If you have this item at home, you should avoid the child’s sight. If the child eats it by mistake, it will be more troublesome.

If you have this thing at home, you must avoid the child’s sight. If the child accidentally eats it, it will be more troublesome.

Recently, children have accidentally exploded the manhole with firecrackers in many places, causing themselves to be injured or even killed. It can be seen that children’s safety issues are still worthy of attention for parents. 

In fact, danger does not always occur outside. Even at home, there are hidden dangers everywhere. A little carelessness will also cause great hidden dangers to the health and safety of children. 

Last summer, the son of colleague Xiao Zhang drank a sip of mosquito repellent liquid at home and almost lost his life. It happened to be a rest day. Xiao Zhang had just finished dragging the floor in the room when he suddenly heard a sound in the living room, and immediately afterwards, he heard his son screaming. 

Xiao Zhang, who felt bad, ran out immediately, and when his eyes turned to the living room, he collapsed on the spot. I saw my son lying on the ground with foam in his mouth and his body still twitching. 

The panicked Xiao Zhang hurriedly woke up her husband who was sleeping. The two played 120 while holding their son and ran downstairs. 

When he picked up his son, Xiao Zhang glanced at an opened bottle of mosquito perfume on the ground, and guessed that his son might have drunk the mosquito perfume by mistake, so he quickly told the doctor when he arrived at the hospital. 

After more than three hours of rescue, Xiao Zhang’s son was finally out of danger. After the examination results came down, it was confirmed that the poisoning reaction was caused by drinking mosquito perfume. 

The doctor also told Xiao Zhang that if it was not delivered in time, the situation would be very dangerous. Hearing what the doctor said, Xiao Zhang’s heart trembled, and even his voice trembled. 

In recent years, mosquito-repellent incense liquid has gradually replaced traditional mosquito-repellent incense, because it does not have the annoying smoke of mosquito-repellent incense when it is used, and the effect is really good. 

However, this seemingly convenient and effective mosquito repellent product is comparable to a killer for children. If the child accidentally eats it and fails to get rescue in time, the consequences will be disastrous. 

So if you have this kind of thing at home, you must avoid the child’s sight and don’t let him touch it, otherwise it will be a big trouble. Of course, the safety hazards that may exist in ordinary families are far more than this. 

These are There may be potential safety hazards in ordinary families. Parents must pay attention to

1. Mosquito coils, insecticides and other toxic liquids

Some common insect repellent products, such as mosquito coils or insecticides, Although adults know that they cannot be eaten, it is difficult to guarantee that young children will not accidentally eat them. 

So if you always keep these things at home, please keep them out of the reach of your children, or do safety education in advance to tell your children that these things cannot be eaten. 

2. Mothballs

Mothballs are also an important culprit in child safety accidents, because it looks like a candy and is medium in size, so children can swallow it in one mouthful. 

Moreover, it often appears in the closet, where children can reach it, so the chance of being eaten by mistake is very high. Although it is not very toxic, it can cause serious harm if it is accidentally eaten by infants and young children. 

3. Small hard objects such as thumbtacks and coins

Every year, many children are admitted to the hospital because they swallow small hard objects such as coins or thumbtacks. In some cases, they are still very dangerous. 

Children swallow them out of curiosity, or simply treat them as food, because two or three-year-old children cannot accurately determine whether a thing can be eaten, unless parents usually pay attention to it. Education in this area. 

The safety hazards mentioned above are not far away from ordinary people, because they are very common daily necessities. 

Therefore, danger lurks by our side at all times. In order to better protect the safety of the baby, parents need to be more mindful and try to eliminate all possible safety hazards for him. 

In addition, it is a good way to provide children with safety education and improve their safety awareness. 

Two-pronged approach, let Children’s childhood is safer

1. Pay attention to and eliminate potential safety hazards at home

Parents should always check the potential safety hazards at home and take appropriate measures to deal with them. For example, if you buy a mosquito repellent in the summer, you should store it in a place where your child cannot see or touch it immediately after use to prevent it from swallowing it by mistake. 

Mothballs need to be used in the closet, and they should also be wrapped in solid packaging, so that even if they are found by the child, they can avoid being eaten by them. 

2. Improve children’s safety awareness

Although parents have the obligation to protect their children, it is undeniable that even the most careful parents cannot eliminate hidden safety hazards at home, only to improve children’s safety awareness , Let him learn to protect himself, so that he can truly be protected from danger. 

Take mosquito-repellent incense, mothballs and other toxic substances, if parents usually strengthen education to let their children know the harm of these things, even if the children accidentally come into contact with them, they may not accidentally eat them, or even Instead, they will subconsciously stay away from them. 

Accidents always happen inadvertently. Although we cannot absolutely avoid them, as long as we are careful and careful enough, the probability of accidents can be greatly reduced. 

So I hope that every parent can always remain vigilant in order to maximize the protection of the child’s childhood safety. The difference between having a baby during the day and at night is obvious. Now I understand the reason why the older generation prefers the daytime

Although the thinking of modern society has improved a lot, there are still some people. The more traditional thinking, especially in the matter of giving birth, is after all related to the future blessing of the child. 

Some people of the older generation believe that the birth time of a child is very important. There is a big difference between being born in the day and being born at night. In the cognition of the older generation, they feel that the child was born in The daytime means blessing, and the child’s health will be better, and it is coming to meet the dawn, and the future will be bright. 

Of course, looking at these issues from a modern perspective, everyone knows that this is the blessing of the older generation to the birth of a child, otherwise it would be too unfair to a child born at night. 

But then again, in addition to this, many young people now like to have children during the day. Why? 

day and night The difference in childbirth is obvious.

1. Hospitals have more staff during the day.

Hospitals, like other units and institutions, have normal working hours during the day, so naturally there will be more staff, but there are also special features. In some places, some medical staff will be on duty at night. 

But despite this, the hospital will still have a lot more manpower during the day than at night. If pregnant mothers give birth during the day, they will arrange more medical staff. If there is some emergency Circumstances, then the possibility of getting help in time is greater, and the risk of childbirth will also be less. 

2. There are more authoritative experts during the day.

As mentioned above, if a pregnant mother gives birth during the day, there will be some emergencies, and it is not predicted before delivery In some cases, if it is in the daytime, most of the authoritative experts in the hospital will be working, and they can also help temporarily. 

On the contrary, if it is at night, most authoritative experts go home and rest. Even if things happen, they call, and it will take a long time for the doctors to rush from home to the hospital. The danger is even greater. 

3. It is more convenient for family members to accompany and wait for the delivery.

Speaking of this, I remembered that when my cousin had a baby, she pushed into the delivery room at 10 o’clock in the evening. Some of my close relatives went there. More than a dozen people were waiting outside the delivery room, and the cousin had a long delivery period of three hours. Many relatives were sitting on the benches outside the delivery room and fell asleep. 

Fortunately, it was autumn. If it was summer, it would be unbearable for the sultry heat, and if it was winter, freezing would not be possible, and the temperature at night would be even lower. 

There are still some women who give birth in the early morning, which is not conducive to the rest of the family, and it is also a very energy-consuming thing. 

On the contrary, if the mother gives birth during the day, it is more convenient for relatives and friends to accompany the childbirth and wait. It does not mean that it is impossible to visit the child after the child is born, because there are customs in some areas. 

4. The mental state of the parturient will be better during the day.

Some time ago, I heard from a friend that she delivered a parturient in her department, and she was tired and unable to give birth in less than half an hour. . 

How could this be? In fact, a large part of the reason is that in the second half of the night, the mother had little energy to give birth, especially when it was contrary to the usual routine, and the previous contractions were too torturous, which naturally affected the mental state. 

So when mothers give birth during the day, their mental state will be better. Regarding this point, many mothers have obvious feelings themselves, especially those who have undergone birth, which is different from the time of their first childbirth. One, during the day and night, then you can clearly feel the gap. 

As for the parturients who can have stronger and more vigorous energy even if they give birth at night, it can only be said that the mental power of the parturient is too strong. 

Of course, whether you give birth during the day or at night, I hope that the family members can be fully prepared and respond, instead of sloppy and hasty response, it is easy to be unable to cope with the situation. 

At the expected date of delivery, you should prepare everything you may need, including food, except for bread, which can be purchased on the same day, other things such as newborn wraps, feeding bottles, kettles, functional drinks, etc., should be prepared in advance , So as not to be in a hurry when the parturient “starts up” at that time. 

At the same time, I also hope that pregnant mothers can understand that whether it is to give birth during the day or at night, there is no question of good fortune, even if the child is born at night, as long as the child is born healthy, the mother and child are safe. , That is the best result. 

What pregnant mothers need to do is to do a good job of psychological construction for themselves, so as not to be too nervous at that time and affect the delivery process. Use the most calm mood to give birth, you will find that the whole process will go smoothly. This is a positive influence of psychological factors, and this matter needs to be exercised from the second trimester of pregnancy, otherwise the temporary response will be uncomfortable.

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