If you are hungry, your mother will receive an induction signal, and you can eat on time to “eat one person and two to make up.”

If you are hungry, your mother will receive the induction signal and eat on time to “eat one person and two to make up”

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There is such a saying during pregnancy, that is, “one person eats two supplements”. If the pregnant mother is hungry, she will eat in time. What will happen to the fetus in her belly when she is hungry? 

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When the fetus is hungry, the mother will receive an induction signal.

1. Make the pregnant mother feel hungry

The diet is restricted, but if you feel hungry and do not eat, it is likely to affect the growth and development of the fetus. 

This is because all the nutrients needed by the fetus come from the intake of maternal nutrition, and then transmitted to the placenta through the umbilical cord to meet the needs of growth and development. If the pregnant mother feels hungry, it means her own energy Less, not enough to meet the nutritional needs of the fetus, this is the signal that the baby is hungry to the mother. 

Therefore, at this time, pregnant mothers must eat in time to supplement their own energy and nutrients to ensure the healthy growth of the fetus. 

2. Frequent fetal movements

Under normal circumstances, pregnant mothers can perceive fetal movements at around 19 weeks of gestation, and pregnant mothers can also understand the growth and development of the baby through the frequency of fetal movements, especially in the third trimester , After the fetal movement has a certain regularity. 

If a pregnant mother finds that her fetus who does not usually love activities becomes active within a period of time, it is likely that the fetus is protesting in her abdomen and telling her mother to eat in time. hungry. 

3. Fetal movement is reduced

Because activities require a certain amount of energy, if the energy is insufficient, it is easy to cause people not to love activities, just like when we feel hungry and tired , The same as unwilling activities. 

Therefore, if the pregnant mother finds that the fetus who is usually active at this stage suddenly does not like to exercise, this is likely to be a hungry signal from her and her mother to tell her it is time to eat. 

To sum up, if pregnant mothers feel the above-mentioned signals, they must remember to replenish nutrients in time, and eat on time to “one person eats two people”. 

Diet required during pregnancy Follow the principles

1. Eat less and eat more.

During pregnancy, the enlargement of the fetus will cause the uterus to be enlarged, which will cause more and more compression on the stomach, so pregnant mothers follow The principle of eating small and frequent meals can not only supplement nutrients in time, but also not make the stomach feel uncomfortable, but can also digest in time to provide the fetus with nutritional needs. 

2, balanced nutrition

Ingestion during pregnancy ensures balanced nutrition, which is not only conducive to weight control, but also helps the growth and development of the fetus. 

According to the recommendations of the Nutrition Society, the daily diet during pregnancy is as follows:

Calcium: 800mg in the first trimester, 1000mg in the second trimester, 1200mg in the third trimester;

Vitamin A: 800ug in the first trimester, 900ug in the second and third trimester;

Iron: 15ug in the first trimester, 25ug in the second trimester, and 35ug in the third trimester;

Fruit: 100~200g in the first trimester, 200g in the second trimester ~350g, 200~350g in the third trimester;

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the daily intake of 400ug folic acid during pregnancy and early pregnancy, as well as the intake of dietary fiber and unsaturated fatty acids. 

3. Healthy diet

During pregnancy, expectant mothers are likely to change their tastes due to hormone changes in the body, and may even be unique to some unhealthy foods. Bells, such as spicy foods, sweets, pickled foods, raw cold foods, etc., excessive use will be detrimental to the growth and development of the fetus. 

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Many expectant mothers will change during pregnancy, and there will be cases where they want to eat this for a while, and then want to eat that for a while, and when they really eat it, they have no appetite. What is the reason? 

1. Necessary for fetal growth and development

The growth and development of the fetus during pregnancy are all dependent on the mother. If the pregnant mother’s body is lacking and has not been replenished in time, it is easy for the expectant mother to feel hungry and become greedy. At this time, nutrients need to be supplemented in time. 

2. High physical energy consumption for pregnant mothers

Women’s blood concentration and nutritional needs will increase after pregnancy. This is because the fetus will absorb the nutrients from the mother’s body, leading to internal consumption The volume has increased dramatically. 

Therefore, when the pregnant mother’s own energy is not up to the demand, it is easy to be greedy. 

In summary, if pregnant mothers are greedy during pregnancy, they must eat some nutritious substances in time, but be careful not to take in some unhealthy foods, so as not to endanger the health of themselves and the fetus.  There are several ways to criticize, easy to make children Become a “pleasant personality”, many parents have not yet awakened

Parents should pay attention to the way when educating their children, so as not to cause harm to their babies, and this kind of harm is likely to accompany them throughout their lives. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su After the child

In the process of raising children, when parents make mistakes, most of them will use both criticism and encouragement, because using only one will not be conducive to the healthy growth of the baby, but there are At that time, because of the wrong way of criticism, it is likely to cause harm to them. 

All the pictures in this article are from the network, and the pictures and texts are irrelevant


Lao Zhang and his wife opened their own clothing store. The husband and wife are very eloquent, and their business is very impressive. The children raised by themselves will not be bad, but the reality is his son Xiaozhi However, she is only a promise, and she loves to cry very much. 

During a certain home visit, the head teacher went to his old Zhang’s house to briefly reflect on Xiaozhi’s performance at school, and put forward “Xiaozhi’s personality is too introverted, and some are not gregarious. I hope my parents can accompany and encourage him. Click on the child”. 

When Lao Zhang heard that he couldn’t hold back his face, he scolded the child at the beginning: “My business is doing so well, why did you give birth to such a useless child.”

The head teacher suddenly understood why Xiaozhi became what he is now. He looked like, and enlightened Lao Zhang in a roundabout way, hoping that he could be patient. 

Actually, children will inevitably make mistakes when they grow up. If parents directly and indiscriminately at the child, it will be a curse, or even vent their usual irritability to the child, which may eventually Something went wrong. 

It’s best not to use destructive criticism methods.

1. Scolding

Just like the parents of Xiaozhi in the case, when the child makes a mistake, he immediately asks him without knowing the reason. To vent your dissatisfaction, some even magnify the other party’s mistakes infinitely, and involve a series of irrelevant things, completely treating the child as a punching bag. 

Some of them are because they are under greater pressure. They dare not make trouble in front of their elders when they are angry outside, and they are even less likely to express it in front of relatives and friends, so they treat their children as an outlet for venting their temper. 

Once you catch the opportunity, you will not be reluctant. Although this way, the parents’ emotions are released, as everyone knows, the damage to the child’s soul may be permanent. 

2. Insulting scolding

Parents want their children to be excellent, so they often put high demands on them. Once the other party fails to meet them, they will get furious and can’t help but use insults. Use vocabulary to insult the child, such as “Why are you so stupid, are you a pig”, “Pigs are smarter than you”, etc. 

However, this insulting method of scolding does not serve the purpose of education at all, but will destroy the child’s self-esteem a little bit. 

3. Complaining and scolding

Many parents like “moral kidnapping”, thinking that all their unsatisfactory things are caused by their partners or children, so they often complain in front of their children . 

Children grow up in this negative family atmosphere for a long time, and the psychological pressure can be imagined. 

Destructive education What harm will it bring to the child? 

1. Harm to the soul

Parents’ destructive criticism and education will wipe out the children’s sense of security a little bit, and the sense of trust in parents will gradually fade. 

Every time a similar criticism education appears, they will ask themselves, “Is it really that I did something wrong? Am I really so useless?”

It appears more often, I believe it, and eventually I will become inferior and sensitive, and I will be afraid or even far away from my parents, hoping to protect myself by avoiding it. 

Moreover, this kind of damage to the child’s soul will often accompany the child’s growth, and even affect their life. 

2. Impact on brain development

According to research, parents scold their children too irritatingly, which will lead to higher levels of stress hormones in their bodies, which will have a certain impact on the development of the brain. 

3. Impact on character

Parents’ destructive criticism will make children feel that they are bad, or that life has become like this. It’s because they are like this, so they are in their hearts Gradually breed an inferiority complex and become cautious when dealing with others. 

In order to avoid criticism from their parents, some children learn to please, admit their mistakes immediately after doing something wrong, and also say something that their parents love to reduce scolding. Over time, they will change the way of getting along with their parents into The mode of getting along with others will also look like a kindness when getting along with others, and eventually become a “pleasant personality.” 

According to psychological research, children will gradually transform the way of getting along with others in their early ways of getting along with their parents. 

When a child makes a mistake , How do parents treat it correctly? 

1. Learn to stabilize one’s emotions

When children make mistakes, parents should learn to calm their emotions, try to be sensible and talk to their children, and try to understand their children’s thoughts during the conversation. 

Chen Heqin, an education expert, said, “Children are extremely weak in their hearts, and any rough education methods are likely to bring them harm.”

2, look at the problem from the perspective of a child< /p>

When a child makes a mistake, parents should learn to look at the problem from the perspective of a child, because the child’s world is relatively simple, or it may be because of kindness to do bad things, so parents should first figure out the situation before guiding them Take the corresponding responsibilities. 

If you really do something wrong in principle, be careful when criticizing things and not to people. 

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