If the four inspections during pregnancy are passed smoothly, it means that the baby can be born smoothly. Congratulations

If the four inspections during pregnancy are passed smoothly, it means that the baby can be born smoothly. Congratulations

Women need monthly check-ups in the first trimester, half a month in the second and third trimesters, and weekly check-ups in the last month. This process requires Go to the hospital a dozen times. 

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After pregnancy, the healthy growth and development of the fetus is every Prospective parents and mothers are concerned about issues, so they will pay special attention to each check-up during pregnancy, so as to let their hanging heart relax. 

In the first trimester, monthly birth checkups are required, half a month in the second trimester of pregnancy, and weekly birth checkups are required in the last month. During this process, you need to go to the hospital more than a dozen times. If you are worried, you will feel very tired. In fact, as long as these important checks are passed successfully, parents and mothers can wait for their baby to be born with peace of mind. 

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If you successfully pass these “4 inspections” during pregnancy, expectant mothers can feel at ease

1, B-ultrasound in the first trimester

Women should be able to do the first checkup during pregnancy. Within months, this can exclude the possibility of ectopic pregnancy, and can also check the position of the gestational sac, and whether the fetal heart rate and fetal buds are normal, etc., and can also calculate the pregnant mother’s expected date of delivery based on the last menstrual period. At this time, after the B-ultrasound is passed , Mothers-to-be can go home and have a baby with peace of mind and wait for the next check-up time. Don’t worry too much during this period. 

2. Down’s Screening

This test is mainly to extract the pregnant mother’s serum to extract the relevant information of the fetus, and then combine the age and gestational age of the expectant mother to determine the fetus Whether the baby has congenital defects, the inspection time is between 14 and 20 weeks of pregnancy, and the accuracy rate is about 70%. 

If necessary, the doctor will recommend non-invasive DNA or amniocentesis for examination to confirm whether the fetus is defective. 

3, large-scale malformation inspection

This examination uses four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound imaging technology to clearly observe the development of each position of the fetus body to confirm whether the fetus has growth defects, such as facial features, limbs, organs, Digestive system, urinary system, etc. General doctors recommend that this examination be carried out in 20 to 24 weeks, and the accuracy rate can reach 90%, which is related to the experience and technology of the doctor to a certain extent. 

However, it should be noted that not all defects can be detected by four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound. Because the fetus’s vision, hearing, brain, genes, etc. are all internal, it cannot be judged by appearance alone. 

4. Fetal heart rate monitoring

In the third trimester, fetal heart rate monitoring will become a mandatory item for each check-up, because the fetal heart rate monitor can be used to know that the fetus is in the uterus in time If there are special conditions such as intrauterine hypoxia, distress, etc., it is convenient for the doctor to make timely treatment measures. 

In addition, uterine contractions will be tested in the last month in order to understand the situation of the fetus’s birth and take timely measures. 

Required during inspection Precautions

1. Choose a trustworthy hospital

Pregnant mothers should choose a trustworthy hospital during the first birth check. This will not only improve the accuracy of the checkup, but also make it more convenient. Later production. 

2. Establish a maternal health manual in time

After women learn that they are pregnant, perform a B-ultrasound in the first trimester to confirm the healthy growth and development of the fetus, it should be within 12 weeks Begin to go to the hospital to establish a pregnant woman’s health care manual to facilitate the official opening of the post-natal check-up. 

3. Understand the precautions for each check-up

There are no points to pay attention to when performing routine check-ups, but if blood tests are to be performed, the pregnant mother needs to be informed in advance. Matters, whether an fasting is required, such as a glucose tolerance test, the mother-to-be must fast after 8 o’clock in the evening and go to the hospital on an empty stomach for a blood test. 

4. Dress appropriately and loosely and comfortably

Because pregnant mothers need to do B-ultrasound, fetal heart rate check, fetal heart rate monitoring, etc., all of these need to be checked on the abdomen. If you wear a skirt, it will look quite embarrassing. It is recommended that mothers-to-be wear loose and comfortable upper and lower body clothing every time they go for a birth check to facilitate the inspection. 

How about pregnant mother Ensure the normal growth and development of the fetus? 

1. Healthy diet

If pregnant mothers want the fetus to grow and develop normally, they need to ensure a healthy diet, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, etc., to provide the baby with the needs Don’t eat too many harmful substances, such as barbecue, wine, excessive acidic substances, etc. because of the gluttony. 

2. Work and rest rules

Pregnant mothers must ensure good work and rest rules during pregnancy, early to bed and early to wake up, the body can better detoxify and metabolize, so as to provide better nutrients and oxygen to the fetus. 

This is because staying up late will cause the pregnant mother’s endocrine disorders, and the metabolism and toxins in the body will not be better discharged, which will inevitably affect the health of oneself and the fetus. 

3. Keep a good mood

Research found that if the pregnant mother is in a bad mood, it will easily cause the blood vessels in the body to constrict, which will affect the blood supply of the fetus. This is bound to affect the growth and development of the fetus.  4 kinds of behaviors of middle school students are more harmful than premature love If you get one, you might ruin your child’s future.

Four kinds of behaviors of middle school students are more harmful than premature love. If you have one, you might ruin your child’s future.

Writer: Xiao Xiao

Editor: Muzi

Finalization: After Su Zi

If the child is promoted from elementary school to middle school, although he only changes to another school, the content of learning is more complicated, but if the parents do not pay attention to them, it may be over. After a while, I suddenly discovered that the child has undergone a lot of changes. 

Some parents have been deceived by appearances. After the baby’s high school entrance examination is over, they may find that they can’t go to high school at all, and their future is bleak. 

Children in middle school and those in elementary school How are children different? 

▶ Psychologically

Primary school students have always been treated as children by their parents. Even in the sixth grade, they can receive Children’s Day gifts. When they reach the middle school, the middle school teachers will not Treat them with the same mentality, thinking that they can take on more responsibilities on their own. 

The children who have just entered school, They also realize that they should grow up. When they find that they are not mature enough for the senior students, they may feel anxious and want to grow up eagerly. If they don’t know people well at this time, they may be brought badly. 

▶ Physiologically

The secondary sex characteristics of junior high school students are also beginning to develop, or they develop faster, at this time, they are also slowly maturing physiologically, maybe Curious about the opposite sex. 

Furthermore, the time and degree of development of children are different. Some students who develop too slowly or too fast may feel inferior or be ridiculed by others. 

▶ Capable of

After studying in an elementary school, their learning and other abilities have improved. In the first examination, they may easily get excellent results. At this time, students may choose to continue to work hard or become proud and arrogant. 

The differences between middle school students and elementary school students , It also shows that they are very susceptible to external influences. If children have these four behaviors, their future is likely to be affected, which is even more harmful than premature love. 

✘ Indulge in bad hobbies

Children in middle school have a relatively short time with their parents and the difficulty of the course gradually increases. They are likely to be attracted by other things, such as playing games. , Reading novels, etc. 

These can bring children Highly stimulating hobbies can easily make them addicted to it. Some students with weak willpower may secretly read novels below during class, and will not do homework and stay up late when they return home. 

In the long run, your body and performance can easily collapse. 

✘ Greed of vanity

The self-awareness of junior high school children is more obvious, while the family backgrounds of classmates are different. Some children from ordinary backgrounds may not want to be external Lose to others, so you have advanced consumption, you may also borrow money online. 

In the end, you may do something irreparable because of your vanity becoming more and more serious. 

✘ Pretend to have good academic performance

Some children have very poor grades, but for the praise of parents and teachers, they secretly cheat during exams, and their homework is based on others. Can be completed, so the score is very high. 

But some children don’t realize This is wrong. Subconsciously, I still feel that my grades are actually good. When I wait for the real test, I may suddenly realize that my previous scores are false, but it is too late. 

✘ Making bad friends

Junior high school kids are also very eager to make friends. They are also blind when making friends. They may not care about the other person’s character, but only care about the person’s character. It’s not sincere to others, and it’s not about loyalty. 

If children have a vague understanding of right and wrong, and think that fighting, skipping classes, and smoking is a cool thing, the final result may be that they were taken badly by other people and committed a great deal. error. 

Children today are even more different , The polarization is very serious

Some people have conducted a survey of junior high school students in different regions and different schools, and found that some middle school students nowadays are much better than the original middle school students, and the polarization is getting more and more serious. 

Some children are addicted to games , Mobile phones, novels, etc., even homework is copied, and the exam always fails. However, some children can understand all kinds of British and American dramas without subtitles, and there are some excellent children who get together to compare problem-solving ideas. 

In addition to the gap in performance, it is more the gap in extracurricular life. Children who stay up late to play games will naturally be very different from those who learn their skills in the future. 

Therefore, the current parents are in Education needs to be more attentive, and education methods must also be changed. 

✔ Guiding thoughts

Children’s three views are easily influenced by the outside world, so parents’ guidance is needed, but don’t try to control their thoughts. Adults and children always think Different, as long as they don’t follow the wrong path. 

Parents can communicate with their children more about their experiences, treat them equally, and they are more receptive. 

✔ Find interest

Many middle school students are addicted to bad hobbies, just because they have not thought about what to do in the future, parents can take them to try various things, help them find good interests in advance, and the future path will become clearer. 

✔ Determine goals

In the daily learning of children, we can help them set goals at various stages, and if they are reached, they must also be rewarded appropriately. 

If you don’t do it or reach it in advance, you can help them review their lives during this period of time and make the children better. 


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