I was in confinement after the delivery, and I fell out of the toilet when I went to the toilet. I felt ignorant after consulting the doctor.

After confinement, the foreign body fell out again. I felt ignorant after consulting the doctor.

Many parturients think that they will be fine after confinement. In fact, postpartum recovery is a long-term process, Enron Pass the confinement period. 

There is no guarantee that you will be smooth sailing in the following days. If you are not careful, you may still have new problems or even endanger the life of the mother. 

There is such a case around me. The child was born to a post-95 mother, whose surname is Chen. The confinement period is taken care of by both the mother-in-law and the mother-in-law. Not to mention how professional it is, at least it is in place. 

But strangely, on the fourth day after the safe confinement, Xiao Chen suddenly felt a tingling in her stomach when she went to the bathroom, which almost made her unable to stand firm. 

Besides the palpitations, she suddenly realized that something had fallen from her body. She was so scared that she hurriedly looked down, but it didn’t matter if she didn’t look at it. This look almost killed her. 

The thing that fell out was slimy, with bloodshot eyes, and there was a foul smell in the nose. 

Xiao Chen was very panicked, and quickly pushed the thing back with his hands. After a while, the foreign body sensation gradually subsided. 

After washing his lower body, Xiao Chen felt that something was not right. He had already given birth to a child, so why would something fall off? 

Could it be the placenta? Although she was born smoothly, the doctor had clearly informed her that the placenta had been taken out. 

With doubts, Xiao Chen quickly contacted the doctor who was in charge of delivering the baby. After listening to her description, the doctor asked her to come to the hospital immediately and told her that it was a uterine prolapse. If not treated in time , There will be a high risk. 

Only then did Xiao Chen understand that it was the uterus that had fallen. She blamed herself for her ignorance and did not dare to neglect, so she called her mother-in-law, and the two went to the hospital with a baby. 

Uterine prolapse generally occurs in women who are elderly and have given birth to children. The reason is that the ovaries are aging and the pelvic floor tissues become loose, resulting in inability to support the uterus. 

However, if the injury is too serious when the child is born, young women may have uterine prolapse. This is the case for Xiao Chen after 95. 

There are these cases Yes, we need to focus on preventing uterine prolapse

1. Abnormal childbirth

Normal delivery will not cause too much damage to the woman’s body, and it will recover quickly after delivery, at least in the confinement At that time, the body can almost recover. 

But if it is dystocia, or the second stage of labor is too long, and other reasons cause serious lacerations in the birth canal, postpartum recovery will be very problematic, and there will be a higher probability of uterine prolapse . 

2. Abnormally increased abdominal pressure during confinement

Many parturients like to stay in bed all the time during confinement, and mainly lying on their backs. This may lead to “chronic urinary retention”, which in turn leads to increased abdominal pressure and eventually uterine prolapse. 

So if you feel that your abdomen is swollen during the confinement period, you must not be careless. It may not be a bad stomach from eating, but a sign of uterine prolapse. 

3. Postpartum malnutrition

Inadequate postpartum diet and insufficient nutritional intake may also lead to maternal uterine prolapse. 

Because women who have given birth need adequate nutrition to help restore the body’s elasticity, if the nutrition is not available for a long time and the body’s recovery is insufficient, symptoms such as gastroptosis and uterine prolapse may occur. 

The above, coupled with old age, is the most likely cause of uterine prolapse. 

For young parturients, the factor of old age can of course be eliminated, so to prevent uterine prolapse, the main thing is to avoid the three factors mentioned above. 

month period Doing these two things can effectively prevent uterine prolapse

1. Proper exercise

The traditional confinement requires the mother to lie still, but this is not the most scientific postpartum care. 

When the body permits, hyperactivity of the lying-in woman is more conducive to recovery, which is why more and more young people are opposed to confinement. 

In fact, the more scientific way of saying the confinement period should be called the “puerperium”. According to the standards of the puerperium, the postpartum recovery will be better. At the same time, it can effectively prevent chronic urinary retention and prevent uterine prolapse. doom. 

2. Strengthen dietary conditioning

After giving birth, mothers need to recover their bodies on the one hand, and breastfeed their babies on the other, which will greatly increase their nutritional needs. 

Therefore, the postpartum diet should focus on protein supplements, while taking into account healthy diet standards such as low salt, low oil, and low additives, so that the body can quickly recover. 

As long as the body functions are restored, the possibility of postpartum uterine prolapse will naturally be greatly reduced. 

The above two requirements correspond to the two main causes of uterine prolapse. As for the other major cause, that is, uterine prolapse caused by abnormal childbirth, if you want to prevent it, you can only start with the birth of a child. 

For example, for women who are likely to have a dystocia, it is best to adopt a cesarean delivery method, so that there is no need to worry about postpartum uterine prolapse. 

The consequences of uterine prolapse can be mild or severe, and can be fatal in severe cases, so women must not take it lightly. 

In fact, women’s bodies have been in a high-risk state for a long time after childbirth. During this period, if you feel any discomfort in your body, you should pay attention to it immediately, or at least consult Professionals, this is responsible for their own bodies. The children’s standard visual acuity chart has been updated! Most of the reasons for children’s myopia are these.

There are more and more children with myopia. In a high school class, ordinary children have eye problems. With the improvement of living standards and the development of electronic equipment, children’s vision problems in the new era are getting worse. 

The visual acuity chart of children of different ages is also different. At present, the internationally recognized children’s vision standard table has also been changed. What are the standards for the eyesight of contemporary children? 

The visual acuity chart of children of different ages is also different. At present, the internationally recognized children’s vision standard table has also been changed. What are the standards for the eyesight of contemporary children? 

Mother Dongdong was terrified and thought it was a child. Who knows the precursor of eye disease? The doctor said. Three-year-old children and five-year-old children have a golden time for visual development. If they do not develop well at this time, they will have many small problems in the future. 

That’s why Dongdong’s mother was reminded to pay attention to Dongdong’s strength and health, and Dongdong’s mother was relieved. Nowadays, there are too many children with myopia, and they have spread all over the streets. How to prevent children’s myopia? What are the myopia vision standards for children of different ages? 

What are the vision standards for children of different ages?

1. One-month-old babies

The visibility of one-month-old babies is very weak Yes, the child at this time not only has no mobility, but also has very little vision. 

One-month-old babies can only see the shaking hands and blurry scenes in front of them. If the parents turn on the lights and turn off the lights, the baby’s eyesight will feel the difference. A one-month-old baby can perceive the presence and strength of light. Otherwise, the child can’t see anything at this time. 

2. Children about half-year-old see the world without colors, and the distance they can see clearly is very small.

Dogs can’t feel colors all their lives. The world in the eyes of a dog is black and white. Children around half a year old can’t see the colors, no matter what colors parents wear, they are always black, white, or gray in the eyes of the children. 

Moreover, children around three years old can see clearly from a very small distance, and can basically see what is in front of them. Children are especially curious about what is in front of them. We will find that about half of the children like to grab their mother’s hair very much, in fact, because there are not many things that can be seen in the eyes of the children, they are even more curious about the mother’s hanging hair. 

3. Children from one to two years old can see objects far and near clearly, and can distinguish where the objects are placed.

The eyesight of one-year-old children already has With the basic ability to distinguish objects, children can not only see and recognize objects, but can also find objects according to the distance between them and their positions. And children can observe whether an object is moving fast or slow through their own eyes. 

At this time, children will be very interested in the speed of objects. We will find that one-year-old babies are very curious about moving vehicles or fast-moving animals. This is also the reason. 

4. The key stage of vision development for children from three to five years old

From three to five years old, when the child’s retinal function is the most important time, we will I found that the child at this time already had the vision to see three-dimensional things. This is a critical period for the child’s vision development. You need to take your child to the hospital every six months to see the child’s vision development. 

Three to five-year-old children are prone to vision problems, and once the problems occur, they do not receive timely treatment, which is often accompanied by life. If the child at this time likes to rub his eyes, or likes to complain that he can’t see clearly, parents must pay attention to it. 

The visual development of children in the first grade at 5.6 years old is basically normal

Why is 6 years old the time for children to enter the first grade? One reason is because 6-year-old children In fact, his vision development has been basically perfected. The 6-year-old child’s vision is close to good, can accept a lot of reading, a lot of eye training. 

Causes of myopia in children

1. Parents

Most children have myopia, or other vulnerable diseases. A large part of them have myopia with their parents. relationship. If both parents are people with high myopia, then they will inherit the child. If the parent has any eye disease or has a family history or medical history, the probability of the child’s eye disease will be higher, and the probability of myopia will be higher in the same way. 

2. During the visual development period, the eyes are injured by the electronic screen

3 to 5 years old is the key stage for children’s visual development, and it is also a stage where children are more likely to adapt to problems . Children nowadays, playing with mobile phones and computers, have already been proficient by their parents when they were only a few years old. If children between the ages of 3 and 5 are exposed to electronic screens for more than three hours a day, they are prone to vision problems. 

3. High incidence of myopia, excessive use of eyes in adolescence

Many children have good eyesight in elementary school, but serious myopia appears when they go to middle school and high school. To a certain extent The reason is that as children get older, the frequency and intensity of eye use become greater. Adolescent children like to play games and read books under dim lights, which are very harmful to the eyes. 

The vision problem has become a common problem among the young people of the nation. The general increase in the myopia population is not a good thing for the country. Many professions, such as civil aviation pilots, military personnel, or some special professions have vision requirements. Paying attention to children’s eyesight is also for the children’s future career prospects.

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