I love biting my nails when I was young. Will it affect it when I grow up? Parents should pay attention to the psychological problems behind

I love biting my nails when I was young. Will it affect it when I grow up? Parents should pay attention to the psychological problems behind it

It is common for children to bite their nails. When some old people see children biting their nails, they often do not stop them; but some young parents see children biting their nails. Biting your nails will always bring you worries. After all, your child’s hands are groping all day long and they are not very clean. Children often bite their nails. What should I do if there are too many bacteria? 

At this time, some elderly people will stand up and say: It’s okay for children to bite their nails. This is a stage that every child will go through, and it will be good when they grow up. 

However, children’s nail biting is not the same Parents should pay attention to ordinary things and psychological problems “hidden” behind them. 

The child always bites his nails, but the mother-in-law says don’t care. Bao’s mother feels helpless

Qianqian’s child Xuanxuan is over three years old and is usually very cute. Children of the same age may always cry when they sleep or eat, but Xuanxuan does not. They eat quietly during meals and behave when they sleep. 

However, Xuan Xuan has a small problem that makes Qianqian very distressed: No matter what Xuan Xuan does, she likes to bite her nails or fingers. 

Qianqian feels that children always touch and don’t wash their hands often. She is worried that the child will get sick because of the bacteria hidden in her nails. So every time she sees Xuanxuan chewing her nails, she always Will stop it. 

However, my mother-in-law felt that Qianqian had done this too much. The mother-in-law thinks that nail biting is a necessary stage for every child. Xuan Xuan’s father also loved to bite his nails when he was young, didn’t he also grow up safely. So every time she saw Qianqian preventing Xuan Xuan from biting her nails, her mother-in-law would say that if a child loves to bite, let him bite, and she will not bite when she grows up. 

Qianqian is puzzled, children love to bite their nails, will it really affect the future? 

In fact, children love to bite their nails, and sometimes it is indeed a more important issue. Parents should not ignore the phenomenon that these children show up during their growth. It can reflect many problems encountered by children. . 

Why do children love to bite their nails? 

1. Imitation behavior

Some children love to bite their nails, which may be pure imitation. 

Three or four-year-old children are imitating During the development period of ability, he will do what his parents often do when he sees what his parents do frequently; he will also learn to do when he sees what other children do often, and a habit will be formed over time. 

Especially nail biting. Many children sometimes bite their nails and they don’t give them any comfort. But when they see other children biting them, they will bite with them. Over time, they will feel that got used to. 

Old people often don’t pay attention to this when they bring a baby. They only regard this behavior as a normal expression of the child’s growth, and will not deliberately correct or guide the child’s nail-biting habit. Will gradually strengthen. 

2. There may be some psychological problems< /p>

Many children love to bite their nails, and the most important reason is certain psychological problems. 

Some children may lack sufficient care and company from an early age, so they will give themselves a sense of security by biting their nails. 

For example, some children have been “left-behind children” since they were young. They have to leave their parents when they are weaned, and go to kindergarten by themselves when they are over two years old. These children tend to bite their nails more often. Because they lack the company of their parents and don’t get enough love in the process of growing up, they will cause some character problems, such as introversion, extremeness, and so on. 

They will try to relieve their anxiety by biting their nails, and give themselves a sense of security through the touch of their skin. 

Some children may be nervous and afraid Biting your nails while waiting for emotions, trying to ease your emotions by biting your nails. 

Sometimes the child’s language development ability does not match the child’s emotional development. Sometimes when he is angry or nervous, he cannot express his emotions clearly through his own language, so he will pass Some body language to express. 

Some children will yell or roll around the floor, some will cry, and some will release their emotions by biting their nails or fingers. 

What are the disadvantages of children who love to bite their nails? 

1. Hygiene issues

The nails are the easiest place to hide dirt on the fingers. Children usually touch everything, so the nails are generally not too clean. 

If you bite your nails frequently, your child may develop gastroenteritis, influenza, or some parasitic diseases, etc., which are very detrimental to your child’s health and growth. 

2. Personality issues

< p>Children’s personalities are not developed in one or two days, and most of them have been shaped since they were young. Children often bite their nails. If parents do not take steps to correct and guide them, the children’s character problems will become more and more obvious, and they will not be corrected accordingly. 

Some children still have the problem of biting their nails because they were not guided when they were young. 

3. The beauty of nails

Children often bite their nails, the nails will inevitably become ragged, or pitted, some of them are more serious, and the nail bed will be exposed. Paronychia and so on. 

Children’s nails do not look good, which will affect their self-confidence. Some children will even become more and more inferior due to this. 

There are so many problems that children love to bite their nails. What should parents do to help their children get rid of the problem of biting their nails? 

Children love to bite their nails, parents need to do 3 points

1. Be with the children more

When children love to bite their nails because of psychological problems, What parents can do is to spend more time with their children. Carefully observe what the child really needs, do your best, talk to the child more, let him feel love, and let him have a proper sense of satisfaction. 

2. Cultivate children’s hobbies

Parents can appropriately cultivate children’s hobbies and distract children’s excess energy, which can help children develop their skills and focus on cultivating children Force is very helpful. 

When children have their own things to do, naturally they will not always think about biting their nails. 

3. You need to go to the hospital if necessary Doctors

Some children love to bite their nails. It may be due to the lack of certain trace elements. These require parents to take their children to the hospital for careful examination before they can reach a conclusion. 

So, if the child always likes to bite his nails, and no matter how it is corrected by the parents, it is not helpful to take the child to the doctor, which can reduce unnecessary waste, such as money or time. 

Children love to bite their nails, which can be big or small. Parents must learn to distinguish and judge possible problems in order to “prescribe the right medicine” to help children grow up better. The baby’s feeding is not honest, it’s “signaling”. These three reasons are basically for stopping eating and eating.

Many parents are most concerned about the safety of the baby when the baby is born. The mother Is it safe? 

When I learned that both are safe, my concern is undoubtedly whether the mother’s milk is normal. Many older generations think that breast milk is very important for newborn children. 

If the mother’s milk is normal, the child can grow up normally and healthy. If there is a problem, these old people will be very worried. 

The baby keeps moving while breastfeeding

Some just The mothers who gave birth believed that breastfeeding was a very sacred thing, and the mothers would be very happy when they saw the child sucking seriously. 

But in the next few days, many mothers will be a little weird, because some children will push their mothers hard when they are breastfeeding, even when they are breastfeeding. In chaos. 

Many mothers are at a loss after seeing this situation. Some people think that if their children move around while breastfeeding, they should feel that they are full, but the truth is that Like this? 

The baby’s movement is actually sending a signal

It is impossible to convey their thoughts to parents when they are just born, so this also requires parents to get along with their babies during this period of time and observe the baby’s habits in order to give them a healthy and comfortable growth environment. 

If parents can understand the information expressed by some of the children’s behavior as soon as possible, the baby can also be more comfortable. Under normal circumstances, after the baby is full, he will move around, and even leave the mother’s chest to show that he wants to leave. 

But if the mothers continue to come back to breastfeed after seeing the baby leave the chest for some actions, then parents should pay attention to it. It may be that the baby encountered some problems while breastfeeding. Up. 

After knowing this information, parents should intervene in their children as soon as possible to find the problem and solve it as soon as possible. Because if it is not resolved as soon as possible, it may affect the healthy growth of babies. 

Specifically, it may be too full or too hungry, which affects the baby’s sleep and growth. 

The main reason for pauses during breastfeeding is not enough or too much milk Too much

If the mother’s milk volume is too small and the baby is very hungry at this time, only a small amount of milk will come out when he sucks. At this time, the baby will be very unhappy, and the external performance Even if you leave your chest and shake your head constantly, pumping will become very frequent afterwards. 

The other thing is that the mother’s milk is too much. The baby will suck milk vigorously because he is too hungry, and this will directly cause too much milk in the baby’s mouth, making it difficult for them to swallow. 

There may even be the phenomenon of choking, so the baby will leave the chest and drink the milk in the mouth when there is too much milk, and then return to the chest again. 

I want to excrete while eating.

New Newborn babies have a strong need for breastfeeding, so they don’t want to be disturbed by external things when they are breastfeeding, but the baby will also want to be excreted when breastfeeding. 

This is a challenge for the baby, because both are things the baby wants to do. If you want to excrete while drinking milk, it is difficult for the baby to take care of both. 

Therefore, they will show that they are very impatient when drinking milk, and even move their hands and feet away from the chest. Therefore, parents need to pay attention. When the baby is breastfeeding, the baby should be replaced with clean diapers, so that the baby can drink comfortably. 

Discomfort in stomach or mouth

Many parents We all know that babies can easily swallow the outside air into their stomachs when they are breastfeeding, but at this time the baby has not developed well and cannot expel the air on its own. 

As a result, the baby’s belly will swell and become uncomfortable. In addition, there are some problems in the baby’s mouth, which may be caused by the baby’s growing teeth or a certain amount of damage to the inner wall of the oral cavity. 


When parents are feeding their babies You can take a good look at the baby’s performance, some of the performance has the message he wants to convey. Do netizens have other messages from babies?

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