If there are two behaviors in the family, may it be a sign of impending decline?

If there are two behaviors in the family, may it be a sign of impending decline? 

If the family members have two behaviors, may it be a sign of impending decline? 

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Like most things in society, there is a life cycle, and the family is no exception :

From the beginning of the marriage of two people, a small family was formed. If they have children, the family will gradually grow. 

After that, the child leaves the old family and establishes his own new family. When the husband and wife pass away, the original family ceases to exist. 

From the perspective of life cycle, the period of family harmony and growth should be when children are born and grow up. Although the two families will split when the children get married, but because of the connection between the two families, it is not a slow decline. 

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But if members of the family want to take the initiative to leave, and do not want to come and go again, it is the time when the family is in decline. 

▶Family members are very indifferent

There are some families in this world, and family members are like being forced to stay together. They do not care about each other and will not satisfy each other’s needs for feelings. 

The usual manifestations are non-response, inaccessibility or omission. 

Non-response refers to facing the child Emotional needs, parents consciously ignore, or directly criticize or sarcasm. For example, when a child wants to go out as a family, use “next time” as a prevarication. Unreachable refers to children who have emotional needs, but there is always no parent who is too busy. Omission means that parents care about their children’s food, clothing, shelter, and transportation, but they just don’t care about his psychological state and emotional needs. 

Such problems are common in Chinese families because everyone is too reserved and afraid to express their emotions positively. 

The indifferent family environment will make each family member very depressing. Once they realize that their family atmosphere is abnormal and get emotional needs from other places, they will want to take the initiative to leave the family, leading to family decline. 

▶The family members are too “enthusiastic”

The other extreme of indifference is being too enthusiastic. If parents often pay attention to their children’s emotional needs and psychological characteristics, and if they notice any changes in their children, they should immediately ask why. 

This will give the child a feeling of being monitored at all times. 

Moreover, most of the family members who are too enthusiastic are extremely sensitive. They will be affected by little things and behave very emotionally. 

This kind of often ups and downs of emotions will make the children’s spirits always tense, afraid to make special reactions, and the atmosphere of the whole family is getting dull and tense. Such a family atmosphere will make the children eager to escape when they grow up. 

What impact will a declining family have on children? 

★There will be many defects in personality

Living in a family with the first psychology of the family, children may have self-doubt, feeling that it is because they are not good enough to get the response from their parents, thus becoming inferior and low self-identity . 

Children living in the second kind of psychological family may become people with a strong desire for control, and treat their children in the same way, once again perpetuating the family’s misfortune. 

★Don’t care about yourself

Because every time when they were young, they couldn’t get a response to their emotional needs or got too much attention from their family members, which made them not know what it means to be happy, angry, no Will pay attention to one’s own psychological state, thus creating a sense of emptiness. 

And the way to deal with Very unhealthy, such as indulging in watching TV, novels, playing games, etc. 

How can parents avoid the above two kinds of psychological effects on their children? 

✔For being too indifferent

In the face of children’s proactive emotional needs, parents need to respond positively, such as hugs during the child’s infancy, and together during the child’s childhood Play, take the initiative to care and encourage in the future, etc. 

Even if children do not express their emotional needs, parents must be more considerate, and don’t ignore their psychological problems when giving their children a better life. 

✔ For too sensitive and enthusiastic

Children and parents are also two independent individuals, and they cannot always live under their control, and need to be treated equally. 

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If this situation has already occurred in the family, as children who cannot wait for their parents to change, they need to save themselves. You can make new friends, understand the normal state of getting along with each other through friends, and reduce the influence of parents. 


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Parents take their babies to the supermarket. Apart from not buying the four “dirty” foods, they must also seize the opportunity to exercise them

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Nowadays, there are more and more large supermarkets and more and more types of goods. What everyone wants to buy, especially It’s food, basically all. 

Almost all parents will take time to take their children to the supermarket, and they will inevitably buy food and supplies for them during the stroll. 

However, when parents buy things for their children, they cannot rely solely on their preferences, especially for some imported foods, and they must be more cautious to avoid illness from the mouth. 

Some supermarket employees said that these four kinds of food may be dirty, and parents had better not buy them for their children.

✘ Cooked food

There are more and more Supermarkets began to sell all kinds of cooked food, such as croquettes, noodles, cakes, and stewed vegetables. Sometimes they are cheaper. 

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But no matter how greedy the children, parents should buy less, because a lot of cooked food in the supermarket is exposed to the air, and there are more people visiting the supermarket, and many people will stop and try it. Taste and smell it, bacteria will get into it after a long time and may spoil the cooked food. 

✘ Sealed fruits and vegetables

Although it is convenient to buy sealed fruits or vegetables, parents should be careful because most supermarkets like to store them for too long. Or some rotten fruits and vegetables are packaged, and the rotten places are specially covered with labels. 

When customers pick these fruits and vegetables, they can’t observe their quality or smell. It is very likely that they will find that they are broken after buying them back. 

Be careful even if it is not broken. In order to ensure the freshness of vegetables and fruits, some supermarkets will spray formaldehyde on them. After sealing, the formaldehyde disappears slowly and there is too much residue. If it is not cleaned, the child will eat it. There is more serious damage to their bodies. 

✘ Bulk flour, etc.


Many people stop and reach into the supermarket where they sell food, such as rice, beans, and flour. This will cause a large number of bacteria to be hidden in the grain. 

Because rice and beans are cleaned before cooking, there are fewer harmful bacteria, while flour-based foods are processed directly, and too many bacteria are likely to remain. 

✘ Minced meat

Although it is convenient for the supermarket to chop minced meat, buyers can’t intuitively see whether the merchant has removed the minced meat. The lymphatic tissue of the body, which makes the fleshy quality appear uneven. 

So, I want to give the child a package For wontons or dumplings, buy a whole piece of meat and let others fill it on the spot, or go home and handle it yourself. 

Although there is a large flow of people in the supermarket, the food quality is uneven. But parents shouldn’t take their children around. Taking them to the supermarket, in addition to being a good parent-child activity, can also be used as a means of cultivating children’s various abilities. 

For example, during the Chinese New Year, the small markets outside are closed, and only the large supermarkets are still open. Parents may wish to seize this opportunity to take their children to the supermarket to make their winter vacation more fulfilling and learning. To more knowledge. 

How should parents take their children to the supermarket? 

▶ Develop a shopping budget and checklist

Sometimes adults take their children to the supermarket and just walk aimlessly, watching what the child likes and just buy something; but sometimes they also choose with purpose. For things, you might as well work out a shopping list and budget with your children in advance. 

Can develop their organization Clarity and the ability to think about problems can also prevent children from wanting everything when they go to the supermarket. 

And making a budget can help children form a sense of money and understand the prices of various items, especially when parents promise that if there is an extra budget, they will be saved as pocket money. It is possible to cultivate a child’s awareness of saving. 

▶ Encourage children to find items on the list on their own.

After arriving at the supermarket, they can encourage children to find items on the list on their own:

Their attention is focused on the items in the list to prevent children from buying too many toy snacks; secondly, when children can’t find something and the guide buyer asks for help, they can also exercise their expressive and social skills; thirdly, Help children to familiarize themselves with the area environment of the entire supermarket, even if they get lost, they will not be too panic. 

▶ Encourage Children’s checkout

You can also give your children a certain amount of cash at the checkout to encourage them to check out on their own. This allows children to face money transactions more intuitively and form a clear sense of money. After all the money is spent, you will understand the principle of saving money. 

▶ Organize the things you bought with your children

After you buy things home, don’t forget to sort, organize, and store the purchased things with your children, and exercise them in advance Life ability. Return to Sohu to see more

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