. The weather is hot and easy to sweat and is more uncomfortable. And in folklore, some children of the Chinese zodiac born in the midsummer season are more likely to be offended. 

When preparing for pregnancy How to plan the time

1. It seems that the zodiac of the year of birth

When the mother is pregnant, she actually makes plans for the year of the baby’s birth, and the father is also in the stage of pregnancy. It is necessary to consider what zodiac sign the child is born with. 

Choose a suitable birth month for the child according to the time when the child was born in the zodiac, because according to the folk saying, it is better to be born in a good month with a good year of food, which is also more auspicious. 

2. Take a look at the child’s birth season

When preparing for pregnancy, parents have to calculate the season in which the child was born, because the child’s birth season is actually very particular, too hot and too cold. Both the health of the child and the health of the mother can cause trouble. 

For families with good conditions, it may be easier to say something, and for families with bad conditions, it is even more important to plan well. It is convenient for the parturient to take care of the child when it is convenient for the parturient to confinement. 

Not only that, if the weather is too cold or too hot, the baby is actually prone to illness or crying. For example, in winter, the baby will not be able to bear the cold. 

In the summer, the baby feels too hot, but he has to wear some clothes to get rash, the baby is more likely to cry, and the mother is even more unbearable and easy to collapse. 

Being a mother is always hard, but as long as it can alleviate the pain of the mother and the hard work of the mother with the child, it is very worthwhile to start with the pregnancy time, and plan a good time for the child. 

3. Plan for the husband to take care of the child when the child is about to be born

When preparing for pregnancy, the couple can consider whether there is time to return to the family and take care of the child in this matter, because Some businessmen are busy during certain seasons, such as the winter of the Spring Festival. 

It is best to recover from the postpartum period. At that time, there is enough energy and time to take care of the mother and the child. This is not only good for the harmony of the family, but also for the whole family atmosphere. Yes, it is conducive to the future growth of the child. On the contrary, if the mother is always with her parents when she needs to accompany her, the mother may also be psychologically wronged. When she is with the child, she will be in a bad mood and will not coax the child. 

In fact, pregnancy and childbirth should be prepared and planned long ago, rather than blindly when the child was born, where the child was born, whether the family’s financial situation at the time of birth can afford what kind of treatment can be given to the child, this is to prepare for pregnancy At that time, the couple should discuss it. 

For the child’s birth parents, you should be responsible. Don’t talk about it. Start planning from the time of the child’s birth. You should also pay attention to it when preparing for pregnancy. Choose a good time, so that the mother is relaxed and the baby Good take. Parents must pay attention to telling their children. Don’t yell if there’s nothing wrong with them. Beware that children are slow to respond.

Children are the biggest concern of parents, especially Bao’s mother. I can’t wait to stick with them all the time. If you can’t see it, you will call the baby’s name, but sometimes the baby agrees, but nothing happens. 

In the eyes of the mothers, this seems to be no big deal, but in fact, it is very likely to cause the baby to become unresponsive. 

The 3-year-old boy was diagnosed with “unresponsiveness”. The doctor is fine. Don’t call me a baby.

Although the colleague Xiaofang’s son Lele is only 3 and a half years old, he is tall It’s very tall, and the face looks more mature. People who don’t know think that the baby is in elementary school. 

Although it is still normal now, in the past, as long as you interact with him a little bit, you can clearly feel that the child’s reaction is a bit slow, not only inferior to children of the same age, and even some babies younger than him Also react faster than him. 

Outsiders can see it, how can Lele’s mother fail to see it? But firstly the child was still young, and secondly the situation was not particularly serious, so I didn’t care about it all the time. 

It wasn’t until Lele went to kindergarten that she realized that there was a strong contrast with her peers, and her family became anxious. Later, I went to several hospitals, and the doctors all said there was no problem. 

Recently, the doctor suddenly asked Lele’s mother if she always likes to call her baby’s name indiscriminately, that is to say, she should call her baby if she is okay. When Lele’s mother heard that this was exactly what she was talking about, she nodded and said yes. 

After seeing the doctor, the doctor said to her solemnly, “It’s all right, don’t call the baby. The child is unresponsive because of this. If you correct it in time, there is still a possibility of recovery.” Later, Le. Le Ma did what the doctor said, and it worked. Although Lele’s reaction speed is not the best among her peers, it is still at a normal level. 

Calling a baby’s name indiscriminately will make him unresponsive? Although it sounds unbelievable, it is true. 

Because the child has long been conditioned to his own name, when the parents call his name, he will immediately prepare for the parents’ requirements of him. 

But if the parents just barked, this preparation is wasted. This situation is repeated several times, and the child’s conditioned reflex to the parent calling his own name will disappear, and the reaction will naturally slow down. Therefore, it is indeed reasonable not to call the baby’s name indiscriminately. 

Inappropriate calling may make the baby confused

It’s okay to be called by name

Calling baby’s name indiscriminately, not only will The child’s unresponsiveness will directly make him confused. Because in his psychological expectations, the parents should interact with him next, but nothing happened. 

This will confuse the child, is this name his own? Once such thoughts arise, children’s self-perception will also be biased. 

One child corresponds to multiple nicknames

There is another situation that can make children confused, that is, giving children many nicknames, or even different family members. One. 

For example, some people call their children “X Bao”, some call them “Little X”, and others call their full names. This inconsistency in appellation will also bring children Very confused, because he couldn’t be sure what his name was. 

The above two situations can be said to happen from time to time, and the harm it brings to the baby is also obvious. But it is a pity that few parents notice this problem, so that only when the situation becomes very bad, or even when the child becomes unresponsive, can he be alert. 

When calling a child’s name, parents should pay attention to these three points.

1. Don’t mess up your nickname.

Usually calling your baby’s nickname is completely There is no problem, but it should be noted that a baby should only correspond to one nickname, no matter who he is, he should be called by this nickname, and the baby should not be given other nicknames, so as not to cause confusion for the baby. 

Therefore, mothers should take the initiative to share their baby’s nickname with others, so as to avoid others from arbitrarily naming their babies. 

2. If the baby responds, parents need to give feedback in time

No matter what happens, as long as the parents call the baby and the baby responds, the parents should respond immediately. 

Otherwise, parents often do not respond to the baby, which will make the baby feel very boring. Gradually, they will not respond too much to their own name, and this will cause the baby to a certain extent The reaction becomes sluggish. 

3. When the baby is doing something, try not to call.

Some parents call their children regardless of the occasion. For example, when you find that your baby is doing something intently, it is best not to call him, so as not to cause him to be distracted. Otherwise, not only may the baby be unable to complete the task, but it may also lead to poor concentration. 

Children should be the heart of their parents, not “mouth meat”, so don’t put your child’s name on your lips if you have nothing to do, and call them a few times less. You don’t love your children. Will lose one point. 

Only calling the child at the right time will allow him to respond more quickly to his own name, which is also very good for the child’s brain development.

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